Nice to meet you, I am the Equalizer, or so they call me. What business do you have with me here, hmm? Or perhaps, you want me to be your friend?

~ Orion upon meeting Shin for the first time


Orion Inoue or known as the Equalizer is a major character in the story. On his first appearance, he met with Shin and the latter recruited him into the Heilige Orden to which he accepted after witnessing his power firsthand. He would later become one of the most powerful members of the order and would play a large role in their world conquest and the war against the higher gods.


Orion has messy black hair with blue eyes. He wears expensive clothes and jackets with equally expensive accessories, he also brings guns and weapons everywhere he goes and is never seen without them. After joining the order, he uses their uniform with several mystical artifacts.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-C physically, far higher with Equalizer | 7-A, 1-B with Divina Magnification, far higher with Equalizer

Name: Orion Inoue (流星井上), The Equalizer, Arcane Master of Nil

Origin: Crimson Code

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Classification: Criminal, High School Student, Seventh Lord of the Heilige Orden der Dreizehn Herren

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts and Gun Mastery (Orion is a master martial artist and is a gun expert, being able to fight in close quarters with them and snipe people from kilometers away with a pistol), Enhanced Senses and Extrasensory Perception (Orion has far sharper senses than a normal human, being able to spot targets from kilometers away by hearing their footsteps or even sensing nearby presences), Data Manipulation, Information Manipulation and Information Analysis (Equalizer works by visualizing things as bits of data and pieces of information before Orion analyzes and processes every single piece of data and breaks them down), Conceptual Manipulation and Law Manipulation (His Equalizer allowed him to negate laws and concepts as well as make his own, he was able to impose his own law against enemies a few times), Matter Manipulation (Quantum; With Equalizer he can virtually manipulate anything in existence and non-existence which includes matter up to a quantum level), Antimatter Manipulation (via Equalizer), Void Manipulation and Existence Erasure (Equalizer can convert any target into non-existence and is able to do the reverse, Orion was also able to completely erase concepts using this, and his second ability could virtually erase and destroy anything that has a frequency to it), Vibration Manipulation and Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (With Equalizer's secondary ability, Orion can manipulate anything with a vibration or frequency up to even infinite dimensional structures with ease, and he could covert anything with a vibration or frequency into nothingness), Reality Warping (Equalizer can even visualize reality itself as data and alter it), Biological Manipulation (Equalizer can completely change the genetics of a biological being or destroy their body), Transmutation (Equalizer can transmute objects and even creatures into things such as stone or metal), Energy Manipulation (Equalizer can manipulate, create, and destroy energy), Order Manipulation and Chaos Manipulation (One of Equalizer's most basic uses are for equalizing and harmonizing or destabilizing, Orion can use it on much larger scales to the point where he could manipulate the universal systems and laws or destabilize them, his influence was also able to reach higher dimensions), Causality Manipulation (With Equalizer he can 'rewrite' events to make it as if they never happened and manipulate events or actions of other people), Physics Manipulation (Equalizer can rewrite the laws of physics and manipulate it to his will, he could also negate all physics-based abilities using this such as the quantum-based abilities used by Yuna), Non-Physical Interaction (Equalizer can work on abstract beings and ideas such as concepts or laws), Soul Manipulation (Equalizer can destroy the soul), Psychometry and Clairvoyance (Using Equalizer, he can obtain information from his surroundings by visualizing them as data and information then appraising them one by one to obtain the information he requires), Acausality (Type 1 and Limited Type 3; Orion is immune to changes made in the past due to his data being permanently imprinted onto the current present with an automatic use of Equalizer, which means any change will be automatically negated and Orion himself would be restored instantly to his present self as if nothing had happened. Orion's data and information also exists in other worlds and timelines where they would survive the total destruction of Orion himself and would then be used to recreate him, said recreation will then be injected with Orion's old consciousness allowing him to be virtually immortal and indestructible), Regeneration (High-Godly; Orion can regenerate from conceptual erasure as shown multiple times due to his data permanence throughout infinite worlds), Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9; Orion possesses eternal life due to data permanence and can survive fatal injuries without problem, he can also regenerate from conceptual erasure due to it and can always resurrect as long as his data exists. Orion will never die as long as his endless data and information he spread throughout the infinite worlds still exists, he also has data in even higher worlds), Power Nullification and Resistance Negation (Equalizer can be used to nullify powers and it also negates resistances due to its nature), Durability Negation (Equalizer and a few of his other attacks ignore durability), Creation and Deconstruction (By utilizing excess data, Orion can create structures and matter out of nothing. He can also deconstruct his targets using Equalizer), Vector Manipulation (Equalizer can manipulate the vectors of an object), Mind Manipulation and Memory Manipulation (Equalizer can be used to manipulate the minds and memories of other people), Space-Time Manipulation (Type 1; Orion could manipulate local space-time around him with Equalizer), Power Modification (Equalizer can alter other people's powers and even erase them permanently), Healing and Resurrection (Equalizer can heal even the most lethal or fatal wound and lost limbs or organs, it can also resurrect people as long as Orion still possesses their data), Attack Reflection (Equalizer can reflect attacks back to the one who used them in a variety of ways), Sealing (By merging two objects with Equalizer, Orion can seal others inside other objects or seal their movements and abilities by altering their data and movements), Intangibility (By converting himself temporarily into a being of pure data, he can be completely intangible to normal attacks and abilities unless they attack his data form directly), Empathic Manipulation (By harmonizing or stabilizing with Equalizer, Orion can calm other people down. He can also do the reverse by destabilizing their emotions), Elemental Manipulation (Equalizer can be used to manipulate the elements of the world to Orion's will), Probability Manipulation (By manipulating the data of probability with Equalizer, Orion could change probability to an absolute level of 0% or 100%, he can also alternatively manipulate quantum probability and even stabilize changes to probability as shown in his spar against Yuna), Death Manipulation (Equalizer can change a creature's data from 'life' to 'death', thus causing them to die. He can also do this on a conceptual scale), Spatial Manipulation and Time Manipulation (Equalizer can manipulate the data of space and time, bending them to Orion's will. He could accelerate and stop time as well as alter space such as warping it or erasing it, he could also close infinite distances as if they were just a meter away from him while the opponent would still perceive an infinite distance, allowing his attacks to bypass distance), Technology Manipulation (Equalizer can be used to hack technology and bypass systems), Regeneration and Immortality Negation (Equalizer can negate all types of regeneration and immortality), Resistance to his own abilities and some others via Data Permanence and other techniques | All previous abilities to an astronomically higher degree, Magic (All members of the Heilige Orden are able to use the highest level of magic), Forcefield Creation (via Magic), Summoning (Could summon demons to fight for him), Curse Manipulation (Was stated to be a master of curses, being able to create complex curses in an instant), Telepathy (Could read other people's minds and speak to them directly), Space-Time Manipulation (Type 2; His Equalizer had increased its power to the point where he could affect countless multiverses at the same time although it required him much effort and power), with Divina Magnification: Statistics Amplification (Divina Magnification amplifies all stats and abilities of the user), Precognition (Divina Magnification allows the user to view the near future up to a few seconds in order to anticipate surprise attacks and predict enemy moves), Cosmic Awareness (Divina Magnification causes the user to be aware of their surroundings up to a few hundred meters), Acausality (Type 4; The users of Divina Magnification exists in an irregular system of causality where only similar natured beings can truly affect them), Nigh-Omnipresence (In his realm), Abstract Existence and Higher-Dimensional Existence (Type 1; As long as Divina Magnification is in use, the user will become an abstract being beyond the physical world in the hierarchy of lesser gods, the user will also become a higher-dimensional being on the level of the lower gods)

Attack Potency: Street level physically (Orion is a fit person with tremendous fighting experience and skills, he could defeat a group of twenty in a few seconds and heavily injure trained soldiers with a single punch), far higher with Equalizer (Due to how it works, Equalizer can be used against targets far stronger than Orion), Equalizer and some other of his attacks ignores durability | Mountain level (Has power superior to his defense), Hyperverse level with Divina Magnification (Using Divina Magnification, he could fight against twenty-six dimensional gods with ease and defeat them), far higher with Equalizer (Due to how it works, Equalizer can be used against targets far stronger than Orion, and at this point it was able to work against gods who exist outside the concept of dimensionality itself and Shin's Supreme Divina Eclipse), Equalizer and some other of his attacks ignores durability

Speed: Superhuman with Massively FTL+ reactions using Equalizer (Orion can consistently outpace cars and using Equalizer, he could process and break down available data with speed and accuracy in less than a planck moment) | Massively Hypersonic with Massively FTL+ reactions (Orion could dodge lightning bolts with ease and blitz people with similar speed, his reaction speed should be faster than before), Immeasurable normally and Nigh-Omnipresent inside his realm with Divina Magnification (With Shin's Divina Magnification and when used correctly, Orion can move at a speed which surpassed time itself. Inside his realm, he is an abstract being that is nigh-omnipresent beyond the physical and immaterial world), Immeasurable combat speed reactions using Equalizer (When using Equalizer, Orion fought while moving beyond time and could react to those who exist outside of time, his Equalizer at this point was even described to be 'faster than time' itself and was proven when he fought the higher beings with ease)

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Could lift and throw trucks)

Striking Strength: Street Class | Mountain Class, Hyperversal with Divina Magnification

Durability: Street level, far higher with Equalizer (Equalizer allows him to survive attacks far stronger than what he usually would be able to take) | Mountain level (Even Yuna, the weakest member in the Heilige Orden physically, could take a 100 megaton explosion without a single scratch), Hyperversal with Divina Magnification (Divina Magnification allows him to survive against twenty-six dimensional attacks without any consequence), far higher with Equalizer (Equalizer allows him to survive attacks far stronger than what he usually would be able to take)

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless (Every battle he had taken part in had never tired him and he himself stated that he enjoyed battle, to the point where continued and prolonged fights would only make him more excited and far more aggressive) | Nigh-Limitless (Far superior to before), Infinite with Divina Magnification

Range: Standard Melee Range, hundreds of meters to kilometers with guns, range varies with Equalizer as long as Orion is aware of his enemy | Standard Melee Range, hundreds to thousands of meters with guns and magic, Hyperversal with Divina Magnification, range varies with Equalizer as long as Orion is aware of his enemy

Standard Equipment: Several guns | Several guns and weaponry, magic catalyst and tools, Divina Magnification

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Equalizer requires immense knowledge so that it can be used as Orion has to process and break down the available data with speed and accuracy. Orion was able to do this process in less than a planck moment with absolute perfect accuracy and not a single miss even against larger targets) | Supergenius (Orion was able to use Equalizer against the lower gods who were twenty-six dimensional, which means he was able to understand and process higher-dimensional data at a speed which surpassed time itself)

Weaknesses: Equalizer requires Orion to be aware of his enemy


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Equalizer: Orion's main PSI ability and one of the most powerful abilities overall. He has the versatile ability to 'Equalize' things and restore them to a 'harmonious' state, but Orion could also do the opposite using this ability that is to destabilize and disrupt things. Basically, Orion can visualize anything no matter if its an abstract idea or a physical object as data, and he can manipulate that data accordingly however he wants, with this he could equalize or destabilize structures and other objects or powers, applications include altering powers or shapes and even erasing things or conceptual manipulation. His secondary ability using this is to manipulate frequencies or vibrations in a similar manner in the way his primary ability works, he could virtually erase anything that possesses a frequency or vibration and could even destroy higher-dimensional beings using this. Other applications of this ability was when he used it to nullify other powers such as Yuna's probability and physics manipulation in their sparring session, and he was even able to kill beings that existed outside the concepts of dimensionality itself, where he could hold his own against Shin's Supreme Divina Eclipse even if it was for a brief second.

Divina Magnification: An ability that all members of the Heilige Orden possess, granted to them by Shin. Divina Magnification, as its name suggests, magnifies all magical and supernatural abilities to an unfathomably higher degree where they could match higher-dimensional beings and gods. Divina Magnification also massively enhances all stats to that level and grants the user several abilities such as precognition and temporary abstract existence as long as the ability is active.

Key: Base | Heilige Orden


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