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The darkness can't scare me! I am Light! The Light that inverts all darkness! The Light that abolishes all evil! To all those who fear darkness. I WILL BE YOUR LIGHT!
~ Phaedra Alina

Phaedra Alina, her name means bright light. Fitting for her position as Uriel, the angel of light. One of the seven Archangels responsible for all who live. Part of A-Heaven (Stands for Artificial Heaven), a secret organization. Full of highly capable individuals from all fields of study. Their current focus is the Corruption. An unexplainable force that could corrupt and destroy the entire universe if left unchecked. Luckily, she and the others are equipped with the right equipment for the job.

As Uriel, Phaedra possesses her own unique Angel-Armor. A set of armor said to unlock someone's true potential, gifting them godlike abilities. For Phaedra, this meant the neverending power of the light inside of her. Allowing her to perform exorcisms, create piercing holy-lights, produce miracles, heal those around her, and much, much more. Over time, she is provided with multiple upgrades for her suit, and she becomes more and more powerful.


Ever since she was born, she was a star. She exceeded her peers in pretty much everything. She had goals, friends, good grades, a loving family, everything a little girl could wish for. Naturally, everyone treated her as a light in the sky, a star among clouds! Someone who would live up to their name. Luckily, this didn't go straight to her head. Phaedra managed to stay a humble person. She helped others, becoming their light in the darkness. Making herself brighter in the process.

Phaedra only had one goal in life. She wanted to be a great therapist. One who would be able to save another's life. She lost a good friend when she was young to suicide. Something that would hurt any child, but unlike other children, Phaedra's will to act was extraordinary. She never once doubted herself. She knew that with hard work, came great success. And success came. She graduated at the age of 16! Far before all her friends. But it was still too early for her to enroll in university, and so she spent this time doing something she did as a child, helping others. She wasn't going to leave her friends behind. And so, in her free time, she helped them with school.

For two years, she studied psychology by herself. She wanted to hold her reputation as a star after all! She enrolled in university, alongside her friends. And that's where this story changes. Only a year into her course, there was news that an outside force had broken into their universe. Of course, no one really thought much of it. Life continued. After all, things like this happened before, nothing ever reached Centraplex. Fast-forward a year. "It's here! It's here!" The cities screamed. It only took one year, the new force had already made its way near Centraplex. Phaedra was confused. She just wanted to help people. She didn't know what this was, what it would bring. Would we all die? She couldn't let that happen. And so she began studying.

This thing they called a force. Corruption. A force from the outside. "What was it?" Phaedra continued her studies. It had come to this world many times, corrupting everything throughout the cosmos, destroying everything in the process. It had been eliminated every time. "The Protectors." She read on. There was an alliance, a group, responsible for keeping this universe safe. It was based on Earth, the godfather of all civilizations. And so, Phaedra gained another goal. She wanted to become part of the Protectors. Her main goal, after all, it involved saving the lives of others. And what better way to save lives was there? And so, her journey to Earth began.

Phaedra dropped out of University in her second year. Leaving her friends behind. Leaving everyone confused. "How could a prodigy give up out of nowhere?" They thought. But that wasn't true. Phaedra had just begun to discover her destiny. She said a farewell to everyone, it was the last time they'd ever see her again.

It took only 2 months for Phaedra to reach Centrinora (The supercluster Earth resides in). She traveled via the LiteBoat, an invention allowing inter-spatial travel. With it, traveling in this monstrous universe was a breeze. Connecting intelligent species from across the cosmos. From there, it took just a day to reach Earth. A place Phaedra actually always wanted to go. Earth was known as the most advanced planet in the universe. The first industrial civilization. Due to this, it's quite the tourist attracter.

Upon arriving on Earth, she searched for the Protectors base. She had read that it was located in North America. But having not been to Earth, she had no idea where that was. The people were quite rude as well, not bothering to pay attention to her. Phaedra didn't let this get to her, and she kept searching and asking questions. Eventually, someone told her she was already in North America, specifically the UNONA. Phaedra was embarrassed. No wonder nobody was taking her seriously. She then asked the girl if she knew where the Protectors base was. Her response was: "The what?" Phaedra repeated herself again to no avail. Somehow, the group responsible for keeping everyone safe wasn't known by anyone. Leaving Phaedra to search for the mysterious group on her own. An expedition that would end up taking months.

Nevertheless, she found one of the members after coincidentally running into them. His name was Anthony. One of the higher-ups in this hidden military, known as an Archangel. He answered many of Phaedra's questions. Turns out, they were actually known as A-Heaven, not the Protectors. And not only were they composed of these angels and archangels, but scientists, doctors, engineers, and even pantomaths. It was astonishing. When met with Phaedra's most important question. Could she join them? He didn't answer that question, instead, he told her to follow him.

Anthony took her to a mountain. She was confused for a second before she saw something she'd never seen before. It looked like there was a large elevator door at the base of it. Anthony continued walking toward the mountain, leaving her behind. She followed swiftly behind him. Upon reaching the door they were scanned by kind of red light. It seemed to be a security system. This made Phaedra even more confused, was this their base? A robotic voice then asked them to identify themselves. Anthony said something like "Camael." Before the recognition system welcomed him and the doors shot open around the circumference of the mountain. Revealing a sleek white interior, teeming with energy. Anthony invited her inside. The girl's face still filled with shock of what she'd just seen.

After being introduced to many of the other people who worked here, Phaedra really started to like the environment. And after exploring for a bit, the team started further explaining their current situation regarding the Corruption. They had already witnessed it firsthand, realizing the force was more disastrous than they initially thought it'd be. The team lacked the numbers to deal with it, causing their interaction to end in nearly all Angels deaths. Anthony is the only one who lived to tell the tale. Hearing his story, Phaedra felt a hole in her gut. Anthony then asked her "Do you still wish to join?" Phaedra fell silent. The crowd before them looked down in disquiet, knowing she'd likely decline. Phaedra thought to herself. About the past, future, and present. Everything she'd gone through to get to this point. Reviewing her entire life knowing this decision would cause it to swerve off-path. Her decision ultimately came down to one thing. A trait she had she knew would never change. Her sole purpose in life; Helping others, saving lives. It's all she ever wanted to do, why had she taken so long to think about it? 

"YES!" She replied. "This is my purpose in life, my only dream." The team looked at her, their expressions lightened. To think someone would actually want to join them after hearing that story. She was a beam of light for A-Heaven. Which is why she was instantly promoted to Archangel Uriel. The position she now resides in.

Note: I plan on continuing and revising this a bit as I'm not as happy with this as I'd like to be.


Phaedra's figure can only be described in one way, tall and slender. She's a staggering 6 foot tall, towering over even most guys (Even more-so wearing heals), and has the shape of a girl just entering puberty. This isn't to say she is a stick, as even Phaedra gives herself credits on her figure for being "The good kind of small." And she prefers herself being this way, often glancing in skepticism of how girls with layers of extra "Thickness" can even stand up straight (Especially the ones on Earth). Phaedra never looks down on her appearance, and it's not like anyone else can either.

Her hair is a long, flowing, magnificent whitish-gold, purer than snow. It glistens in the sun representing the light itself. If you were to look at it too long, you'd probably go blind. In contrast, her eyes a sparkling baby blue, a shade lighter than the sky on a sunny day. Her eyes give hope to all who stare into them. Her face is almost always in the expression of a youthful smile, revealing her purely whites. A smile that could cure any of their worries, making everyone feel at ease. Not to mention, her skin is a marvelous light brown, the perfect tan.

Phaedra makes sure to keep care of herself, as any girl should. She showers daily, making sure to eliminate any speck of dirt. She uses premium body-wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Her scent can only be described as "Heavenly." Her hair is always tidy as she combs it every day. Which is admirable considering her hair leads down to her lower back. She rocks it either as is or in a monstrous ponytail. Occasionally in special buns, if she's dressing to impress. Phaedra visits the spa on the regular and makes sure to get her monthly massage. On top of manicures and pedicures spread throughout. Keeping her look fresh.

Her wardrobe, on the other hand, isn't so fresh. Being part of the team means she's always either wearing the Uriel set or a limited selection of clothing provided by them. The Uriel set, or "Uriel Mk. 1 AngelArmor" was customized especially for her. Made to make use of all Phaedra's traits. The armor is skintight, covering every inch of her body. It's quite bland but managed to encompass all of Phaedra's favorite colors: White, gold, and blue. While equipped, wings of pure light will take shape behind her. A halo in the star shape will then form above her head, finishing the angel look. In later versions, the bland design is changed to look more appealing, as well as be more durable. One such version is the Lightbringer version of the Uriel set. That set of armor is beautiful, turning the skintight base fabric invisible, as well as layering on many stylish pieces. Such as a combat-suited skirt, breast and shoulder plates, arm-sleeves, even protective knee-socks! All in the same color-scheme as listed earlier. The armor set also triples the number of wings from two to six and even gives off a vibrant glow. Really suiting for the name Uriel. With her, she carries the equally vibrant Daybreak, a long-ranged, golden trident. It projects piercing afterimages of itself, made of pure light, on to its enemies. Burning them in holy flames. Alongside the Claidheamh Soluis, the sword of light.

Her traditional apparel is much more simplistic, consisting of only 10 outfits, each for different occasions. The first is her casual attire. Which is used the most, it consists of cute white glasses, gold hair ties, a blue winged-bunny shirt, a black short skirt, gray bunny knee-socks, along with cute black shoes. Oh, and of course, her "Uriel, Archangel of Light" badge. Which she wears like a treasure (On every outfit, except bedtime). She has two other variants of this outfit, as to not get repetitive, which are an angel version and a cloud version. The next 2 are bedtime outfits. The first being a pajama one-piece. Nothing too special about it, it's white and has two golden angel wings on the back of it. The other is even more simple, being just an oversized white shirt with the word "UwU" on the chest area. The next 3 outfits are special. Worn only for a formal or special occasion, or if she just wanted to impress. The first is an astonishing silky white dress paired with heels and gold jewelry. The dress itself shows lots of skin, specifically in the back, and covers up to just above her knees. Both the dress and her heels are made of dazzling material, created to reflect light. Making her appearance blinding to all around her as she shines like a star. That makes it her favorite dress of all, one she will only wear to impress. The other 2 are almost mediocre in comparison, one being a professional-looking baby blue suit and tie, and the other being a simple gold blouse dress. The final outfit is none other than a swimsuit, it has all her signature colors and makes her look sexy as can be!

In conclusion, she's pretty cute!


Phaedra is recalled by others to have a bubbly and charismatic personality. Around her, people feel a sense of security and are not afraid to be their true selves. She is not able to chat with the same people for a prolonged time and will continually jump from person to person when socializing. However, she will never end a conclude a conversation at a bad point. And will continue talking if she senses the other person wants or needs more of her company. Phaedra wears her smile like a crown and shows it off to all around her, and she is nearly always smiling! Her conversations are usually lighthearted and cheerful as well, and even when they aren't, she has no problem taking part in them. She exceeds in therapy, being able to calm others down and help them in their understandings of themselves, and is especially good with emotions.

Phaedra nearly never lies but makes sure her truths don't end up hurting the other person. Especially when facing someone more emotional and sensitive. She either turns them into constructive criticism or decides not to give her own take at all. Remembering to not force her opinions on others, knowing how much domineering people can weigh down other personalities. When others do this to her, she will swiftly change the topic of conversation, not liking the feeling of having words shoved down her throat. Which she can do, being so fluent in socialization and persuasion, being able to move a conversation from subject to subject at will without giving much thought. And she always has something else to talk about.

Her mind is as open as the ocean, taking all opinions and beliefs into consideration, never holding them against another. There are obviously many beliefs she disagrees with, but she will never shit on something someone else believes in. Such a thing is her opinion on sex change, something one would be astonished to hear that she's against. She's talked to many "Transgenders." Never once judging them. Many admire this trait about her as it makes her that much more comfortable to talk to, it feels good to know you won't be judged.

Phaedra is not one to let her emotions guide her. Often hiding her true feelings behind an innocent smile. And although that has many benefits, the ultimate conclusion is almost always someone getting hurt. She's got to let her real emotions shine at some point, right? Truth is, the receiving end of one of her dramatic breakdowns is brutal. Her honestly shines, sensitivity breaks, and she goes off like a firecracker in the night sky. The receiving party often doesn't mind much after she apologizes, but Phaedra insists that it isn't okay. Due to this, she thinks of ways to turn her negative energy positive, a search that has, for the time being, been unsuccessful.

It should be a given that Phaedra gets along with everyone and has lots of friends. Most being your casual, small talk friends, but Phaedra does keep some close friends by her side as well. Whom she is extremely affectionate with. She cares for her these friends even more than she cares for others, and it definitely shows. Phaedra remembers their birthdays, favorites, likes, dislikes, hobbies! In all honesty, it's pretty obsessive, but her friends let her be her. It definitely leads back to her losing a friend to suicide, something she'd never get over, pushing her to be the best friend she can possibly be, and not just to them, to everyone. Unfortunately, this excessively friendly behavior usually makes it impossible for others to see her more than a friend. She's got a terrible case of "Nice-Guy Syndrome." Something she's convinced someone will be into, she's pretty confident for someone who's had absolutely no luck in that field.

And speaking of confidence, Phaedra has quite a lot of it. She rarely doubts her self and can be assertive when the time calls for it, despite her sensitivity when speaking to others. The girl's self-esteem is on point, she loves her body, personality, and flaws. Usually greeting mistakes with nothing but reception. She also doesn't dwell too much on the past, knowing she only exists in the present. She also doesn't rely too much on others, because at the end of the day, the only one who makes things perfect for you, is you.

Combat Statistics

Key: By Herself | Uriel | Post-Corruption Wave | The Lightbringer | Post-Earth Destruction | Concept of Light / End of Series

Tier: High 6-A, possibly 5-C physically. At least Low 2-C, possibly Low 1-C with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis | 5-A | 4-A | At least 3-C, likey higher. At least Low 2-C, possibly Low 1-C with Claidheamh Soluis | 3-A. At least 3-A, possibly Low 1-C with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis | Low 2-C. At least Low 2-C, possibly Low 1-C with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Blessed (Phaedra went through a process that blessed her with the power of Uriel, the Angel of Light. Because of this, she gained extraordinary power, luck, immortality, and much, much more. Immortality (Type 1 (All Angels are blessed with infinite lifespans), 2 (Phaedra has survived through situations where Fiends ripped apart her body, only using sheer willpower, a trait all Angels have), 3 (The regeneration of an Archangel is extraordinary and allows them to survive lethal attacks time and time again), and possibly type 5 (Angels, just like the Corruption, have been stated to not be alive or dead, only existing as time goes on. Angels usually never die from anything but being erased or corrupted)), Regeneration (Low-Mid (All Angels have regeneration, most staying within High-Low for the most part. However, Phaedra, being an archangel, has much, much better regeneration. Being able to regenerate from having limbs torn off, bone structures destroyed, catastrophic organ damage, and sometimes brain damage), High-Mid over time (After being completely dismantled by Fiends, Uriel was able to regenerate when some leftover pieces of her brain and body were left near each other for a few days)), Supernatural Luck (Angels have the power of fate on their side, which includes luck. Oftentimes, they will come out on top just because "God" wanted them too. Or so they believe), Fate Manipulation (Although the effect is usually not too strong, Angels are able to manipulate their fate through willpower. Allowing them to survive being erased or corrupted at times, or attacks which would usually incapacitate them, or just dodge attacks in general. However, most of the time it happens randomly without reason, especially in times of desperation. They believe this is also God's work. However, the effects will instantly stop if the Angel is to realize they are being supernaturally helped, which further supports their claims. This power has one major weakness though, being that it can't help you in anything but survival), Reactive Evolution (Through the power of fate, one may gain resistances to their enemies abilities, for the sole purpose of survival), Non-Physical Interaction, Enhanced Senses (The senses of an Angel are extraordinary. They can sense Corruption from universal distances through smell alone. Their depth of senses is also much better, being able to tell the taste of orange from tangerine, the smell of one restaurant's salsa from another restaurant's salsa, the feel of one metal from another metal. They also can see and decipher many billions more colors), Extrasensory Perception (Angels can sense danger to an extent. Such as when one of their fellow Angels are in trouble, when Corruption is behind them, or when death may be near), Clairvoyance (Angels can learn extreme amounts of information about someone just by focusing on them or talking to them. Such as their name, age, birthday, favorite things, status, sexuality, loved ones, etc), Flight (All Angels are obviously blessed with both wings, and the ability to fly. However, don't be mistaken, they don't need the wings to fly. In fact, most of the time their wings aren't even physical and are just used for show. They can fly to no end, and have extreme control over their flying abilities), Aura (All Angels have a magnificent, bright holy aura around them. Giving them supernatural amounts of charisma. All who see the aura of an Angel are said to have their wishes come true. More than this though, Phaedra has a much more complex aura. The Aura of Light, one which shudders the area around her in brightness. It even brightens people around her, clearing their mind of all bad thoughts, and putting in nothing but good ones), Mind Manipulation (Mostly explained in her aura, but has one more effect. If the mind of an evil being is to ever come within her radius, their mind itself may be cleared, erased from existence), Empathic Manipulation (Through the use of her aura), Fear Manipulation (Through the use of her aura, can get rid of fear), Absorption (Phaedra absorbs all light she comes into contact with as energy. As well as any light she manually redirects into herself. Gifting her with nigh-infinite stamina, as well as the ability to be used as a seemingly never endless battery. Many weapons she uses can also use the energy she absorbs), Cyborgiazation (Partial. Some parts of her body have either been enhanced or replaced by inorganic parts. The most notable being the A-Brain, a chip imbued within Phaedra's mind to help her with learning, developing, fighting, and thinking in general. But mostly for fighting and processing information), Perfect Memory (Gained through the A-Brain, allows her to recall any memory in full color through thought, as well as sort memories like files on a computer), Accelerated Development (Due to the A-Brain and being Blessed, Phaedra develops skills and techniques extraordinary quickly. In battle specifically, her rate of development is off the charts), Analytical Prediction (Phaedra has much-enhanced perception and cognition, which combined with her own skills and boost from the A-Brain, allows her to predict movements in both close combat and everyday life. She does this mainly through the combination of information analysis), Information Analysis (Both Phaedra and the A-Brain collect information regarding their surroundings, they use such information to form hypotheses about things, people, and settings. Usually, as a way to get ahead of the enemy and outsmart them. Also aids their analytical prediction), Autopilot (Can allow A-Brain to take complete control over her movements, allowing for better martial arts, predictions, and movement. However, it is an AI and nothing more, meaning its movements can be robotic, and predictable at times), Adaptation (A-Brain is an AI, meaning it adapts over time to different scenarios it is put through. At the same time Angels also adapt in the same way, however, it is less extreme), Martial Arts (Angels are put through extreme training regimens consisting of insane workouts and sparring, in order to put up a fight against any Fiend that gets too close. They have their own martial arts style, known as the Shepherd, and are very talented with it. This combined with the A-Brain makes for extremely capable fighters. They can even boost their skill by allowing the AI to control their movements completely. Phaedra specifically can have some problems when it comes to martial arts, and is not as skilled as the other Angels), Weapon Mastery (Crooks, a strange choice, but they are the tool used to shepherd the sacred sheep and lambs. All Angels are required to be skilled with crooks, and they are able to use them in many great ways. On top of this, Phaedra is a master when it comes to using her weapons, Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis), Purification (The heart of all Angels is their ability to purify evil and corruption, either completely destroying them, or cleansing other of their symptoms. Purification is aligned within many attacks from Angels, which is good as it is without a doubt their most powerful ability. Allowing for complete destruction of a being's body, mind, and soul. Phaedra specifically has her Holy Light and Holy Flame techniques. Which are extremely powerful in their own right), Existence Erasure, Holy Manipulation, Soul Manipulation (When facing Fiends with souls, purification destroys their souls completely, leaving nothing behind), Light Manipulation (Type 1, 2, and 3. Phaedra's heart, her soul, the power of light. Phaedra is a master of light, she is Uriel after all, she can do pretty much anything with it, ranging from powerful, piercing Absolute Light, solidifying light, to light that bends reality itself. Her ability to use light in the ways she does is her greatest strength, and her ultimate trump card in battle), Energy Projection (The most famous, and the obvious way she uses light, is as energy projections which burn through targets. In the case of Absolute Light, it destroys their very soul), Danmaku (Can send hundreds of light beams out at enemies, especially when using Sol), Trajectory Manipulation (Through the use of powerful light beams, she can alter the trajectory of projectiles, sending them off course), Homing Attack (Phaedra can send light beams heading powers a specific target. This does not work with Absolute Light), Perception Manipulation (Because eyes work through seeing light, Phaedra is able to manipulate one's perception via interfering with the light entering a person's eyes. Which can range from simple illusions to cutting off sight completely), Intangibility (With many light attacks, she is able to turn the light fully intangible, allowing it to go straight through things it hits. This also makes the light appear invisible), Invisibility (Through illusions), Heat Manipulation (Phaedra can condense light into both physical materials, as well as a fuck-ton of heat energy. She can also produce holy flames, which burn at relatively infinite temperatures), Magic, Durability Negation (With both Absolute Light and purification. The light rips through Fiend's resistances and durability as if they were paper, while purification just ignores them completely. Can also ignore durability when using Light Magic, however, only while berserk), Regeneration Negation (Purification and Absolute Light negate the regeneration of Fiends), Resistance Negation, Rage Power (Phaedra becomes far more powerful when she's angry, and will ruthlessly rip through her enemies), and Forcefield Creation (Phaedra unconsciously creates barriers of light to block attacks which can not be dodged or countered. They aren't very durable and will break under a lot of pressure. These are made from the light she absorbs)

Resistance to Mind Manipulation (The A-Brain is neat enough to include a full Mental Fire-Wall. Gifting resistance to any sort of mind-warping attack, even providing useful counter-mind attacks. Was fine around Fiends even when ripped out of Uriel), Corruption/Unholy Manipulation (They have some slight resistance, but it is no where near as durable as her other ones), Soul Manipulation (Her soul is "Protected by God" themselves, and is unable to be messed with by anything less than. Although many Angels have become corrupted, their souls remained untouched), Existence Erasure (Similar to how their souls are protected, their being is also protected to an extent as well, and Angels can not be forcibly erased by Corruption), Madness Manipulation (While out of her suit, Phaedra was still able to have a few fights with Fiends without going insane), Status Effect Inducement (Again, she was unaffected by the Corruption's inherent aura abilities, even while fighting next to it), Life-Death Manipulation (Ties into the resistance to status effects, as the Corruption is able to straight up induce death onto unfortunate passer-byes), Possession (Angels are immune to any form of possession, especially if they haven't already been corrupted), Biological Manipulation (The biology of an Angel transcends that of mere humans, as such, they can not be messed with in the ways humans can be), Disease (Ties into their biology, Angels are immune to any and all disease, nothing comes close to being able to infect them), Cosmic Radiation (Can fight in space for prolonged amounts of time), Darkness Manipulation (As the Archangel of Light, she is absolutely and completely immune to darkness, she considers it a joke), Light Manipulation (Light is not going to do anything to her. Uneffected by her attacks being thrown back at her), Purification (Sort of a resistance through already being as pure as can be, she is unable to be purified further, shown when her attacks are directed back at her), Reality Warping, and Holy Manipulation

Daybreak has: Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Can tear holes in higher dimensions, despite currently existing in the 3rd dimension. This can be used to make portals or as an attack to ignore defense), Spatial Manipulation, Inorganic Physiology (Is made out of concepts and 6-D material, into the shape of a strange trident), Energy Projection (Phaedra can use Daybreak as a medium to send out powerful beams of Absolute Light. Daybreak increased their potency, boosting them to 6-D levels of power! Daybreak also has its own projectiles; Trident-Shaped beams of light that cause its target to explode upon impact), Light Manipulation (Enhances Phaedra's light abilities, on top of her already expansive mastery. Can be used to perform light magic and many other things listed in Information), Explosion Manipulation (The projectiles of Daybreak will cause the target to explode instantly. Works on anything), Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm Fiends), Purification, Status Effect Inducement (Via inflicting Purification effects, which includes many things, including the deconstruction of the soul and mind), Existence Erasure, Resistance/Durability Negation (With many things above, including spatial manipulation, purification, Absolute Light, and more), Aura (Has a bright, glowing, fiery aura around itself, one which shatters the matter around it due to its state as a 6th-dimensional object), Absorption (Can absorb light into itself just like Phaedra, to be used as energy for large scale attacks), Telekinesis (Daybreak is telepathically tied to Phaedra, and will come back to her like Thor's hammer if she is to lose it), and Size Manipulation (Phaedra can control the size of Daybreak)

Claidheamh Soluis has: Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Can tear holes in higher dimensions, despite currently existing in the 3rd dimension. This can be used to make portals or as an attack to ignore defense), Spatial ManipulationInorganic Physiology (Is made out of concepts and 6-D material, into the shape of a holy sword, such as an Excalibur), Energy Projection (Can be used as both a median for Phaedra's techniques or to send out its own, powerful sword projectiles. Phaedra's techniques will be boosted to 6-D levels while using the sword), Afterimage Creation (Every swing of the sword produces infinite after images that can be shot out as holy projectiles of light which pierce through the soul of their enemies, inflicting the purification status effect. These projectiles home-in on nearby enemies), Purification, Status Effect Inducement (Via inflicting Purification effects, which includes many things, including the deconstruction of the soul and mind), Existence Erasure, Holy Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Glyph Creation (Can cut solid light into existence through space-time to create stepping stones or forcefields. They only last for a couple of seconds but are extremely useful for getting high ground or creating shields. They can even be used to ignore one's durability), Regeneration Negation (Up to High. Even touching the sword will pause any sort of regeneration for a while), Intangibility (The sword can become intangible and tangible at will. Allowing it to phase through objects to hit a specific target), Invisibility (Can make the sword appear invisible to trick enemies. Usually in combination with size manipulation), Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm Fiends), Aura (Has a bright, glowing, fiery aura around itself, one which shatters the matter around it due to its state as a 6th-dimensional object), Absorption (Can absorb light into itself just like Phaedra, to be used as energy for large scale attacks), Telekinesis (Claidheamh Soluis is telepathically tied to Phaedra, and will come back to her like Thor's hammer if she is to lose it), and Size Manipulation (Phaedra can control the size of Claidheamh Soluis)

As before but enhanced much better on some powers; Immortality (Type 2. Angels will survive as long as they are attached to their Angel-Armor. For Phaedra specifically, she will survive even if she is close to hers), Regeneration (High-Mid. Regeneration is sped up to its maximum while attached to Angel-Armor. Phaedra can regenerate from decapitation and dismantlement), Light Manipulation (Phaedra's armor, Uriel, boost her already insane light capabilities up a notch. Allowing her to perform light magic far more fluently, speed up her attacks, and much, much more), Magic, Forcefield Creation (Uriel passively creates light forcefields around Phaedra, just as Phaedra does in her base form. The barriers created are far stronger than her base ones, being able to tank far more powerful attacks. On top of this, projectiles or energy beams that hit her barriers will be reflected as homing light beams and will do massive damage to the attacker. This effect is known as Mirror Force), Aura (Uriel allows Phaedra to control her aura and who it effects. It also magnifies the normal effects by a substantial amount), Mind Manipulation (Comes from her enhanced aura. She can focus her mind-warping abilities on one target to exponentially increase the effects, so much so it may cause their brain to completely melt under pressure. Even while not focused, the effects are substantially greater and work much faster. Thoughts and memories can be completely erased forever, it can render one unable to think or use their brain entirely, or even just outright disintegrate their brain through purification), Purification, Absorption (Absorbs far more light while in Uriel, and can now condense and emit this light as a firey, burning aura, one which completely melts anything it touches. She can concentrate the aura on one person to increase the heat, even more, atomically destroying beings), Heat Manipulation, Adaptation (Uriel, like all Angel-Armor, has extraordinary adaptability, as it was literally made to reactively evolve to what its currently being put through, just like Fiends do. This can bring about resistances, powers, and increase durability), Danmaku (Uriel has an attack which will send out billions of small, homing light beams towards enemies), Intangibility (Uriel can go completely invisible and intangible), and Flight (Although Angels already had magnificent flying abilities, Angel-Armor provides dynamic flight, allowing for much better maneuvering)

Gains the following powers; Regeneration (High. Only applies to the armor itself. Can regenerate after being reduced to mere atoms), Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2, and 3. Angel-Armor fulfills all normal human needs. Allowing for prolonged fights in outer-space), Reactive Evolution (Briefly mentioned above under adaptation, Angel-Armor will reactively evolve resistance or extra durability to certain things under certain circumstances. This was implemented to match the ability of the Fiends. Uriel specifically comes with constantly evolving light attacks), Energy Manipulation (Can manipulate the energy both she and others produce. Allowing for redirection of attack), Natural Weaponry (Angel-Armor can produce lots of holy weapons from itself alone, and Uriel can produce mirrors), limited Shapeshifting (Angel-Armor is able to fluctuate in size and shape to an extent, being that if pushed too far it could incapacitate the user), Holy Manipulation (Although she technically does already have this, it isn't expanded upon until she gets into Uriel. Angel-Armor comes with a plethora of Divine/Holy attacks that attack a person's entire being directly. They are extra powerful against evil beings)

As before but enhanced and much better on some resistances; Aura (Uriel allows Phaedra to withstand the harsh atmosphere of the Corruption's aura without succumbing to the defects it gives over time), Status Effect Inducement (Falls under resistance to aura, which as previously stated includes not being effected by defects included within them [Includes things such as Curses (And in turn Death Manipulation) and Diseases, the most common effects brought on by Corruption]), Mind Manipulation (Ties into the resistance to the Corruption's aura, but also comes from her defense against the mind-warping abilities of stronger Fiends which she did not have resistance against before), Madness Manipulation (Uriel makes Phaedra completely immune to going insane, getting rid of the slight vulnerability she had in base form), and Possession (Uriel provides further resistance against Corruption, therefore, boosting her immunity to possession by a long-shot)

Gains the following resistances; Extrasensory Perception (Uriel, like all other Angel-Armors, were created to be undetectable by the Corruption's inept senses, as to not give away their locations), Extreme Heat, Extreme Cold, Absolute Zero (Resistant to all kind of temperature fluctuation, the hottest hots and the coldest colds, including absolute zero), Petrification (Can not be frozen in ice, forcibly turned into any material, etc), Paralysis (Completely resistant to any sort of shocking, effect inducing, or fearful paralysis), Electricity Manipulation (Blocks electricity by default), Technology Manipulation (Although many Fiends have tried, they can not budge the technology of an Angel-Armor set), Pressure Points, Telekinesis, and Hacking

As before but enhanced and much better on some powers; Purification (Gains a few new tricks and abilities to inflict purification effects over extremely large areas)

As before but enhanced and much better on some resistances

As before but enhanced and much better on some powers; Intangibility (Requires non-physical interaction to be hit physically due to being made of nothing but light particles. Can phase through any matter or material, as well as any physical attack), Light Manipulation (Has become the Lightbringer, is literally a being of light energy, can manipulate her own body into light attacks as well as perform prior light attacks with perfect fluency), Aura (Her aura has become so strong it can break apart planets through sheer pressure), Mind Manipulation (Forced Archfiends into obeying her commands for a brief while), Illusion Creation (Can create illusions formed from her own body, with brilliant realism and potency), Absorption (Things she hits will be turned into light energy and absorbed into her body), Heat Manipulation (In this form she is about as the sun's core, touching her will burn extremely badly. Can warp her heat onto other beings, burning them away), Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Inorganic Physiology (Is a literal beam of energy), and Natural Weaponry (Her entire body can now be warped into weapons varying in potency)

Gains the following powers; Regeneration (High. The Lightbringer set turns, Phaedra, into a being of pure light energy. Because of this, they are able to rapidly regenerate from being reduced to nothing but light particles, on top of being near impossible to hit), Immortality (Type 5. In this form she isn't really alive or dead, only existing as light energy. Do destroy her completely you'd need some form of extremely powerful existence erasure or other ability), Non-Corporeal (Mentioned various times above, she is a being of pure light energy, requiring non-physical attack to be damaged), Shapeshifting (Uriel had a version of shapeshifting, but it was nowhere near the potency of her shapeshifting in this form, she can control every aspect of this form including shape, size, and depth), Body Control (Falls into shapeshifting, is able to freely manipulate her body at will, create weapons out of it, use it as an attack, etc), Size Manipulation, Large Size (Up to type 6. Grew to the size of a star at one point), Density Manipulation (Phaedra is able to control the density of photons within her being. Altering this can make her hotter or colder), Duplication (Can split her body into separate beings controlled by the same mind. This ability can be used as many times as she wants but the more duplicates she has the harder it'll be to control them all), Afterimage Creation, and Possession (Can possess people for a short while, although her being inside them will normally cause them to disintegrate)

As before but enhanced and much better on some resistances; Mind Manipulation (Is immune to any sort of biological mind manipulation due to having no organic mind in this form. Can still be affected by mind manipulation which has been proven to work on abstract minds, such as the mind manipulation Fiends have), Absorption (Unable to be absorbed by Corruption), and Life-Death Manipulation (Falls into her immortality, she can't have her life traditionally manipulated by such powers)

Gains the following resistances; Immunity to Biological Manipulation (In this form she has no real biological organs or anything really, as she is nothing but energy), Resistance to Physical Attack (Any attack from a being without proper non-physical interaction won't damage her at all), Energy Manipulation (Only she can manipulate her own body, no one else), Deconstruction (Is already made up of some of the finest particles in existence, therefore it is impossible for her to be deconstructed further by normal means), Fire Manipulation (Can not be set ablaze and has extraordinary heat resistance), Explosion Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Vibration Manipulation, and Gravity Manipulation (Has shown to be naturally resistant to gravitation)

As before but enhanced.

Gains the following powers; BFR and Power Nullification via Banishing Light (Can create rays of light to banish targets into a holy world of sunshine, where their powers are stripped away. Shown when she finally banished Greedifiend)

As before but enhanced and much better on some resistances; Mind Manipulation (Resisted Greedifiends Thought-Stealing abilities) and Life Manipulation (Resisted Greedifiends Life-Steal abilities)

Gains the following resistances; Power Mimicry (Greedifiend could not copy her techniques) and Sense Manipulation (Could not have her senses stolen by Greedifiend)

As before but enhanced and much better on some powers; Light Manipulation (Is now the Concept of Light itself. She can form light attacks over anywhere in the universe and use them to attack. Can warp someone into a being of light and use them as a weapon. Or just simply absorb them into herself), Purification, Absorption (Can absorb any and all light, including the light she creates, such as the things she warps into light), Extrasensory Perception (Knows the exact location of every light source in the universe), and Mind Manipulation (Can force her effects onto anyone near a light, not just those in her aura)

Gains the following powers; Immortality (Type 8. She embodies the Concept of Light and will continue to reappear as long as the light exists in the universe), Teleportation (Phaedra is able to take form anywhere light hits in the universe), Creation (Phaedra is able to both create and destroy light, and can turn things into light as well), Conceptual Manipulation (Embodies the Concept of Light and can manipulate it fully, as well as create surrounding concepts), Abstract Existence (Type 2 via embodying the Concept of Light. Can only be killed if all light in the universe is to be erased. Has no true physical form), Statistics Amplification (The more light there is in the world, the stronger she will become. She can even manipulate the universe to increase the light in it, making herself stronger and stronger), Transmutation (Can warp things into light energy for her to use as a weapon against enemies. She can do it the other way around, however), Regeneration Negation (Up to High-Godly. Together, the Archangels got rid of the Corruption for good, meaning, they would have had to somehow negate the Corruption's ability to come back from having narrative's erased entirely), Immortality Negation (Type 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8. Negated all immortalities of the Corruption, erasing it entirely), and possibly Regeneration (Mid-Godly. She simply comes back after being erased on a dimensional level as long as light exists)

As before but enhanced and much better on some resistances; Corruption (Completely unaffected by corruption by the end of the series [Her nigh-immunity to Corruption includes Soul Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Life-Death Manipulation, and more])

Gains the following resistances; Conceptual Manipulation (Only those worthy enough can alter or even touch her concept of light, and even then, it's not like she'd allow them to) and BFR (Can not be forcibly teleported away)

Attack Potency: Multi-Continent level, possibly Moon level (Should be comparable to her durability. Able to harm low-end fiends while out of her armor, who have shown capable of blowing off large chunks of planets, breaking apart moons, and more. Albeit weaker, she should be somewhat comparable to a normal Angel, such as Markus, who can easily beat Fiends). At least Universe level+, possibly Low Complex Multiverse level with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis (Both are 6-Dimensional weaponry created by Heaven's scientist for the sole purpose of maximizing Uriel's light and purification abilities. They have been stated to be capable of ripping apart the universe if not careful, and even dimensions entirely, up to the 6th Dimension. Their composition interferes with the 3rd dimension and is constantly erasing molecules around themselves, they can even open portals to other dimensions) | Large Planet level+ (Comparable to her durability. Can harm mid-level Fiends, who are able to tank planetary explosions) | Multi-Solar System level (While she and the other Archangels were surrounded by Fiends, 5 of them, including Phaedra, contributed to an explosion expanding across half a galaxy, vaporizing many planets in the process. Was able to do some minimal damage to Fiends who survived the same blast) | At least Galaxy level+, likely higher (Easily created an explosion dwarfing galaxies in size. Was able to do significant damage to Greedifiend, and even ripped them apart at one point). At least Universe level+, possibly Low Complex Multiverse level with Claidheamh Soluis | Universe level (Fought Greedifiend at full power, without any assistance. Comparable to the other Archangels, who can fight Archfiends. Destroyed the Corruption once and for all with all the other Archangels, which had already Corrupted 77% of the universe). At least Universe level+, possibly Low Complex Multiverse level with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis | Universe level+ (All Archangels have been stated to be individually capable of destroying the universe, along with its fraction of time. Phaedra specifically can do so even with only a lightbulb residing in the universe). At least Universe level+, possibly Low Complex Multiverse level with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis. Can ignore defense, regeneration, and resistances with a plethora of attacks

Speed: Speed of Light (As the Angel of Light, Phaedra is able to move at the speed of light), higher with light attacks. Massively FTL+ combat and reaction speeds (Can react and evade attacks from fiends and fight them in close combat. Blitzes the other Archangels). Infinite with Absolute Light (Absolute Light reaches anywhere it is pointed at within 0 seconds, regardless of distance, and will continue infinitely outward if it hits nothing) | Massively FTL+ (Can keep up with and exceed the speed of The Corruption. Able to fight Fiends), higher with light attacks. Infinite with Absolute Light | Massively FTL+ (Described herself as being "Much, much faster than before." Before going on to blitz many Fiends in battle, impressing the other Archangels with her speed), higher with light attacks. Infinite with Absolute Light | Massively FTL+ (Travels at speed transcending that of the previous set. She is fast enough to create miniature black holes via moving alone and can even increase her speed if she changes shape), higher with light attacks. Infinite with Absolute Light | Massively FTL+ (Could keep up with Greedifiend, even after having a lot of her speed stolen. Faster than Sophia), higher with light attacks. Infinite with Absolute Light | Massively FTL+ (So much faster than before she was actually scared of herself. Treated the Corruption's speed like a complete joke and proceeded to omega blitz everything else in the series), higher with light attacks. Infinite with Absolute Light

Lifting Strength: Class K (Her normal training regimen consist of lifting 1000KG under 250x gravity), possibly Class Z (Albeit weaker, should be somewhat comparable to normal Angels, who held back a moon being thrown at them) | At least Class Z (Far stronger than normal Angels) | At least Stellar (Can hold down Fiends capable of effortlessly holding and throwing planets and stars), likely higher | At least Stellar (Far stronger than before), likely higher | At least Stellar (Far stronger than before), likely higher | At least Stellar (Far stronger than before), likely higher

Striking Strength: Multi-Continental Class, possibly Moon Class. At least Universal+, possibly Low Complex Multiversal with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis | Large Planet Class+ | Multi-Solar System Class | At least Galactic+, likely higher. At least Universal+, possibly Low Complex Multiversal with Claidheamh Soluis | Universal. At least Universal+, possibly Low Complex Multiversal with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis | Universal+. At least Universal+, possibly Low Complex Multiversal Class with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis

Durability: Multi-Continent level, possibly Moon level physically (Survived this explosion. Shrugged off hits from low-level fiends. Albeit weaker, should be comparable to normal Angels). Low Complex Multiverse level with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis (Can not be destroyed or damaged by anything under 6-D) | Large Planet level+ (Comparable to Fargo, who survived being hit by a planet. Can trade blows with mid-level Fiends), higher with barriers | Multi-Solar System level (Should be comparable to her striking strength. She can take a hit from a high-level Fiend), higher with barriers (Stated that the only reason she and the others survived the blast was because of their shields, which tanked the full force of their prior explosion, Phaedra's specifically had the best results) | At least Galaxy level+, likely higher (Easily tanked the force of her own explosion even without a barrier, as well as many non-physical attacks from Greedifiend), higher with barriers (Has shown to use barriers to block attacks which may attack destroy a significant amount of photons in her body). Low Complex Multiverse level with Claidheamh Soluis | Universe level (Fought Greedifiend, who is on par with other Archfiends, taking multiple disgusting blows in the process). Low Complex Multiverse level with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis | Universe level+ (Can't even kill herself. After becoming the Concept of Light she went unharmed by everything for the rest of the series. Treating everything as a joke, it was almost scary to her). At least Low Complex Multiverse level with Daybreak and Claidheamh Soluis. Regeneration, Immortalities, and Intangibility makes her hard to kill.

Stamina: Nigh-Infinite via Light Absorption (Can continuously produce and absorb light for infinite stamina) | Infinite | Same as before | Same as before | Same as before | Same as before

Range: Standard melee with normal attacks, multiple meters with forcefields, interplanetary with light attacks. Infinite with Absolute Light | Standard melee with normal attacks, up to thousands of meters with forcefields. Universal with light attacks. Infinite with Absolute Light | Same as before | Same as before | Same as before | Universal

Optional Equipment:

  • Daybreak: The Daybreak is an artificial Holy Weapon forged from higher-dimensional elements known as Ectos, specifically the Light Ectos and Lumite from the 6th dimension. When wielded by Phaedra, it focuses her immense light energy into itself, allowing her to project that energy out in straight, focused lines of light. These projections travel at infinite speeds and are known as Beams of Hope. They pierce through all resistances and defenses a target has, annihilating their souls, as well as purifying the area around them. The weapon itself is shaped weirdly, almost like a trident. Its color appears as an intense golden flame, and it radiates light.
  • Claidheamh Soluis: A sword-like weapon forged from the same higher-dimensional elements as Daybreak. This weapon is used for close-combat and causes its target to disintegrate. Every time it is swung, any darkness around it fades into the light, hence its name.

Intelligence: Gifted. Phaedra has shown exceptional intellect from a young age, being able to enroll in prestigious schools with a low chance of ever being denied. She took many great classes, such as AP biology, chemistry, psychology, calculus, and statistics, passing them all with flying colors. By the time she graduated high school, she had a perfect GPA and was instantly asked by multiple colleges to enroll in their school, rightfully so. After joining A-Heaven, Phaedra was molded into a skilled warrior by her advisors. She had extreme training regimens, consisting of sparring, weight lifting, running, and general exercise under 250x gravity. On top of this, she was consistently pushed to do better. And even had multiple lessons thought to her about space-time, cosmology, gravity, the Corruption, Fiends, Holy Magic, Unholy Magic, etc-etc. Combined with the experience of actively fighting against an unexplainable force of evil things, near-death encounters, multi-dimensional travel, etc. Needless to say, she is quite smart.

Weaknesses: Phaedra has a loving, caring personality, causing her to overly think about her decisions when hurting/killing another thing/person. In some cases, she may struggle to kill things, even Fiends or monsters. Needing to close her eyes and focus away from her current actions to finish the deed. She also cares about others way more than herself, especially friends. All Archangels, for the most part, share this quality. And it's definitely a beautiful thing but causes many issues when fighting around large groups of people, as she will always protect them over herself. As an Artificial Angel, Phaedra is weak to Unholy abilities but is also strong against  Unholy beings. A fair trade, to say the least. Phaedra's regeneration requires extreme focus, which may be difficult in combat. Although Phaedra makes rational decisions, backed behind a confident personality. This quickly changes when things go even the slightest bit wrong, causing her to make rash decisions that may mess up further plans and decisions on both her and her team's part.



Angel Physiology: Phaedra is an artificial angel. Meaning, her body has been both biologically and supernaturally enhanced into A-Heaven's idea of an Angel. A being, blessed with power, immortality, flight, and intellect. All angels radiate a holy aura and come true to the wishes of all around them. 

  • Angel's Blessing: The Angel's Blessing is a phenomenon that causes events to happen as an Angel would have wished them to happen. For instance, in times of desperation, fate may choose the side of the Angel, allowing them to recover. This ability has many limitations, the most notable being that it can not force a more mentally powerful being to do anything, and will break if the user realizes it is at work.
  • Regeneration: Angels possess a healing-factor, capable of regenerating bone, muscle, organs, and minor brain damages. Over-time, they can recover from decapitation and even disassembly. Given that they have a bit of time and focus.
    • Immortality: Angels have no limit to their lifespan. If not interrupted, they would live forever. Their regeneration also plays a role in this, as it increases the time they will live even more.
  • Wings: The ability to fly, who doesn't want it? Obviously, all angels are able to fly and have magnificent, intangible wings on the back of themselves. However, these are mostly for show, as they don't actually need the wings to fly.

Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Light: Phaedra specifically was gifted with the status of the Archangel Uriel, a title representing her character. Because of this, her physiology was enhanced even further with the powers of Uriel.

  • Aura: On top of the aura Angels broadcast, Phaedra has the Aura of Light. As its name suggests, it is an aura that encompasses everything around her in light. More than that, it clears the minds of all around her. Getting rid of any fear, doubt, or corruption within them. When around evil or corrupt beings, the aura may burn them into purification, depending on their mental strength.
  • Light Absorption: Phaedra absorbs all light she comes into contact with. She is also able to redirect light from other sources into herself or weapons she's currently wilding. This can be used to blind people but is mostly used as the primary source of energy for herself, her weapons, and her team when they need a good battery.

Cyborgization: Phaedra's body was genetically modified on top of her angelization process. Meaning that many parts of her body were had robotic parts placed into them or were replaced with enhanced replicas entirely. This is great for her, as it improves many physical and biological aspects of her physiology.

  • Artificial Brain: A-Brain for short. It is an AI that was installed in many Angels brains to help with fighting and processing information specifically. It provides the host with perfect memory, enhanced analyzation, development/learning speed, and more. It also provides much-needed resistance to many of the Corruption's status effects. The AI does not interfere with normal cognition.
    • Perfect Memory: On top of just having perfect/photographic memory, she also has infinite storage for these memories, and can access them like you'd access files on a computer, only using her brain. They are stored in chronological order, allowing for easy access. She also doesn't forget dreams!
    • Enhanced Cognition: The Artificial Brain, as mentioned before, was primarily made for combat and processing information. Cognition plays a big roll in both of those. Phaedra's perception of her surroundings is nearly perfect, allowing her to make accurate predictions involving them, and process events happening around her at alarming speeds. This also ties in with her already enhanced senses.
    • Analytical Prediction: Using her enhanced perception, she can predict the future! Well, kind of. It has many drawbacks and limitations, but her cognition is so good that, in many circumstances, she may be able to see future events in her mind through analysis alone.
    • Fighting-AI: An essential part of the A-Brain. Boost her martial arts and weapon efficiency by improving her reaction speed and overall intellect. It also uses many aspects of the above, such as her cognition/perception, analytical prediction, and memory. Making Phaedra a combat genius.
      • Autopilot: The Fighting-AI also has an autopilot ability, allowing a smart-ai to take control of Phaedra's movement. The AI itself is a master martial artist and takes advantage of all other parts of the A-Brain to really make Phaedra shine. Its main weakness is that its movements are generally robotic and predictable from the right perspective.
    • Mental Fire-Wall: A forcefield for the mind. Protects Phaedra from any kind of mind-warping or manipulating abilities, which is her, and the others can hang around the Corruption for so long. In fact, the Fire-Wall part of the name comes from its ability to counterattack mental assaults. It does this via its own mind-warping waves. Usually stunning the target.
  • Inorganic Bones: Phaedra and many other's of A-Heaven have had their organic skeleton swapped out for one made of special material. Such material is elastic, more durable, and allows better regenerative abilities. It also boosts the immune system and general wellbeing. These bones also make the host more flexible and allow for complex acrobatics.

Concept of Light: Towards the end of the series, Phaedra transcends to the position of light itself as a concept. As such, her physiology completed changes, her existence now, doesn't even qualify as physiology. She only exists as an abstract concept and takes form as a being of light, like her Lightbringer Angel-Armor set made her out to be. Phaedra inherited many abilities from this, all of which are listed below.

  • Uriel's Resilience: Phaedra's form of immortality preventing her from being erased. As long as both the Concept of Light and light in of itself exists, she will continue to. Even if brought down to atoms, even if wiped out completely, even if destroyed on every fundamental level, she will come back, as long as light exists. Whether through regeneration or straight up resilience, she will continue to live.
  • Materialization: Phaedra can materialize into a physical being through the light, in any place where the light hits, allowing her to teleport pretty much anywhere in the universe, with some obvious exceptions, being places like empty space. When being attacked, she can simply disappear and reappear in the same place as before, effectively dodging the attack. She can also use this to appear in many places at once. When she isn't materialized, she exists as an abstract mind, with no biology or physiology, and can stay that way for however long she'd like.
  • Regeneration: Although there isn't concrete evidence, she should have a regeneration factor similar to Fargo's, in which she should be able to regenerate from literally nothing at all. Although, her's would require light to still be apparent in the universe.
  • Light Empowerment: The more light that exists in the universe, the more powerful Phaedra will become. She can even alter the amount of light present via creating it and/or amplifying luminosity. However, even if there was not but one light bulb in the universe, she would still be capable of ripping it apart. Which should give a good representation of how potent this effect is.

Angel Armor

Angel-Armor: A futuristic set of armor created by A-Heaven engineers. When worn, it unlocks the potential within and boosts abilities by drastic measures, allowing even mediocre Angels to fight against Corruption head-on. There are many kinds of these armor sets but are all created for this same objective.

  • Archangel-Armor: Phaedra is an Archangel, so she gets her own, customized Angel-Armor, just for her. Archangel-Armor is much better than normal Angel-Armor. The engineers spend way more time on their designs because they made with the specific person in mind with prior knowledge of their abilities, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, etc. The armor itself is also better, as they use the best material available when creating them. They are the leaders of the pack after all.

Phaedra's Angel-Armor:

Uriel: The first set of Angel-Armor Phaedra was given. Created to make use of all her light abilities, as well as provide her with the strength needed to take down Fiends and cure Corruption. It comes with many of its own, unique shenanigans, and is very, very powerful.

Abilities Unique to Uriel

Commander of Light: In case the ludicrous amount of light power Phaedra commands, wasn't enough, Uriel amplifies it, even more, allowing her to reach her maximum potential. Unlocking a plethora of new, unique abilities. Ranging from superpowered exploding light beams to the ability to use light as magic.

Mirror Force: When an attack comes at Phaedra, which is unable to be dodged or countered, Uriel will create a Barrier of Light to block the attack. This effect is passive and independent of Phaedra. However, she can call upon these barriers at will if she wants. Another thing to mention is that if the attack is not physical, but a projectile or energy beam, it will not only be blocked but will also be reflected back at the attacker as a Homing Light Beam.

Svet Presleduyet (Pursuing Light): An attack in which Uriel sends out a danmaku of light beams that will all hunt down opponents around her. The attack involves trillions of regeneration negating, sword-shaped projectiles, all flying at immeasurable speed. It is nearly impossible to dodge and creates even more openings for Phaedra to abuse.

Mind Exfoliation: Uriel improves the Mind-Bending abilities Phaedra possesses and allows her to control it freely. Allowing her to do a multitude of extra things with it. Such as concentrating the effect on only one mind in her radius, which has varying impacts on different brains. In some instances, she has been able to melt a Fiend's mind completely, rendering them mindless. Phaedra's passive mind manipulation also gets its upgrades, as with the armor, it has a far stronger impact capable of freeing one of all thought completely. Effectively clearing their mind and memories.

Light Emission: On top of just improving the rate at which Phaedra consumes light, as well as its radius. She is now able to emit absorbed light as a fierce, burning aura. This drains energy fast, but it's worth it. She can even concentrate the effect onto a specific being or object, burning them down to ash.

Invisibility: For a few seconds, Uriel can go invisible. This ability is actually quite useless in her own setting, but it is a feature of hers.

Basic Angel-Armor Abilities

Increased Physical and Mental Strenght: The main benefit of wearing Angel-Armor is that it amplifies your physical and mental capabilities hundreds of times over. Changing even ordinary people into war machines capable of pushing back Corruption. When an Angel puts on Angel-Armor, the effect is even more prominent, they sync together, and their power multiplies exponentially.

Self-Sustenance: All sets of Angel-Armor fill the needs of sustenance, keeping them hydrated and energized. The Armor sets themselves do require energy, but they have a battery life far exceeding that of a normal person's lifespan.

Adaptability: Made to adapt to anything it gets put through overtime, and will continuously evolve a slight immunity when going through the same things over and over again. The resistance could very well become permanent if it gets strong enough. On top of this, it reacts to its user's emotion, and may reactively evolve resistance in times of desperation, likely having to do with Angel's Blessing.

Divinity: A set of holy attacks all sets of armor can perform. All of these attacks are extremely powerful and do extra damage against unholy or corrupt beings. On top of this, some of them can even ignore durability and successfully affect the mind directly.

Shapeshifting: The shape and size of the armor can fluctuate to an extent at the user's will, allowing them to dodge attacks, fit into tight spaces, or increase AoE of physical attacks. However, this has a limit, as fluctuating too much may cause the user harm or even incapacitate them.

  • Weapon Creation: The armor is also capable of creating weapons out of itself. Only requiring thought. Such weapons are enchanted with divinity and have the effects of holy attacks.

The Corruption Wave was an extreme event, in which Corruption let out a huge shockwave that spread out 5000x faster than itself, everything it touched became corrupt. A-Heaven had an insanely hard time dealing with this, and so they decided their best bet would be giving everyone upgrades to their armor to be much faster and have much more wide-spread purification options. With that, they were able to push back the wave substantially and get back to even grounds.

Abilities Unique to Uriel

LightWave: An enormous, solid sphere of bright light that purified all it touched. It's radius spreading over the entire cosmos, making pushing back the corruption simple and easy. However, it's effect gets weaker and weaker the farther it stretches, and Phaedra will only use this when in massive danger or attempting to purify large amounts of corruption.

Holy Flame Thrower: A gun that expels Holy Flames, converted from Holy Light by Uriel. Its range is massive, universal even, which makes it especially useful for clearing out extensive fields of corruption. The Holy Flames themselves are very potent, as they burn away at one's entire being, negating regeneration and defenses in the process, the normal purification status effects

The Lightbringer is a set of Angel-Armor that allows Phaedra to become one with light. It was created after the Corruption-Wave ended, along with a lot of other unique Archangel sets, so they could be better prepared if any extreme events happened again. The armor itself isn't even physical, and can only be "put on" through though. While equipped, Phaedra loses all sense of physiology and mind, becoming a being of pure light energy. This has many, many boosts to her potency, as well as lots of benefits and abilities.

  • Intangible: As the Lightbringer, Phaedra becomes physically intangible, allowing her to phase through matter, energy, and attack. With this comes many benefits, the most obvious being she can dodge any assault that isn't able to hit non-physical objects. That, along with the ability to possess others and even hit the insides of a person.
  • Photon Physiology: Phaedra, in this form, is made up of nothing but photon particles like the ones in light. Because of this, she gains many abilities like extraordinary regeneration, body warping/control, and even duplication. It also makes it even easier to move around and allows her to use even her own body as an attack.
    • Photon Regeneration: As the name states, this is quite literally the ability to regenerate from nothing but photon particles of which light is made of. As Uriel the Lightbringer, Phaedra has little need to worry about being destroyed by normal attacks, as she can simply regenerate, even if she was reduced to nothing but lone particles, she could simply reform.
    • Body Warping: This ability includes shapeshifting and size-shifting. Because Phaedra is made of photons, her matter isn't exactly solid, liquid, gas, or even plasma. Instead, she is a jumble of photons, all of which she is able to control individually to move around. However, even more than this, she can fluctuate all of these photons as one group, to be able to change shape and size. This has many uses, from increasing range to dodging attacks. But she usually will use it to turn into more useful forms, such as just a snake of light energy, to flow around attacks and surprise enemies. She can even create illusions!
  • Duplication: Another ability of Lightbringer, Phaedra can duplicate herself as many times as she'd like to, with the limit being that all are controlled by one mind. And although Phaedra has a perfect memory and extreme processing speeds due to the A-Brain, a lot of bodies can still stress out her brain. Other than that, there aren't any weaknesses. Duplicates can perform the same attacks as Phaedra, and at the same time as well. They also all have the same strength as normal Phaedra, but combining won't increase their strength.
  • Absorption: To an extent, Phaedra can absorb objects and material she hits into the soup of photons that is her body. They will simply become more photons for her to use in things like duplicates or body attacks. However, this will not work on beings with significant resistance or strength.
  • Extreme Body Temperature: Her form is extremely dense, nearly as much as a neutron star, and although she can control this, she normally radiates at temperatures close to that of the sun's core, burning nearly anything she touches. She also gives off an insane amount of light which warms those around her.
  • Possession: Hasn't been demonstrated much, but she has performed acts somewhat similar to possession, in which case the being she possessed was disintegrated under extreme heat.

Attacks and Techniques

Absolute Light: A series of ultrapowerful light-based attacks fired from Phaedra's hands, characterized by infinite speed and resistance negating properties. It is Phaedra's ultimate ability and her go-to in battle. Absolute Light pierces through the very being of a person, ignoring defenses, destroying their mind, body, and soul if they have one. For Phaedra, this technique is a quick end to most battles she faces. It's so dangerous that she has to be mindful of the people around her before using it. Mainly due to its one major weakness, it can be reflected. Yep, just like your average laser. All it takes is a simple mirror, and since it travels at infinite speeds, there's no telling what might happen.

  • Gamma Ray: Phaedra powers a supercharged ball of light energy in her hands before sending it out as an enormous AoE ray of Absolute Light. Upon impact, it explodes into a sphere of Holy Light that purifies all in its radius. 
    • Gamma Wave: The former attack, but its charging time is longer, and it alternatively is sent out as a huge wave of Absolute Light instead of a blast. It will also not explode upon impact but carries the purification trait of the former explosion. Even more impossible to dodge.
  • Bystryy Svet (Rapid Light) : A rapid-fire technique. It's quite simple, Phaedra sends out thousands of small, supercharged balls of light particles as Absolute Light. I'd call it the equivalent of "So anyways, I started blasting." It gets the job done!
  • Prism Pulse: One of Phaedra's favorites. Its a super flashy move that fires several beams of light that converge into one focused beam, that is then shot out like a projectile. To perform this attack, Phaedra must do a hand movement involving putting her hand out and then moving it back as the beams fire outwards, before pulsing her hand back out as the beams converge to shoot out the final attack. It requires some strength in the movements and a little time, but the output is extremely strong and can kill multiple Fiends in one attack.
  • Brimming Bright Burst Blazer: An attack separated into three parts resembling the name. The first is the "Brimming Light", which is a burst of light filling the area, literally blinding everyone around. The second is the actual "Burst", being a full sphere of Absolute Light around Phaedra. Lastly, the "Blazer" part, is the holy fires left behind from the blast which burn away at one's being. It's an extremely powerful AoE move that covers a lot of areas but the name does take a little while to say.

Light Magic: Phaedra's control of light is so great she can manipulate and use it as magic. To do things that don't even make sense. Including compressing light into tangible material, making light appear invisible, warping perception, and even bending gravity to an extent. In some cases, she can even warp reality, although she usually needs her armor to do so. This "Magic" usually requires a lot of movement with her hands.

  • Light Warping: The main part of Light Magic, Phaedra's ability to literally alter and use light like a psychic using telekinesis on an object. She can warp light around her and others while using many of the other abilities listed below. It has a lot of potentials and can seriously turn battles around. Normal Light Warping is controlled by her mind as well as her movements.
  • Light Solidification: As mentioned before, Phaedra can compress light into physical material. She does so via both thought and expressive hand movements. She usually will use this along with her ability to turn light intangible as a deadly combination. She can NOT do this with Absolute Light.
  • Intangible Light: Yes, light is naturally intangible in of itself, however, this ability refers to how Phaedra can subjectively allow her light to phase through things it hits. It is not very useful by itself, but in combination with Light Solidification, it can be extremely deadly. Allowing Phaedra to ignore durability by creating physical matter through something's body, which can potentially insta-kill someone.
  • Light Switch: An ability Phaedra uses to make the light in an area appear invisible. Essentially "Turning off the lights." This requires no more than a murmur of the word "Switch." She never uses this in battle though, as it would be counter-effective, but it is quite a fun troll at parties.
  • Sila Sveta (Light Force): A mystic attack of light. It involves all techniques shown above. The warping of light, intangibility, solidification, and complete darkness, all in unison. Phaedra ruthlessly attacks the enemy, blowing off limbs, burning them, and destroying their mind, all in sequence. She often doesn't use this, as it can get quite graphic. But she will when she needs to.
    • Super Sila Sveta (Super Light Force): Phaedra's ultimate light technique, used only when someone she cares for is in danger. She ruthlessly attacks, forcing light through the barriers of space and time, warping her enemy into submission. When using this, she doesn't care about seeing something die and will push through limitations.

Purification: It is the sole ability of the Angels. To them, purification is the power to remove all evil, to cleanse all corruption. Their usage of purification fulfills and even transcends that description. When used, purification will completely eliminate the entirety of an evil being. The body, the mind, and the soul will all be broken down into nothing, erased entirely. That is what it means to be purified. Purification is much more powerful on purely corrupt and evil things, but it can be used on even pure things to remove the evil parts of them. This can include thoughts, memories, physical pieces of themselves, or even their soul. Purification ignores resistance and can affect even higher dimensional constructs, as it is the absolute good of the universe, oppose to the absolute evil of corruption. Purification can be used in many ways, such as the ones below:

  • Holy Light: A special kind of light many Angels can use. But none demonstrates this better than Phaedra Alina, Uriel. She uses Holy Light as a trump card in many of her battles. Winning them instantly as the demons before her are devoured in the light. Nothing can escape its grasp.
  • Holy Flames: Flames that burn away at corruption within a person. Essentially doing the same thing as normal corruption but in a way more flashy way. Holy Flames can also spread from person to person as the fire goes from tree to tree in a wildfire. Burning away at many, many things. Nothing can put these flames out but god himself!

Martial Arts: Phaedra, along with all other Angels, are taught martial arts by A-Heaven trainers. There is a multitude of attacks they learn and even entire styles. They are also taught to be wary of there opponents' position and stance, as well as openings and how to turn a fight around. Due to this, Angels are very skilled fighters. And they need to be, as many Fiends are smart and go for close combat encounters. Below are many of the styles and techniques taught to Angels by these A-Heaven trainers.

  • Shephard Style: A-Heaven's unique martial arts style, taught to and practiced by Angels. The name comes from the keepers of sheep, which are believed to be sacred animals. This style focuses on evasion and counterattacks, due to the brute like moves Fiends perform in close encounters. Using the style allows for a few, quick, powerful counters one can perform before retreating back to afar. It is unnecessary and dangerous to fight Fiends head-on in most cases, especially without proper weapons, which is why it isn't attack focused.
    • Lamb's Ram: A technique that involves evading a straight punch, grabbing onto their arm with one hand, pulling the arm towards yourself, and then using your other hand to forcefully punch the person in the head while letting go of their hand before jumping backward. It is a powerful move that allows you to make room between you and them.
  • Crook Style: All angels can summon a crook in there hand to fight with. This allows them to use the complex style also taught to them in training. Involving both the Shepherd Style and the use of a crook. For reference, a crook is a tool used by shepherds to shepherd sheep. It is shaped like a crowbar with a hook at the end. When using the crook style, it brings a more attack and tricked focused twist to the Shepherd Style. Allowing not only the evasion and countering of attacks, but also complex crook use to lock them in place, smack with, and lead into attacks. Skilled Crook Style users can trap fiends in place and get multiple power strikes in. They are hard to predict and talented.
    • Crook Fold: A technique involving the use of two crooks. It involves a few steps. First, hook onto the neck of something with the first crook. Jump over them, making sure to continue that hold. Hook their leg with the second crook, and then pull both their neck and leg. After a few seconds let go of the crooks and perform a powerful attack on their back. This technique will immobilize Fiends for a few seconds. And if used on a human, it will suffocate them as well as open weak spots.

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Extra Information

  • Her favorite food is either White Chocolate or Victoria Sponge Cake. She can't pick because of how cute the cake is.
  • Phaedra used to have a crush on Anthony until she found out his age. After finding out, she didn't talk to him for a week.
  • She was extremely popular on social media during her school days, having over 20 thousand followers on Intergram.
  • Phaedra has only had one partner during her life, and it was when she was in high school. When asked about her past relationships, she will usually lie about this to sound cooler and more relatable.
  • Her IQ is 134. But she swears its higher when Sophia's around.
  • Phaedra believes that Diamond is capable of defeating all other Archangels in a fight.
  • Earth has been Phaedra's dream home for as long as she could remember. So she was extremely happy to finally go there. When it was destroyed she felt a piece of her had died. And so did the entire cosmos.
  • Many of her attack names were given to me by friends on discord!
  • Originally, I made Phaedra a doctor. However, I then realised that it would suit her much more if she was studying to be a therapist.

  • Phaedra's BWH is 33-24-36 (84-60-91).
  • Phaedra cares more about looks than personality. She believes she is already and a handful when it comes to the personality part, so she wouldn't mind an average fellow. But if the guy has a personality with looks, it's a huge bonus for her.
  • After becoming an Angel, Phaedra became both homophobic and transphobic. And sees gay couples as sinful and corrupt. However, she will not do anything to them, and instead keeps her views to herself.
  • Phaedra sees herself as extremely sexy, and will often strike poses in front of others to flash her amazing body, to no avail. Which she doesn't understand. She thinks huge boobs and butts are absolutely disgusting and weird.

  • Powers: