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You are correct, the light can't exist without darkness, but however... the light can exist without you!
~ Odiosis before destroying Malum


Odiosis is the main character of the One More Dream series. Originally a young boy who worked on a farm, one day his life was completely changed when he was chosen by mysterious greater powers to be destined to save all of existence from destruction. Gaining allies and equipment along the way his mission is to defeat the destroyer of worlds, Malum and save existence from it's end.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good

Name: Odiosis

Origin: One More Dream

Gender: Male

Age: 16 years old

Classification: Human, Savior, Farmboy

Birthplace: In the farms on the countryside

Weight: Average

Height: Average

Likes: Good

Dislikes: Evil

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Hobbies: Fighting evil, farming

Values: Protecting innocents

Martial Status: Depends, can date every girl in the party

Status: Alive

Combat Statistics

Tier: 8-C | 7-C, possibly 7-A, higher with summons | 5-B, higher with summons and Virtus Gift | At least High 4-C, likely 4-A, higher with summons and Virtus Gift | At least Low 2-C, possibly 2-A | At least 2-A, possibly High 1-C

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery (Skilled with swords, bows, axes, and many other weapons), Acrobatics, Skilled farmer, Stealth Mastery, Enhanced Senses (Is capable of seeing perfectly even if it's as dark as the night), Regeneration (Mid-Low; Can heal large scars on their body within seconds), Accelerated Development (Training; Abilities), Social Influencing, Low-level Magic, Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with ghosts, slimes and spirits), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense where ghosts and spirits are and figure out where they're hiding), Pressure Points (Knows where to attack pressure points), Acausality (Type 1), Fusionism (Can fuse items with other items to create more powerful items), Resistance to Corrosion Inducement (Is capable of resisting Slime corrosion which melts enemies until nothing remains) and Poison Manipulation (Has a resistance to poisonous fumes and ingested poisons, as such he will suffer no side-effects from poison)

All previous abilities, along with Summoning (Can summon multiple beasts and elementals with significantly higher stats than himself to assist him in fights), Elemental Manipulation (Of Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Light, Darkness, and Ice), Status Effect Inducement (Is capable of inflicting various status effects on opponents), Durability Negation, Regeneration (Low-Mid; Capable of regenerating lost limbs and snapped necks), Enhanced Magic, Energy Manipulation, Chi Manipulation, Statistics Amplification (Is capable of increasing both his speed and strength with spells), Immortality (Types 2 and 3), Purification (Type 3; Is capable of removing negative status effects placed on himself), Healing (Can heal wounds and scars on allies), Resurrection (Is capable of resurrecting fallen allies), Mind Manipulation (Can inflict the Confusion and Brainwashed status ailments which confuse and brainwash opponents), Explosion Manipulation (Can cause explosions via explosive devices and bombs), Sleep Manipulation (Can inflict the Sleep status ailment which forces the enemy to sleep), Damage Reduction (Can reduce damage dealt to him by half), Power Nullification (Can completely nullify stat buffs on the opponent), Forcefield Creation (Can create a forcefield which will negate the damage of a single attack), Empathic Manipulation (Can inflict status effects which cause anger, love, sadness and others), Telekinesis, Perception Manipulation (Can inflict status effects which cause opponents to go blind), Holy Manipulation (Can use holy magic which is capable of cleansing evil spirits and destroying curses), Curse Manipulation (Can cause curses on the opponent which vary in effects), Death Manipulation (Can instantly kill an enemy via Death's Door), Statistics Reduction (Can reduce enemy stats significantly), Attack Reflection (Can create various shields which will reflect certain elemental attacks), Illusion Manipulation (Can cause illusions and false images to appear to opponents), Madness Manipulation (Type 2; Can cause madness via the Madness status ailment), Probability Manipulation (Is capable of increasing his luck and decreasing opponent luck with the Unlucky Status Ailment, allowing them to be hit by status effects and attacks more while increasing his chances of dodging attacks), Paralysis Inducement (Can cause instant paralysis with status ailments), Invisibility (Can turn invisible with certain skills), Telepathy (Can talk with allies telepathically), Poison Manipulation (Can poison others with the Poison status effect), Holy Manipulation (Can easily no-sell holy based attacks), Weather Manipulation (Is capable of manipulating the weather with certain spells), Fear Manipulation (Can cause fear with the Fear status ailment which makes enemies run), Petrification (Can petrify enemies with the Petrification status ailment, instantly defeating them), Morality Manipulation (Can temporarily change an opponent's morality to be on their side and attack their allies with the 'Good' status ailment)

Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Capable of resisting the Brainwash and Confuse status ailments which both influence the mind), Sleep Manipulation (Capable of resisting the Sleep status effect which forces opponents to sleep), Fear Manipulation (Capable of resisting the Fear status effect which immediately causes opponents to feel fear), Morality Manipulation (Can resist the Evil status effect which causes opponents to turn on their friends), Madness Manipulation (Type 2; Can resist the Madness status effect which causes instant madness in others), Probability Manipulation (Can resist the Unlucky status effect which lowers the opponent's luck), Paralysis Inducement (Can resist the Paralysis status effect which paralyzes the opponent), Perception Manipulation (Can resist the Blindness status effect which inflicts blindness on an opponent), Empathic Manipulation (Can resist the Anger, Love, Sadness, and Fear status effects), Petrification (Can resist the Petrification status effect which instantly turns a target into stone), Power Nullification (Can resist the Nullify and Silence status effect which negates physical abilities and spells respectively), Corruption (Type 3, Can resist the Corruption status effect), Biological Manipulation (Can resist the Disfigured status effect which disfigures bodies), Transmutation (Resists the Frog status effect which transforms enemies into frogs), Life Manipulation (Can resist the Life-Drain status effect which drains the life of the opponent over time), Fire Manipulation (Can resist the Burn status effect, which burns the opponent over time), Memory Manipulation (Can resist the 'Forget' status effect and Acid Manipulation (Resists the Acid status effect, which eats away at opponents over time)

All previous abilities but significantly enhanced, along with Absorption (Can completely absorb and nullify the damage of energy-based attacks), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3), Regeneration (Mid; Can regenerate quickly from decapitation), Limited Fate Manipulation (Is capable of defying pre-determined fates and replacing them with his own), Chain Manipulation (Controls chains which can be used for binding up opponents), Plasma Manipulation (Can create large balls of plasma to attack enemies), Magma Manipulation (Can control magma with various spells), Dream Manipulation (Is capable of entering and leaving dreams with spells), Thread Manipulation (Can control strings, which are capable of even cutting through steel), Metal Manipulation (Can create and throw metal objects at opponents), Plant Manipulation (Is capable of manipulating the plant life around him, causing them to help defend against attacks), Smoke Manipulation (Can create large stacks of smoke to disorientated opponents), Water Walking (Has a spell that can be used to walk on water), Teleportation (Can quickly teleport to places where he's been before or within his line of sight), Precognition (Has a 6th sense which tells him if he's going to be attacked), Soul Manipulation (Using a special sword, he can directly attack souls dealing extra spiritual damage), Flight, Spatial Manipulation (Is capable of ignoring space to attack opponents), Vibration Manipulation (Can create shockwaves in the ground with his sword), Body Control (Can easily manipulate his body and revert changes forced on by opponents), Information Analysis (Can analyze an opponent and gain knowledge of them) and Invulnerability (Is capable of temporarily becoming immune to damage for a short period of time)

Resistance to Reality Warping (Resisted Malum's avatar warping reality around them), BFR (Resisted many cultists trying to forcefully teleport them to somewhere else), Gravity Manipulation (Capable of resisting gravity being reversed around them), Death Manipulation (Capable of no-selling instant death attacks), Extreme Cold and Radiation Manipulation (Is capable of fighting within the depths of space), Blood Manipulation (Can resist having every ounce of their blood being sucked out of them), Bone Manipulation (Resisted having their entire skeletal structure forcefully torn out) and Statistics Reduction (Resists having their strength forcefully reduced)

All previous but on a much higher scale, as well as Enhanced Status Effect Inducement (Has access to tiers 2 and 3 level status effects), Life Manipulation (via the Life-Drain Status Effect which not only drains life but the Mind and Soul as well), Elemental Absorption (Is capable of absorbing elemental attacks and negating the damage they do. This includes Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Light, Darkness, Psychic and Ice), Reality Warping, Memory Manipulation (Can inflict the Forget status ailment which causes opponents to forget spells and abilities), Transmutation (Can inflict the Frog status effect, which transforms enemies into frogs), Acid Manipulation (Can inflict the Acid status ailment, which burns away at opponents over time), Disease Manipulation (Can inflict the Flu status ailment, which inflicts people with sickness), Matter Manipulation (Can inflict the Destabilize status effect, which destabilizes an opponent's atoms), Biological Manipulation (Can inflict the Disfigured status effect, which disfigures an opponent's body), Corruption (Type 3; Can inflict the Corruption status effect which corrupts enemies and disrupts their powers), Time Manipulation (Can inflict the Stop status effect, which stops an opponent in their time), Power Mimicry (Can copy techniques and abilities temporarily), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Holds a pocket reality which can contain various objects and items), Necromancy (Can resurrect the dead to fight for him), Sound Manipulation (Can create large sounds to disorientate opponents), Blood Manipulation (Can drain the opponent of blood), Bone Manipulation (Can remove bones from the opponent's body), Size Manipulation (Can make enemies smaller via the Shrink status effect), Power Bestowal (Can grant minor abilities to his allies), Afterimage Creation, Psychometry (Can look into the past of an object with a spell), Portal Creation (Can create portals to different locations in the world), Resistance Negation (Can negate resistances to elements and status ailments and bypass elemental shields), Power Modification (Can modify powers of others to make them stronger or weaker), Sand Manipulation, Pain Manipulation (Can inflict the Pain status effect, which inflicts blinding pain to an opponent), Antimatter Manipulation (Can inflict the Antimatter status effect, which will eventually cause opponents to explode and be annihilated), Cloth Manipulation and Fungus Manipulation

Resistance to Magic, Matter Manipulation (Can resist the Destabilize status effect, which destabilizes opponents on an atomic level), Time Manipulation (Can resist the Stop status effect, which stops an opponent in their time), Sound Manipulation (Unaffected by large sounds which are capable of disorientating opponents), Dream Manipulation (Resists having his dreams forcefully invaded), Pain Manipulation (Can resist the Pain status effect, which causes blinding pain), Absorption (Resisted forcefully being assimilated by darkness and resisted absorption from the Terraway), Soul Manipulation (Resists his soul being forcefully drained and destroyed), Size Manipulation (Can resist the Shrink status effect which forcefully shrinks opponents), Disease Manipulation (Can resist the Flu status effect which causes opponents to feel suddenly sick), Antimatter Manipulation (Can resist the Antimatter status effect), Vector Manipulation (Can resist having the directions of his attacks changed), Telekinesis (Resists being telekinetically thrown around by others) and Illusion Manipulation (Can easily see past illusions)

All previous but enhanced to his level, Cosmic Awareness (Is aware of what's going on in the universe at the time), Regeneration (High; Can regenerate from having his atoms destabilized), Adaptation (Can quickly adapt to tough climates and situations to survive), Deconstruction (Can disintegrate things until there is nothing left), Glyph Creation (Can create glyphs to enhance movement speed and agility), Awakened Power, Age Manipulation (Can rapidly age an opponent until they're old), Astral Projection (Can project a transparent version of himself to interact with things when he can't), Regeneration and Resurrection Negation (Can negate the regeneration up to Low-Godly), Text Manipulation, Creation (Can create small objects out of nothingness), Shapeshifting, Intangibility, Sealing (Can seal opponents between cracks of time and space), Homing Attack (Can create rays of light which home onto opponents), Body Puppetry (Can puppet the body of opponents to temporarily control them), Duplication (Can create clones of himself to attack opponents), Sense Manipulation (Can mess with enemy senses, causing them to hear and smell things that aren't there), Heat Manipulation (Can change the heat of opponents), Animal Manipulation (Can control animals with spells), Density Manipulation (Can change the density of himself and his equipment), Dimensional Travel (Can travel through dimensions via portals), and Indomitable Will (Due to all of the hardships he has had to go through, his will has become practically indomitable)

Resistance to Physical Attacks (Can completely negate physical attacks done to him), Age Manipulation (Resists being aged up or down), Resistance Negation (Can nullify attempts to negate the resistances of himself), Subjective Reality (Resists being forcefully dragged into fiction), Void Manipulation (Resisted being completely erased from the timeline), Physics Manipulation (Resists having the laws of physics turned against him), Chaos Manipulation (Can directly oppose chaos based effects and deny them), Power Mimicry and Absorption (Can resist having all of his abilities copied exactly), Possession (Can resist being forcefully possessed by opponents), Heat Manipulation (Adjusts his own temperature and will not be affected by any heat manipulating effects), Curse Manipulation (Unaffected by curses from cultists), Body Puppetry (Resists having his body forcefully put under control), and Sense Manipulation (Can resist having his senses played with)

All previous abilities enhanced to his new level, along with Non-Corporeal, Immortality (Types 1, 5 and 8; Reliant on the Darkness that contrasts the Light), Abstract Existence (Type 1; Is merged with the True Valor, and has become the abstract embodiment of light that cannot die as long as it's counterpart, the Darkness existing), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2; Creation, Alteration, and Destruction. Can create abstract senses that did not exist before, completely destroyed the concept of Darkness and rewrote it so that it could re-balance the light), Acausality (Types 3 and 4), Enhanced Regeneration and Resurrection Negation (Up to High-Godly regeneration), Paper Manipulation, Causality Manipulation (Can change causality on a fundamental level), Regeneration (High-Godly; Can regenerate after being reduced to complete nothing on a conceptual level), Large Size (Type 9, potentially type 10), Higher-Dimensional Existence, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Law Manipulation (Can force laws on the multiverse to change fundamental status of existence), Space-Time Manipulation (Can change the space and time of the entire multiverse), Void Manipulation (Can wipe being from existence and prevent them from existing), Fate Manipulation (Can change the fate of the world and his allies, such as protecting them in the battle against Malum), Order Manipulation, Enhanced Precognition (Sees the entire past, present, and future and every possibility at the same time), Enhanced Probability Manipulation (Can change the probability of events to succeed), Omnipresence, Clairvoyance, Radiation Manipulation, Enhanced Physiology, Magnetism Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Blessed, Physics Manipulation (Can change the laws of physics to his will), Transformation and Danmaku

Resistance to Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2; Resisted having his concept being destroyed until after Malum negated his resistance), Darkness Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Regeneration Negation (Resisted having his regeneration negated even after he came back from death), Space-Time Manipulation, Information Manipulation and Order Manipulation

Attack Potency: Building level (Can casually kill giant bees and wasps which are superior to a standard slime which are capable of collapsing buildings) | Town level (Defeated the Lord of Beasts, which threatened to flatten entire forests in a single swipe), possibly Mountain level (The Massive Chimera has been stated to be able to level mountains, and the Lord of Beasts is the strongest out of any beast, making it superior to the Massive Chimera), higher with summons (Most summons are far superior to Odiosis in firepower) | Planet level (Killed one of Malum's weakest avatars, though even his weakest avatars are capable of ravaging planets and devouring them whole), higher with summons and Virtus Gift (Virtus Gift is capable of amplifying Odiosis's strength tenfold, allowing him to stomp comparable enemies) | At least Large Star level (Killed the Dux Culta, who held the Staff of Malum which was stated to have the power of five exploding suns. Destroyed the Terraway which was capable of absorbing entire constellations whole), possibly Multi-Solar System level (Defeated Veneficus the Evil Wizard, who was capable of making a pocket dimension with star-like patterns and planets in the background), higher with summons and Virtus Gift | At least Universe level+ (Fought Tenebria merged with the Dark Void, who stated that he would have ended the entire universe and wiped the timeline from history to prevent Odiosis from attacking Malum), possibly Multiverse level+ (Despite being clearly outmatched, managed to deal damage to the strongest avatar of Malum, which was said in ancient texts to be able to devour every universe into itself of which there are infinite of) | At least Multiverse level+ (Killed Malum, who is far superior to it's avatar in that the difference between Malum and the avatar is greater than a universe and an atom), possibly High Complex Multiverse level (Ancient Scrolls say that those who have absorbed the True Valor's power are capable of ascending into highest of dimensional planes. It has been noted by scientists that 7 different spatio-temporal dimensions exist above the four standard dimensions)

Speed: Subsonic (Can keep up with Speedy Hedgehogs, which move in blurs compared to the eye) | Supersonic (Capable of far surpassing the sound barrier and dodging bullet-like projectiles) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Blocks and can outrun natural lighting and can react to the Gun of Tomorrow which has been stated to blast as fast as lightning) | Massively FTL+ (Can keep up with the Terraway, which travels through galaxies in a short amount of time) | Massively FTL+ (Kept up with Tenebria and Sound-Speedster, who are both far superior to the Terraway) | Omnipresent (Has became one with the concept of Light, and exists everywhere and anywhere as long as the light exists)

Lifting Strength: Class 1 (Can push around and lift Cows with ease) | Class K (Can lift a large amount of gold on his back, overpowered the Lord of Beasts which can lift Blue Whales) | Class K (Stronger than before) | Class Z (Capable of significantly moving the moon with a massive chain) | Class Z (Far superior to before) | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Building Class | Town Class, possibly Mountain Class, higher with summons | Planet Class, higher with summons and Virtus Gift | At least Large Star Class, likely Multi-Solar System Class, higher with summons and Virtus Gift | Universal+, possibly Multiversal+ | Multiversal+, possibly High Complex Multiversal

Durability: Building level (Can take hits from giant bees and wasps and no-sell slimes trying to attack him) | Town level, possibly Mountain level (Survived many hits from the Lord of Beasts and is far superior to the Lord of Beast's minions) | Planet Class, higher with Virtus Gift (Survived a battle with Malum's weakest avatar) | At least Large Star Class, likely Multi-Solar System Class, higher with Virtus Gift (Resisted being absorbed by the Terraway, defeated the Dux Culta and took magical attacks from Veneficus) | At least Universe level+ (Tenebria merged with the Dark Void was unable to do meaningful damage to them), possibly Multiverse level+ (Managed to survive some attacks from Malum's strongest avatar) | At least Multiverse level+, possibly High Complex Multiverse level (No-sold attacks from Malum who was unable to do anything to him without using special abilities)

Stamina: High | High | Limitless | Limitless | Limitless | Limitless

Range: Standard melee range | Standard melee range normally, hundreds of meters with spells and skills | Standard melee range normally, planetary with spells and skills | Standard melee range normally, interstellar with spells and skills | Standard melee range normally, universal+ with spells and skills, low multiversal with dimensional travel | Multiversal+, possibly High Complex Multiversal

Standard Equipment: Various swords, tomes, rings, armor, and others

Intelligence: Extremely proficient fighter and skilled with fighting

Weaknesses: None notable | The Light is reliant on Darkness, if Darkness is destroyed then the Light will become immensely weaker

Key: Beginning of Game | Mid-Game | Late-Mid Game | Late Game | End Game | Absorbed the True Valor's Power


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