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コメント さくせいちゅう


MissingNo. is a dual Bird/Normal-type Glitch Pokémon from the first generation. Unlike other Glitch Pokémon, it is not only easy to encounter but also the only one whose name contains only regular letters. This makes it the most well-known glitch Pokémon.

There exists actually 39 different kinds of MissingNo. 36 of those are considered the regular form of MissingNo. and resemble a glitchy reversed L. The last 3 are the "Special MissingNo.", represented by a skeletal Aerodactyl, a skeletal Kabutops and the ghost Marowak found in Lavender Town. While the 36 regular MissingNo. possesses set characteristics, the characteristics of the Special MissingNo. are taken from the last Pokémon in the player's party.

In Pokémon Yellow, MissingNo. works a bit differently. Its regular form is replaced with a yellow one taking cues from Pikachu's color palette. It is a dual Normal/999-type Pokémon. This version is not as safe as the Red and Blue version, and it is known to crash the game more often.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-A. Likely 2-C through crash | Varies, 8-A to 5-B. Likely 2-C through crash

Name: MissingNo., Pokémon 000

Origin: Pokémon Glitches

Gender: Unknown

Age: Varies

Classification: Glitch Pokémon, ??? Pokémon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reality Warping (Passively causes reality around it to warp in various ways. This can include data being corrupted, objects being duplicated or beings getting scrambled and destroyed from its very presence), Duplication (Can cause beings around it to duplicate and the number of certain items to increase to 128), Data Manipulation (Can alter the data of the game in various ways, such as erasing in-game data or modifying its own health bar as to display letters instead of numbers, preventing it from going down to zero), Invisibility (Can turn beings invisible), Information Manipulation, limited Nonexistent Physiology (Type 1, possibly 2. MissingNo. exists as the absence of data for a nonexistent pokémon species. All of its characteristics except for its name are derived from this void attempting to use incompatible data around it to fill it. While this data is materialized in a physical form and can be attacked by anyone, MissingNo.'s true self remains unreachable, due to lacking one in the first place. Its true level of nonexistence is not clear, but as it does not exist in the very data of the game itself, it should be beyond the game's narrative idea of not existing), limited Abstract Existence (Type 1. It is large than data about its existence would allow, meaning part of its body exists purely as information, overwriting parts of the data that rules over reality), Shapeshifting (Can take many different forms), Power Mimicry (The Special MissingNo. can take the abilities and statistics of a pokémon in the party), Void Manipulation (Can cause the entire game to crash), Water Manipulation, Non-Physical Interaction, potentially: Air Manipulation, Statistics Amplification (Can increase its own stats such as attack), Poison Manipulation (Can inflict an ever-increasing into enemies), Ice Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement (Can inflict status effects such as poison of freezing), Martial Arts, Electricity Manipulation, Earth Manipulation (Can force earthquakes), Telekinesis, Energy Manipulation, Teleportation, Healing (Can heal itself), Flight through TMs | Same as before, can potentially possess the ability of any Generation 1 Pokémon

Attack Potency: At least Mountain level+ (Possesses an attack stat of 136, making it comparable to the likes of Tyranitar). Likely Low Multiverse level through crash (Can cause the game to crash, which destroys the current iteration of reality. This crash should be similar in scope to crashes in future games, which can destroy multiple universes) | Varies, Multi-City Block level+ to Planet level (The Special MissingNo. can copy the stats of any pokémon, including pokémon like Ratata or even Mewtwo). Likely Low Multiverse level through crash (Can cause the game to crash, which destroys the current iteration of reality. This crash should be similar in scope to crashes in future games, which can destroy multiple universes)

Speed: Relativistic+ (Comparable to fully evolved Pokémon capable of dodging Solar Beam) | Varies, Massively Hypersonic+ to Massively FTL+ (The Special MissingNo. can copy the stats of any pokémon, up to and including Mewtwo)

Lifting Strength: Class 100 | Varies, Class 25 to Class 100, Class Z through Telekinesis

Striking Strength: At least Mountain Class+ | Varies, Multi-City Block Class+ to Planet Class

Durability: Unknown (MissingNo. has effectively infinite HP, as its health is rendered in letters and other symbols instead of numbers, making it impossible to go down to zero)

Stamina: Endless

Range: Tens of meters, tens of kilometers with most attacks, low multiversal with crash | Varies, hundreds of meters to planetary with projectiles and abilities, low multiversal with teleportation and crash

Standard Equipment: Carbos

Intelligence: Unknown (It's not shown acting on its own, but it might gain the intelligence of other Pokémon such as Mewtwo in its Special forms)

Standard Tactics: Unknown

Weaknesses: Crashing the game presumably kills MissingNo. as well, lacks control over most of its abilities, weak against Fighting-type moves | Varies


-Can crash the game, effectively destroying the game world

Key: Red & Blue/Yellow | Special MissingNo. (Ghost, Aerodactyl, and Kabutops)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-Glitch Abilities

  • Duplication: One of MissingNo.'s most useful aspects is its ability to duplicate items. A specific item in one's inventory will have its number increased to 128 instantly. In an unrelated glitch, it can passively cause certain beings to randomly duplicate around it.
  • Sprite Glitch: MissingNo. causes severe issues with graphics when it appears. This can lead to characters being duplicated as stated above, but it can also cause sprites to be scrambled or shredded just from its sheer presence.
  • Crash: MissingNo. appearing before an enemy has a chance to cause the game to crash. This effectively destroys the game world, forcing the player to load a previous state of the game. MissingNo. itself isn't immune to this effect, however.
  • Health Bar: MissingNo.'s health bar is rendered through non-numerical symbols. This essentially means that defeating MissingNo. through regular attacks is impossible, as its health bar will never reach zero and instead simply scroll through different characters.
  • Glitch Physiology: As a glitch, MissingNo. does not exist as a regular being. Instead, it is a manifestation of the absence of data on a particular Pokémon. When this Pokémon is forced to appear, it takes a variety of pieces of incompatible information in its surroundings and forces them to become its characteristics. As a result, MissingNo.'s true self lacks any characteristics whatsoever and is simply a vacuum of identity. As this nonexistence is on the level of the data of the game, it is beyond the notions of existence and nonexistence present strictly within the world of the game.

-Base Moves:

  • Water Gun: The user projects water at the enemy to damage them.
  • Sky Attack: The user charges up energy, before unleashing a devastating strike at the enemy. This attack has a chance to stun the enemy and has a higher chance to hit vital points.
  • Pay Day: The user throws money at the enemy.
  • Bind: The user coils around the target to damage them continually.

-TM Moves:

  • Mega Punch: The user throws a strong yet inaccurate punch.
  • Razor Wind: The user charges up before slashing the opponent with sharp winds.
  • Swords Dance: A status move that doubles the user's attack.
  • Mega Kick: The user throws a strong yet inaccurate kick.
  • Toxic: The user poisons the opponent, causing them to get afflicted with an increasingly more powerful poison.
  • Take Down: A strong move causing recoil damage on the user.
  • Double-Edge: An even stronger move causing recoil damage to the user.
  • Bubblebeam: The user shoots concentrated bubbles at the enemy, with a chance to reduce their speed.
  • Ice Beam: A beam of cold that has a chance to freeze the enemy solid.
  • Blizzard: A gust of cold wind that hits all enemies and has a chance to freeze the enemy solid.
  • Submission: A strong physical move that deals recoil damage to the user.
  • Seismic Toss: A fighting-type move that deals a fixed amount of damage.
  • Rage: An attack that deals a constantly increasing amount of damage at the cost of forcing the user to only use this move.
  • Thunder: A strong electric attack with a chance to paralyze with low accuracy.
  • Earthquake: A skill that provokes an earthquake.
  • Fissure: The user opens up the earth and crushes the opponent flat within it. It will automatically defeat even beings on par with the user.
  • Psychic: The user attacks the target with a telekinetic blast, possibly lowering their defense against projectiles.
  • Teleport: A simple teleportation technique.
  • Rest: The user falls asleep, healing themselves to full health.
  • Thunder Wave: The user lets out small electric waves to paralyze the opponent.
  • Tri-Attack: The user unleashes three orbs of energy, with a chance to burn, paralyze or freeze respectively.
  • Substitute: The user creates a temporary clone of themselves in order to take a few hits at the cost of some health.
  • Cut: The user cuts.
  • Fly: The user flies up in the air and then strike the opponent down from the sky.



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