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Petrification is the ability to turn someone or something into stone. The most famous and perhaps prototypical example of this power is in the myth of Perseus and Medusa, the latter of which would cause men to turn into stone simply by the unfortunate victims casting a glance at her. The power does not always work in this precise fashion, but the result is always the same.

Petrification is considered to be a sub-category of transmutation, it forcibly turns the target into a statue of stone or other inorganic material. Generally petrification can be considered to be a very broken ability, as it ignores conventional durability. Being able to withstand a nuke won't exactly save your body from being turned into stone, after all.

It's still quite potent in matches, regardless, and at times may work as an OHK if the target is petrified then shattered to pieces right after. Particularly powerful petrification may negate things such as regeneration or even get around Immortality, as it could also be considered some kind of sealing.


  • Since it is a fairly popular fictional ability, a number of character may have resistance or even immunity against it.
  • User may not be immune, running the risk of being petrified as well.


  • Naiomi (Ragnerverse)