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Omnipresence or ubiquity is the property of being present everywhere. This property is most commonly used in a religious context as an attribute of a deity or supreme being.

It is roughly described as the ability to be present in every place at any, and/or every, time referring to an unbounded or universal presence. The ability lets a character to be anywhere and everywhere at once that is, at every point in space during a given instant, and is considered the highest level of speed in a debate since the character is everywhere. Some characters are Omnipresent within a single universe, while others are Omnipresent on a Multiversal or even higher scale. It is also related to the concept of ubiquity, which is the ability to be everywhere and nowhere at once. 

Similar to Omniscience there is a distinction between this power: 

  • Absolute Omnipresence - The ability to be everywhere. With said power, the character who posses it would be capable of existing in every single place (whether it be in the past, present or the future) in his/her own franchise.
  • Inherent Omnipresence - The ability at any place and every single place which exist. However the power may allow the user to be capable of existing everywhere in the present but not in the past or future. To an extent this can also be called "Nigh-Omnipresence" which is when somebody is almost everywhere at once. An example of this includes being Omnipresent within a city or a planet. Occasionally, the term is used in a limited way, such as "Omnipresent in a City" or "Omnipresent across the Earth". While this is technically incorrect, the meaning is obvious.




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