You know... At first I was mad.

But overtime, I got curious: I wanted to know everything. The hows and the whys... I'm a mistery genre enthusiast, you know?

Then, I wanted revenge. To let you feel the same feeling. To be investigated, to have someone else dig on the things about you, your habits, your skills, the things you've done... E v e ry t h i n g.

And now, I have you.

~ Siren speaking to Aucta when they first meet.
If you were just masking your Energeia, you would still have felt that happening. Since you didn't, I'm assuming you simply are that much incapable with it. I really have to ask myself, though HOW did that sword get in your simpleton hands. It's not the warrior of Ash, but I suppose I can settle for his sword as a souvenir.
~ Siren during her confrontation with Lazarus, as she's about to rob him of said sword.

Let us write a new history together, sword of Legend. Not one to stay in memories... But one to transform the present, and shape the future in the way it should truly be made. Our own.
~ Siren as the Chain Memoria becomes extension of her being.
''My Will, like Fate, cannot be defied.''


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A character made by FateAlbane, part of the narrative in the Castle Chaos RP.

Nerissa Wanwisa (more recognized by her codename Siren when at work) is a bounty hunter currently at the service of Diva and the Black Market - the "dark side" otherwise known as the "Underworld" of society.

Therefore, her current contract and allegiance is with the Ur-Shanabi organization and that's the entire story of her plans.

Or at least, that's what her first appearances would mislead one into believing... As of the first Arc's epilogue, she is the Main Antagonist of the story.

Siren is first seen alongside "criminal underworld queen" Diva.

In this brief appearance, Siren and Diva watch the main character's efforts against the Corrupted Chimera from a distance. That said, her sole mission and interest at the time was to deal with Aucta.The narrative mentions how she is a renowned bounty hunter.

In spite of her age, Siren is also powerful (or perhaps terrifying) to the point where many of her targets would end their own lives before she actually reached them - if they so much as caught news that she was coming.She seems to know more about Aucta than she lets on.

Originally taking this mission to go after them and not much else, she muses about it once Diva leaves: Despite how much she likes the money, she doesn't think anything of the powerful underworld figure offering her riches, artifacts or even people as rewards for a job well done.

...The only thing she seemed to seek was to tear apart the mistery she considered her "prey".

Siren's role in this session isn't long either, but still not negligible - intercepting Aucta before they could join forces with the party or take part in the battle properly, the bounty hunter uses her Lightning Aurament in battle and seems to have the spy at her mercy.

However, before she can say much about her motivations, why she was there or even carry her mission, her plans fall short of their goal: The AOE of the Chimera's Terra Torment hits her by chance and she ends up needing to focus on defense not to fall to its power.

Ironically, Siren ends up giving a small contribution to the heroes at the end of the battle by joining them all into blasting the Chimera away. She disappears shortly afterwards while the attentions aren't focused on her.

Nerissa's next appearance reveals that she also decided to spend the night in Lemniscrest instead of leaving - she speaks a bit about having awful luck after failing to stop Aucta before they could join forces with the party.

After easily dispatching some thugs with her powers, she ponders about what her next step should be, given that the party is also staying in the city instead of leaving.

The idea of joining Chaos occurs to the bounty hunter, but she dismisses it almost as fast as it happens, knowing full well that if she did that it would be a path of no return and something she would be forever associated with even if she wanted to leave once this mission was over.

After that, she considers leaving both sides to destroy each other and strike down the one who happened to be the winner - or to be more exact, her prey. She immediately dismisses this idea as well because there was no fun for her in it at all, despite how practical it sounded.

And this mission was a moment she was really looking forward to savor for quite a long time.

While she initially thinks her hands are tied for the rest of the night what with the party being together and not leaving the mansion, Aucta draws her attention by distancing themselves from the team and she sets out... Apparently readying herself for another attempt at their life.

Before her original intent can be carried, Lazarus happens to arrive at the city and stumble upon her, calling her attention. At first she tries to dismiss him on short notice, assuming him to be an admirer wanting an autograph or something of the like.

At second glance she notices the sword he carries and, immediately recognizing it as the Chain Memoria, mistakes the knight for the Warrior of Ash - the man who gave it to him and who also happened to be the hero Lazarus himself admired and had heard many stories about.

During this conversation, Siren is the one to show that she also has some good deal of admiration towards legendary figures of the past, their deeds, will and power... Especially given how much *she* starts acting like she met a celebrity.

...However, what starts as a rather funny kind of conversation while Lazarus keeps up the ruse for a while in trying to get more good info about what happened during the Chimera situation soon takes a turn for the worse when the girl mentions the "Warrior of Ash", whom she had believed Lazarus to be until then.

The knight's notorious change in his already strange way of acting - which Siren wasn't sure if it was a test or something of the like - eventually gets the bounty hunter suspicious enough of his identity to question him about "what he was carrying".

A seemingly innocent question, but because of his low-affinity with Energeia, Lazarus mistakenly took a parasitic monster for a jewel and carried it to the city with him.

Now fully aware that he was an imposter, Siren immediately blasts him with a lightning bolt and many more in sequence, mocking his lack of capacity with Energeia as the reason for his downfall in the meantime. Then, she reveals her intent of taking the Legendary sword for her own personal use in no uncertain terms.

Even as the situation becomes more alarming, Rickert gets his attention drawn to the scene - because of the disturbances in the weather she had been causing - and arrives on the scene just in time to join the fray. Kicking Lazarus out of the battle and sending him blasting through several buildings, Siren is about ready to claim the sword when Rickert's vines interfere.

The two go through a brief struggle, but Siren's strategy ultimately delays and badly damages Rickert: While he is busy preserving himself from her attack (a multi-layered technique that interfered with the very currents of his Energeia as well as his body), she takes the opportunity to obtain the sword, leaving the travellers to deal with their wounds and Svectral without further interruptions.

Siren is next seen not long after the battle against Svectral reaches its conclusion, resting for the night in one of the most luxurious suites that money could aford in the city.

There, the bounty hunter contemplated about the day she had just gone through, as she looked at the walls adorned with rich paintings.

The most advanced of Auratech commodities were here. The servants were at her beck and call.

At this moment? She simply awaited the right time, while preparing herself for a warm bath of rose petals.

The visage of such a place with her standing at the center was truly the portrait of a vain aristocrat, filled with self-love. Yet, 'tempered' with Energeia of the Flora aurament, the therapeutic properties of this would do wonders not only for her skin and her mood...

~ ...But day by day, even enhance her powers.

All her vanity aside, what had her eyes in this moment was the sword she had acquired from Lazarus. Filled with marvel at having such an artifact in her hands, she spoke of it with unadultered satisfaction:

Ah... The Chain Memoria. An artifact of legend such as this one. I couldn't take my eyes away from it for a moment.
~ Even if I gazed at its shine all night long, it may still not be enough to make all the doubts that it is indeed it - and that now it's mine - disappear.

The weapon resonated with her and almost as if it had a will of its own, it started to waver. Waver at the gaze of the one whose hands would now wield it. A reaction that had not be seen while in Lazarus' hands before.

Siren soon remembered how the knight said such a sword was something beyond her reach, but scoffed at the notion when the weapon itself was begging to differ: It attempted to resist or subjugate her will at first, but the contrary happened.

The Chains surrounding it and maintaining the seal on its powers started to break, disappearing on their own as soon as they came into contact with Siren's own power. This phenomenon was compared to that of a guardian beast who would yield its power to a master they recognized as worthy.

“Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus.”:,While stating her philosophy of life one more time, she walked up to the glowing, floating weapon, claiming the power that was now hers for the taking.

It glows before her very eyes.
First a pulse of red, crimson like blood or the fiercest of flames.

Then one of a deep ocean blue, like the waves of the untamed sea.

Then, it grows of a grayish white, winds blowing all across the room in its immediate surroundings, akin to a vortex of the atmosphere which drags upon all.

Then, in a glow like that of amber and a thousand jewels, until like a diamond it represents the Earth.

"That makes it four."

~ The girl looks at the sword once more, which causes it to halt all of its activity... Except, from the very ground, and the elements it has manifested - a small tree, like olive, grows.

With 5 new Auraments in addition to her own innate, Siren's power exponentially grew. Such a thing also meant her willpower could now harness and gather force from these 5 Auraments. The bounty hunter found it... Fascinating. Yet she knew better than anyone: This was the sword's most basic application.

If it was according to the legends... How many other abilities she could yet unlock from it as time passed? This weapon that would tear through the skies and shatter the lands as one with its wielder once they reached full synchrony...!
~ "I believe this couldn't have proceeded any better. I hardly believe in the Gods to bring me luck, but it seems Fate has truly smiled upon me..."

Now with this new power in hand, she considered her time to rise in the dark side of the world had finally come, perhaps sooner than even she expected.

Ultimately, she states that someone of her caliber should not remain as a mere bounty hunter for all of her life. And also speaks clearly of her purposes, voicing her own personal ambitions for the first time:

I couldn't give less of a damn about Order, Harmony or Chaos and its corruption. I will make my own legend and entrust it to these very own hands.

And they will follow me.

I shall become the Empress of the Skies - and if just like this sword, I gather the many other Relics of the Ancient War, the treasures of Legend and greatest weapons of the many Kingdoms scattered across the Geo-Ysustrata,

This sword will become but the first jewel to adorn my crown."

~ In so speaking, she turns her back, with the weapon in her hands changing its color to a deep blue mixed with black - a reflection of its new acknowledged wielder's meaning and ambition.

She mentions that she and such a weapon of legend would write a new history together. It would not be one to stay in memories... But one to transform the present, and shape the future in the way she believe it should truly be made. Her and ultimately...

Their own.

For as she let her grip on the weapon go, fully certain that it would not abandon her, the call of her unwavering - if ambitious - will was heard. Her wishes were more than accepted as command: Soon enough, the Chain Memoria disappeared into light, merging with the back of her hand as a tatoo in patterns reminiscent of a blue arabesque.

...This was proof that her synchrony with it was high enough for the weapon to merge with and become an extension of herself.

Soon enough, she left her thoughts for the same future she spoke of... And proceeded to walk away for her well awaited bath of rose petals.

On the following day, Siren is seen going to the city pub ("The High-Spirits").

Given the commemorations from the night before, it wasn't *quite* as high-spirited by the time the sun was rising and she arrived. Still, a good number of adventurers and citizens were still using the stories from the day before - or their own - as an excuse for drinking and whatnot.

Either way, the fact is that some good people had pulled an all-nighter and party hard all night long. They were still in High-Spirits, just like the name of this bar would want its customers to believe. And laughs were still heard when... It all silenced.
~ It silenced because the swinging doors moved, giving way to a face pretty much everyone there would recognize. With Umbrella in hand and a sweet smile in her lips, she stood there at the door, while everyone stared...

Her arrival ended up being "kind of a really awkward moment", mainly because bounty hunters entering these places is the kind of thing that, as the narrative put it best:

Tends to be followed by someone being shot, maybe shooting back if they have the time, being shot again, then they ask for a drink - not always paying for it - then leave.
~ ...Usually taking the dead body over their shoulders, if they leave one.

Being more aware of this than anyone staring at her with that fear taking the reins of their minds, Siren decided it would be best to just walk up to the barman instead of saying anything.

Yet, any fears about her presence proved to be unfounded when she merely asked for a cocktail to drink and - being "in a wonderful mood", decided to pay the bills for everyone through the rest of the day. She even included the "free for all" from the day before.

This was the sort of kindness that seemed equal parts suspicious and too good to pass. So everyone felt a bit odd about just what had bitten this bounty hunter - epitome of "Money is everything and if it isn't it buys me enough to give that impression".

For her to speak this of all things...

They figured she wouldn't need any traps to kill anyone here if she wanted to, and thought "may as well accept!"

~ As for Siren, she simply took her glass and drank it in one go, asking for a refill soon enough. There weren't any tricks. She was just in the mood for festivities, nothing more.

"A toast... In celebration of the new me.", she spoke to the barman with a voice truly akin to the creatures of myth she was named after - alluring and seductive in the now... But filled with dark intentions for the future.

Siren doesn't make an appearance in person, but she is still heavily mentioned by Lazarus and Saya when the former senses her presence in "The High Spirits".

While the two have a brief discussion in regards to what should be done about her and whether or not that took precedence over the team's present situation and Castle Chaos, Saya eventually notes that she knows who Siren is.

Being also from the same line of work, the maid provides more information on her fellow bounty hunter:

She entered the bounty hunting line of work much later than me, but there were no questions asked about her ambitions. Also... We came close to working under the same master in the Training Grounds. Though we were from different classes.

I heard she had left... People thought she was a quitter, but my teacher just said she felt..."
"Like others were too slow to learn, compared to herself. A shame, they told me - by far she was the most brilliant student they had. But she wasn't willing to wait or slow down and help anyone else.

Had a really sharp insight about lack of will from others - and the idea that she would have to slow down for the weaker ones was unnaceptable.

~ ...How do I put it? She felt dissatisfied that the world lacked will.

While Lazarus seemed ready to gather the group to try and face her, both Gal and Saya advised otherwise - mainly because Castle Chaos was a far more immediate threat, and if left unprovoked the odds of Siren doing anything else now were rather small.

Not to mention, Siren now was something far beyond what she used to be. Even before the Chain Memoria, Saya notes that her willpower has realized a feat that borders on being beyond description:

Before you speak of will, I assure you... Assuming your history as true, the one that girl holds has realized a feat that should be in the Domain of the Gods. No mortal hands should just be able to subjugate the will of a legendary weapon overnight.
~ Keep that in mind - she leaves nothing to be desired in the path you walk.


Can be inferred from the various sections of her summary/role in the story as described above.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 7-A | High 6-C

Name: Nerissa Wanwisa, Siren

Origin: EVOLVERSE - Castle Chaos

Age: In her early twenties.

Gender: Female

Classification: Human, Bounty Hunter

Powers and Abilities:

Magic (weaponized Magic is one of her applications of Energeia. Since Energeia is what makes Reality into Possibility, Magic is a form of shaping reality according to the user's will and whim - within the limits of their power and spells), Non-Physical Interaction (Magic/Sorcery can affect or damage otherwise intangible beings and substances), Electricity, Weather Manipulation and Body Puppetry (with the Lightning Aurament), Paralysis Inducement, Flight (by Shapeshifting into a lightning form). Her power damaged Rickert down to the Energetic Level, which means her actions can also affect/damage in Mind and Soul. | In addition to what she had before, Elemental Manipulation (Of the Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and plant variations), Petrification (with the Earth Aurament), Statistics Amplification (with the Wind Aurament). Self-Sustenance (Type 3 during the day with the Flora Aurament. Ultimately irrelevant - as long as she wields the sword, she can harness Energeia from the land at will.), Light Absorption, Blessed (Given the 6 Auraments she now wields, the blessings from their corresponding Regent Spirits resonate with each other, further increasing the purity/refinement of her Energeia and overall effectiveness of her powers), Regeneration (Mid-High - a weakened Warrior of Ash could regenerate from his ashes while he fought Lazarus. With a willpower compared to the Divine, Siren should without a doubt be capable of the same.), Aura (protected the population of Lemniscrest from the miasma of the depths with the power of her Auraments). Likely Teleportation (Learned by seeing Saya use it), Necromancy and Telekinesis (Learned by seeing Kuzunoha use it), Summoning (can now summon Kuzunoha and a small army of various kinds of youkai)

Weapon Mastery (Siren is well beyond a battle genius - able to master the use of war weapons in general regardless of touching them for the first time. Wielding any weapon with Mastery is something that comes as naturally for her as breathing.), Indomitable Will (Her will and ambitions were powerful enough to overwhelm even the Chain Memoria and make it submit to her, accepting Siren as its rightful Master and merging with her.), Genius Intelligence/Information Analysis (Can figure how to use new skills, branches of sorcery and its spells, fighting styles, technologies such as Auratech and otherwise complex abilities to a level beyond the one she sees in use. It goes to the extent where she may learn by so much as hearing some info about it.), Enhanced Senses, Power Nullification (of the Resistance Negation type with Multi-Layered Sorcery/Abilities), likely many others from several battlefields she has been through. | Curse Manipulation (learned how to cast some of Hell's Curses, such as the Mirrored Curse of the Reverse New Moon).

Attack Potency: Large Mountain level (Can generate this much Energy with her Lightning. Superior to Svectral, who could create a Realm containing the High Vagrant's Skyland - a mountain the size of Mt. Olympus.) | Large Island level+ (Much stronger than before, to the point that it is implied she will be more than a match for the party when they clash at a later time.)

Speed: Relativistic (Comparable to Svectral or Donovan, who can react to Gal's light beams.) | Relativistic+ (Far faster than before, should be superior to the Warrior of Ash, who was compared to Gal's light sorcery.)

Lifting Strength: Class T (Stronger than Serpens' wing flap.) | At least Class T

Striking Strength: Large Mountain Class | Large Island Class+

Durability: Large Mountain level (Someone's level of Energeia scales to their defensive capacity, making the person's body as resilient to damage as the destruction their powers can bring.) | Large Island level+ (Far more resilient than before. Self-Sustenance and Regeneration make her hard to kill.)

Range: As far as her eye can see with Sorcery. Tens to hundreds of kilometers with her Aurament (Even the most natural of Lightning can still strike someone when the center of a storm is 10 miles - around 16 Kilometers - away and the skies are blue). Though not yet shown in this story, a Lightning user of Siren's caliber could also create, merge and control entire Supercells made even greater than a normal one.

Stamina: Unknown. Likely to be very high given that she is a bounty hunter who works mostly on her own - this would translate to going on assassination missions and being prepared to fight through several trained bodyguards of important figures overnight. Not to mention getting through well-guarded palaces, traps and even battlefields patrolled by entire military units of other adventurers, if need be. Her Energeia reserves are also formidable even when compared to those around the same level as her. | Inexhaustible.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. Siren is a competent bounty hunter, and despite her young age has surpassed many of those who have been far longer than her out in the battlefields. Generally considered a genius by others in the same line of work, her efficiency is such that most of the time she is hired only by the most influential of figures in the kingdoms OR those pulling strings in the "dark side of it". Was considered by masters/teachers to be the most brilliant student to ever step on the prestigious academy Saya trained in, but also keeps that title in the bounty hunting line of work as a whole. Very knowledgeable in the world's lore and legends, the bestiary/monsters abilities, Auraments fortes and weaknesses. Her experience of turning the tides on entire battlefields precedes her - which is what earned her the Codename Siren: As in-verse, being in her presence soon became compared to being on a ship destined to perish on the rocks upon hearing her voice and singing to the tunes she makes. Stated she "knows the concept of trial and error" but it escapes her mind, meaning the idea of having to actually fail before learning something is borderline foreign to her thought processes. Can learn and master how to use any kind of Skill and Sorcery to a greater degree than the person she sees using, by seeing it once. Spells usually take long and intensive study for each school, sometimes years depending on one's affinity with Energeia; with Sorcery being seen as one of the harder Academic fields she may instantly learn. Figured how to cast Hell Curses by watching Kuzunoha do it against Saya even though she had absolutely no connection to the depths - also did so while under the influence of Aetherys which would mean the formula she created was even more perfect, though it was done on the spot. This along with the fact she had lived far less than the youkai (who had at the very least thousands of years to develop this power) makes such a feat theoretically impossible. Can master the use of weapons in general by handling them once, unveil magical formulas and employ skills that weren't even used against her as long as she hears enough about them. Can and has learned martial arts or complex fields of study in this world in much the same way. All in all, Siren's almost like an incarnation of the systems of merit she has a desire to uphold.


  • None notable.

Key: Base | Post-Memoria

Standard Equipment

  • *Otherwise known as Memoria, the Chains of Fate.
  • Lore 1: This legendary sword once wielded by the Warrior of Ash was given to Lazarus, but it was taken from his hands by the Bounty Hunter not long after that. It used to have a seal - or according to Siren herself - multiple ones that could only be unlocked by the willpower of its owner and the weapon acknowledging them. This was a safeguard to prevent its power from being misused by... Well, someone like Siren.
  • Lore 2: Upon yielding its power to Siren's overwhelming will and ambitions that overcame the opposition of the sword itself, the weapon accepted her as its master despite having been taken from another. Her synchrony with it was such that this singular weapon became as a literal extension of her being.
  • As the Warrior of Ash has put it, the sword holds a special power. It channels the user's will, and gathers Energeia from the world according to it. To quote the man of legend:
That is to say, even if your body won't move for you... When you carry enough will within, the world itself is the one to be moved around the force of your inner strength's nova.
  • The sword replenishes the user's reserves of Energeia in accordance to their will and control over the weapon, indefinitely.
  • With it, Siren also unlocked no less than five other Auraments for her to command: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Flora.

  • Umbram Umbrella - Siren's weapon of choice. Has unknown properties as of now. Was described by the narrative as "more of a spear in disguise", but it's a pretty versatile weapon and can even be used as a shield that simultaneously blocks the opponent's field of vision. It may also disrupt or mask Energeia sensing. This would normally go both ways - normally. For someone like Siren who on top of Energeia sensing can *also* feel the slightest fluctuations in atmosphere and the wind, pressure, electrical currents and potential difference as well as the electricity in the body... Several kinds of physical movement or even power-based activity can be read with ease. Depending on what her opponent plans on doing, their move may outright feel like it was telegraphed before it even started.
  • Indra Dress - Siren's elegant dress. Has unknown properties as of now.

Notable Techniques/Attacks

Lightning Aurament:

  • Siren's innate control is over the element of Lightning. On a more essential level, this Aurament also derives force from the Wind one. The most basic applications allow the user to generate powerful electricity or discharge lightning bolts. It may also cause complete numbing/paralysis in someone.
  • That said, Siren is far from basic. Other than discharging ludicrously powerful lightning bolts at will, she can outright manipulate the weather, calling upon clouds... Forming storms and even supercells if she so desires.
  • Other than that, she may use electricity to pull herself, others or objects at will. She can "ride the lightning" or become as one with it - it is said she reaches and travels between one battlefield to another by transforming herself into a literal lightning form.
  • In the fight against Rickert and Lazarus, it has been shown that she's no stranger to techniques like Body Puppetry (With her Marionette Bolt) either, which is achieved by combining her Aurament with sorcery and making it flow along the currents of One's Energeia itself, attempting a "multi-layered" form of control of the target that goes well beyond the physical level.

Vanquishing Voice:

  • After obtaining the Chain Memoria, Siren's willpower is such that a command from her caused a large number of Youkai to be subjugated to her bidding, as if awakening a primal instinct within them. This was compared to a swarm of insects being unable to resist a Queen's command. The power of this was such that even though Saya was an experienced Bounty Hunter and the order was not directed at her, she still felt compelled to take it until Siren made her be at ease.
  • The narrative said this power can make one's very will null and voided.

Mirrored Curse - Reverse New Moon:

  • A powerful curse that returns to the sender any damage or ill effect the caster has received thus far. It normally has a high cost of Energeia to use and tends to be left as a trump card to take opponents by surprise at later points in a battle. However, with the Chain Memoria in hands this weakness does not exist.

Frenzy of the Damned Dance - Tatarigami's Vengeance:

  • A curse that amplifies the effects of any other ill effect on the opponent many times over. Does not manifest much of anything if used on its own, but is devastating if used in sequence or combination with pretty much anything else.


  • Siren is also said to have a Unique Art of her own. It is unknown as of yet just what it could be.


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

Personal Info

Philosophy of Life: Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus. (Love is rich, with both Honey and Venom). In her case, this is taken to the interpretation that every deed in life is moved by "Love/Desire" in one way or another. It can be love or a desire for a material good or for satisfaction of herself. Whatever happens to be in the way is not considered much - as long as she wants it, she'll have it. All the same, just like "love" leads someone to long for said feelings to be returned, others too long to obtain something and pursue that despite the barriers. Therefore, the many shades of Love are the source of all good and all evil - all the pain and all the pleasure in the world. The most sweet Honey and the most deadly Venom come from the same flowers.

Date of Birth: November 10.

Horoscope/Zodiac: Scorpio.

Birthplace: Unknown.

Hobbies: Seems to enjoy spending money and bounty hunting, as well as collecting rare treasures like jewels, artifacts of legend or even "rare monster drops" (sometimes, capturing the monsters themselves). There are rumors about other... "Obscure" hobbies she may have, however. Could be just something made up over her being a Mistery Genre Enthusiast, though.

Values: Her own ambitions and herself (Siren can be particularly vain), the idea of Meritocracy/Merit-Based Systems.

Likes: Money. To some extent is also a fan of adventurers of legend, like the Warrior of Ash. The fact that there is no shortage of stories being told about her nowadays. Other than that, mostly unknown.

Dislikes: Those who lack will and/or drive, wasted talents - particularly those she considers wasted due to external influences, such as previous stablished ways of society and connections, has an accentuated distaste for not getting what she wants or being denied/rejected (assuming she really wants something).

Eye Color: Teal.

Hair Color: Pale Blonde.

Status: Alive and active.

Affiliation: Herself, normally. Currently being paid to work for the Ur-Shanabi.

Facts about the character

- Her character theme song should sound something like Killer by The Hoosiers.

- There are three themes that I listen to or associate with her appearances in the story so far - Infant Queen Bee from the Umineko soundtrack, Insane Aristocracy from Castlevania and Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill.

- According to Plato, there were three kinds of Sirens in Myth. One of them were the Celestial Ones, who should be under Jupiter/Zeus' orders - as pretty much everyone would know, God of the Sky and Lightning in said myths. This is a somewhat subtle reference, but it's also part of what makes the connection between her codename and Aurament a thing.

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