I can change anything I want, yet I can't change the fact that I'm scared.

~ John Willkerson


While currently there is not much known about organism:Carbon or Project:Carbon, more commonly known by his human name John Willkerson, he seems to be a human with unknown powers. He seems to be a classified existence that is hidden by the government, which is shown by him having no true name and his classified codename that is organism:Carbon.

Currently, John is presumably living as a normal human with nobody knowing about his powers. John is actively learning chemistry and trying to further understand and control his powers. John has an unknown enemy who is his 'balance' in the universe.


John was described to have a "normal physique", appearing as a normal teen with black hair and eyes. He usually wears a uniform consisting of a white formal shirt with a black tie, a black jacket buttoned by a few golden buttons and black trousers as well as shoes.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 10-B physically, 3-A likely High 3-A with Chemical Manipulation and Energy Manipulation, possibly far higher | 10-B physically, 3-A likely High 3-A up to High 1-B with Chemical Manipulation and Energy Manipulation | 10-B physically, at least High 1-B with Chemical Manipulation

Name: organism:Carbon, Project:Carbon, John Willkerson

Origin: None

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Classification: Carbon-Based Lifeform, Human

Powers and Abilities: Matter Manipulation (All types; John has full control over all matter to a quantum level, allowing him to in theory manipulate space-time and possibly even higher dimensions), Transmutation (Able to alter matter and energy into something else), Energy Manipulation (John has infinite energy and was stated to be able to 'create and destroy' energy), Martial Arts, Cosmic Awareness and Extrasensory Perception (He is aware of the things around him and can detect any threats or enemies), Healing (Can heal other people other than himself), Biological Manipulation (His power allows him to manipulate the atoms and genes of a living being and even alter them completely if he wishes to), Creation and Deconstruction (Using Chemical Manipulation, he can break down matter and recreate them, he was even stated to be able to possibly create matter using his infinite energy), Antimatter Manipulation (Able to manipulate anti-matter), Vector Manipulation (Able to manipulate the vectors of matter and energy), Blood Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Bone Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Regeneration Negation and Immortality Nullification (Chemical Manipulation allows him to negate all regeneration below at least Low-Godly, it can also negate certain types of immortality), Enhanced Senses (Has senses far superior to a normal human), Durability Negation (Chemical Manipulation ignores durability), Resistance Negation (Chemical Manipulation neutralizes and nullifies all resistances), Forcefield Creation (Using Chemical Manipulation and his Energy Manipulation, he is able to create strong forcefields that shield him from attacks), Power Nullification (Any attacks that are able to be understood by him can be manipulated and nullified by Chemical Manipulation), Air Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Acid Manipulation and Poison Manipulation (Able to create and control acids and poisons using Chemical Manipulation), Fusionism (Able to fuse matter using Chemical Manipulation), Disease Manipulation (Chemical Manipulation gives him control over diseases, allowing him to neutralize, spread, and even create diseases), Sealing (Able to bind the movements and activities of anything physical, freezing it in place and causing biological or physical beings to be unable to move), Corrosion Inducement (Able to corrode all matter including creatures and people), Absolute Zero (Able to induce a state of absolute zero using Chemical Manipulation), Instinctive Reaction (When he detects a threat or enemy, he will automatically move to neutralize it), Telekinesis (Using Chemical Manipulation, he can produce a phenomenon similar to telekinesis), Elasticity (Able to manipulate the elasticity of something via Chemical Manipulation), Mind Manipulation and Memory Manipulation (By manipulating the brain, he is able to manipulate the thoughts and memories of a person), Attack Reflection (via Chemical Manipulation), Magnetism Manipulation (Able to manipulate the magnetic force of objects via Chemical Manipulation), Metal Manipulation (Chemical Manipulation allows him to control metals in a variety of ways such as creating, destroying, and even altering them), Density Manipulation (Able to manipulate the density of objects with Chemical Manipulation), Elemental Manipulation (The elements of the world, as phenomenon created out of matter, is able to be manipulated by him using Chemical Manipulation), Nuclear Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Oil Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Explosion Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Paralysis Inducement (Able to induce paralysis on any biological creature), Plasma Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Pain Manipulation (As he can manipulate biological creatures, he can cause them to feel intense pain), Petrification (via Chemical Manipulation), Power Modification (He is able to erase and manipulate powers that come from a biological source or is connected to matter), Pressure Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Radiation Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Size Manipulation (With Chemical Manipulation, he is able to manipulate the size of objects and even living creatures), Sound Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Light Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Smoke Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Plant Manipulation and Animal Manipulation (With Chemical Manipulation, he can alter the genes and DNA of plants and animals, he can even alter them to become something else), Thread Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Vibration Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Weather Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Weapon Creation (via Chemical Manipulation), Technology Manipulation (He is able to manipulate the matter and particles that power technology, allowing him to theoretically manipulate all technology as he wills using Chemical Manipulation), Physics Manipulation (John essentially has complete control over quantum physics), Portal Creation and BFR (Using Chemical Manipulation, he can create wormholes and rifts to travel to other worlds, he can also BFR his opponents by sending them through one of his wormholes), Gravity Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation), Black Hole Manipulation (via Chemical Manipulation) | All prior abilities to an astronomically higher degree, Information Manipulation and Information Analysis (Able to know the chemical structure of something instantly and process all information) Accelerated Development, Reactive Power Level and Reactive Evolution (When using Chemical X, his powers and intelligence will grow exponentially each second, and he will develop new abilities as he discovers new structures, until he is eventually able to manipulate all that exists), Space-Time Manipulation (Using Chemical X, he is able to manipulate space-time), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (He can crumble infinite dimensional spaces and control higher dimensions using Chemical X), possible powers when he reaches his full potential: Reality Warping (As he discovers more and more structures, he was stated to eventually reach full knowledge of all reality, allowing him to manipulate it as he wills), Probability Manipulation (By manipulating quantum probability), likely much more | All previous powers to an astronomically higher degree, Master Time Manipulation and Spatial Manipulation (Could alter time and space as he wills and can do things like erasing space or stopping time, created a rupture in space-time with ease)

Attack Potency: Human level physically, Universe level likely High Universe level with Chemical Manipulation and Energy Manipulation (Stated that he could alter the entire universe, he was also able to halt the expansion of the universe. Due to his potential energy being limitless, he could create an infinite amount of energy), possibly far higher (John's true potential is said to be limitless and unknown, he would also eventually be able to manipulate those that are unknown to normal humans) | Human level physically (Should be comparable if not stronger than before), Universe level likely High Universe level up to High Hyperverse level with Chemical Manipulation and Energy Manipulation (Could crumble infinite-dimensional spaces under the effects of Chemical X) | Human level physically, at least High Hyperverse level with Chemical Manipulation (Far stronger than before)

Speed: Normal Human with FTL reactions (The time he needs to react and use his powers is 2-5 jiffy or 1.0000001401 SoL) | Normal Human with Massively FTL+ reactions (Has a thought speed equal to that of a hundred supercomputers (Around 90062305703.50105 SoL) and is able to react, activate, and use his powers that fast) | Normal Human with Immeasurable reactions (Could react to gods that move faster than time and view it as a physical dimension)

Lifting Strength: Regular Human | Regular Human | Regular Human

Striking Strength: Human Class | Human Class | Human Class

Durability: Human level | Human level | Human level

Stamina: Infinite (Has limitless and infinite energy)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Universal possibly higher with Chemical Manipulation | Standard Melee Range, High Hyperversal with Chemical Manipulation | Standard Melee Range, High Hyperversal with Chemical Manipulation

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: At least Average possibly higher (Has the intelligence of a normal human but has studied up on chemistry to better understand and control his powers) | Supergenius (Has the intelligence of hundreds of supercomputers, being able to easily find out the chemical structure of anything and manipulate it, he can also do 2,700,000 trillion calculations per second. He was also able to come up with strategies and plans to defeat higher-dimensional beings in less than a second during mid-battle) | Unknown, extremely higher than before

Weaknesses: Has to know the target's chemical structure to use his powers and cannot manipulate anything that is non-existent, using too much of it will eventually damage himself, he must also see the target to use it. He is also a coward and fears to use his powers which causes him to be reluctant to use them. He cannot alter himself meaning he cannot regenerate and heal himself | He cannot alter himself meaning he cannot regenerate and heal himself


  • Halted the expansion of the universe
  • With the intelligence of a hundred supercomputers, he is able to do 2.7 million trillion calculations per second

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Chemical Manipulation: John's power that allows him to completely manipulate any matter or physical object by controlling their chemical structure down to a quantum level. The applications of this power is nigh-limitless, as he is able to in theory manipulate everything that is matter, has a chemical structure or is formed by particles, meaning he is able to do things such as completely healing any wounds or altering a biological creature to things like halting the expansion of the universe. He was even stated to be able to manipulate things such as time and space if he is somehow able to identify its structure. This ability is also passive and will be automatically activated if his senses recognizes an enemy or threat.

Key: Base | Chemical X | Perfected Chemical X

Note: John's Chemical X key has 2 versions that is the regular one and full potential one, in his full potential one he has all his 'possible' powers including the reality warping and such, so in a battle it would be needed to say which version is being used.

Note 2: Also please note that this character is not my character as my friend created him and this page is currently full of speculation due to the lack of information, and as such it is subject to changes overtime.


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