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~Miko is very...umm...special, to say the least. She may not seem tough at first, but she'll absolutely kick your ass in a sparring match! Intellectually speaking, I haven't beaten her once at Symulus -- and I consistently ranked first in the academy!~


~Kevin Jettison on Miko

~If humanity is to spread its influence throughout the stars, it requires a capable means of self-defense; the Paracybite Program is to be the pinnacle of that defense.~

~Miko Illumina


Miko Illumina is one of the Main Female Protagonists of CYBERAI. She is the director of the Cyberai Organization and an Esper of absurdly high levels of genius. With a verified IQ of well over 250,000, she is one of the most intelligent sapient beings to have ever lived. Miko acts as a mentor figure to Amelia Eliterra.



Born in secret in the glorious city state of New Ascendria - at the time a Military Dictatorship under the command of Governor General Steil Kast -- Miko, alongside her older brother, Kentaro, was raised by a Military Scientist father and a Mixed Martial Artist mother. While their father was out designing powerful and innovative weapons of war, their mother would personally tutor the siblings in multiple forms of martial artistry, including techniques that were normally forbidden to civilians.

When he was home, Miko's father noticed that she took an extreme, and even obsessive interest in science and mathematics. He would teach her what he could, and lend her some of his research notes and encyclopedias when he left for work. Picking up every single detail and learning at an abnormal rate, Miko was able to build and engineer her own creations at the age of 5, which were mostly computers and toys- but occasionally dangerous weapons. Upon discovering the "arsenal" her daughter assembled, her mother had to take the research notes away- although she let Miko keep the encyclopedias and textbooks.

As the years passed, Miko's brother began to show signs of ESP ability, which was deeply troubling for the family, as Espers were forbidden from residing in or around territories of the Ascendrian Empire. Miko - now 10 years old - exhibited milder symptoms, but at the time they weren't significant enough to worry about. Things took a turn for the worse when the military issued a notice of war and drafted anyone who was at least 16; her brother was 16. When Miko woke up the next morning, Kentaro had already left. For the rest of that year, she was silent. After her 11th birthday, Miko had completely mastered telepathy. Not only that, but she could read the minds of others, and oftentimes didn't like what she found. Soon enough, her brother had returned from combat with tales of an isolated land that possessed vast resources. Miko became intrigued with Ken's findings, begging her parents to quit their jobs and move there, which they obviously couldn't do considering the military's stance on defectors.

Roughly four years passed; realizing that the only way for her to travel was to join up with the military, Miko applied for a job as a scientist - much like her father. Impressing her colleagues with a vast knowledge of technology and biology, she quickly climbed through the ranks and became head of the Ascendrian Biotech Division, which allowed her free reign over most decisions made by the Military Science Committee. Miko traveled to the Bushido Isles, near what was once North America. Setting up a base of operations at the exact center of the largest landmass -- Ronin Island -- she began work on what would become the focus of innovation for years to come: the creation of artificial life.

By the time she received orders to start an Ascendrian colony on the island, Miko was well-prepared for the workload that awaited her. To assist with these orders, she was given an adviser -- Kevin Jettison -- a combat veteran who had previously fought in the Neo-Ascendrian War alongside her brother. Together, Miko and Kevin laid out plans for what would become the Gene Engine. Upon its' construction, the creation of the first artificial lifeforms was already underway.

Appearance and Personality

(Work in progress)

Miko is a young woman in her twenties, who nearly always rocks a twin tail hairstyle (Granted, she has been known to let it down on special occasions). She normally wears a plastoid-armored trenchcoat/dress hybrid with heeled combat boots and shoulder pauldrons of the same material (all in black); yet switches it out for a monochrome laboratory uniform during her work hours. During special occasions, she wears fitted dresses and two-inch heels -- usually in various shades of medium to dark blue.

She has a committed personality with a keen sense of urgency and awareness. While deemed rude and sloppy by peers (often leaving half-finished coffee cups and candy wrappers strewn across her work space), she's actually quite the workaholic. Miko never seems to be fatigued, even if everyone else is absolutely burned out -- which could be the cause of her controversial behavior and mannerisms. She'll put on a facade of cheeriness when she's stressed out or on edge (similar to a school teacher), which is often the case during important tests, emergencies and experiments. However, she's far from overcome by these emotions.

Miko is contrarian by nature, repeatedly struggling to prevent herself from starting arguments with others. She demands respect from whomever she speaks to, even when talking to common delinquents and higher powers. She doesn't take bad attitude or remarks from anyone; this was most apparent when she instigated a fight with Ronin Island's Ancient Guardian, Izeryth -- calling her out over her small stature and large ego. The aforementioned action reveals Miko to be a possible hypocrite, as her own egocentrism was even greater than Izeryth’s.

Despite her feisty nature, Miko is far from selfish. Much like her older brother and parents before her, she does whatever she can to help others -- albeit in her own, mostly behind-the-scenes way. She prefers to assist her allies through technology and outside help, rather than risk losing her scientific progress by leaving the laboratory; only when the situation is most dire does she stray onto the battlefield.

Miko is obsessed with personal hygiene, and ensures that she bathes regularly (at least twice a day); this conflicts with her seemingly messy working habits, but while she doesn't care as much about her environment, she'll make an exception when it comes to her own cleanliness. Her self-hygienic obsession is at a level where she can tell if someone else has showered recently upon first sight.

Representing a fine line between social and reclusive behavior, Miko frequently locks herself away from others, yet is always unafraid to initiate a conversation whenever she encounters someone.

One of the many dangers of Miko’s mentality is her possible tendency to become sadistic when performing experiments; she isn’t aware of it on a conscious level, but her scientific curiosity quickly becomes an issue on a moral level should she be enabled by others.

Personal Stats

Date Of Birth: 10023

Birthplace: New Ascendria, Southeast Asia

Weight: 110 Lbs

Height: 5'4"

Likes: Technology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Milk Chocolate, Coffee, Hard Candy, Her Co-Workers, Her Students, Herself

Dislikes: Hand Writing (prefers to use a Computer or Telekinesis), Laziness, Insubordination, White Chocolate, Skim Milk, Artificial Sweeteners, Cough Drops

Eye Color: True Blue

Hair Color: Ocean Blue

Chirality: Ambidextrous (left-dominant)

Hobbies: Experimenting, Advanced Science, protecting Neo-Earth, Martial Arts, Reading, Using Technology

Values: Life will always find a way. Protect what you value.

Marital status: Married to her job

Status: Alive and active as a scientist, formerly deceased

Affiliation: Neo-Earth, the Cyberai Organization

Previous affiliations: Ascendrian Military

Alignment: Lawful Good


Color identity: Blue

Theme music: STARSET — Telepathic

Powers and Abilities

Tier: At least 9-C by herself, Variable w/ weaponry and prep time | Variable: Usually 5-B, up to 4-C at the very least, likely High 4-C | 2-C

Name: Miko Illumina

Origin: CYBERAI (Verse)

Gender: Female

Age: 22 - 27

Classification: Neonite Esper

Powers: Master martial artist (Knows pretty much every form of martial art), Supergenius, Precognition, Information Manipulation, Complete information analysis, Organ Manipulation, Bone Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Technology Manipulation, Mind Reading, Life Manipulation w/ Technology, Matter Manipulation w/ Technology, Physics Manipulation w/ Technology, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Mathematics Manipulation, Weapon Mastery (Well-trained with melee weaponry and firearms, can hold her own against Metallum Automatons, can master a weapon instantly with Psychometry), Resistance to any form of Magic (When she was attacked with a corruption spell by the Demigoddess Izeryth, Miko used her mind to dispel the magical energy), Notable Resistance to Reality Warping, Immortality (Type 1) as an Esper, One Hit Kill with Ronin Palm Strike and Kino Mind Cut | Everything before to a much greater degree, can utilize all previous abilities without technology, Telekinesis, Psychometry, Telepathy, Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Energy Manipulation / Blasts, Energy Projection, Berserk Mode (When an awakened esper experiences severe emotional distress, their powers and stamina increase exponentially), Earth Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Acid Manipulation, True Flight, Vacuum Immunity, Weather Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Pressure Manipulation, Extreme Resistance to Disease.

Attack Potency: Street Level+ (Can fight off black belt martial artists and large animals with ease) | Variable, Normally Planet Level (Can casually affect planets and planet sized objects with her Esper abilities), up to at least Star Level, likely Large Star Level (Should be equivalent or superior to Kamikira) | Multi-Universe Level (Easily wrecked Vinra during their battle, and even managed to give Chromosyne a hard time.)

Speed: Superhuman, possibly Subsonic (Considered abnormally fast for a Neonite) with Massively Hypersonic+ reactions | Massively FTL+ (Considered the fastest Esper in recorded history, can traverse galaxies in seconds), at least Massively FTL+ when she's serious; likely Infinite attack, processing, and reaction speed | Infinite (Completely blitzed Vinra and kept pace with a mid-power Chromosyne.)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human+ (Can lift and throw large boulders.) | Stellar (Can move the weight of a star equivalent to the Sun.) | Infinite (Stated and then proved that with enough inner strength, she could move any object or group of objects in any universe.)

Striking Strength: Street Class+ (Can smash solid concrete) | Variable, Normally Planet Class, up to at least Star Class, likely Large Star Class | Universal+

Durability: Wall Level (Can take the strongest blows from black belt martial artists, angry animals and even boulders.) | at least Star Level, likely Large Star Level (Should be equivalent or superior to Kamikira) | Multi-Universe Level (Stated that Vinra's strongest attacks merely tickled her, and that Chromosyne's normal level attacks were "too weak" to kill her.)

Stamina: Very High / Extremely High | Near Limitless

Range: Standard Melee Range, higher w/ Weaponry | Stellar with direct attacks (Equivalent to Kamikira), likely Limitless with Esper Abilities

Intelligence: Extremely High (Considered to be a Supergenius)


  • Occasionally vulnerable to Psychological Warfare.
  • Miko is rather prudish and easily offended.
  • Has very bipolar self-confidence.
  • Extremely Picky.
  • Emotional stability is vital for control over her Esper abilities (regulating her strength and ensuring that she doesn't destroy everything in her path).
  • Miko is very insistent on her beliefs and achieving her goals.

Note: Before discovering her Esper powers, Miko could only utilize superhuman abilities with technology and genetic modification. She can both access and relieve herself of any powers at will. * Exceptions to this were her Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Mind Reading, Information Manipulation, Telepathy, Precognition and Psychometry abilities. Post Awakening, Miko's Durability is always at least Star Level.

KEY: Normal | Esperlady | True Power / Anima Immoderatus

Notable Attacks and Techniques

( Major WIP )

  • Ronin Palm Strike - An attack of blunt ESP force that allows Miko to completely shut down an opponent's bodily functions -- effectively killing them. She is capable of lessening the force of this move so that it merely renders a foe unconscious. The strike has proven to be effective even against mechanoids and automatons.
  • Kino Mind Cut - A far superior version of the RPS that allows Miko to conceptually sever the connection between mind and body on a metaphysical level, which can effectively incapacitate beings that would normally be indestructible.
  • Effect Multiplier - An active technique that allows Miko to do extra damage the more hits she lands on an opponent. The waves of ESP flowing from each attack greatly destabilize the enemy's abilities, causing future attacks and defenses to either backfire or just not work at all.
  • (TBA)

Statistical Feats

  • Mastered Long Distance Telepathy and Clairvoyance, among numerous other abilities, by the age of 3.
  • Learned high-level mathematical science and built weapons from regular materials at the age of 5.
  • Is easily capable of pinpointing the exact center of any space or object, no matter how abstract.
  • Was taught mixed martial arts from a very young age.
  • Fought and defeated trained soldiers at the age of 11.
  • Used her Esper abilities to target and explode a neuron located at the exact center of an Ascendrian General's brain, causing him to die of internal hemorrhaging; she was the same age as the feat listed directly above. At this moment she'd felt a twinge of sadistic curiosity alongside her anger --which is why she decided on destroying a single cell instead of just exploding him outright.
  • Created the Cyberai Organization, acting as the sole brainchild for its' hierarchy, inner workings, and all of its developments. Vice Administrator Jettison merely oversees the completion of the Organization's projects so that Miko can focus on more immediate tasks.
  • Singlehandedly masterminded the design specs for all of Ronin Island's inner and outer defenses. The entire island was virtually impregnable by all but the most powerful threats. She'd bulked up her own personal forces within the Cyberai Organization and amassed such an influence that she could effectively dominate any and all bargains with her contractors.
  • Wiped the entirety of Metallum's first wave forces out with the swipe of a hand during their first invasion of the Bushido Isles. At the time, this surprised even her, as she had never done anything on that scale before. Later on in the battle, Miko attempts to rely less on her followers and more on her own abilities --even though her attempts at triggering the power she'd felt earlier proved futile.
  • (TBA)




  • Miko is based off of Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid and Fubuki + Tatsumaki from One Punch Man; her character is also influenced by both Kei and possibly Tetsuo from Akira.
  • Miko gives off the same social vibe as Haruhi Suzumiya in that she’s always domineering and in control, although she’s much less blatantly obnoxious.
  • Despite her notable eccentricities, Miko is an extremely attentive character; in fact, she's even more focused than pre-awakening Ark.
  • Miko experiences the most development of any character in the story, sans Ark himself.


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