After Father and the Archangels disappeared, the Seraphim thought that they could take control. They thought that once I was out of the way that little old gentle me won't come looking for revenge? They were wrong. And thanks to you my little naive seraph friend. I can finally take the revenge that I've dreamed of for so long.
~ Metatron


Metatron is the first Angel to be created by God after the Archangels making her the eldest Angel. She is hailed by her fellow angels as the most powerful angel to ever exist. Metatron was one of the people God had considered to take the throne of Heaven should he ever retire. Metatron is a Seraph and the older twin sister of Samael. She was also the creator and transcriber of the Word of God. Metatron remained neutral during the Holy War and preferred to keep as many innocent beings out of it.

After the Holy War, Heaven entered the Civil War and she took no part in it instead of writing down God’s Word. After the Holy War, the Seraphim and their allies blamed her for God’s disappearance and the leaving of the Archangels and banished her from Heaven. She is the wife of the Prime Demon, Satan, and the mother of Liliana. She is the main antagonist of the Heavenly Fall Arc.




Metatron has been described as one of the most beautiful angels in Heaven. She has a slender, but curvy figure. Metatron possesses waist-length silver hair and her bangs cover her right eye. Her eyes are bright, cobalt blue that turns into a bright amber orange when using her powers. In this form, she has six massive white wings.

In the past, Metatron in her human form looked much like how she currently looks. She had short red hair.

With all the Tablets, her eyes turn into a bright orange-gold with a triskelion symbol.

In her true form, she is a massive humanoid being. She has twelve wings and a bright light that covers her face.



Combat Statistics

Tier: 4-A | 2-A with the Divine Key: Keter | Low 1-A with the Origin Key: Da'at

Classification: Angel, Seraph, Scribe | "God"

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 3), Regeneration (Low-Godly; Even if the entirety of her form has been destroyed down to the last shred of matter, she can reform herself from her Grace alone albeit over a period of several hours.), Extrasensory Perception (Supernatural beings can perceive supernatural events and beings.), Clairvoyance (Possesses the ability to remotely view any unawarded location in Assiah.), Flight, Light Manipulation, Information Analysis (Metatron can take small bits of information from her opponent or the situation at hand and run through several hundred or even thousand scenarios inside her head, allowing her to plan for nearly any situation at hand or learn nearly everything about the person she is speaking to.), Enochian Magic, Genius Intelligence, Social Influencing (Her shy demeanor holds and conceals an extremely influential and charming angel. She can sway people to her side by speaking, possessing a pull in her voice that compels others to follow her.), Non-Corporeal, Telekinesis (Sent Adrian flying with a wave of her hand.), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3) via Logos Ex Nihilo, Limited Transduality (Type 2; As the Highest Seraph and the First Angel created after the Archangels, Metatron transcends the Space-Time of Assiah.), Astral Manipulation (As the current ruler of Heaven, Metatron can bend and manipulate all seven of its levels to her will.), Soul Manipulation (Prevented a soul from entering Heaven. Completely obliterated the soul of the Prophet Daniel from existence.), Existence Erasure, Time Manipulation (Created a time bubble around herself and Cassiel in Heaven. Heaven is said to be free from the concept of Time.), Space-Time Manipulation and Reality Warping (Altered the very dimensions of Assiah within her motel room, making it larger than it was.), Subjective Reality (Placed Ruby and Adrian into an alternate pocket reality of her own creation that mimicked the current world but without the existence of the Supernatural.), Power Bestowal (In exchange for new pieces of information or stories, Metatron can grant Longevity to those who bring her something worth her attention.), Empathic Manipulation (Metatron was able to put Ciara at ease when they met.), Attack Reflection (Reflected Envierna's spells), Vector Manipulation (Can control vectors to speed up her attacks as well as enhance her speed.), Mind Manipulation (Subtly influenced an entire group of homeless people to assault and kill a man.), Memory Manipulation (Metatron was able to erase Cassiel's memories of their most recent meeting.), BFR (Teleported Cassiel away after rendering her mortal by extracting her Angelic Grace.), Forcefield Creation (Can create light barriers capable of containing a supernova that can wipe out several star systems.), Power Nullification (Negated Ruby's New World Singularity with the snap of her fingers.), Healing (Can heal herself and others.), Durability Negation (Her power, Logos, allows her to attack her opponents by targeting their concept, rewriting aspects of their reality by simply willing wounds into existence.), Creation via Logos Ex Nihilo (Can force her will into reality and create matter and energy from nothing.), Holy Manipulation (Can manipulate "divine" energy like other angels, allowing them to perform acts such as smite demons and other beings.), Earth Manipulation (Caused an earthquake with her arrival.), Weather Manipulation (Metatron can cause extreme storms capable of wiping out all life on Earth.), Information Manipulation and Mathematics Manipulation via Tetragammaton (Tetragammton allows Metatron to access the "interface" of reality, allowing her to alter the "source code" of the area she is in temporarily), Non-Physical Interaction, Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2; Angels do not need to eat and are capable of breathing within a vaccuum.), Possession (Often times in order to maintain anonymity, Angels often possess humans or monsters.), Master Swordswoman, Master Hand to Hand Combatant

All previous abilities to a greater extent, Acausality (Type 4; Type 4; Wielders of Divine Keys are beyond the Book of Trogool, who can no longer determine nor predict their fates. They are essentially free from the concept of Destiny itself), Void Manipulation (As the wielder of Keter, Metatron is capable of manipulating empty space-time like a fluid), Subjective Reality (Metatron can convert her body and objects she wields into Negative Space. As the only known wielder of Keter, she has mastered it to the point where she can convert Time itself from real time into imaginary time via wick rotations), Portal Creation, Enhanced Conceptual Manipulation

All previous powers drastically enhanced (With the Origin Key, Metatron was stated by Eternity to be in a constant state of existential evolution, undergoing the process of Tikun in which she ascended through the descending chain of worlds and would have eventually reached the Adam Kadmon and possibly the Ein Sof had Cassiel and Claire not severed her source of power), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Existence (While wielding the Origin Key, Metatron ascended to a new level of existence, no longer bound by the shackles of Assiah. She became a being whose very existence was on par with the Dusanyans and the Cosmic Entities, perhaps even superior to them.), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Law Manipulation, Perception Manipulation (With the Origin Key, Metatron was able to alter the perception of all the angels cast out of Heaven into picking sides.), Plot Manipulation (Wrote out events as if she was writing a book), Immortality (Type 4, 8 and 9; Even if her soul has been destroyed and erased from all existence, Metatron will keep coming back so long as Origin Key remains intact), Regeneration (High-Godly), Nigh-Invulnerability, Immunity to Angelic Weaknesses, Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, and Fate Manipulation

Magic (Angels and Demons are naturally more resistant to Magic. Shouldn't be weaker than Cassiel who was able to survive an onslaught of Magical Attacks from several high-level witches.), Darkness Manipulation (Broke through Ruby's tendrils), Matter Manipulation (Macro-Quantic; Belphegor attempted to turn Metatron into a bloody mist but failed. Can survive Shiva's Third Eye which destroys matter at a macro-quantic level.), Vector Manipulation (Overcame Belphegor's attempts at redirecting her attacks.), Power Absorption and Absorption (Resisted a Leviathan's attempts at absorbing her entire body into their own even after the Leviathan was able to slay several Gods and gain their powers by consuming them.), Telekinesis (Walked through Lilith's telekinetic grip albeit slowly.), Biological Manipulation and Disease Manipulation (Is an incorporeal being and is technically not biological therefore she has no biological components to control nor infect.), Elemental Manipulation (Shiva's Holy Flames of Purity which incinerated Kamadeva in Mind and Soul was only able to burn Metatron.), Radiation Manipulation (Can take a full gamma ray burst to the face without suffering any adverse effects.), Soul Manipulation (Angels have no souls.), Telepathy (Crushed Belphegor's attempts at entering her mind.), Death Manipulation (Teysara was incapable of killing her even after she stabbed her with her Scythe. Reaper Scythes are capable of inducing death on their targets, bypassing even the death resistance of Death Deities such as Mot, who was given power by Maveth himself to rule over souls.), Sense Manipulation (Paimon attempted to blind her much to his failure.), Transmutation (Envierna's polymorph spell merely bounced off her. Metatron called her attempts at transfiguration child's play.), Mind Manipulation (Resisted the attempts of Affection to sway and control her mind, stating that she was subjected to more powerful mind torture when she was trained by Lucifer.), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), BFR (Multiple God-Class Banishment seals are required to banish her.), Time Stop (Can move inside a time-frozen world as well as dispel it.), Spatial Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation (Resisted Dagda's attempts at crushing her will.)

Attack Potency: Multi-Solar System Level (Is the strongest of the Ten Seraphim to ever exist. Lilith feared a confrontation with her as she was not sure that she could even win, even with her Shevirat Ha-Kelim. Defeated Poseidon during his attempt to court her as well as Beelzebub, though the latter intended to lose.) | Multiverse Level+ (With the Divine Key: Keter, Metatron was able to fight on par with Lilith, who fully unleashed the Partzufim of her Divine Key: Netzach. Their battle nearly ripped apart Beriah had Lilith not retreated due to Metatron's overwhelming power and skill with the key)| Low Outerverse Level (Equal to or possibly greater in power to the Cosmic Entities. She no-selled Eternity's attacks while the Cosmic God distracted her. Stated that she now had the power to unmake all of Creation by dissolving the Adam Kadmon back into the dimensionless infinity of the Ein Sof.)

Speed: FTL with FTL reactions (Could circle the Earth before her image leaves your eye. Attacks reached the edge of the solar system in a few seconds.) Higher with Hax | Immeasurable | Irrelevant while wielding The Origin Key

Lifting Strength: Class Z| Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Multi-Solar System Class | Multiversal+ | Low Outerversal

Durability: Multi-Solar System Level | Multiverse Level+ | Low Outerverse Level

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless

Range: Standard Melee Range to Extended Melee Range with Keter | Interplanetary to Interstellar with Attacks | Low Multiversal with Teleportation | Low Outerversal while possessing The Origin Key

Standard Equipment:

  • Divine Key: Keter
  • Origin Key: Da'at

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Seraphim Physiology: Born as the highest class of Angel, Metatron is one of the most powerful beings in Heaven and in Creation with her power being able to match the Chief Gods in combat. Like other Seraphs, she possesses six pairs of wings and a massive halo behind her head that glows brightly in the sun. As a Seraph, Metatron possesses an extremely destructive form that she has to keep sealed away for fear of incinerating everything around her just by being there. Humans and other beings with the exception of powerful monsters, Prophets, powerful humans, and Gods are capable of perceiving her form without any adverse effects to them.

  • Destructive Countenance: Her true form is extremely destructive, burning everything around her to ashes.
  • Grace: The "soul" of an angel. It is essentially their life essence but not at the same time. An Angel is their grace and has been described by Belpehgor while torturing an angel to be a "multi-dimensional wavelength of pure celestial energy". It endows them with their abilities as well as their immortality. Removal of their grace renders an Angel mortal, ripping them of their wings and halo and turning them into slightly stronger humans.
  • Vessel: In the event that she needs to hide and or recover, Metatron can possess humans and inhabit their bodies. Angels require the permission of humans to enter their bodies, otherwise, they can't. It is also noted that an angel needs to continue having a human's permission in order to remain within that body. While inside the body, the vessel is gains all the abilities of the Angel. However, if Metatron so desires, she can lock away or destroy the soul inside the body and occupy it. Angels can possess dead bodies or vegetative humans as it is essentially empty.

Logos Ex Nihilo: Literally translating to Word from Nothing. It is the Special Power of Metatron that she was born with and granted to her by God. As the First Angel to follow her older siblings, the Archangels, Metatron was granted the power of what Christians would refer to as the Word, the creative source the brought the Universe out of the Waters of Chaos. With this power, Metatron has access to immense creative and conceptual powers, allowing her to construct dimensions that can house several solar systems by forcing her will into the fabric of reality itself to create matter and energy. It is noted to be similar to Lucifer's Shevirat Ha-Kelim however, Metatron cannot manipulate the Ein Sof which is the ⌜⌟ of all Creation. Nevertheless, Metatron is capable of influencing and controlling laws and concepts. This power was empowered by the Akashic Tablets which granted her even more control on a degree where she could cause absolute conceptual destruction to even the Cosmic Gods.

The Ancient of Days: A special set of spells and magic developed by Metatron. It acts as a universal search system, allowing her to access nearly any form of data and information in Creation by tuning in with the realm itself. This allows her to locate anyone so long as they are not heavily warded and detect anomalies within the realm. She was able to use this spell to briefly detect Adriana after he took on the First Curse. She was also able to locate the other tablets using this spell. While she is essentially connected to the Universe she is on, Metatron can manipulate it at the basest level, allowing her to control its space-time, matter, and energy forms. When Metatron took over Heaven, she used Ancient of Days to connect to God's throne and locked Heaven down to all worlds.

  • Tetragammaton: A specialized spell. Metatron is capable of accessing the "interface" of reality. This spell can only be used while Metatron was sitting on God's Throne and allowed her to control and manipulate the data and reality base of Assiah as she was able to control all phenomenon within the level of reality.

Intelligence: Contained immense levels of knowledge. Began plotting the downfall of Heaven immediately after meeting Cassiel, using her as her pawn to access Heaven which allowed her to cast a spell that allowed her to banish all of Angelkind from Heaven. She was able to easily manipulate the hostilities and war amongst the various angelic factions scattered across Creation. Despite being a kind and sisterly angel, Metatron was known by most of the Seraphim as a quality Chessmaster. Knew about the existence of Ayin.

Weaknesses: Angelic Weapons and Warding, Higher Level Beings. When wielding the Origin Key, Metatron became drunk with power, becoming consumed by her own arrogance. This allowed Cassiel and Claire to distract her long enough to shatter the Origin Key with the help of Infinity.

Key: Metatron | With Keter | With Da'at


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