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In ancient times, orphaned siblings rise up against the tyranny of a corrupted orc lord to defend the power of a terrifying arsenal of weapons. Titled "The Heroes of Valindor"

In the present day, a mercenary group fights for peace against the traitorous nations that experimented on them, whilst a war hero battles his addiction for driving vehicles beyond their limits. Titled "Rebellious Heroes"

In the near future, Mankind tries to escape the horrors of a deadly zombie infestation that plagues the solar system. Titled "F.E.Z" aka Federation of the Exterminating of Zombies.

In the far future, a chaotic war shatters all corners of the known universe, whilst in the shadows, an elite group of godlike agents search for potential timelines in order to bring an end to chaos itself. Titled after the main series.

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Linked Universes

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The Heroes of Valindor


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Unique Species

Universal Alliance Centre

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Lords of the Ancients

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Powerful Entities

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