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"Generals... I do not usually call for such a meeting but sometimes we must be aware. The world of Remnant. Earth itself is rising up. They're getting stronger and more powerful by the second. The time for gathering negativity passively is over. I believe that the humans are becoming threatening. Threatening enough to finally become a challenge to us. You can all do as you please, as long as you organize what you all plan to do. But if you in any way lead back any of them towards our home, I shall personally eradicate you from existing. Disobey me and I will toss you to the empty. Humanity has finally grown its fangs. Whether or not we could milk the despair out of their unfettered hope, or if they would keel over and die just like that, we will finally see. But for now... calm yourselves... We have planning to do."
~ Salem speaking to all her Generals as the time for the invasion approaches.

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"This is so not fair!! Salem why are you the only one who gets to try out those fun things!? Don't you know it's hard to keep a reign over here!? All the Grimm Generals are aching for a fight and what are you doing having fun there!? Tch, I know it's a vacation and all for you but is this really observing the humans for what they can do? On whether or not they're becoming threatening? You're just eating burgers! Not to mention the Generals here are getting rowdy! Come back here already if you're done scoping around! Geez!! And don't label me as annoying brat on your phone!!"
~ Mother speaking to Salem through her connection

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The Grimm needs to be lead by a powerful being. For such dangerous beings both in number and level of power and capabilities, to control them all and make them behave is a feat that is worthy of the gods and beyond them. To avoid all the usurpers who want to take her power. To be powerful enough to be even respected by the strongest monsters and Grimm. This can only be done by someone who created them. The Mother of All Things is that very being. Her true name is Salem and is thus called that.

She is the one who will bring about destruction to everyone.

Appearance and Personality

Mother is incredibly regal and fancy. Matching her charisma she exudes a sense of royalty and is not afraid to show off. Her pride makes it so that she always shows her best outfit choosing to look as much as a leader as possible. Her outfit exerts how much she believes herself to be above many yet shows a sense of civility and intelligence that no other Grimm woudl typically have. Long white hair has shown her age and experience.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Name: Mother of all Things, Salem, Mother

Origin: Golden Dragon Fist

Gender: Female

Age: Millenias

Classification: Grimm, Mage

Date of Birth:

  • Zodiac/Horoscope:




Likes: The Reapers, her Children, Grimm, Salem

Dislikes: Hope, Light, Humanity, Non-Grimm beings

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: White

Hobbies: Managing her home

Values: Grimness

Martial Status: Single?

Status: Alive and Undead at the same time

Affiliation: Grimm

Previous Affiliation: Magisterium


Combat Statistics

Tier: Unknown |

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics (Was able to crush a Grimm Ursa into a cup with her bare hands), Enhanced Senses (Could detect numerous attacks from her allies. Can sense invisible beings), Death Manipulation (Could cause death to an immortal Grimm. Said Grimm who's aware of their own limits fears such an attack), Durability Negation, Means to bypass Regeneration Negation (Induced death to MATE's cousin, who can regenerate from having particles spread through 4-D space) Precognition (As a high-level Grimm, she understands the style of precognition), Astral Projection (Can project herself onto another plane of existence. Often in a chibi fashion), Immunity to Precognition (Due to her presence as a Mother she is completely unrecognizable by any prophecy or precognition ability)

Attack Potency: Unknown |

Speed: Unknown |

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown |

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Up to the moon, likely longer. Was the one that turned one of the moons of Remnant into the fractured state that it is. Multi-universal to Cross-universal. Could travel across planes of existence but avoids doing so.

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: Incredibly wise. Very proficient in the dark arts.

Weaknesses: The less negative the world is, the weaker she gets.




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