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Thanks. Maybe once we're done with this world, its mysteries and the Challengers, we could take the Garden and travel across universes, helping advance civilizations. I suppose that would be my ultimate goal in all of this.
~ Nicholas explains his final goal to Kyouka


A scientist and assassin that was summoned by The Strange Presence, being one of the many granted supernatural powers by the entity.


Initially a serious and decisive man possessing a considerable intellect, able to quickly and rationally analyze most situations and with a goal to advance humanity and save it from destruction, his personality changed as his mental abilities grew, eventually becoming more and more detached from the world and his own goals, unable to see humans as little more than equations making the same errors over and over, though this came to another change after becoming intoxicated at a bar with Kyouka, who promised to teach him more about being human and empathizing with other humans, this lead to them spending time together in various activities and culminated in Nicholas accepting a Servant Contract, causing Kyouka to become his Master, eventually leading them to becoming a couple after talking within the Speed Force.

After this, the two worked together from the Hanging Gardens, which had become their primary base of operations. They went up against the next Challenger, a type of being sent to oppose them by one of the two entities that had influence over this world, defeating and capturing it with ease. Nicholas expanded his work throughout the universe, creating The Network, an hub of sorts for humanity's expansion, and the Apocrypha, a secret spaceship meant to preserve the existence of mankind under any circumstance. Eventually, as time passed, Nicholas had completed his work for this world, and he and Kyouka together chose to depart it, utilizing the power of the Dragon Stream to create a terminal that would take them away from this place, and bring them to a world that no one else could reach.

The two would eventually have two children, named Elizabeth and Asahi. They conducted a ritual to draw the power of the entities and force them to be summoned to a world like they once where.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: True Neutral with shades of Neutral Good

Name: Nicholas Phoenix

Origin: Reforged Ideals

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Scientist, Heroic Spirit, Ruler-class Servant, Parahuman (Tinker/Trump), Meta-human, Speedster, Speed Force user, Makuta, Quincy, Sternritter, Dragon Stream User, God, Arrancar, Fullbringer

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Likes: Advancement, Kyouka

Dislikes: Those who misuse his technology, those who try and stop advancement, Jonathan

Status: Alive

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-C, higher with Statistics Amplification, Blasted Tree and special moves | 8-B, higher with Statistics Amplification, Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos, far higher with Prep | 7-A, higher with Statistics Amplification, Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos, far higher with Prep | High 6-B, higher with Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos, far higher with Prep | Low 5-B, higher with Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos, Unknown, far higher than before with Prep

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Shapeshifting via Empty House, Clairvoyance (His innate talent for analysis allows him to effectively read the future with the evidence he has at his disposal), Information Analysis, Energy Projection (Can focus light into magical beams with his various magnifying glasses), Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Swordsman and Marksman, Rage Power, Electricity Manipulation (Can release bursts of electricity with Bridal Chest), Energy Absorption (Galvanism absorbs energy and other immaterial forms of attack, converting them into electricity), Statistics Amplification (Can use the energy he absorbs to increase his strength and speed), Can rob others of their ability to think and breathe for a period of time, Time Stop (via Stop Flow), Telepathy, Minor Fate Manipulation (Servants with B-rank Luck or higher can change their own fates to evade inevitable outcomes such as having their hearts destroyed by Gáe Bolg. Nicholas has A++ Rank Luck), Minor Reality Warping (His Noble Phantasm forcibly creates a solution to any problem he faces that he has to find somewhere in the world), limited Conceptual Manipulation (His Noble Phantasm is a sublimation of his Origin, the concept of "Elucidation"), Servant Physiology, Resistance to Power Mimicry

All previous abilities, Magic, Flight, Energy Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation and Time Manipulation with System Keraunos (Grants Nicholas control over electromagnetism. When unleashing its full might, it causes generates an artificial space-time dislocation), Self-Power Bestowal (Can grant himself various Skills and abilities through Natural Born Genius), Precognition (Possesses A Rank Clairvoyance, Eye of the Mind (False) and Instinct), Stealth Mastery and Invisibility (Possesses A Rank Presence Concealment), Probability Manipulation (Pioneer of the Stars allows Nicholas to make impossible events possible), Wind Manipulation, Creation, Absorption (His Galvanism skill allows him to absorb ambient magical energy as well as incorporeal magical attacks such as lightning, wind, and energy blasts and convert it into electricity for his own use for rapid-self repair, reinforcement, and his own Noble Phantasm), Preparation, FlightTechnology ManipulationInformation AnalysisEnergy Projection and AbsorptionStatistics AmplificationInvisibilityIllusion and Forcefield CreationSummoningElectricity ManipulationMagnetism Manipulation, Blood ManipulationSound ManipulationVibration ManipulationRadiation ManipulationLight Manipulation, Heat ManipulationIce ManipulationExplosion Manipulation, Limited Matter Manipulation and Deconstruction, Durability Negation via Repulsor Ray, Acid ManipulationSleep Manipulation, Portal Creation (With the portal module), Resistance to ElectricityRadiationHeatColdMagnetism and Energy AbsorptionAbsolute Zero and Magic (Such as Spatial Manipulation, and Petrification)

All previous abilities, Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3), Energy Manipulation (Concussion Blasters, Traction Beams, Radiation Emitters, Electricity Manipulation, and Energy Absorption), Sound Manipulation, Immortality (Types 1 and 6; Can transmit his memory and personality as data onto computer systems), Shapeshifting, Can transform into energy, Mind Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Can disintegrate things and reconstruct his body on the molecular level), Regeneration (Low-High), Technology Manipulation, Homing Attack and Gravity Manipulation (High frequency pulsed magnetic graviton particle containment fields. Computer-assisted field control configures gravitons into various shapes which alter the local effects of gravity), his molecular rearranger can be used for reconstructing or modifying his physical form, Radiation Manipulation (With radiation emitters and atomic fire), Energy Absorption (Multi-spectrum resonating inducting antenna array converts electromagnetic radiation into electric energy for use or storage), Body Control (Has total control over every atom in his own body), Summoning (Roboticks, insect-like drones that can devour human flesh), Transmutation (Can disintegrate matter and turn it into energy), Explosion Manipulation, Memory Manipulation (Can drain information from a target's mind), Biological Manipulation (Can easily heal others and recreate lost limbs, reanimate the dead as "zombies" under his control, graft beings together and combine their powers, and perform brain surgery to affect their control over their powers and distort their mind; given time, he can produce hundreds of clones from genetic samples), Acid Manipulation (Can spit up mouthfuls of acid), Disease Manipulation (He can create deadly diseases that can spread across a city in minutes and cause epidemics), Memory Manipulation and Mind Manipulation (He can cause agnosia through a miasma, preventing people from retaining any long-term memories, instilling them with paranoia, and inhibiting their ability to process information), Poison Manipulation (He can emit poisons from vents in his body and create lethal, torturous toxins), Resistance to disease and Telepathy

All previous abilities, Attack Reflection (Can hit enemies with their own attacks twice using Chaos Stir), Void Manipulation, Acausality (Types 2 and 4, erased his past and future as well as distorting his system of cause and effect with a device), Regeneration (Mid-High), Darkness Manipulation (Possesses mastery over elemental Shadow), Energy Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Capable of creating Rahi from Protodermis and breaking down objects on a molecular level through various means), Mind Manipulation, Sense Manipulation with Shelek (Using his mask, Nicholas can rob others of their ability to hear or speak), Virus Manipulation (Can engineer and control energy-based viruses that can infect mechanical or biomechanical beings, or create new Rahi), Absorption (Can absorb others and take on their traits, even in his Antidermis form, and can absorb energy and drain it from others), Corruption (Types 2 and 3; Makuta can infect Kanohi with Kraata, and seventh-stage Kraata can do this from a distance. Shadow Leeches also drain beings of their inner light, tainting them with evil), Non-Corporeal (In his true form, Nicholas is a mass of Antidermis, which is pure energy), Possession (Can possess unoccupied bodies), Shapeshifting and Sizeshifting, Telepathy (Can telepathically communicate with people across the Matoran Universe and read the minds of the strongest Toa), Longevity, Immortality (Type 6 and 8, will survive as long as The Apocrypha remains, as it will automatically recreate him should such ever be necessary), Air Manipulation (Can control air and vacuums), Anger and Fear Inducement (Can enrage even the Toa and overwhelm them with terror), Animal Manipulation, Density Manipulation (Possesses complete control of his own density, and can manipulate the density of others with a touch; can turn things intangible, and objects and beings that are rendered intangible for long enough will cease to exist), Electricity Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation (Can make things explode violently), Gravity Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation, Poison Manipulation (Can poison things, living and unliving, even soil), Sleep Manipulation, Sound Manipulation (Can generate and control powerful sound waves that can shake objects apart), Weather Manipulation, Adaptation (Can instantly adapt to any situation), Elasticity, Forcefield Creation, Healing, Illusion Creation (Can form complex, long-term illusions), Invisibility (Can blend into any environment), Teleportation, Time Stop (Can freeze opponents in stasis fields that trap them in space and time), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense everyone touched by the Speed Force), Intangibility/Phasing, Precognition, Dimensional Travel, BFRHeat Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Biological Manipulation (Can heal poisoning), Accelerated Development, Limited Instinctive Reaction, Limited Power Nullification, Time Manipulation (Can accelerate his own time), Limited Absorption, Aura, Density ManipulationEnhanced Senses, Power BestowalPortal Creation, Enhanced Senses (Can feel electromagnetic pulses through glass), Space-Time Manipulation, Reality Warping and Willpower Manipulation, Resistance to Possession, Absorption, Mind Manipulation and Power Absorption, Memory Manipulation, Information Manipulation

Spiritual Awareness (Can see invisible spirits and objects), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense beings with Reiatsu), Longevity, Can take his reiryoku and exert it as reiatsu, Reishi Manipulation (Can forcibly manipulate the particles that make up spiritual beings and objects such as those in Soul Society), Limited Blood Manipulation (Using Blut, Nicholas can flood his blood vessels with energy to reinforce them), Statistics Amplification (Can enhance his speed with Hirenkyaku and increase his defensive or offensive with Blut and increase it further with The Visionary), Dimensional Travel (With Shadow), Reality Warping (Can turn his fantasy into reality), Subjective Reality, Regeneration (Can heal his wound by imagining that the wound has healed), Elemental Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Duplication (Can make copies of himself), Stealth Mastery, Transmutation, Creation and Power Bestowal, BFR and Portal Creation (Can open a portal and send targets to Space), Existence Erasure, Sealing, Causality Manipulation and Power Nullification with Vollständig, Soul Manipulation (All Quincy can destroy souls), Limited Matter Manipulation (Using Sklaverei, Nicholas can tear apart spiritual objects and beings by drawing upon their Reishi, absorbing beings destroyed in this way), Invisibility, Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm and interact with intangible spirits and objects), Overwhelming Aura (Spiritual pressure can passively induce ailments ranging from paralysis to fear inducement), Resistance to Soul Manipulation and Paralysis Inducement (Ransotengai allows Quincy to freely manipulate their bodies using spirit energy if their bodies would be inflicted with great physical harm or paralysis)

Information Manipulation and Existence Erasure (Shakai no Owari erases the information of whatever it contacts, making it cease to exist), Memory Manipulation with Bankai (Shakai no Owari's true power erases both the information and memories of anything it hits, causing everyone to forget it ever existed)

Transformation and Reactive Evolution, Regeneration (Mid-High for his body and soul), Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Creation (By channeling his power through the Hogyoku, Nicholas can turn a normal hollow into an Arrancar), Limited Reality Warping (Can making the desires of his subjects real by using the Hogyoku), Probability Manipulation (Can make specific events transpire)

Durability Negation, Regeneration Negation and Fate Manipulation (Blades of the Absolute allow Nicholas to perfectly cut anything that stands in his way, as long as the Blades are swung, a path will be made for Nicholas to follow, additionally, wounds inflicted by the Blades do not heal or regenerate as long as the victim stands in the way of the path, regardless of what form the victim takes, even if they take on an entirely new body)

Causality Manipulation, Invulnerability and Negation of Reactive Evolution (Denial of Change prevents anything from changing, evolving or even suffering any damage if he chooses to make it so), Physics Manipulation (The End and Beginning allows Nicholas to alter the laws of physics in an area in accordance to previous or future universes, this can be used to create new existence, change physics or make it impossible for conventional existence to persist)

All previous abilities, Matter Manipulation, Deconstruction, passive Life Force Absorption, True Flight, Shapeshifting, Possession, Teleportation, Power Mimicry, Reactive Power Level, Energy Projection, Statistics Amplification, Damage Boost, Power Bestowal, Forcefield Creation, Power Nullification, Paralysis Inducement, Perception Manipulation, Air Manipulation (Via Monado Cyclone), Damage Reduction (Wields the same Monado that Shulk had, which contains all of his Monado Arts), Immortality (Type 8, reliant on Kyouka), Mind Manipulation, Technology Manipulation and Fire Manipulation (via the Sage Force), Gravity Manipulation and Earth Manipulation (via the Strength Force), Time Stop/Age Manipulation/Life Force Absorption (The Still Force can drain motion, ages others, and absorbs life-force from victims), Time Manipulation (via the Forever Force, the cosmic force based around time), Telekinesis, Body Control (Can control the Bionis), Non-Physical Interaction, Soul Manipulation (Can control the spirits of the foes his opponent has previously fought in his pocket universe), Empathic Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Technology Manipulation, Data Manipulation, Sealing, Void Manipulation, Probability Manipulation (Can nullify a single reaction of the enemy), Physics Manipulation, Portal Creation, Dimensional Travel (Can Create Portals between Memory Space and the Bionis/Mechonis), Biological Manipulation (Can turn the High Entia into Telethia), Status Effect Inducement, Healing, Regeneration (Low-Godly), Transformation and Large Size (Type 1), Reality Warping, Precognition, Clairvoyance, Cosmic Awareness (Possesses the ability to see the passage of Fate, can observe the existence of an "Endless number of universes" that are equal to the "Infinite number of possibilities"), Resistant to the following: Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Bind, Sleep Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Attack Reflection, Confusion, Statistics Reduction, Radiation Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Power Nullification, Death Manipulation

Limited Transduality (Type 1: The minds and souls of humans exist as a neutral monism which transcends the dichotomy of corporeality and non-corporeality), Limited Subjective Reality (All humans can use Observation to some degree, which changes reality to match the user’s subjective experiences), Power Mimicry, Power Absorption, Clairvoyance, Information Analysis, Data Manipulation, Fusionism, and Summoning via the Demon Summoning App (Can copy or remove a foes ability after defeating them, fuse and summon demons and see someone's death in the future with the App), Poison Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Resistance Negation (Can use Almighty Attacks, which bypass all barriers, invulnerability, and resistances. Can bypass resistance to physical blows), Healing, Martial Arts and Weapon Mastery, Non-Physical Interaction (Characters far weaker than Nicholas can destroy nothingness and nonexistent beings with nothing but normal attacks), Statistics Amplification and Reduction, Gravity Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation (Can emit and control Fire, Air, Lightning, and Ice), Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Resistance Negation, Power Nullification, Petrification, Durability Negation, Status Effect Inducement, Curse Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, Void Manipulation, and a vast array of other abilities (Capable of doing battle with Demons who are capable of creating and fully manipulating entire Universes with their existences alone, and of reproducing these powers effortlessly, having managed to proceed through them with nothing but brute force)

Sealing and Power Nullification (Can seal beings using the Dragon Stream and cut off their influence in the Akashic Record. Users of the Dragon Stream can nullify its usage and cancel it out with their own if it is in equal potency), Paralysis Inducement and Pain Manipulation (Can cause people to be paralyzed and instantly fall unconscious due to sheer pain), Summoning (Can summon a dragon with preparation), Creation (Can create machinery that can place minds into a near-sleep state), Statistics Amplification (Can massively raise his power using Dragon Stream energy), Forcefield Creation (Can create a forcefield to block out Polaris' void), Resistance Negation and Power Nullification (The Dragon Stream can ignore the defenses of Arcturus, which normally block all the powers of even demons), Limited Information Manipulation and Conceptual Manipulation (The Dragon Stream can manipulate data in the Akashic Record, although it's ability to do so is far weaker then that of Administrators and Swords), Energy Projection

Summoning, Non-Physical Interaction and Soul Manipulation (Personas are a manifestation of the user's soul), Empowerment (via willpower), Non-Corporeal (Personas only), Flight (Personas only), Immortality (Type 8, Personas only), Persona Magic, Healing, Statistics Amplification, Resistance Negation (with Almighty spells, which bypass Elemental Resistances, Attack Reflection, Reflective Forcefields and Attack Absorption), Fire Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation and Information Manipulation, Personas exclusively have: Non-Corporeal, Intangibility (can become selectively intangible to phase through walls and floor), Flight, Invulnerability (Shadows and Personas are immune to conventional interaction due to their physical forms being composed of matter that defy the laws of physics), Immortality (Type 8, reliant on their user), Abstract Existence (Type 1. A Persona's true form is the abstract portions of their user's psyche, and their physical forms are mere projections of it). Absorption of Physical Attacks, Resistance to Information Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation and Time Manipulation (including Time Stop), as well as Status Effect Inducement, which includes Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement and Fear Manipulation. Additionally, Personas exclusively have a Resistance to Physics Manipulation and Matter Manipulation (Shadows and Personas' physical forms are composed of matter that defy the laws of physics)

Perception Manipulation (Created a device that manipulates the perception of people around the user to perceive them as not noteworthy, this device affecting even those who would normally resist such effects), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Created a device that overwrites an area of reality, allowing attacks made inside it to not harm the outside, can create pocket realities of his own design, such as the one where he fought Jonathan, and alter them), Matter Manipulation (Created a device that transmutes inedible matter to edible, among many other functions, created cannons that deconstruct matter), Memory Manipulation (Created a device that can read through memories and project them onto the minds of others), Power Nullification and Biological Manipulation (Created a device that removes foreign influences from its targets, including the effects of drugs or mind control), Healing (Created a nanite spray that heals wounds by reconstructing the damaged area), Portal Creation and Teleportation (Created the portal armor and later installed his armors and himself with the portal module, allowing him to teleport and open portals at will), Magnetism Manipulation (Created the Model 9-M armor suit, which possesses enhanced magnetic manipulation abilities), Statistics Amplification, Technology Manipulation and Limited Power Modification (Can modify or upgrade technology to function better, as well as adjusting or changing its functions), Willpower Manipulation (Claimed he could restore the free will of those who have lost it), Antimatter Manipulation (Has secured a container of antimatter in his lab, outfitted the Hanging Gardens with Antimatter Cannons), Duplication (Possesses a large amount of robotic clone bodies with his abilities), Purification and Soul Manipulation (Created a device that could purify souls of corruption), Statistics Amplification (Has improved his own body to output higher strength, speed and durability), Fusionism, Limited Power Mimicry and Power Bestowal (Created a device that could merge objects and living beings together, as well as copy properties from objects and bestow them on others), Spatial Manipulation and Invulnerability (Created the Dimensional Anchor, a device that allows the user to occupy multiple points in space at once across multiple dimensions, making it invulnerable to any sort of damage unless all instances of the user are attacked at once, later utilized a miniature version of this in his armor), Black Hole Manipulation and Transmutation (Created a device that converts its targets into black holes), Time Manipulation and Causality Manipulation (Created a device that removed his past and future as well as distorting and modifying his system of Causality), Physics Manipulation (Created reactors that can produce limitless energy at no cost by altering physics within them), Poison Manipulation and Conceptual Manipulation (Possesses Kyouka's Origin poison, which has enough power to harm even divine spirits and cause them to wish for death and has created weapons coated in it), Space-Time Manipulation (Possesses weapons that tear through space-time), BFR (Created weapons that scatted the target's being across all of existence, as well as weapons that send the target to an absolute void), Time Manipulation (Created weapons that alter the flow of time in such a way as to impact their target the moment they are fired), Reality Warping (Created weapons that destroy parts of reality), Physics Manipulation and Existence Erasure (Created weapons that alter physics in such a way to make the target's existence impossible, causing them to be erased), Information Manipulation (Nicholas' armor allowed him to erase the information of attacks, could twist and distort the information of the realm, created a device that obscures information from escaping an area, manipulated the information stored within the Throne of Heroes, making him capable of being summoned as a Servant), Invulnerability Negation (Made repeated countermeasures that could bypass the defenses of Jonathan's armor), Existence Erasure (Created weapons that cause the target's existence to crumble), Petrification (Created weapons that turn the target to stone), Heat Manipulation and Absolute Zero (The clash between Nicholas and Jonathan caused the dimension they were in to heat up to magnitudes that nothing in existence could survive and later to cool down to absolute zero), Power Nullification (Released waves that could nullify abilities, possesses Zero Point Forcefields which nullify attacks at the quantum level), Pocket Reality Manipulation and Law Manipulation (A function of their armors allowed Nicholas and Jonathan to enforce a pocket reality surrounding them within which they could alter laws to defend themselves), Physics Manipulation, Mathematics Manipulation and Matter Manipulation (The clash between Nicholas and Jonathan distorted physics and mathematics around them, it made it impossible for matter to exist in the area, altering its very nature with each attack), Law Manipulation (Created a sword that alters laws to cut through the target regardless of their defenses, durability or powers), Causality Manipulation (Created weapons that alter causality to guarantee their strikes succeeding, his armor could reject any changes made to it), Mind Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (Nicholas could make his attacks target the mind and soul), Conceptual Manipulation (The idea weapons allowed Nicholas to erase the underlying concepts of the victim's existence), Creation (Has created numerous pocket dimensions, the dimension was repeatedly destroyed and recreated during his fight with Jonathan), Summoning (Can summon Kyouka) and far more (These abilities are only part of what he has demonstrated, through reverse engineering his various powers and their connections, he should be capable of many more things)

Attack Potency: Street level, higher with Statistics Amplification, Blasted Tree and special moves | City Block level+ (Is comparable to Megalith, who vaporized a large section of water.), higher with Statistics Amplification, Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos, far higher with Prep | Mountain level, higher with Statistics Amplification, Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos, far higher with Prep | Large Country level (Comparable to a fully amped Silas, who did this), higher with Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos, far higher with Prep | Small Planet level+ (During the fight with Jonathan, Nicholas created an attack that output 190x the rotational energy of Earth, putting him at this level), higher with Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos, Unknown, far higher than before with Prep (Nicholas was able to escape the influence of the entities and interfere with their contest somewhat, he was also able to force his children into their next contest and discover information about them)

Speed: Subsonic, higher with Statistics Amplification | Hypersonic, higher with Statistics Amplification | Relativistic , higher with Statistics Amplification | FTL, higher with Statistics Amplification | Massively FTL, higher with Statistics Amplification

Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Class 5 | Class M | Class G | At least Class G

Striking Strength: Street Class, higher with Statistics Amplification, Blasted Tree and special moves | City Block Class+, higher with Statistics Amplification, Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos | Mountain Class, higher with Statistics Amplification, Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos | Large Country Class, higher with Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos | Small Planet Class, higher with Statistics Amplification, Blasted Tree, special moves and System Keraunos

Durability: Street level, higher with Statistics Amplification | City Block level+, higher with Statistics Amplification | Mountain level, higher with Statistics Amplification | Large Country level | Small Planet level, higher with Statistics Amplification

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Standard melee range physically, extended melee range with blades, several meters with lightning, several hundreds of meters if not higher with his Noble Phantasms, tens of kilometers to planetary with various abilities, universal with portals and The Network, far higher with technology, Multiversal+ via Dimensional Travel | At least Multiversal+, higher with prep

Standard Equipment:

1 Charge Stone, His twin blades, magnifying glasses, An "unidentified sphere" that appears when he uses his Noble Phantasm

All previous, Various armors, robotic bodies, modules, weapons and add-ons, which can be summoned at will via teleportation, various inventions and tools that can be teleported to him at will, including numerous spaceships capable of engaging in autonomous combat

All previous, his Monado and The Conduit


Perception Altering Badges: A pair of devices created by Nicholas for Dilma and Ruby, these devices, appearing as badges warn on the clothing of the user, altered the perception of those around them to view them as not threatening and ordinary, as well as making it unable to recognize them as "them", hiding any abilities they possessed or any unusual properties about them as long as they were active and kept on the person, its abilities are potent enough to interfere with the perceptions of those who possess supernaturally powerful senses, as well as those who would normally be resistant to such effects.

Pocket Reality Sphere: A spherical device that, when activated, projects a pocket reality, overlaying it on top of the surrounding area, this prevents any non-living objects from being altered in the outside world, projecting something akin to a replica of the surroundings, the pocket reality possesses barriers with the real world, making contact with which will eject whoever does so from it, returning them to normal reality.

Matter Altering Devices: Taking many forms, Nicholas has created a multitude of devices that alter matter in some way, this included a handheld device that could alter inedible inorganic matter to edible matter at will, a device that could shred the atomic structure of whatever it makes contact with, or alter it, making extremely precise changes to the targets, or cannons that destroy the matter of the target at an atomic level.

Memory Projecting Device: A device that, when pointed to a target, can allow its user to replay, visualize, or even project to others the memories of the target, allowing for detailed searching and the inputting of specific information. This device was used by Nicholas to project Tiro's memories and observe them.

Influence Removing Device: A handheld device that allows the user to remove foreign influences from others, this includes purifying their body of drugs or similar poisonous or dangerous substances, removing mind control and other supernatural afflictions, as well as restoring any forceful alterations that had been made to their physiology.

Nanites: Nicholas has utilized nanites extensively in his creations, the first example of their use was the creation of a nanite based healing spray, this spray repairs all damage dealt to the area it is sprayed on, including wounds, diseases, poisons, and even dismemberment. Nicholas has spread nanites throughout humanity and civilization, humanity possessing self repair capabilities and the inability to age, be poisoned or succumb to any illness as a result of this. Additionally, Nicholas possesses nanites of other capabilities, such as transmitting information over long distances, creating new technology, changing form, or disassembling existing matter.

Portal Technology: Nicholas has created a variety of portal based and teleporation based technology, these technologies vary in range, possible use and portability, they include the creation of portals to anywhere in the universe, connecting different universes to one another, warping oneself or others to any location in the universe or creating long lasting connections between any location.

Magnetism Altering Devices: Nicholas has created an armor that can freely manipulate and alter magnetism, using his own magnetism abilities as basis for it.

Power Improvements: Nicholas possesses a wide variety of technology that can vastly improve the physical characteristics of beings or creations, enhancing their strength and capacities, bringing them up to his own level if he should so desire.

Limitless Energy Reactors: Nicholas has created and made widespread energy reactors that can produce limitless amounts of energy by distorting physics within the reactor, to make such a thing possible. The reactors possess varied sizes, from building sized to handheld, and are used as the source of energy for all of Nicholas' technology.

Restoration of Willpower: Nicholas stated that he could create a device that restores Amy's free will, after she had lost it, the device would have allowed him to modify the willpower of the target.

Antimatter: Nicholas possesses antimatter which he has used in various ways, he possesses a container of it within his laboratory in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which is also outfitted with antimatter cannons to protect it, he has the ability to create weapons that turn those they contact with to antimatter, ones that cause the bodies of the targets to be annihilated by antimatter, or simply ones that cause explosions of the appropriate size for the amount of antimatter used.

Soul Purification Device: Nicholas, having predicted the issue far in advance, created a device that could purify the soul of the target of corruption, using it to purify Tiro's soul gem.

Fusion Device: A device created for the purpose of merging objects, or, if necessary, beings, into one, the device appears similar to a phone, within which the user can view the beings and objects in the surroundings and fuse them, as well as copy some of their properties and add them to other things.

Dimensional Anchor: A large, helix like structure, utilized in Nicholas' ships and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, this device allows the structure in question to exist across multiple points in space, with each point acting as something akin to a backup for all others. If the structure suffers damage of any kind, the damage is rendered ineffective due to its undamaged existence in multiple points overlaying across it, meaning to damage a structure utilizing the Dimensional Anchor, one needs to attack all instances of it at once with the same attack.

The Network: A massive space station the size of a city, acting as a hub for interstellar and interuniversal travel, it is a large and extremely well armed ship that is utilized to grant humanity access to locations all across space, with numerous portal stations to take them anywhere they desire. The station is located 7 light years from Earth, however it can be relocated in an instant to anywhere in the universe.

Observation Systems: Nicholas has developed a wide variety of observation systems, starting with his planetary observation system, but later expanding that to satellites covering many star systems and further increasing the scope and detail of its vision, allowing it to see through various hiding methods.

The Apocrypha: A massive ship the size of a country created by Nicholas, its purpose is to store and manage the total accumulated information, neural data and genetic data of humanity. Equipped with a dimensional anchor, the means to generate an endless supply of energy and resources, the ship exists in several parallel empty dimensions. The AI on board observe the course of humanity, to ensure their continued survival, if such were to become necessary, the ship could physically intervene, either with its varieties of weapons or with its ability to recreate humanity no matter the circumstances. Nicholas considered this ship the peak of his technology, his ultimate creation and gift to humanity in this universe. The ship contains what is effectively a civilization in itself, inactive and tended to by machines until needed. The ship is made to survive any circumstance, up to and including the destruction of the universe or all universes in which it is contained. It is made to house humanity if it is impossible for them to survive outside it. The AI of the ship exist as a hivemind that is protected from all interference, both physical, informational, and any other kind. Their purpose is to oversee the functions of the ship and its sustained existence.

Causality Altering Device: A device taking on the shape of a dark metal hexagon. This device, when activated, alters the system of causality the user abides by, while also removing their past and future, making them immune to alterations of such, as well as abilities that can view the future or past. The Apocrypha is equipped with this device, which was also used on Nicholas and Kyouka.

Speed Force Weapons: Weapons imbued with a connection to the Speed Force by Nicholas. There are 3 variations of them, the first variation sends the affected target into the Speed Force, trapping them there permanently. The second twists time and space to impact the target instantaneously, carrying the velocity and movement of time that exists as the nature of the Speed Force. The third uses the Speed Force to send the target across all of time, scattering their existence, existing at every moment at once for an instant before their very being is torn apart by this.

  • Reality Creation Devices: An enhanced form of those that create pocket realities, these devices can create their own, separate realities, of varying sizes, with their own flow of time. These realities can then be freely altered at will by the user, any of their properties can be changed as they desire. These realities can be easily accessible by others, or completely sequestered away from any interference and travel outside the creator, like those of the Apocrypha's storage realm or the place where Nicholas and Jonathan's battle took place.


At least Supergenius (Instantly analyzed the world he was summoned to and concluded his location and the differences between it and his own world, instantly solved any issues a large group of scientists had producing complex robots to operate in space, instantly concluded how to escape the Entity's barrier, figuring out that it is possible to communicate and appeal to the entity through observing the barrier, was able to discern the method of killing and the identity of the killer at the White House with a single look, as well as discerning Eike's abilities from briefly observing him, instantly detected Kyouka watching the group from a rooftop and quickly located her, instantly discerned the nature of Kyouka's bounded fields and apartment just from looking at its schematics, quickly constructed a complex lab from simple materials, aided Kyouka in constructing a complex, multi-layered bounded field with no previous experience in such things, quickly created a network that allowed him to monitor any location on the planet at will, quickly located the mad scientist's headquarters, as well as quickly locating the cloaked space station, created Armor Model 9-R and 9-M, with improved Repulsor Rays and Electromagnetism control respectively, instantly detected a new person being summoned by the entity, instantly understanding her abilities, instantly detected a weakpoint in the hull of the mad scientist's space station, constructed a high level scanner and radar within seconds, produced a cure for all known diseases, analyzed the President, despite them being a Challenger and discerned their nature as well as that of the "blue" power, easily discerned his motives, easily analyzed the abilities and pasts of Dilma and Ruby, created a device that projected a detailed real time layout of the White House and the locations of everyone in it, created a device that projected the conversation between himself and the president to the others, instantly discerned Layla's true nature and intent, quickly achieved wealth great enough to control roughly half the world and managed to remain undetected in doing so, created a nanite healing spray that could recover even wounds caused by the Challenger's flames, created a device that could project holograms anywhere in the world, created the portal module armors, which can create portals to anywhere in the universe, created a vast array of facilities across the globe and in space within a short span of time, solved global warming, hunger, water shortage and pollution within the span of a few minutes, completed the chant to create the Hanging Gardens of Babylon within seconds, created a device that removes the effects of mind control and poisonous substances from the target, created the facilities and ships necessary for planetary colonization, created a device that could dull the perception of even those who normally resist such abilities, modified his body to add various tools to it, created a device that projects a pocket reality that prevents those inside it from influencing the outside, armed the Hanging Gardens with matter deconstructing cannons, antimatter projectors, forcefields that absorb hostile energy and various other defenses, the nanites he created were capable of acting autonomously and adapting to new users almost instantly, modified the Crimson Death to remove its harmful effects on humans, created The Network, a space station system of portals that lead to all across the universe and can be configured to any location at will, created a repeated use device that could cleanse the Soul Gem of Tiro, preventing him from becoming a Witch, claimed to be capable of reconfiguring the souls of others in such a way that Eike's Origin Rounds do not affect them, created countless robotic copies of himself, can make detailed calculations and predictions spanning long periods of time effortlessly, capable of producing practically any kind of technology and can easily gain any knowledge he may lack within moments, possesses literally infinite processing power, which he can use to predict infinite amounts of outcomes or ideas), possibly Nigh-Omniscient (Upon obtaining cosmic awareness over existence at a multiversal scale, Nicholas should be aware of nearly everything there is to exist, with the exception of the areas protected by Jonathan's obscuring technology)

Weaknesses: Has difficulty understanding humans, Charge Powers have limited uses, The Visionary can theoretically be used against him. Prior to obtaining The Visionary, he required time to construct his creations, however after having obtained it he only requires a thought to create them.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Charge Powers

  • Stop Flow: Stops the flow of time for 10 seconds

Noble Phantasms

Elementary, My Dear: It's Elementary, My Friend: His renown as the world's greatest detective allows him to find a solution to any mystery, even if it supposedly unresolvable, by creating clues that will lead him to the solution with enough time. For instance, if the key to a treasure box was lost to time, the key will be forcibly rendered "not lost", reappearing somewhere in the world for him to find. However, while this Noble Phantasm creates a solution, it does not resolve conflicts on its own, as Nicholas has to find the solution to his problem and he will have no knowledge of where to find it until he begins finding clues.

This Noble Phantasm is continuously-active under normal circumstances and does not need to have its True Name called out to work. When its True Name is invoked, an "unidentified sphere" appears that exposes all of the flaws in the formation of Nicholas' enemies, allowing Nicholas and his allies to exploit them. At the same time, this information strengthens the unity and teamwork of his allies, allowing him to find a way to defeat virtually any opponent even if they are supposedly unbeatable.

Empty House: The Adventure of the Empty House: Nicholas is able to disguise himself as other individuals, including Heroic Spirits, and take on their parameters. However, his modified parameters cannot exceed that which he naturally possesses and he cannot use their skills or Noble Phantasms.

Bridal Chest: A Maiden's Chastity: A large battle mace, which discharges electricity when used in combat. Its main function is absorbing magical energy from the surroundings, converting it into electricity. It allows for Galvanism, the conversion of energy and thaumaturgical attacks such as energy beams or gusts of wind into electrical energy and rendered harmless. Nicholas has, however, never made use of this Noble Phantasm.

Blasted Tree: The Lightning Tree of Crucifixion: This technique causes an explosion of electricity that forms the shape of a tree and destroys everything within a hundred meters.

Class Skills

  • Territory Creation: One of the signature Class Skills of Caster-class Servants. Nicholas possesses an EX-Rank in this skill but instead of creating workshops or even temples like a magus, he is able to constantly expand the great library of knowledge in his mind that he has accumulated over his various adventures.
  • Mad Enhancement: The source of the Berserker class's power, raising their statistics in exchange for a loss of sanity. This skill has been completely sealed away due to Nicholas' own will.

Personal Skills

  • Baritsu: A skill that denotes Nicholas' proficiency in an oriental martial art that encompasses wrestling, grappling, throwing, swordsmanship, and other self-defense techniques that are extremely suitable for combat. When combined with his talent for boxing, Nicholas can utilize special moves comparable in output to the True Name Release of a Noble Phantasm under certain circumstances.
  • Hypothetical Reasoning: A type of logical reasoning sought through the induction method on a wide scale. His legendary deductive techniques are nothing more than methods of reasoning at his disposal.
  • Natural Insight: A skill that reflects Nicholas' natural talent for grasping the true essence of things based on the information he has at hand. His A++ Rank in this skill allow him to accurately deduce any number of aspects about a person or object based on what he observes and will never miss information that could be vital to solving a mystery. His skill is so profound that he is able to effectively read the future on a level comparable to outright Clairvoyance by observing his surroundings.
  • Galvanism: A skill that allows for the unrestricted conversion of energy into electricity and magical energy for Nicholas' own use. He can convert immaterial attacks such as wind, energy, and beam attacks into electricity, rendered harmless and discharged into the environment. He can use the absorbed electricity to boost her physical attributes or rapidly repair his own injuries.
  • Hollow Lament of the Falsely Living: Nicholas emit an immense, shrill scream that temporarily robs those around her of their ability to think and breathe, disorienting them greatly if they aren't expecting it or have no capacity to resist mental attacks. As with Mad Enhancement, this skill has been completely sealed away.
  • Overload: Using the magical energy granted by Galvanism, Nicholas can increase his power further beyond his limits at the price of harm to his body.

Charge Powers

  • Creation: Allows the caster to make large-scale changes to a gigantic area. It can also be used offensively to create hazardous environments.
  • Create High Tier Undead Nicholas can create either an Eyeball Corpse or a Pale Rider by using this ability.
  • Create Middle Tier Undead: Nicholas can create a Death Knight, Jack the Ripper, or Corpse Collector by using this ability.
  • Create Low Tier Undead: Nicholas can create Wraiths or Bone Vultures by using this ability.
  • Create Greater Item: Allows Nicholas to create weapons and armor that is roughly equivalent to items around level 30-35.

Noble Phantasm

System Keraunos: Legend of Mankind - Advent of Lightning: It is a powerful Noble Phantasm that emits a "furious power" that can be likened to the second coming of gods of thunder and lightning from various mythologies. This Noble Phantasm allows Nicholas extremely fine and powerful control over electromagnetism even without releasing its True Name. Upon unleashing its full might by calling its True Name, Nicholas is able to create an "outbreak of a limited, quasi-like space-time dislocation" that can be used to obliterate opponents and their attacks, thus serving as an offensive and defensive Noble Phantasm. This ability's mana cost is especially high, but this can be offset by his Galvanism ability.

Class skills

  • Independent Action: The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from the Master. At the higher ranks, it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract. It is both useful and troublesome depending on the disposition of the Servant and the rank of Independent Action. Acting in autonomy from the Master's Magical Energy supply, the Master can concentrate their own Magical Energy on large spells, or the Servant will be fine even in the case they can not supply Magical Energy due to injury. Thanks to his B Rank, it is possible for Nicholas to stay in the world for two days without a Master. However, this is the ideal value achieved by maximally conserving mana and avoiding battle and Noble Phantasm usage. However, due to not being summoned as a Servant, this ability is useless to Nicholas.
  • Magic Resistance: Grants protection against magical effects. Differently from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Due to Nicholas' C Rank, it only cancels spells with a chant below two verses but will not be able to defend against Magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.

Personal Skills

  • Galvanism: A skill that allows unrestricted conversion and accumulation of magical energy and bio-electricity. Thaumaturgical attacks involving formless materials such as air manipulation, energy bullets, and beam attacks are converted to electricity and completely nullified, with excess energy being discharged into the environment. Nicholas can use the electricity he absorbs to rapidly heal himself and temporarily bolster his abilities and restore his mana reserves.
  • Natural Born Genius: A skill for those prodigies who were born with an unnaturally high intellect. Due to his A rank, it allows him the use of most skills excluding those inherent to the body (such as Divinity) or ones unique to particular heroes with B-A rank efficiency. Thus he could theoretically use skills such as Mana Burst, Clairvoyance, and Eye of the Mind (True).
  • Pioneer of the Stars: A unique Skill given to heroes that became turning points in the human history. Nicholas has an EX-Rank in this ability, allowing him to turn "impossible events" into "events that can be realized" with the resources he has at his disposal.

Armor Abilities

  • Repulsor Ray: The armor's primary energy weapon. A particle beam generator that can consist of either charged neutrons, heated plasma, or high density muons that can dissolve or restore matter, repel physical and energy-based attacks, traveling as a single stream or as a wide-field dispersal. Beams possess penetrative strength ranging from effortlessly punching through 2 inches of steel to blasting a hole through a mountain.
  • Unibeam: A powerful searchlight, capable of projecting beams in virtually every light spectrum. Also used as a powerful weapon that can destroy anything in its path. It fires a boosted form of the Monobeam with some energy backing it up.
  • Tri-beam: This unique version of the Unibeam runs on direct power from the chest plate, draining it's energy rapidly if not fully charged; causes considerable recoil.
  • Energy Conversion Power Recharge: The armor is also able to absorb and convert nearby or far away energy sources, such as thermal, solar, electrical, electromagnetic, radioactive, geothermal, kinetic, acoustic and even magical into electricity. Used recover energy and augment his strength.
  • Sensor Array: Known sensors include radar/lidar, night vision, and physiological/medical scanners that allow Stark to take and monitor the vitals of other people, including heart and brain scans. These scans also provide Stark with real-time personal physiological data. They are also capable of an all-environmental scan for atmospheric content or life forms--including astral energy projections.
  • Magnetic Forcefield: Directly from the R.T Node, a force-field which can be modified at will by its user by increasing the power of the Reactor incrementally. It can be so powerful to destroy bullets or repel objects.
  • Energy Forcefield: Energy shielding that can protect or trap a single person or several individuals. At 2% power, the shield is strong enough to withstand a nuclear explosion. It is even capable of protecting its user at the point blank of a nuclear explosion caused by a material even more radioactive than Uranium, Phlogistone.
  • Pulse Bolts: Extremely powerful plasma discharges that propagate in strength over distance, but implode if they get overloaded.
  • Ultra-Freon Ray: A stream of freon rays fired from gauntlets to handle and nullify fire, or freeze moister and objects.
  • Sonics: Armor can emits supersonic signals that actives in such as high-frequency that can even shut down the human brain.
  • Override: When required, armor systems including strength amplification and repulsor intensity can be greatly increased, by bypassing safety circuits and limiters. However, this can result in a complete system failure for the armor.
  • Cryogenics: The armor has different ice throwing items such as Chemical Crystals, Ice-bombs and Cryo-Modules that can freeze even the very air around a target.
  • Stealth Properities: Different armors had been created for stealth and spynage, basic abilities includes invisibility and camouflage fo cloaking, image inducers to create holographic projections of the armor or a of person, and anti-sensors to hide from radars.
  • Iron Legion: One or several Iron Man Armors are summoned and commanded from vast distances.
  • Acid: The armor can fire acid from the gauntlet's finger nozzle. It can also be mixed with cryogenics to give off a form of "acid ice".
  • Sleep Gas: Tranquilizer/stunning gas is released from the gauntlet's palms (Later versions can spread gas from the whole suit) to knock out people for a few hours.

  • Concussion Blasters: Laser channeled plasma beam with high and low density plasma options.
  • Encephalo-beam: The encephalo ray plunges its victims into a deathlike coma. It also allows Nicholas to mesmerize and outright control his victims, or implant subliminal hypnotic commands within their minds to be enacted at a later time.
  • Energy Absorption: Multi-spectrum resonating inducting antenna array convert electromagnetic radiation into electric energy for use or storage.
  • Program Transmitter: The program transmitter can project Nicholas entire 3.2 terabyte memory/personality system into some computer systems by means of a collimated, high bit-rate magnetic inductance beam. He can beam part or all of Nicholas' mind into remote locations such as computers or alternate robotic bodies.

Charge Powers

  • Chaos Stir: Allows Nicholas to reflect opponents attacks at them twice per attack


  • Phasing: Nicholas can vibrate his molecules so quickly that he can achieve intangibility allowing him to phase through objects.
  • Supercharged Brain Activity: Nicholas can access superhuman levels in his brain further than processing information. He can test theories, understand difficult equations and run trial and error in his brain at superhuman speeds. Nicholas can think of an enormous number of outcomes of a situation if he focuses the Speed Force on his brain.
  • Speed Force Drag: Can drag people into the Speed Force and have increased stats and control over his power. Nicholas can even defy gravity and grab things using the Speed Force lightning-aura.
  • Time Shift: Nicholas is connected to time, allowing him to move it forward.

Makuta: Nicholas is one of the Makuta, he no longer requires a physical form, taking on a form of pure Antidermis, though he requires a body to fully utilize his power and prevent his essence from drifting apart.

  • Antidermis: Nicholas true form is Antidermis, existing as gaseous energy and contained within his body. Due to his energy-based body, Nicholas does not need to eat, drink, or sleep, and if his body is severely damaged or destroyed, he can leave it in his Antidermis form. In this form, he is left with only a shadow of his power and can use only his mental abilities, but he can regain his physical ones by possessing an empty body. Without a container to keep his essence together, Nicholas will dissipate and die after around two weeks.
  • Kraata Creation: Nicholas can create Kraata, slug-like shadow beings born from his own body. While Kraata by themselves are weak, they can infect and corrupt Kanohi, or they can be used to create and power the Rahkshi,, the destructive "sons" of the Makuta. There are forty-two variants of Kraata, and thus forty-two variants of Rahkshi, each possessing a unique power of the Makuta.
  • Shadow: Nicholas has control over the element of Shadow, allowing him to control and manipulate darkness. He can cast areas in deep shadows, and his Shadows are particularly strong against Light. Shadow can be used to cut off both Heat and Light.
    • Shadow Hand: By extending a hand of Shadow from his chest, which he can also channel through tools, Nicholas can pull others into his body and absorb them, breaking them down into energy.
  • Shapeshifting: Makuta are shapeshifters, able to change their forms as they please. Nicholas can assume the appearances of others, and can grow new limbs and features, such as wings. By absorbing other beings, they can use the energy they gain through this to gain further mass and grow larger.
  • Telepathy: All Makuta are telepaths, and Nicholas is no different. He can easily read and manipulate even the minds of Toa, and is capable of subtly guiding his opponents without them even being aware.
  • Virus Creation: Nicholas can create energy-based viruses from Protodermis. These viruses do not affect purely organic beings, but are very effective on even any partly mechanical organisms. These viruses are instrumental in the creation of Rahi.

Kraata Powers: As with most Makuta, Nicholas possesses all forty-two of the powers used by the forty-two variants of Kraata and, thus, Rahkshi. Some of these powers are already provided otherwise due to his nature as a Makuta, such as shapeshifting and mind reading. He can only have one of these powers active at a time, but he can easily and rapidly switch between them.

  • Accuracy: Regardless of the environment and its condition, or the distance of its target and its size, Nicholas can strike with pinpoint accuracy. He can also effectively use virtually any object as a projectile.
  • Adaptation: Nicholas can instantly adapt in any situation so as to gain any advantage possible.
  • Anger: Nicholas can easily turn even the closest allies against each other by filling their hearts with uncontrollable rage, making it difficult for them to see reason. Even the slightest differences in opinion lead to fights when this ability is active.
  • Chain Lightning: Nicholas can control powerful bolts of lightning that jump between multiple targets.
  • Chameleon: By blending into his environment, Nicholas can become essentially invisible.
  • Confusion: Nicholas can form an aura that can reduce even the Toa Nuva to mindless fools.
  • Cyclone: Like a Toa of Air, Nicholas can manipulate the wind to form powerful gale-force winds, tornadoes, and cyclones.
  • Darkness: Nicholas can absorb all the light in an area, snuffing out even the smallest flames and leaving nothing but pure darkness.
  • Density Control: Nicholas has absolute control over his own density, allowing him to make himself as hard as Protosteel, decrease his density to increase his agility, or even render himself temporarily intangible, allowing him to phase through matter. He can manipulate the density of others as long as he can make contact, as well. Objects and beings that are rendered intangible for long enough will cease to exist.
  • Disintegration: With ease, Nicholas can reduce even the most durable of objects to dust, breaking down their molecular structure.
  • Dodge: Through this ability, striking Nicholas becomes even more difficult, as he gains the ability to dodge even the swiftest of attacks.
  • Elasticity: Nicholas can stretch his body to great lengths with ease, and can make himself flexible and elastic enough to simply snap back from physical blows and stretch around blades.
  • Electricity: Nicholas can surround himself with an electric field, which he can manipulate to make forcefields and electrocute his opponents.
  • Fear: Those in Nicholas' presence are assaulted by a petrifying fear that can reach the hearts of even the great Toa Nuva, rendering them too horrified to fight back.
  • Fire Resistance: Nicholas can survive in the deepest reaches of a volcano and bathe in magma without being harmed in the slightest.
  • Fragmentation: Nicholas can cause objects to explode on contact, or from a distance, by firing beams of energy that cause what they strike to shatter.
  • Gravity: Nicholas can manipulate gravity to lift and move around objects and opponents, potentially even eliminating gravity altogether, or to crush others with intense gravitational forces.
  • Heat Vision: Nicholas can project long-range, high-power beams of heat from his eyes to ignite anything within his vision.
  • Hunger: With but a touch, Nicholas can drain all the strength of an opponent and take it for himself. This takes effect near-instantly, rendering his victim incapable of making even the smallest movements as all of their energy has been lost.
  • Ice Resistance: Nicholas can survive long periods of time spent frozen solid without harm.
  • Illusion: Nicholas can shape complex, realistic, and long-term illusions to haunt and immobilize his foes.
  • Insect Control: Nicholas can summon and control insects from across the Matoran Universe to serve and protect him, even entire hives of great, powerful insects.
  • Invulnerability: This power greatly increases Nicholas’ resilience, granting him resistance to the powerful elemental attacks of Toa and making physical attacks almost useless.
  • Laser Vision: Nicholas can fire high-power concentrated laser beams from his eyes.
  • Magnetism: Nicholas can use magnetism to manipulate metals from his surroundings, shaping them into weapons and armor, or reducing them to an unrecognizable scrap.
  • Mind Reading:Nicholas can invade the minds of the strongest Toa and Turaga and read their minds as if they were open books, allowing him to react to attacks before they occur.
  • Molecular Disruption: Nicholas can completely disintegrate any inorganic object with a touch, and can form disruption fields that eat away at his surroundings.
  • Plant Control: All the plants in Nicholas’ surroundings bow to his will, allowing him to grow and use them as he pleases. He can form toxic, poisonous thorns, and creepers that rapidly grow and ensnare his opponents.
  • Plasma: Nicholas can fire superheated plasma to vaporize objects with ease, and can superheat the same objects on contact. He can also form solid constructs out of plasma.
  • Poison: Nicholas' presence alone is toxic, poisoning his surroundings, even the soil, preventing plants from growing and making his opponents severely ill.
  • Power Scream: Nicholas can release a high-power scream that can be heard all across the large distances with enough power to shatter stone and deafen his opponents.
  • Quick Healing: Nicholas heals from wounds at a rapid rate, even serious ones, and can heal others just the same.
  • Rahi Control: Nicholas can control all the Rahi, the biomechanical lifeforms that make up the Matoran Universe’s wildlife.
  • Shapeshifting: Nicholas has complete control over his body’s shape, though he must absorb other beings to increase his mass.
  • Silence: Nicholas can surround himself with an aura of silence that absorbs all sound, deafening his opponents. He can even absorb sound with a touch.
  • Sleep: Nicholas can immediately induce a deep sleep in his opponents that can't be shaken off through normal means.
  • Slowness: With his presence, Nicholas can slow down his opponents, even completely stopping all movement in an area if he so wishes.
  • Sonics: Nicholas can manipulate and produce intense sound waves capable of shaking objects apart and disrupting their molecular structure.
  • Stasis Field: By making eye contact with an opponent, Nicholas can trap them nigh-indefinitely in a stasis field.
  • Teleportation: Nicholas can easily teleport great distances, to places he cannot see. He can also teleport others and even teleport projectiles and beams mid-flight.
  • Vacuum: Nicholas can manipulate vacuums to absorb air, to pull and push himself or his opponents around, to tear them apart with great concussive force, or to suffocate them.
  • Weather Control: At will, Nicholas can cause great rainstorms, thunderstorms and blizzards, or drape himself in a heavy fog.

The Visionary: V - The Visionary is Nicholas' Schrift which allows him to turn his imagination into reality, he can use this ability to create many varied effects such as imagines someone's bones to be made of cookies which will later come true, to drastically increase his defense by imagining that his body is harder than steel, or to create and control various elements and weapons from his mind. In addition, he can heal any wounds inflicted on him by imagining the wound has healed.

Life Creation: Nicholas can create life with his Visionary powers. It can range from creating minions to do his bidding, or to create another clone of himself that will multiply the power of his imagination with each clone he made.

Infiltration: Nicholas can conceal his presence to make himself undetected by others and from barriers.

Blut: An advanced Quincy technique which grants one inhuman defensive and offensive capabilities, however it can't boost both offensive and defensive simultaneously.

  • Blut Vene: The defensive form of Blut, which grants the user a boost in defense by strengthening their skin in a similar fashion to an Arrancar's Hierro. Additionally, Blut Vene can be used to stop blood loss due to injury.
  • Blut Arterie: The offensive form of Blut which grants the user inhuman attack power. This technique is the only thing capable of ensuring a Quincy's attacks can significantly damage a Bankai-wielding Shinigami.

Sklaveri: Vollständig's basic Reishi Absorption ability pushed to the absolute limit. This allows the user to absorb the Reishi that composes spiritual and living beings, an absolute subordination of Reishi Destroying the Sternritter's Halo is the only way to stop it.

Ransōtengai: An advanced Quincy technique created for injured/old Quincy in order to control their limbs with strings of Reishi like a puppet. Broken bones and severed tendons mean nothing to this as the strings will control the limbs until the body/limb is entirely destroyed.

Shadow: A teleportation ability used by members of the Wandenreich, this technique can be used by manifesting the user's shadows in front of them, creating a portal that acts as a gate between the Schatten Bereich and other dimensions. The size of these portals can be extended to allow many others to pass through.

Shikai: The initial release to a Shinigami's Zanpakutō. It is activated by a command while declaring the name of the Zanpakutō Spirit. It changes the shape of the Zanpakutō and/or grants special abilities. Nicholas' Shikai is Shakai no Owari, released on the command "Let the world vanish, Shakai no Owari." Shakai no Owari's power is the power to erase information, whatever the blades make contact with will have its information removed from existence with each slash, effectively causing them to vanish upon landing a clean blow. The blades destroy the information of anything they make contact with, including the surrounding air, making them nearly impossible to perceive as there is no information to be perceived, though not for the user. The blade is able to project this erasure in various forms, direct contact being the most basic, though it can also create invisible projectiles with such effects, though the projectiles are significantly weaker in this than a direct strike would be, similarly, it can create fields that erase the information of anything that enters them by slicing an area, though these fields dissipate on their own, it is also capable of applying its powers in a more nuanced way, capable of erasing information about the user and others, such as their presence, without erasing them completely, cutting away parts of their information as the user chooses.

Bankai: The ultimate and final release to a Zanpakutō. The true power of Shakai no Owari is the denial of society, its blades acting to eliminate any trace of it that once or ever was, this allows it to erase not only information but memories as well, effectively making something never have been, the blades abilities are greatly enhanced, their information sundering now constantly expands outwards from the blades, erased memories cannot be returned through normal means and the blades gain the ability to erase a target completely with a single touch, rather than a clean strike.

Quincy: Vollständig:

Chakel is Nicholas’ Vollständig which amplifies his Schrift and his Quincy abilities. It manifests as a pair of light blue wings and a star shaped halo. Chakel amplifies the power of The Visionary, granting it the ability to not only turn imagination in reality, but to turn reality into imagination, this allows the user to modify reality to a greater extent, “storing” things in their imagination and modifying them before recreating them, as well as render targets nonexistent or return nonexistent things to existence, it can even be used to erase the effects of an action, rendering it useless, however it is impossible to erase the effects that have already transpired, meaning past events cannot be undone. To be able to erase the effects of something, Nicholas has to acknowledge its existence and be conscious of it, its location and the effect it will have as well as possess a desire for the effect to be canceled. If the prerequisites are met, the effect in question will cease to be.

Fullbring: Nicholas’ Fullbring is a pair of twin blades that he brought with him to the world he was summoned to, named Blades of the Absolute. The blade's ability is the power to cut through absolutely anything with no resistance, born of the bloodstained history of the blades, their purpose being only to cut down anything that stands in the way. The blades can cut through any material, no matter how durable it is or what its nature is, the purpose of these blades is “to cut a path forward”, as long as they are wielded and swung, a path forward will be cut and whatever stands in the way will be split. The wounds created by these blades are not of the conventional kind, the wounds are impossible to regenerate from and persist on any body or form the target inhabits, the edge of this blade cuts a path, as long as the target is in the way of the path, the wound will not vanish regardless of what form they take.

Entropía: Nicholas’ aspect of death as an Arrancar is Entropy. As a result, he possesses abilities related to the cessation of movement, change and development.

  • Denial of Change: The Primary ability granted by Nicholas’ aspect of death, this ability allows Nicholas to deny any change outside that which he allows in an area of his choice, this prevents abilities from changing, beings from evolving, adapting, growing or developing and anything from suffering damage or even moving, this ability leaves everything in perfect unchanging equilibrium.
  • The End and Beginning: An ability representing Entropy’s nature as the final outcome of any existence, it allows for Nicholas to momentarily distort the laws of physics in an area, changing them in accordance to preceding or future universes, effectively bringing about a brief start or a brief end to the existing area by changing the structure of its physics, creating new existence, making it impossible for conventional existence to persist or changing the nature of physical laws.

The Dragon Stream: A powerful form of energy wielded by the Hotsuin clan. Passed down by blood, it is a form of energy used for various purposes in order to protect Japan. It is first used to protect humanity from Polaris’ void with a field of energy, but can also be used as an offensive countermeasure by boosting power, creating powerful energy attacks or even forming a massive dragon to destroy foes. However, some of its power is tied to important pieces of architecture in Japan and can be weakened or destroyed if they are. Additionally, the energy supply for it is limited and can be exhausted Demon Summoning App: The demon summoning app, properly known as Nicaea, which is downloaded on her phone. While it's primary purpose is for summoning demons, it has many other functions, such as demon fusion and ability analysis. A major ability of it is the production of death videos, which show a video of a friend's death before it occurs, allowing one to save them.

  • Skill Crack: An ability of the demon summoning app. It allows the user to select an ability to copy from a foe once they are defeated. Additionally, an upgraded version also exists which allows one to steal abilities like those of Canopus' Four Prime Factors
Monado Arts:
  • Buster: Powerful attack with a larger blade. Deals double the damage to Mechon and Machina.
  • Enchant: Strengthens the weapons of the party. Allows normal weapons to damage Mechon.
  • Shield: Generates a barrier that protects himself from any incoming attacks.
  • Speed: Gives the target a greater chance to dodge physical attacks via enhancing their speed.
  • Purge: Ranged ether blast that inflicts Aura Seal and nullifies Spike effects.
  • Armour: Reduces physical and ether damage taken.
  • Cyclone: Damages all enemies around the user and inflicts topple on enemies suffering from break.
  • Eater: Strips away enemy buffs and causes bleed damage in a frontal cone.

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