Muliphein is one of the 12 high old ones under the provision of the nocturnal majesty. As a high old one, Muliphein is an unimaginable powerful, abstract and transcendent lifeform, and an eldritch warlord who holds domain over countless lesser representatives of his species. As a testament to Mulipheins power, he holds the appellation of the most efficacious and competent of the 12 high old ones, and it is because of this fathomless strength that he also holds the sobriquet of the right hand man of the nocturnal majesty himself, as he who is the most trustworthy and mighty of the 12 high old ones. Muliphein is primarily a knightly, warlord-like figure who is the captain commander of the vast armies which have been amassed under the adjuration of the nocturnal majesty, easily the most deadly and destructive member of the 12 high old ones.



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