Albino in a white tux with long white hair.

(Except the faces are smiling and there's lots more eyes and smiling mouths all over his body)

(Except the glowing eyes are less circular and more lens shaped, and there's still lots of wings coming off him with every feather having another eye within it)







NACHILLEMORAC, also known as Nach, is a character in the fourth timeline of Everybody Wants to Rule The World. He used to be human but then Omni's successor/murderer Joseph gave him the body, mind and (some) powers of a Shoggoth mixed with a Flying Polyp mixed with SCP-469 mixed with SCP-999. Despite his newfound utterly incomprehensible alien mind, his primary values haven't changed and he's still a nice guy eldritch horror who wants to help people. He re-learnt how to speak English from Silas and has since generally teamed up with him. Silas thinks of him as his younger brother, primarily because of how Nach used Silas's face as a guide on how to look human and thus has a similar facial structure.

Unfortunately at some point he got the power to erase everything inside him while omnipresent, which caused the planet to be erased. He absorbed the remnants and recreated the planet inside him, teleported to the Hungry World and erased / absorbed it and recreated it too until he figured out how to stop expanding, then compressed his omnipresence back into human form. Then he went to the real world... and Joseph promptly made him become omnipresent again, once more erasing the planet. Really really annoyed, he allowed himself to be sealed within his own internal subspace until he could control his powers.

He began synthesising his powers, trying to work out a way to control his erasure, started running through simulations of the earth's history to find a way to give humanity a happy ending, realised he had absorbed Colzin, made a pet project where he tried to rehabilitate Colzin, eventually succeeded, gained control over his erasure powers, was invited to be the best man at Silas's wedding to Irre, realised he still Colzin's non-existence was still going around killing people, fought Colzin briefly, then got sick of it and projected himself up into higher dimensions before crushing Colzin into oblivion with a higher dimensional fist.

Now he's a higher dimensional being compressing itself into a 3D body and all he wants is to be the best man at Silas's wedding.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C | 8-C | High 7-A | High 5-A, higher with 999th Beast, High 3-A via Size manipulation, 1-B via Higher-Dimensional Manipulation | 1-B, eventually became 1-A | Unknown

Name: Real name unknown (when he tried to pronounce his real name without properly learning how to make english / human sounding noises, it came out sounding like "NACHILLEMORAC")

Origin: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Gender: Used to be male, genderless now.

Age: 20

Classification: Eldritch Horror

Powers and Abilities: 

Empathic Manipulation(physical contact with him causes feelings of extreme happiness and contentment), Poison Manipulation and Pain Manipulation (can grow feather hairs that inject the target with a poison that stimulates every pain receptor in their body), Sound Manipulation/Absorption (Absorbs any form of sound and uses it to grow), Size Manipulation (can grow larger in response to sound, can compress his mass to appear smaller), Regeneration (Unknown. He lacks any vital organs or brain to give a Low-Mid or Mid rating, and can presumably regenerate so long as a sufficient level of his mass remains, but it was never revealed how much mass this was. However, he requires sound to grow larger again. Can also rejoin with parts of his body that have been cut off, allowing him to regenerate even without sound as long as he can access the removed body part), Shapeshifting (his entire body is made of a protoplasmic substance that naturally lacks any organs and which he can freely shift into any shape he can imagine, even being able to grow organs and limbs once he has sufficiently analysed them), Flight (can fly, with or without wings), Wind Manipulation (can control large gusts of wind and use them to attack or restrain enemies), Invisibility (is capable of becoming invisible), likely Non-Physical Interaction (can likely interact with beings like himself who are not purely material beings), limited Non-Corporeality (his body is partially immaterial, which significantly dampens the effects of purely material attacks against him. However he cannot move through solid substances), Enhanced Senses (lacks any sensory organs in his natural state and instead perceives the world via a "mental world of impressions" that cannot be blocked by any material substance), Resistance to Mind Manipulation and Possession (his mind is so utterly alien that the Great Race of Yith, who are capable of switching minds with so many species across space-time that they are described as nigh-omniscient, cannot affect his mind. The parasite embodying the power of the Red Universe could not grasp his mind to control it), limited Resistance to Telepathy (due to the alien nature of his mind it is nigh-impossible for mind-readers to understand what they are actually reading), Resistance to Electricity Manipulation (overcame the weakness of the Flying Polyps to certain forms of electricity that could destroy them)

All prior, Immortality (Type 2, can survive being torn to tiny pieces), Regeneration (thanks to his immortality his regeneration is at least Low-High), Fear Manipulation (via Madness of Fear), Madness Manipulation (can worsen the madness within people's minds/souls via touch or the Madness of Fear, or cure it via touch), Telekinesis (can focus his Madness of Fear into a physical force to crush his enemies), Dimensional Travel (can travel too and from the Hungry World, though he requires the mind of someone insane to get there), Mind Absorption (can absorb the insanity or entier minds of others), Illusion Creation (can give others visions of his past), Extrasensory Perception (can sense the location of insanity and perceive the manifestations of people's insanity), Aura (has an aura of "cold" that can drive away the embodiments of insanity that dwell in the Hungry World), limited Fusionism(can merge with certain specific beings by trying to cure them), Weapon Mastery (can skillfully use a variety of weapons), Electricity ManipulationKi ManipulationExplosion ManipulationSoul Manipulation (Can use his own soul wavelength to directly attack one's soul, while dealing damage to that person's internal organs, the Madness of Fear directly awakens the madness within one's soul), Darkness Manipulation (Can weaponize his shadow), Statistics Amplification (can synchronise his soul with the souls of those he has absorbed to increase his speed and strength), Possession (Although he never directly used this, he should have inherited the ability to possess one's soul and mind), Resistance to Soul Manipulation and Possession (Resisted Arachne's effects), Resistance to Madness Manipulation (is fine with absorbing the insanity of others, Nimble Jack can't drive him completely insane), Resistance to Pain Manipulation and Disease Manipulation (feels no pain, never gets sick - not that he probably could get sick in his earlier key), Can harm those outside of logic (Can hurt Colzin, who exists outside of logic, being invulnerable against weapons), Resistance to Life, Blood and Power Absorption (Colzin passively absorbs those, and they weren't affected) and Regeneration Negation (Mid-Godly) (Able to regenerate even after being hit by Colzin)

All prior, improved Absorption (can now absorb the mind, bodies and souls of others, transforming them into "chaos" and storing them within himself as information), Summoning (can summon beasts and those he has absorbed from his chaos), Fusionism (can condense all his absorbed beings and himself into a single creature of great power), Resurrection (can resurrect his beasts as long as they are reabsorbed into him), Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, and 8. Can only be killed if all of the beasts constituting his existence are destroyed before they can return to chaos and be resurrected), Instinctive Reaction (the beasts that form his "body" can defend him from attacks even if he is not himself aware he is under attack), improved Extrasensory Perception (can detect magical energy if he is in "contact" with it such as bounded fields and Gaea's web of magic around Asia) Precognition (can predict the future through mental calculations alone), Blood Manipulation (can release bursts of blood in combat and drain the blood of an entire city), Creation (can manifest the fears of others as physical beings), Information Manipulation (breaks down and stores those he absorbs as pure information, can manifest Malignant Information to attack enemies), Mind Manipulation (can control the minds of others), Duplication (upon "death", he releases spores that can grow into new bodies for him to use), Possession (can manifest within people, turning them into his "receivers" and fully overtake them should they not be defeated by midnight) Reality Warping (can use others as "Receivers", granting them the ability to warp reality with their thoughts. Thanks to his nature as a collective entity, he is capable of independently using the Waaagh, which warps reality to cause things to happen in accordance with his beliefs, such as making a red car go faster because he believes it being red makes it faster, or making structurally unsound devices not fall apart because he believes they won't), Abstract Existence (Type 1. His true nature is an abstract phenomenon with no true form or body, dispersed as bits of spiritual essence all over the world with only "nothing" at their core), Nonexistent Physiology (his true self is something that does not normally exist in any sense, only beginning to exist - and even then only as an abstract phenomena - when the right conditions are met), Physics Manipulation (via Writhing Worldscape, which undoes the physical laws of reality for a large radius around him), Regeneration (Mid-Godly as a phenomena/true self. Even if he is completely destroyed, he will return as long as certain conditions are met. Not even the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception which negate regeneration and resurrection, can destroy him), Resistance to Time Manipulation (TATARI is beyond the laws of time) and Soul Manipulation (his soul has strong spiritual elements, allowing it to avoid returning to Akasha due to the lack of a proper body. Additionally, his soul is no longer entirely present within his body and instead exists in a dispersed "void" state across the planet, making it incredibly difficult to affect), Resistance to Statistics Reduction, Poison Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Can resist Seithr, which is poisonous, can induce addiction and deteriorate bodies, as well as reduce the power of others), Disease Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Memory Manipulation, Attack Reflection (Not affected by Colzin's passives), Conceptual Manipulation (should scale to Yamato and Red Queen who took a hit from Colzin, whose attacks hit in a conceptual level, and weren't affected by it)

All prior on an increased level, Resistance Negation (The longer people are in his presence, the more their resistance to mind manipulation drops. Bansenjin cannot be resisted or opposed by those who fulfil its conditions as by fulfilling these conditions they have implicity cooperated and submitted themselves to it), improved Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8. As he does not truly exist, he is neither alive nor dead. Cannot die unless all other life in the world is also dead, unless all his beasts are killed before they return to him, and unless the concept of darkness is destroyed. Whenever he dies, his being is automatically overwritten with that of the most accurate version of himself from further along or earlier in the timeline, and is even capable of doing this when the timeline has been erased, simply overwriting him with a nonexistent duplicate. Lacks the concept of a lifespan. Type 9 for his higher dimensional projections, as they are simply projections of his lower dimensional self), Creation (can release an infinite amount of Chaos Tide from his "body", which has effects of Corruption {even of inanimate objects and places}, Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Biological Manipulation and Fusionism on those who touch it. The dreams of those who are transformed by Bansenjin give birth to infinite Tatari who protect NACHILLEMORAC), improved Reality Warping (can bring people's dreams into reality and ignore nature, truth and causality of reality to produce effects convenient to himself. Due to having absorbed the minds of every sentient thing on Earth, he can use the Waaagh to an even greater extent), Invulnerability (due to wielding the full Authority of the Mother Goddess Tiamat, he has a bounded field around his "body" that opposes growth and evolution at a conceptual level, granting extreme resistance to any attack or ability created as a course of human history. Can also use the Chaos Tide's Self-Modification function to remodel his own existence and grant invulnerability over all attacks below A+++ rank - which is relative to his own power. Immune to conventional weapons and damage inflicted by the normal laws of physics), Pocket Reality Manipulation (contains an infinite dimension within his body. Bansenjin creates pocket realities outside the multiverse that are his target's "ideal worlds" and BFRs the target's mind there), Transformation (Bansenjin transforms the bodies of those affected into eldritch monstrosities. Can transform people into monsters with the Chaos Tide. Can remodel his own existence with the Chaos Tide), Information Analysis (gains information about anything he absorbs), Space-Time Manipulation (can manipulate space-time to freeze time or teleport), Portal Creation (constantly generates dimensional gaps around his "body" that protect him from harm), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (can project himself into higher or lower levels of existence / dimensions, achieving limited Higher-Dimensional Existence), improved Dimensional Travel (can travel to other universes through "angles" as well as to the higher angled universes before time existed), Smoke Manipulation, improved Nonexistent Physiology (whereas before only his true self did not exist and his manifestations did exist, now even his manifestations do not exist, while his true self has an even deeper level of non-existence), Biological Manipulation (can alter the biology of others with the Chaos Tide. Can "flow" over things he touches, causing various mutations and eventually causing them to shrivel to dust once he leaves), improved Abstract Existence (his nature is now that of a transcendent "pattern" as well as all earth's concepts of darkness), Void Manipulation (he is a void erases anything that "enters" him / he overlaps with, including entire planets, can rip away the concept of darkness movement alone, causing these objects with only yang instead of a balance of yin and yang to collapse into nothingness and vanish), improved Physics Manipulation (after absorbing information on the laws of physics of earth, he was able to recreate these laws by manifesting their information. Absorbed Colzin who possessed the powers of Yu Mi-Ra who had the Kings Body which should give her the ability to manipulate fundamental forces), Subjective Reality (can take on the attributes that he is perceived to have by a majority), Reality Warping, Conceptual Manipulation (as a conceptual being, all his attacks are conceptual in nature), Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation (Can accelerate time at a rate of hundreds of thousands to billions of years per second), Mind Manipulation (Just looking, hearing or reading about his heritage can cause others to go into madness, to the point that they and their future generations are cursed with madness of his existence. His mere presence takes the primal fear of darkness since the Big Bang over the course of the decillions of universes Mercurius has reset up to the year 1944 and shunts it into his opponent's mind, causing them to either go insane, kill themselves, or outright die due to the sudden shock of having all the mental fears implanted into them), Soul Manipulation (Can directly attack the soul, and can cause it to reach its "ending point" by accelerating time), improved Non-Corporeal (for his manifestations. Not only is he something that does not exist, he is also the night itself. If existence is 1, and non-existence is 0, he is a night with a value of 0. To damage him one must be capable of hitting both night and that which does not exist), improved Enhanced Senses (Can feel anything under the darkness. Can track his prey across all of time and space throughout the multiverse and higher or lower dimensions. Has no blind spots and can perceive spiritual, cross-dimensional, and temporal attacks. Can detect others even through use of concealment magic and ), Extrasensory Perception, vastly improved Darkness Manipulation (Controls everything that is darkness and is related to it in the world; ranging from nightzones to the darkness in mans heart and even that of darkness created by [[1]]. Can also cause darkness to occur in places where night has not been created with just his mere movement, turning the area he was previously at to morning and the next to night time. It also so dense that those with enhanced senses and extrasensory perception cannot see through it), Flight, improved Abstract Existence (Type 1; Is darkness itself, born and shaped by humanity thoughts of it and is made of negative concepts that are associated with darkness such as death, war, diseases and much more. His being is composed of decillions of billions of nights), improved Shapeshifting (Can take the form of anything that is related to darkness such as a nachzehrer, vampire, ghouls, etc.), Barrier Creation, Attack Reflection (Can redirect attacks back to his enemies through their shadows), Necromancy (Can infuse corpses with his mystery, allowing him to manipulate them), possesses incredible willpower (can survive for a time after a direct strike from the Longinuzelanze through sheer willpower, albeit will lose all of the mystery of his being and thus all powers related to embodying the night), Poison Manipulation (can use some kind of poison though the specifics are unknown), Acausality (Type 4 - does not actually exist within time or causality. Possesses no beginning nor end, and simply is, disregarding change as a whole), Light Absorption, Energy Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Reactive Evolution and Limited Attack Reflection (after absorbing Colzin he gained a Uho-hou, a passive barrier that adapts to spirits and concepts and as such can influence territories like higher dimensional spiritual defenses and its special nature resides in eliminating weaknesses. It will also redirect attacks out of his blind spots), all of Colzin's powers and resistances (though he isn't aware of it and therefore only "uses" the passives), Resistance, improved Resistance or Immunity to the following; Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (as he does not exist, unless projecting himself there, he lacks an extradimensional construction to be manipulated), Plot Manipulation (immunity: as he does not exist, he does not have a "meta construction", i.e. a place in the story to be manipulated, even in higher dimensions), Matter Manipulation and Energy Manipulation (immunity: above the concepts of Force and Matter), Soul Manipulation (immunity: lacks a soul), Empathic Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Statistics Reduction, Perception Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Chi Manipulation, Absorption, Mind Manipulation, abilities that are more effective against children/adults, Transmutation, Time Manipulation Memory Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, and Light Manipulation, Healing and Regeneration Negation, Existence Erasure/Void Manipulation, and Corruption (Type 3), Power Nullification, Reality Warping, BFR, Information Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Quantum Manipulation, Possession, Duplication, Telepathy, Magic, Body Puppetry, Age Manipulation, Cold, Madness Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Precognition, Information Analysis, Power Mimicry, Power Absorption (Possesses several Ultimate Skills, which render him immune to the powers of any lower skill and cannot normally be stolen, analysed or mimicked. Absorbed Colzin and possesses all his resistances)

All prior on a vastly higher level (all his powers are scaled up to his dimensional level), Multiple Wills (has hundreds of parallel wills operating his powers), improved Conceptual Manipulation (can now absorb and attack concepts directly), Power Modification (Evolution God Dagon allows him to modify powers, abilities and fundamental natures), Reactive Evolution (with Evolution God Dagon being operated by his parallel wills, he constantly improves his abilities and resistances and can update his existence to gain new powers and resistances in order to deal with new encounters, such as gaining the ability to hit Colzin's Void^3 body), Immortality and Regeneration Negation (has the properties of the Mortal Blade which can negate Types 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 and induce death), Power Nullification (Can nullify mind manipulation and illusions with Snap seeds or Lazulite Axe), Magic (Can "perfect" weapons and living beings to become part of the paranormal, which will automatically float around him and cut down desired targets or those who attempt to attack him), Durability Negation (can modify his attacks to cut anything, regardless of it's durability, and can remove all of a target's internal organs on contact), Body Control (Can perfectly control every movement his body makes down to the smallest detail), Speed Amplification (can move as fast as he wants), Limited Empathic Manipulation (anyone who hears him say his catchphrase immediately thinks he's cool, and is compelled to express it), improved Air Manipulation (can produce bladed shockwaves of air. With Divine Abduction he can releases a gust of wind, forcing enemies to turn around if they are caught by it. Those who are caught by it are said to be "spirited away" and never return), Ice Manipulation (Can fire spears of ice and waves of frost at the enemy), Creation (of weapons), Spatial Manipulation (can shrink and extend space as he pleases), Willpower Manipulation (can project his Killing intent as an attack, though he doesn't actually have any), Summoning (Can summon his sword), Resistance Negation (Nightmare's power nullifies all resistances), Statistics Amplification (Nightmarization vastly increases the powers of his attacks), Paralysis Inducement (Can lock himself and the opponent in place through mental pressure), Fire Manipulation (with Flame Vent and other Shinobi tools derived from it), Poison Manipulation (with Sabimaru), Sound Manipulation (with Finger Whistle), Explosion Manipulation (with Firecrackers), Healing (with Healing Gourd and Pellets), Blood Manipulation (with Bloodsmoke and Bestowal Ninjutsu: Allows him to turn the spraying blood of a victim to smoke and wreathe his sword with the victim's blood), Body Puppetry (with Puppeteer Ninjutsu), Statistics Amplification (with Buddhist candies and Spiritfalls, which can amplify both durability and attack power), Blessed (via Mibu balloons, Unseen Aid, Divine Confetti, and probably by Joseph too), Limited Electricity Manipulation (Can redirect lightning), , Summoning (Phantom Kunai summons phantom butterflies when thrown), Power Mimicry (Using Ninpō: Inochi Musubi, he can attach someone's limb to himself and gain their powers and skills. By absorbing an attack he can analyse it, deconstruct it to information, and manifest that information later to use the ability in an attack), Fusionism (can fuse weapons), Minor Causality Manipulation, Duplication (Can grant himself any number of limbs, organs, bodies, atoms or even minds and souls, as the concept of numbers, and by extension, quantity, does not apply to him), Can cut "anything, anywhere" (allows for Empathic Manipulation, Limited Power Nullification, and Mind Manipulation by cutting through emotions, powers and minds), Reality Warping (can cause attacks to disappear and turn pocket realities into marbles. Transformed the statue of anime-liberty back to the statue of liberty.), Probability Manipulation (can cause Grenades to inexplicably be blanks), Attack Reflection (can reflect the force of attacks back into the attack), Law Manipulation (his attacks are a "law of reality" and reality itself will do whatever it takes to ensure that his attacks cannot miss their mark, including the universe literally turning on its axis), Can attack the "core" of a being (Which entails attacking every facet of them and on every level of existence, without exception), Death Manipulation (Can instantly bring any available end to a target instantly, regardless of what said target is, even concepts, and can even indirectly create new ends to use), improved Soul Manipulation and Healing and Regeneration Negation (after absorbing Colzin's Nox Nyctores, Azure Grimoire and Magic, his changes to the soul - including damage - cannot be undone even when reality is warped by multiversal entity), improved Instinctive Reaction, improved Space-Time Manipulation (can consume space-time entirely, can cut through space-time), Higher-Dimensional Existence (a 18462963D being, and could become higher), Resistance to Sealing (even before becoming higher dimensional he was able to break free of the sealing spell placed on him upon updating his existence), improved Resistance to Conceptual Manipulation (Absorbed several Waste Gods who can defend themselves against Ruin style Kantan powers, which destroy concepts), every power wielded by anyone prior to EWTRTW5 within the Everybody Wants to Rule the World omniverse (absorbed the entire omniverse as it existed prior to the beginning of EWTRTW5 and everyone within - what he absorbs, he gains the powers of)

Unknown, possibly everything prior except powers gained by absorbing the entire omniverse and everything within (this event was retconned)

Attack Potency: Street level+ (One joule away from Wall level. Joseph decreed that all who received powers from him would be this strong) | Building level+ (One joule away from Large Building Level) with Compress (hits with enough force to crush an island) | Large Mountain level+ (one Joule from Island level) | Dwarf Star level+ (one joule from Small Star level), higher with 999th Beast (is the fusion of his 666 beasts and every being he has absorbed into one being, each beast is Dwarf Star level and he has also absorbed earth and everything on it), High Universe Level via Size Manipulation (with his infinite speed he was able to grow large enough to absorb the entire Hungry World, which is infinite in size), far higher via Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (depending on what level of existence he projects himself into he can become different degrees of higher dimensional) | Hyperverse level, eventually reached Outerverse level (can gain more dimensions by projecting himself higher and absorbing denizens from higher realms. Eventually reached "the outer limit of true infinity" and "the end of all existence", at which point he absorbed the Council of Omni's, Joseph , Lord English, Lacrima Nolche, as well as everything else within the EWTRTW omniverse) | Unknown (his absorption of the Council of Omni's et al was undone, but it was never implied his power was reduced)

Speed: Supersonic (Baseline. Joseph decreed that all who received powers from him would be this fast) | Massively Hypersonic (Mach 100) | FTL+ (baseline), Pseudo-Omnipresent in his dispersed state (exists as a void soul dispersed across the world) | Infinite, Immeasurable via Bansenjin and Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Bansenjin allows him to ignore causality to make things convenient to himself, which should allow similar feats to Amakasu Masahiko who could boost his speed to the point that he could ignore causality and arrive at his destination before he left. By projecting himself on higher levels of existence he could potentially move along higher temporal dimensions) | Infinite with Immeasurable reaction speeds, Up to Irrelevant (although he is keeping himself constrained in a lower dimensional body currently, his mind is still higher dimensional and he could raise himself back up at any point. Eventually raised himself to the point that he devoured the Council of Omnis, Joseph, and Lord English before they could react to him) | Unknown

Lifting Strength: At least Above Average Human level (can easily restrain normal people), Likely higher when larger (was able to slow a car enough for normal humans to get out of the way, but the timeframe is unknown) | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Immeasurable, eventually became Irrelevant | Unknown

Striking Strength: Street Class | Building Class I Large Mountain Class | Dwarf Star Class, higher with 999th Beast, High Universe Level via Size Manipulation, Hyperverse Class via Higher-Dimensional Manipulation | Hyperverse Class, eventually became Outerverse Class | Unknown

Durability: Street level+ | Building level+ Large Mountain level+ | Multiverse level+ (can endure endless universes being created and destroyed around him), Hyperverse level via Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (by projecting himself into higher levels of reality he could potentially achieve even higher levels of durability) | Hyperverse Level, eventually became Outerverse level | Unknown

Stamina: Immense, potentially limitless. | Immense, potentially limitless | Immense and potentially limitless physically speaking, but due to limited magical energy he can only manifest as TATARI for a single night. | Limitless. Not only can he produce a limitless amount of True Ether for magical power, he can outright ignore the need for magical energy with Turn Null and is physically untiring. | Limitless | Unknown

Range: Dozens of meters | Dozens of metres with most abilities. Planetary with Madness of Fear | Same as before, but also Planetary if he achieves his unbound state | Dozens of metres with most abilities, planetary with others, universal via size manipulation, Multiversal, far higher with Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (able to project himself between universes and into vast multitudes of higher levels of existence) | Hyperversal, Outerversal over time (eventually reached the Council of Omnis who resided at the outer limits of true infinity, a place beyond the infinite-dimensional Makai and dimensionless deep Warp)

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Fairly high. Worked out how to grow organs and re-learnt human speech very quickly. | Genius, can accurately predict possible futures via mental calculations alone | Genius | Genius, likely Supergenius. | Supergenius, up to Nigh-Omniscient if he let himself become omnipresent again. | Unknown

Weaknesses: Can't grow larger if there is no noise present. | Same as prior. Can die if he overuses his contact based madness manipulation. | If his current physical form is killed, he will be reverted to a phenomena and need to wait for the right conditions to occur before he can physically manifest again (albeit he can still use some of his other abilities) | Can't physically touch objects in higher levels of existence (although he can still use various other non-physical abilities as several of his hax are able to affect things seemingly regardless of their level of existence). | None notable

Key: Base (First Power Set) | Madness of Fear (Second Power Set) | Night of the Beast King (Third Power Set) | Hollow World (Fourth Power Set) | Post-Ascension Pre-Retcon | Post-Ascension Post-Retcon

Notable Powers:

Eldritch Biology: Nach has the physiology of a Flying Polyp mixed with a shoggoth's shapeshifting powers, mixed with an angel that absorbs sound to grow, which results in his natural state being a formless, partially-immaterial blob that can change into any shape he can imagine, as well as being able to grow organs and body parts to use for communication. Additionally, his partially-immaterial nature makes him incredibly difficult to damage via conventional physical means - he was even able to "not be completely obliterated" by Colzin's Hungry World manifestation striking his tentacle with a slash that cleaved through the infinite Hungry World (though the tentacle was still cut in half). He is also capable of growing feathers that can inject others with a powerful neurotoxin, a single hair's worth of which is capable of stimulating every pain sensor in the victim's body. However, he has never used this in combat. Happy Touch: Nach can gives others a strong sense of eupohoria, happiness and contentment through physical contact with them. Given prolonged touch, this can even cure things like PTSD and depression. Wind Manipulation: Although rarely used, Nach is capable of manipulating wind to attack or restrain others.

Cold: Nach is capable of either increasing or curing the madness in others through contact with them, "heating" their minds or "cooling" them. He also radiates an aura of "cold" that can drive away embodiments of insanity, "ruining the climate" for them and making it inhospitable. The Hungry World: Nach is capable of travelling to the Hungry World, an infinitely large twisted alternate plane of existence where the minds of all sentient beings reside in physical form - forms that can be twisted to alter the mind of the victim. In order to travel there, he needs to touch the head of someone who is insane (excluding himself), but he can return to the normal world on his own. He typically prefers to use this in combat, travelling to the Hungry World where he can both make full use of his power without threatening innocent lives. The Madness of Fear: Nach's soul and alien mind are imbued with a madness wavelength that enables him to influence the minds and souls of other with feelings of absolute terror. When unrestrained, Nach passively radiates this wavelength over the entire planet, awakening the madness deep within the souls of both the living and the dead. Even while sealed, it is capable of inflicting those near him with terrifying hallucinations and driving them to suicide. The Madness of Fear can twist others minds into Nach's agents, coalesce into Clowns, drive the very landscape mad with fear, and even be focused into a physical force that can crush Nach's targets. Making use of his madness manipulation, Nach constantly weakens his Madness of Fear, reducing it to a level where it is unable to affect those around him. However, he does make use of its powers in some cases, generally in the empty places of the Hungry World where the radiating madness cannot affect those around him, typically using it to crush his enemies with physical force, or spawn clowns to aid him. Nach is also capable of projecting the entirety of his madness wavelength into other's souls via physical strikes, generally causing heart attacks or brain dead as fear overwhelms them.

  • Clowns: Clowns are the embodiments of madness and the physical manifestation of fear, manifesting out of madness in areas aflicte. They are just as strong as Nach himself, and as long as they are within the aura of his Madness of Fear they can duplicate and regenerate indefinitely. They are also capable of infecting others with his madness themselves, and merging together to boost their overall power.

Lair of the Beast King: One of Nach's Reality Marble. This allows him to absorb other creatures and merge his existence with their own, transforming them into "Chaos", which he can then control. As opposed to other Reality Marbles, which are imposed on the world, Nach only contains his within his own body, thus avoiding the World's corrective impulses and allowing him to use it theoretically indefinitely, as long as he regularly consumes humans to fuel his magical energy. His body can be likened to a primordial sea of chaos, effectively a world of its own. It has no form, meaning, or direction, and is constantly changing. The chaos takes the form of a black, tar-like substance. He can use it to absorb others, spread it over the ground to trap them, and can otherwise manipulate it as he pleases. It is made up of the 666 beasts that Nach has absorbed into his being, each one of which is an extension of him. His beasts include members of the Phantasmal Species, such as unicorns and even a low-ranking dragon. His beasts can take the form of any animal on Earth when he releases them, and not even he is completely sure what beasts he'll release upon the world. Nach can condense all his beasts into a single form that acts as the ultimate expression of his strength, the 999th Beast. If a beast is killed, it simply returns to the chaos within Nach and is reformed. Normal attacks are meaningless against him, and to destroy him, all 666 of his beasts and his own life must be taken at once. TATARI: TATARI is one of Nach's Reality Marbles, which allows for the manifestation of a region's rumors and fears as physical entities. Unlike a normal Reality Marble, which is an inner reality with a set form separate from the outside world, TATARI takes its form from nearby humans and applies it to the surrounding area. As it is still a Reality Marble, its contents are still separate from the world around it despite their apparent integration, and as an anomaly in the World, it will eventually be crushed by it once Nach runs out of magical energy to maintain it. Thus when physically manifesting via TATARI, Nach is limited to a single night of manifestation before the Reality Marble - and thus himself - is crushed by the World. However, no matter how thoroughly erased from the World, TATARI/NACH will return once the right conditions are met. In this key, Nach still maintains a "physical" (albeit not entirely corporeal) body which is what he acts through, possessing similar but greater powers to his last key. However, his true nature has become that of the abstract phenomena TATARI, an abnormal existence with "nothing" at its core, something that cannot normally be said to truly exist in any sense, and even if his physical body is destroyed he will return once the right conditions are met for the phenomena to occur, becoming "something that exists" once more. Even if TATARI/NACH is killed by something like the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception stabbing his Ultimate Point, something which should erase his existence and negate all resurrection and regeneration, he will stil return once the conditions for TATARI to exist are met. However, even while he is a non-existent phenomena, TATARI/NACH is still capable of influencing the world. The madness wavelength within his soul (which is dispersed across the planet) is capable of inciting fear in those it touches, assisting in bringing about the conditions for his return. He is capable of possessing the minds and souls of others and having them act as his receivers, again in order to bring about the conditions for his return. Finally, he is capable of wielding the power of his other Reality Marble Lair of the Beast King even while dispersed across the world, allowing him to summon beasts from thin air to act in his stead or attack his foes. He is capable of wielding many of the powers of TATARI directly, utilising powers such as:

  • Malignant Information: TATARI/NACH gives itself form using "Malignant Information", the gathered rumors, urban legends, and fears of an area. These rumors must be somewhat isolated to a single area while still circulating within that area, with TATARI/NACH manifestations usually occurring in small, isolated villages. Preferably, these rumors must have a basis in reality, as they will be easier to create a form from, although once manifested TATARI/NACH is capable of shapeshifting into any form he desires. There must be witnesses of these rumors within the area as well, though merely as little as knowing the basis of the rumor is enough. Once all conditions are met and the rumor collects enough momentum, the probability of it becoming TATARI rapidly arises until a certain point, at which TATARI appears and brings all of the rumor into reality, spreading from one person to another.
    • Bad News: Actualizing his Malignant Information physically through magical energy, Nach slashes with it at his opponents.
    • Night on the Blood Liar: Nach compresses Malignant Information into a rapidly swirling torrent of virtual information of such force that it can affect the real world and drain blood from the humans of an entire city.
    • Replicant Coordinator: TATARI can create Malignant Copies from the Malignant Information it has gathered, giving them form. If the basis of the rumor is a living thing, it will imitate them, possess them, and transform into them. They may take on the will of the original being - though skewed to meet the specifications of the rumor - or they may act as a combination of the original and TATARI. While they still act familiarly with those they were close to in life, they can also switch to their true forms as TATARI's copies, utilize its knowledge and mannerisms. If the fears it manifests as copies only stem from one person, they cannot be fully conceptualized and are thus much weaker, making even a being as strong as a Dead Apostle Ancestor a much smaller threat. TATARI has limits to what it can manifest, and cannot manifest the full power of an Arcueid who has given into her bloodlust due to her immense strength. Those with extreme strength can also manifest with their own will and self-awareness (albeit still skewed towards the rumor's specifications).
    • Receivers: TATARI can manifest within others and use them as "antennae" for its abilities, causing them to gather rumors from their surroundings but also greatly empowering them, granting them supernatural abilities and altering the world based on their own thoughts, turning someone as weak as Miyako into an incredibly strong and skilled martial artist and transforming Kohaku into a brilliant mad scientist. If they are not defeated by midnight, this Receiver will fully become TATARI/NACH.
Memory Partition: The ability of the alchemists of Atlas. Through this power, Nach can process multiple different thoughts at once and can predict the future through sheer intelligence and mental calculations. Thought Acceleration: The main magecraft of Atlas alchemists. It is fairly simple in function, merely speeding up the thought processes of its user by a considerable amount, allowing them to effectively use Memory Partition to its full potential. Writhing Worldscape: When activated, the natural world revolts at Nach's presence, the very ground writhing and shaking as the physical laws of reality are undone. Waaagh: Due to his Orkish connection to the Warp, Nach has the power to to alter reality to a degree to make true what he believes is true. For example, if he thought a red car would go faster than a blue car because it was red, it would. Although it would normally require a vast horde of Orks to alter reality like this, Nach's existence as a collective being formed from 666 beasts allows him to use the Waaagh singlehandedly.

Void God Azathoth: NACHILLEMORAC's primary Ultimate Skill, created as a result of synthesizing Wisdom Lord Raphael, Gluttony King Beelzebub, Storm King Veldora, and Scorch King Velgrynd. Although both Storm King Veldora and Scorch King Velgrynd used, only some certain skills are inherited from them. This Ultimate Skill power revolves around Time-Space Manipulation, Absorption, and Void. Its sub-skills (including the sub-skills of its components) are the following :

  • Soul Consumption: An ability that allows NACHILLEMORAC to consume his targets down to their souls. Although he was already capable of this, possession of this skill bolsters the strength of his absorption further. MACHILLEMORAC also gains information about whatever he's consumed, such as the consumed materials' inherent properties and abilities. It's also possible to "store" the thing he eats in his "stomach" rather than outright consuming them completely.
  • Turn Null (Nothingness Collapse): By harnessing the power of a chaotic, nuclear dimension, NACHILLEMORAC can bypass the need for mana when using magic while also increasing the potency of his spells exponentially. This energy is in fact the primordial energy which was used to create the several parallel worlds that exist, however at this point NACHILLEMORAC has yet to accumulate enough Turn Null to achieve such a scale of power.
  • Imaginary Room: An ability that was made to confine and isolate the target within a separate dimension. This dimension is actually somehow "inside" NACHILLEMORAC, and is infinite in size. NACHILLEMORAC manifests Earth and its duplicates which he was forced to absorb within this space, as well as the infinite Hungry World.
  • Space-Time Control: An ability that let NACHILLEMORAC manipulate space-time to a degree, allowing him to accomplish feats such as instantaneous teleportation and stopping for roughly 30 minutes. This skill also allows NACHILLEMORAC to move within stopped time, rendering time stopping abilities useless against him.
  • Multi-Dimensional Barrier: NACHILLEMORAC constantly generates multi-layered barriers that make use of dimensional gaps to protect him from incoming harm, BFRing attacks to other universes without touching him.
  • True Dragon Core Transformation: The ability to manifest the power of Veldora's or Velgrynd's core into a blade-like weapon with their consent, condensing the entirety of their spiritual power to launch a vectorized energy blast. It requires Veldora's/Velgrynd's consent to release its full power, which means NACHILLEMORAC can't actually use this skill as he does not have these beings absorbed.
  • Thought Acceleration: Sub-skill of Wisdom King Raphael which is a part of Void God Azathoth. Vastly improves NACHILLEMORAC's previous Thought Acceleration abilities, allowing him to accelerate his thought processes by over ten million times, allowing him to react to attacks and formulate strategies far more quickly than he would be normally able to.
  • Stomach: The ability to store his absorbed targets in a warped space. Original form of Imaginary Room.
  • Soul Eater: The ability to completely consume souls and convert them into power. Originally a component of Soul Consumption.
  • Absorption: NACHILLEMORAC's absorption abilities are vastly greater than before, allowing him to absorb attacks millions of times beyond his durability. Originally a component of Soul Consumption.
Analysis and Judgment: This ability improves NACHILLEMORAC's capacity to analyze and make judgments regarding a target.
  • Parallel Processing: An ability to detach thoughts and analyze multiple things simultaneously without time lag.
  • Chant Annulment: Due to this ability, NACHILLEMORAC does not need to chant to cast magic.
  • All of Creation: An ability that allows NACHILLERMORAC to comprehend any non-concealed phenomenon. In addition, it improves his analytical abilities to the point that it is nearly impossible for him to analyze his surroundings incorrectly and eliminating the risks of his analysis backfiring on him. This ability bolsters his already incredible senses further.
  • Cloning: NACHILLEMORAC can create a clone of himself that can operate within a kilometer of the original. This is a superfluous skill because he can already duplicate himself and control the duplicates at much greater range.
Nega-Saver: The skill of one who brings peace and happiness to the entire world, but took the wrong path to do so. Within NACHILLEMORAC's presence, the special passive skills of anyone recognized as a saint or enlightened one are negated and all resistance to his mind manipulation plummets when within his presence. In addition, the effectiveness of all skills that bolster his powers increases dramatically. Potnia Theron: Womb of a Thousand Monsters The name for the Divine Authority of an Earth Mother Goddess who turned against humanity after becoming unnecessary. In this case, the Authority of Tiamat. Grants the following abilities:
  • High Speed Regeneration: The power of the goddess who is the source of all life. Possessing this Authority increases regenerative powers. In NACHILLEMORAC's case, he regenerates faster than ever.
  • Chaos Tide: Originally known as the Sea of Life, a Personal Skill that expresses the Divine Authority of Tiamat as "the Sea From Which Life Itself is Sprung". The Sea cycles the True Ether of the Genesis of Earth and grants NACHILLEMORAC an unlimited supply of Magical Energy within the boundaries of its domain (and he is its domain). The substance of the Sea of Life is a Black Mud that acts to remodel souls, fundamentally remaking any organism that enters unto the Sea into a "Child of Tiamat" that bears an arbitrary selection of the following skills: Self-Modification (personal transformation, normally into Lahmu), Environmental Modification (warping of the environment), Environmental Fusion (fusing with the environment - the environment being the Chaos Tide), and Unit Mitosis (duplication and regeneration). Upon emergence from the Mud, the Children of Tiamat are imposed with a cellular-level Geis, making them into NACHILLEMORAC's slaves and rendering them as enemies of humanity. As NACHILLEMORAC loves humanity, he does not use this function of the Chaos Tide.
  • Nega-Genesis: A Skill representing the rejection of humanity's growth and evolutionary course by the mother who wishes them to remain her children. It is expressed as a Conceptual Bounded Field that rejects the evolutionary course and the Genesis of the Earth expressed within the proper continuity of the History of Man, consequently offering a significant resistance against any attack created within the course of human history.
  • Self-Modification: A Skill that permits NACHILLEMORAC to modify his own existence by use of the Black Mud of the Sea of Life. With this ability he can alter his nature to grow new limbs such as wings or transform into a draconic creature - all things he is already capable of doing, and thus largely irrlevant. However it's most important function is that he can alter his nature to significantly increase his strength, and grant himself invulnerability against all attacks below A+++ rank (relative to his normal durability, which is A rank - in other words an attack must be at least 3 times stronger than his durability or else it is nullified).
Bansenjin: Perhaps NACHILLERMORAC's most directly dangerous ability. Bansenjin can be used to bring people’s dreams into reality and allow NACHILLEMORAC to act as the "author", completely ignoring the nature, truth and causality of reality to produce effects convenient to himself. It can also be applied as a Forced Cooperation ability, and its activation focus is for the targets to have dreams and goals. "I want to live a normal life", "I want to die", "I want my beloved to be happy", "I want to destroy the world", etc. No matter what the reason is, if a living being has goals and pursues a future of that, that is enough to fulfill the conditions of activation. As a Forced Cooperation ability, it is impossible for the target to oppose, because by fulfilling its activation condition, they themselves have "signed the contract for the activation", cooperated in triggering the ability and must submit to its effects, unable to destroy it, nullify it, or resist it. Even if the target was able to twist the laws of the universe and destroy the world, the effect of Bansenjin will still persist. Its effect as a Forced Cooperation ability are simple. It sends the targets' mind/s outside of reality where they can live in their "ideal world", a pocket dimension created just for them, free of pain and hardships. In reality, their bodies are transformed into twisted eldritch abominations who blindly work and play around NACHILLEMORAC with trumpets and drums in a manner not dissimilar to that of the Ultimate Gods in the Cthulhu mythos. The dreams of those trapped then give birth to infinite Tatari, who protect those dreams with NACHILLEMORAC as their King. Dimensional Projection/Shifting: NACHILLEMORAC is capable of projecting and shifting himself between higher and lower dimensions / levels of existence. Although he is only able to physically affect levels of existence lower than his own (becoming completely intangible in higher dimensions), he is capable of draining the essence from victims and leaving them dried husks, using Hypnosis on them, or even dragging them down to lower levels of existence to feed on their mind, bodies and souls. Given that Dimensional Shamblers are capable of hypnotizing and feeding on victims from "vast multitudes of higher layers of existence" without any individual victim from a lower layer than another being instantly drained, it appears that this hypnosis and dimensional dragging are either scaled up to whatever dimensional level NACHILLEMORAC is projecting himself to, or ignores the number of dimensions of its victims entirely. Angled Movement: NACHILLEMORAC can move through angles, allowing him to essentially teleport between anywhere there are angles of up to 120 degrees. He can even use this ability to cross between universes and even access the transcendent angled realm from before the curved universe existed. Subjective Existence: NACHILLEMORAC can take on the attributes and concepts that he is perceived to have by a majority, allowing him to take on new powers as he is believed to have them. Darkness Embodiment: NACHILLEMORAC is darkness itself. All darkness throughout this world is a part of his body, even metaphorical darkness such as "the darkness in your heart" or "dark thoughts". He is capable of using the nights that make up his being in a variety of ways to attack, such as shaping his nights into constructs to attack, reflecting attacks by teleporting them through the shadows, making enemies feel the fear of night, or accelerating time by forcibly passing nights (12 hours each) over his target.
  • Jaws of Darkness: Darkens his surroundings and transforms this darkness into countless jaws to bite and tear at his foes. Even if the attack is avoided, NACHILLEMORAC can even transform the shadows of his enemies into jaws to devour them from where they contact their shadow.
  • Yin and Yang Collapse: A phenomenon triggered just from his mere movements. NACHILLEMORAC is all the darkness in this world, no matter where or when, be it the darkness inside one's heart or the darkness from past and future. All this darkness is simply a part of his body. Therefore, when he moves, darkness itself moves with him. It shifts its position and direction to where he's heading as if it is a living being, independent of existing light sources, even that of the sun, moon and stars. Darkness tears free of its natural place, and as there is no light to fill the void where the darkness has gone, these places become an "emptiness" where neither light nor shadow reigns and vanish. However, he generally keeps this ability turned off, leaving darkness in its natural place so as not to destroy the entire world by moving.
  • Pressure of Darkness: NACHILLEMORAC is darkness itself, and he carries with him the primal fear that all diurnal beings fear towards the dark. Even a single night is quite unsettling to the bravest human walking within, and NACHILLEMORAC's body contains countless aeons worth of nights, every night to have ever passed or that ever will pass, from the birth to the death of the universe. Those around him will feel this cumulative fear of the night, their diurnal instincts welling up within them multiplied hundreds of billions of decillions of times over. This can cause victims to go insane, kill themselves, or simply die from the overwhelming feeling. Even those who survive are left with nightmares and curses for the future generation, and even knowing of NACHILLEMORAC's existence can drive one mad from fear.
  • Gloria Virtutem Tamquam Umbra Sequitur (Glory Follows Bravery as if It Were Its Shadow): NACHILLEMORAC's takes an attack from the enemy and returns it back to them moments later through their shadow. This can deflect torrents of fire and lightning and even large scale attacks with massive area of effect damage, and it is as easy to NACHILLEMORAC as inhaling and exhaling.
  • Magna Voluisse Magnum (Great Ones Have Wished for Greatness): NACHILLEMORAC manipulates the shadows to darken the skies as far as the eyes can see, where he then sends it crashing down on whatever it hits.
  • Nihili Est Qui Nihil Amat (Nothing Is That Which Nothing Loves): NACHILLEMORAC binds his targets inside multiple spheres of night, which appear around the target as fast as the target can destroy them in an attempt to escape. These layers are separated from each other, so they must be destroyed one at a time. Not only that, but this prison compresses itself until it crushes anything inside it. NACHILLERMORAC can also move the cage and send it elsewhere, essentially removing the target from the battlefield.
  • Nihil Difficile Amanti (Nothing Is Difficult For a Lover): NACHILLEMORAC summons a pentagram that rotates, forcibly passing nights (12 hours) over everything within. As each of these nights (12 hours) pass, the same amount of time passes for everything within the pentagram. So many nights pass over the pentagram at once that thousands of years will pass every second at merely its initial activation, before quickly accelerating to pass hundreds of billions of years per second, causing everything within to age and decay to dust, even affecting the souls of those within. The ability is also kept permanently active around him when in battle, aging any incoming attack to dust before it can reach him.
Colzin's Powers: NACHILLEMORAC absorbed Colzin and so wields his powers and resistances. However he didn't realise it at the time so he only has access to the passives, which are:
  • Duplication: "Six: The concept of numbers does not apply to Colzin." With this trait. he was capable of instantly creating an army of clones to attack the party. Each clone is the real one, so all must be killed at the same time in order to actually die. Unfortunately, despite this being a "passive" power, NACHILLEMORAC must still choose to use its duplication, so all it gives him now is resistance to mathematics manipulation.
  • Bound Atoms: "Eight: Colzin's atoms are tightly bound, and may not be moved by outside forces." With this trait, he was capable of resisting Anaril's telekinesis, which should've ripped him apart at the molecular level. It's kinda useless to NACH who doesn't have atoms at this point.
  • Godhood: "Ten: Colzin is God." While the exact effects of this trait are not entirely known, it allowed him to completely body the entire party all at once, with only Michael's Almighty Attacks even affecting him, until he was splashed with his Hungry World manefestations "blood."
  • Absolute-ness: "Eleven: Colzin is absolute." The effects of this trait, as with "Godhood," are mostly unknown, but didn't save him from the blood of his Hungry World Manifestation. It is likely some for of invulnerability, as Edens Black Keys instantly broke on contact with his shadow and Michaels Balmung was completely ineffectual.
  • Ashes to Ashes: "Twelve: Colzin is like a phoenix, and will always reappear stronger than before, even if completely and utterly slain." A trait somehow created post-mortem, and was the reason that he wasn't permenantly killed while "God." The effect is self-explanitory.
  • Becoming the Blade: "Thirteen: Anything that Colzin does is, instead, the "slashing" of a desired target, whether this be punching or merely glaring." With this trait, Colzin can merely glare at or breathe on someone and they will be "slashed" by Hakutō Hari. This even applies to other weapons, as Colzin could throw a rock at someone and it still be treated as them being "slashed." This trait was removed post Evolution God Dagon.
  • Truth: "Fourteen: Colzin's strikes are a law of reality, and may not be dodged, countered, or resisted." With this trait, Colzin's attacks become completely unable to be defended against. Any measures are taken to ensure this, from simply removing all directions but those facing his attack to moving the entire universe around him and his target.
  • Severing: "Fifthteen: Colzin's strikes sever anything and everything." With this trait, Colzin's strikes land neither on a mental, spiritual, or conceptual level, but on the very core of one's being, the abstraction of "them" and every facet of them without exception. His blows cut even things such as lifespans, luck, time and space, dimensions, differences in statistics, laws, fate, boundaries, and distance, with even those being only a meager selection of examples.
  • Enhanced Shockwaves: "Sixteen: The shockwaves produced by Colzin's Hakutō Hari explode the elements between them and the target, severing the universe in twain." With this trait, Hakutō Hari's shockwaves become akin to a metaphysical black hole, annihilating everything in it's path. Space explodes in it's wake, concepts colide and annihilate each other, like antimatter and matter, acting like a metaphysical black hole that consumes everything and quickly severing the whole of the universe and everything associated with it.
  • Endbringing: "Seventeen: Colzin's mere presense, along with any want to kill a target, quickly brings one to their inevitable end." With this trait, Colzin may easily kill foes who could somehow survive his other abilities by bringing any end available to them instantly. Due to his abilities, he can even indirectly create new ends for a target.
  • Eternity: "Eighteen: Colzin possesses no beginning nor end, and simply is, disregarding change as a whole." With this trait, Colzin becomes immune to paradoxes and most precoginitive abilities, as well as extremely difficult to harm in any way, shape, or form.
  • Precognition: "Nineteen: The future and all the uncountably infinite possibilities of any instant roll away before Colzin, revealing their secrets." With this trait, Colzin is capable of percieving every possible outcome of any action at any point in time, with this even viewing infinite parallel worlds. This even functions on it's own revealed actions, with every action shown also showing all of the possibilities that result from it. Somehow, NACHILLEMORAC hasn't used this, probably because at the time it was passively gained, he was in a non-existent place where natural time and possibility technically did not exist.
  • Information Analysis: Due to his high detection skill Colzin can detect the combat prowess and skills of those he looks at)

Terror Lord Nyarlathotep: The result of synthesising the Madness of Fear with the Pressure of Darkness and Malignent Information. The addition of the pressure to the madness vastly increases the strength of the madness wavelength. At this point, the levels of fear are so great that the soul will be outright extinguished, spontaneously collapsing under the weight of terror. As the fear is a natural instinctual reaction that simply strengthens the madness already present in the soul, it can bypass some degree of resistance. Furthermore, the clowns that manifest from the fear have becom non-existent conceptual beings in and of themselves, and now manifest with decillions of times the quantity they once had, regenerate far faster, and can infect others with fear far easier, and can now take on the forms of anything associated with the fear of the dark, ranging from zombies to witches to vampires, and gain the the scariest attributes of the worst fear of whoever they face. This even allows them to gain new abilities if their target fears facing these abilities.

  • Nightmare God Nyarlathotep: The Evolution of Terror Lord Nyarlathotep due to synthesising it with Bansenjin. At this point, the terror emanated is so strong that it drives reality itself insane, randomly warping the world around NACHILLEMORAC, causing space to twist and tear apart and structures to randomly transmute to entirely new and alien substances. Furthermore, the clowns generated are now Waste Gods, non-corporeal, non-existent gods generated from the darkest depths of human dreams, and are generated infinitely in number.
Devouring God Abhoth: The Ultimate Skill that is the result of merging the following; Soul Consumption, Absorption, Space-Time Control, Lair of the Beast King, TATARI, Bansenjin, Conceptual Attacks, Nihil Difficile, Mind Absorption. This skill is the ultimate absorption skill, allowing it to absorb practically anything, including matter, souls, minds, space, time, dreams, information, concepts, non-existence and more. Other abilities were later added to it including the functions of Fusionism, Ninpō: Inochi Musubi, Wewelsburg Longinus and Ego Sword, further strengthening its absorption abilities. Blissful God Hynos: The result of synthesising the Madness of Fear, the Happy Touch, and “Cold” powers. The ability allows NACHILLEMORAC to project a planetary aura (or focus the power on a single target) of general euphoria and contentment that cures irregularities in the mind such as PTSD, depression, and various types of insanity. When turned all the way to max power, it can cure anything NACHILLEMORAC considers to be a "deviance" in the mind, such as the desire to kill, anger, sadness, etc. Evolution God Dagon: The result of synthesising Colzin's S@ik1 KAzU with Self Modification with Malignant Information with Shapeshifting with Dimensional Shifting with Subjective Reality. This is the skill revolving around the free modification and alteration of an individual’s existence (or non-existence), the ability to change their attributes and abilities. Ability modification, synthesis, or even removal are all possible. Even the addition or removal of concepts can be achieved. The skill was later upgraded to include Void God Azathoth's synthesis ability. This ability is primarily used by one of NACHILLEMORAC's Parallel Wills to facilitate the constant strengthening of his powers and abilities and the addition and/or upgrading of resistances to anything that affects him. Other Parallel Wills are constantly set about the task of integrating NACHILLEMORAC's other powers with each other to strengthen them significantly and merge their functions. Unreachable God YHVH: The ultimate defensive skill. It is the result of combining concept existence, two sets of Non-existent physiology, shadow existence, immaterial existence, dream existence, existing outside of logic, alien mind, dimensional barriers, uho-hou, spatial intangibility, ability inversion, alternate overwrite, attack reflection, shadow reflection, shadows aging, lower dimensionality, higher dimensionality, paradoxical existence, invulnerability, absoluteness, immutability, absorption and all his other defensive abilities into a single ability. In essence, it makes NACHILLERMORAC practically invincible, as the enemy must have an individual ability to bypass every single defense if they wish to affect him. Incomprehensible God Cthulhu: Technically not actually a skill. The result of Evolution God Dagon merging his invisibility with the attribute of incomprehensibility of his alien mind with the resistance to information analysis of his ultimate skills with his resistance to precognition with the curse of madness caused by the Pressure of Darkness, the darkness of his being that nullifies Enhanced Senses and Extrasensory Perception, and finally removed the very concept of "comprehensible” from him. As a result, NACHILLEMORAC is utterly incomprehensible, heavily resistant to information analysis, clairvoyance, precognition, extrasensory perception, and various other abilities involving seeing and understanding him, and attempting to understand him through these defenses can result in madness. He created a human shell around himself specifically so that he could still normally interact with people. As a result he appears human on first look / sense.


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