Is this What You wanted? To Disfigure My world? Is ThIs wHaT Y0u \\/AnT3d...?
~ Origin


Origin is a Semi-Antagonistic character in the Central POV of SuperNatural, in the Backrooms Event. He claims to be the creator of Anomaly-349, better known as the Backrooms, But explains how Liam’s world (Earth) has disfigured his world by all the Man-made fluctuations & Interference somehow disrupted his dimension (As his pocket-Dimension is simply located in a house.)


Origin seems to be intelligent. He seems to have envy & stress over Humanity for “Disfiguring” his pocket-Dimension, resulting in him persistently attempting to kill all human’s that manage to enter his dimension via his “Other creations”. Origin originally created his pocket-Dimension as a home of sorts but fluctuations caused by humanity’s technology somehow managed to effect his world’s Physical state becoming glitched.

During the backrooms event, he seems to start casual or Answered conversations sometimes, and despite being an antagonist he comedically warns Liam on the choices he makes, as he aims to completely show Liam what his race has done to his world.


Origin simply wears a Long-sleeved Dark-Navy turtleneck Shirt, Sometimes wearing a Lighter-Navy Jacket (With a hood), Grey Pants, Black Shoes, and a contactless changing array of masks, examples of these masks are a hockey mask, anonymous mask, Opera/Drama mask, A Mask with a Smile. Etc... He has Black Eyes with Bright White Pupils, and Black Hair. His voice seems to be disfigured as when physically speaking he still sounds like he is talking through a damaged radio.

Personal Stats

Alignment: Lawful Evil (Initially), Neutral

Name: Unknown, Origin, The Radio Voice, Entity-2387(349)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male (Most Likely)

Classification: Pocket-Dimension Creator, Humanoid Entity

Themes: Why Moody - Aceinet

Status: Most Likely Active (After the Backrooms Event, He never physically appeared again, though he was mentioned multiple times by the S.C.A. As being Still There)

Combat Stats

Tier: 9-B physically | 6-B Via Abilities

Powers & Abilities:

Attack Potency: Wall Level | Country Level (The Backrooms is estimated to be a million square miles, he is capable of destroying/Deletinh his pocket-Dimension and move on to a new one)

Speed: Athletic Human Physical Travel & Attack Speed, Hypersonic Reaction speed

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Wall Class Physically | Country Class

Durability: City Block Level

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Standard Melee Range physically, Thousands Of Kilometres (Via Matter manipulation & Creation)

Intelligence: Gifted

Standard Equipment: Glock 19 Pistol, Rusted Shovel, Hunting knife (His Only Physical Weapons)

Weakness: Unknown


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  • Origin seems to be the only antagonist in the Central POV, that Semi-comedically talks to the Protagonist (Liam) nonchalantly as if he was a friend or acquaintance.
    • Not to mention his Helpful warnings which allows Liam to escape certain death.
  • Originated from a Shirt film called “Into The Backrooms”
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