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Paradise City is a VS Battles roleplay created by Torlikoff, taking place in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure universe.

Taking place during the Summer of the year 1987, it follows a group of Stand users referred to as the RV Crusaders, who by random happenstance are led into discovering and subsequently trying to destroy a massive criminal organization.

The threads can be found here, while the written conclusion to the RP can be found here and here.

Side Stories

Power of the Verse

Most of the characters in the verse are physically normal human beings of varying strengths. However, there are also physically more imposing beings, such as Hamon users and vampires. Stands themselves can vary from below average human to building level threats, with one extremely powerful Requiem that can achieve at least planet level.

Where the verse really excels however is it's abundance of hax: from elemental manipulation, vibration manipulation, vector manipulation, existence erasure and even time and causality manipulation towards the end.


Supporters and Opponents





RV Crusaders

  • Mame Nashi

The Chicago Outfit

  • Zack Johnson
  • Lee Barson
  • Titanium Skeleton Dylan


  • Richard O.