Yatafusa allows its wielder to resurrect seven corpses to fight by their side.


Necromancy - a number of abilities that allow a character in some way control the bodies and souls of the dead. Also included are a variety of ways, and in the transformation of the living and non-living back (for example, turning people into zombies, or the resurrection of the dead). More powerful users and directly convert the living into the undead, allowing them to bypass conventional durability by turning an opponent into a mindless zombie at the user's control.


  • Manipulation of dead bodies: A kind of manipulation of organic matter, allowing to use the flesh of the dead for the treatment or recovery, and transform it into something else. Also included is the ability to enable and control the undead lifted, to summon the undead in the right place, and even capture control of the undead enemy. In addition it is worth noting that in some cases the necromancer is undead himself what makes him an extremely high level of regeneration and a good level of immortality.
  • Manipulation of souls: A kind of spiritual manipulation, which allows to call the soul of the dead, take them under his control, to instill in various objects and living beings, and if necessary even to absorb increasing or restoring force. In the most advanced cases, the necromancer is able to manipulate not only the souls of the dead, but still alive beings. It is possible, for example by sending the body of the disease, act through the soul, or even kill the victim, through pulled out soul from the body.
  • Control of life and death: Combines elements of the first two types, allowing you to freely transform the living into the undead, or contrary to resurrect the dead. Also it allows pulling the vitality of the victim, weakening or killing it.
  • Black (dark) Magic: Magic that is in any way related to the death. These include all kinds of curses and spells which cause instant death, and various dark rituals, allowing both to summon the dark forces and to raise the undead (or resurrect the dead). Also this magic it includes elements of the first three types of necromancy (for example, allowing you to control the dead flesh).


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