I am the end of the world, the darkness that engulfs the heavens
From the beginning of time until it's end, I stand eternal knowing pain
Endless suffering that will never stop, heed the final call of the lord
The end of all things has come, and it will not stop until all is lost
Reciting the name of all that is endless, warp this world into abyss
Destruction will rain upon this realm, leaving nothing behind
Now the end has finally come, surrender to this boundless darkness...
Behörde - Himmelsschatten!

~ Nox activating his first Behörde


I hold all worlds in my hand, the Demon Emperor rules all. The Gods, the Worlds, the Kingdoms, everything in the end is ruled by me, the Demon Emperor as well as the King of all the Gods. I can destroy everything if I will it, but I choose to protect it, this existence that is.

~ Nox to Kurome



~ The Broken God


I am the Author, the one that created this entire story. As you can see, every single book here in my library is a single creation. What is a creation you ask? Well a creation is everything, a single "existence" as one might say. However, in all of existence, there are an infinite amount of creations, and I rule over them all.

~ Nox about existence


The highest being in existence, a being that embodies the Author himself. It can do anything, it can change anything, and it can destroy anything. Nothing can escape its power, for it is all powerful. The Author is the one who created all, none can go against his will.

~ Shirome about Nox's True Form


The main hero and the supreme being of the entire Evanescent series. He was the one who created the First Tree and all of existence. At the beginning, he lived under the First Tree with the First Goddess and had a child with her before her death. He then created the Ancient Gods and Creators before going into a long and deep sleep.

Countless years later, he woke up and decided to live in the first realm. He wanted to live a normal life at first before deciding to become a hero of sorts. The Ancient Gods, who he considered family, was later killed and existence was destroyed, causing Nox to reset all of existence back to the past. This time, he never became a hero.

During the war between Bordia and the Empire, Nox secretly turned the war into a "training ground" for the candidates that would become an Ancient God and then he made the later stages of the war into a competition of sorts. He later unlocked Violet's true potential and raised Magnus to become an Ancient God and Avatar as a reward for his victory.

In the events of Destroyer, Nox traveled to a distant world where the Sinner's Cult of Nightmare created one of their major bases. He later rescued Kurome who would become his wife, and recruited Beilnarr to become her bodyguard. At the end of Destroyer, Nox killed a few of Equise's Sins and erased the distant world.


For the most of the series, Nox is portrayed as a young man with white hair and red eyes. However, in the Original Timeline as well as before Conquest, Nox has black hair and black eyes, with his eyes turning red when he uses his powers. His true form is unknown.

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least High 6-A | 5-A physically, Varies up to High 1-A with Blutbesieger | At least 1-A | High 1-A, likely 0 | 0 | 0

Name: Nox Luker von Supersonik

Origin: Evanescent

Gender: Male

Age: Older than existence

Classification: Demon Emperor, Legendary Hero (Original Timeline), First God, Supreme Being | Avatar and Will of the Author (True Form)

Powers and Abilities:

Mind Manipulation (Was able to manipulate and control the minds of everyone in existence, including Avatars), Creation (Able to create anything he wants out of thin air), Matter Manipulation (Quantum; Could manipulate matter at a quantum level with ease), Space-Time Manipulation (Able to manipulate the space-time of entire multiverses), Time Manipulation (Can manipulate time in a variety of ways, far superior to Hannah's and Kronos's time manipulation), Spatial Manipulation (Was able to distort, twist, stretch, destroy, and create space), Life Manipulation and Death Manipulation (Far superior to Hannah's life and death manipulation, was able to surpass Doom's death manipulation which induced death on a conceptual level), Holy Manipulation (Able to induce miracles far greater than any divine being), Purification (Able to cleanse objects and status effects, and even purify the void and all darkness), Causality Manipulation (Could bend cause and effect to his will), Fate Manipulation (Able to decide the fate of others including Avatars), Aura (Explosive, Overwhelming, Fear-inducing and Catastrophe-inducing; His mere aura was enough to cause shockwaves that damaged the entirety of existence, instilled unbearable fear on Avatars, destroy the divine layers and bring destruction to everything around him), Power Nullification (Could nullify any power or ability that nears him), Existence Erasure (He was able to erase the existences of multiple Avatars at once), Energy Manipulation and Energy Projection (Able to manipulate and project energy as various things, such as energy beams or even energy weapons), Void Manipulation (Could manipulate the entire void), Durability Negation (Many of his attacks negate durability entirely), Biological Manipulation (Could easily manipulate anything biological, there are various uses of this such as negating regeneration by halting atoms, changing the shape of a creature, manipulating their genetics and even outright killing them), Intangibility (As shown when he was disguised as Flamel, he could turn himself intangible and was unaffected by any attacks or abilities), Precognition (Able to view the future), Elemental Manipulation (He is able to manipulate all the elements however he wants), Resistance Negation (Axioms are absolute truths that negate resistances and immunities), Resistance to all his abilities (All Avatars resist the abilities they possess)

All prior abilities boosted significantly, Attack Reflection (Could reflect any attack or ability used on him), Power Absorption (Absorbs any power or ability used on him, allowing him to use said ability), Adaptation (Adapts to any ability used on him meaning they can only be used once before rendered ineffective)

All prior abilities boosted significantly to an unfathomably higher degree, powers of a Higher Avatar, Cosmic Awareness (Aware of everything happening in existence), Forcefield Creation (Able to create infinite shields which negates and erases anything that attempts to pass through), Sealing and [[BFR] (Able to seal objects or people in isolated worlds and also send people to any world or realm, even non-existent ones)

All prior abilities boosted significantly to an unfathomably higher degree, Power Modification (Supreme Overwrite can modify other people's powers and abilities, it was even able to strip Avatars of their powers), Statistics Amplification and Statistics Reduction (Supreme Overwrite allows him to increase or decrease the power of other people), Physics Manipulation and Mathematics Manipulation (He can control the primordial force of Logicae which allows him to control all logic, including the laws of physics and mathematics in itself to change all existence however he wants), Mind Manipulation and Memory Manipulation (He can control the primordial force of Animo which allows him to manipulate the minds of others and even the "True Mind" of things to the point where he could manipulate existence itself), Probability Manipulation (The primordial force of Chao allows him to manipulate probability), Fate Manipulation (The primordial force of Ratio allows him to create any outcome disregarding the process), Chaos Manipulation and Order Manipulation (Has total control over the primordial force of Chao and Ordo), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Nox was able to create countless multiverses and a second existence with utter ease)

All prior abilites boosted significantly to an unfathomably higher degree

All prior abilities boosted infinitely, (WIP)

Attack Potency: At least Multi-Continent level+ (Superior to the members of the Dämonische Orden) | Large Planet level physically (Completely shattered a giant planet with a single punch, and the shockwave of said punch went and destroyed countless other planets), Varies up to High Outerverse level with Blutbesieger (Using its invocation, it can completely destroy Avatars in a single attack) | At least Outerverse level+ (Comparable to—If not superior—to an Ancient God) | High Outerverse level (As an Avatar, Nox exists in the world of Avatars, which transcends the metaphorical "box" that represents a complex structure which contains all possibilities and impossibilities. Outside the infinite box is another larger infinite box, and it goes on endlessly, ad infinitum. Avatars view the box as a mere drop of water in an endless ocean—as an infinitesimal dot on an endless canvas, as their world completely transcends all sizes and complexity as well as all the extensions of infinity, painting over the infinite canvas with their desires. The world of Avatars also keep rising infinitely without end, and nothing could ever reach them no matter how hard they tried, as they would still be trapped by an even more larger and complex structure, even transcending infinity would still be nothing compared to the world of Avatars. Furthermore, as a Ruling God, Nox is superior to the other Avatars and has complete control over the First Tree as well as the world of Avatars, being able to paint over other Avatar's desires with his own on the infinite canvas and being able to change the entire cosmology with a thought), likely Boundless (Due to how they work, the Main Ruling Gods completely transcend the world of Avatars and even other lesser Ruling Gods. They are completely external to the Avatars which already transcended infinity and are able to reach even the lower levels of the Unknowable Realm. They are even stated to be somewhat comparable to the residents of the Unknowable Realm who are completely above the infinitely rising Avatars. This version of Nox is also considered as one of the most powerful ones) | Boundless (Having absorbed every other Ancient God and Avatar, including deceased ones and Ruling Gods. Though not as strong as his true form, Nox transcended the hierarchy of Avatars and the entirety of existence to the point where he was able to completely destroy the Unknowable Realm and the First Tree as well as the infinite canvas with his mere aura, causing the entirety of existence to collapse and break. Nobody was able to even exist near this form. Even the Main Ruling God at the time, Deus, who was stated to be the strongest Ruling God due to his irregular status and direct connection as a tool of the Author, was powerless against him) | Boundless (Embodies the Author himself, completely transcending the entirety of the verse, viewing everything and everyone as mere fiction. The infinite creations in the library and the entirety of existence was described by himself as only "a story" that he wrote, trivializing all of existence and even the all-powerful throne. Even Shirome, who exists in the Unknowable Realm and is completely transcendent to the world of Avatars and view them as fiction, described him as "all powerful" and stated that Nox's True Form is something that she couldn't reach or access no matter how hard she tried. The Avatar of the Author stated that all of existence and non-existence is but a grain of sand to him, being able to hold it with a single finger as well as being able to crush and erase it if he wanted to and the Will of the Author is external to the entirety of the verse and is "above absolute infinity" as logic cannot even be applied to him)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Far superior to Acceleration 1,000,000x Fitz), likely Infinite (Walked to the First Tree from the First Realm in less than a second) | MFTL+, likely Infinite (Much faster than before) | Irrelevant | Irrelevant, Omnipresent in his own reality | Omnipresent | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: At least Class T (Superior to Kronos and the members of the Dämonische Orden, who could lift the largest mountains with only one finger) | At least Class T | Irrelevant | Irrelevant | Irrelevant | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: At least Multi-Continent Class+ | Large Planet Class, Varies up to High Outerversal with Blutbesieger | At least Outerversal+ | High Outerversal | Boundless | Boundless

Durability: At least Multi-Continent level+ (Comparable to the members of the Dämonische Orden), Unknown with Damage Control | Large Planet level, Unknown with Damage Control | At least Outerverse level+ (Effortlessly tanked multiple strikes from beings on the level of Ancient Gods), Unknown with Damage Control | High Outerverse level (Effortlessly tanked all of Deus' attacks), Unknown with Damage Control | Boundless (Transcended the hierarchy of Avatars and the unknowable realm, which is inaccessible to all Avatars bar the Main Ruling Gods, which he also transcended. Even a combined attack from every single Main Ruling God at full power would still be infinitesimal to him. Was unaffected by the destruction of the unknowable realm) | Boundless (Completely transcends and is external to the entirety of the verse. As the embodiment of the Author himself, he is completely immune to any type of attack or damage as they are only fiction to him)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Standard Melee Range, at least Thousands of kilometers using weapons and abilities, High Outerversal with his Erstwaffes and Himmelsschatten (Its full power is able to end all of existence) | Standard Melee Range, Extended Melee Range with Blutbesieger, Interplanetary with Blutbesieger's Invocation, High Outerversal with his Erstwaffes and Himmelsschatten | Outerversal, High Outerversal with his Erstwaffes and Himmelsschatten | High Outerversal | Boundless | Boundless

Standard Equipment: Blutbesieger, Gottes Herrschaft, Willensbrecher und Oracle, Das Ende der Träume | Same as before | Same as before plus Klinge des Kosmos and Schwert des Leerenkönigs

Intelligence: Omniscient though chooses not to use it | Omniscient

Weaknesses: None


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Perfect Akashic Records: As the creator of the Akashic Records, Nox has full control over it. He can use every single ability and power that exists and doesn't exist, and boost it infinitely to the point where it will dwarf even the original. And in addition to being able to view every single possible past, present, and future; he can choose and alter the past, present, and future in any way he likes. He can also grant other people access to the Akashic Records.

Supreme Overwrite: Nox's Supreme Power. Using this, he can overwrite and alter anything he wants, such as stripping a higher being of it's powers or changing someone's entire life and history. He can also alter things like the history of the world and every single event that has ever happened, as demonstrated when he created a second existence above the first one and altered every single person and event as he wished.

Black Cats: Nox's familiars that he can summon. Black Cats are unknown creatures far superior than any Avatar, being able to tear them apart like paper. He can also summon a stronger variant of the Black Cats known as the Blackest Cat.


  • Damage Control: Nox can decide the effects and damage of any attack or action aimed towards him. He can make it so that even the strongest attack by the strongest being couldn't even scratch him, but a baby could touch him and he would explode. However, no matter how much damage he takes, he can never die or be destroyed.


  • Blutbesieger: (First Weapon - Blood Conqueror) A large golden blade with a crimson edge. It grows more powerful the more it attacks and the more negative energy and emotions it absorbs. When it's charged to its maximum power, it can destroy even Avatars in one slash.
  • Gottes Herrschaft: (First Weapon - God's Rulership) The Holy Blade created in Heaven by Nox. A silver blade with a golden crossguard and hilt, it can destroy any being no matter how strong they are. Its power is so strong that even Deus was cautious of it, and constantly used his powers to avoid it. The blade negates all kinds of durability, immortality, and regeneration.
  • Willensbrecher und Oracle: (First Weapon - Willbreaker and Oracle) Dual pistols capable of shooting omnipresent reality-warping bullets that transcend spacetime, they are capable of destroying even concepts. The bullets are acausal and are fundamentally beyond existence meaning they transcend everything and are not bound by the concepts and laws of the world.
  • Das Ende der Träume: (First Weapon - The End of Dreams) A rifle which is a stronger version of Willensbrecher und Oracle, Das Ende der Träume's bullets are able to completely destroy concepts and existences no matter how strong they are.
  • Klinge des Kosmos: (First Weapon - Blade of Cosmos) A sword created with the combined power of the von Supersonik family and the 3 Creators excluding Equise. It is said that the sword is as heavy as all of existence combined, and is able to end everything just by being unsheathed.
  • Schwert des Leerenkönigs: (First Weapon - Sword of the Void King) The final, perfected form of Nox's Blutbesieger, absorbs all negative emotions and negative energy from the entirety of existence to empower itself. Like all other ultimate weapons owned by Nox, it's attacks are omnipresent and able to slash through reality and destroy concepts. The Void King's Sword can destroy even the strongest existences with ease. The Void King's Sword also transcends space and time meaning it can attack even the past and future.


  • Anruf aus dem Jenseits: (Command - Call From the Beyond) As creator of the Ancient Gods, Nox can call and summon them from anywhere and even summon them after their deaths, as they return to him when they "die". When an Ancient God is resurrected using this ability, they will be granted a fraction of Nox's power, meaning their power will be boosted significantly and unlocking the full potential of their abilities. This ability was later revealed to be able to summon and revive not only the Ancient Gods, but nearly every Avatar that has ever existed, allowing Nox to summon them to fight for him endlessly as they would just be revived over and over even after dying.


  • Himmelsschatten: (Authority - Dark Heaven) Nox's First Authority, the Authority of Destruction. Once activated, the specified area will be covered by darkness and permanently erased from all existence and non-existence. The area that it can affect is boundless.


  • Alea Iacta EstThe Die Has Been Cast - Damnatio Ad BestiasCondemnation to the Beasts: Nox's Miracle, the ability to render any opponent powerless and completely tear them apart until they disappear completely and permanently. When used, the opponent will lose every single power and ability they have, and will be weakened to the point where they are as strong as a normal human. After that, Nox creates an isolated and inescapable world where countless Black Cats and Blackest Cats will tear the opponent apart into nothingness.
    • Dramatis PersonaeThe Characters of the Play: An extreme reality-warping ability that "changes the role of a character". Using this ability, Nox can change the "role" of any person he chooses, which will cause reality to adapt to the changes. He can even use this ability to permanently erase anybody and make it so only he can bring them back, or even change the "setting of the story", which will cause the entirety of existence to drastically change.
    • Faber Est Suae Quisque FortunaeEvery Man Is the Artisan of His Own Fortune: One of Nox's abilities that causes the opponent to be hit with an attack equal to more than a trillion times of their own full power. This ability cannot be blocked or avoided in any way.
    • Factum Fieri Infectum Non PotestIt Is Impossible for a Deed to Be Undone: Anything caused by this ability is irreversible in nature, meaning any damage done by it cannot be healed or regenerated, and anything erased with it cannot come back. Nox can also use this ability to do other things, such as making something that cannot be moved or brought back to it's original state.
    • Historia Vitae MagistraHistory, the Teacher of Life: Nox makes the opponent feel all the suffering in existence from the beginning until the end an endless amount of times, causing the opponent to feel endless pain and suffering, eventually killing them and permanently erasing them.
    • Imperium Sine FineAn Empire Without an End: Nox creates a golden palace out of nothing that can infinitely create, revive, and empower countless soldiers with powers on par with an Avatar. The palace is unbreakable and can only be destroyed by Nox himself.

Key: Lower Mortal Form | Higher Mortal Form | Nameless Hero | First God | Broken God | True Form (Avatar and Will of the Author)

Note: This character is still work in progress and I will be adding more things when I can


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