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Turbo Mecha Sonic
Let me explain one final thing to you, Sonic and Shadow. Sure... No matter how you'd put it, through your countless transformations you each gained more and more power and became more unstoppable than before each time. Whether it is a dark form... achieved through nothing but pure hate, or the energetic parasite "Fleetway" when collecting too many rings... But your strongest transformation always remained your Hyper form. Nothing else could come close to 10% of the speed and power your Hyper form gives you. Then the two of you fused and underwent the same process... yet look at you. Easily defeated by me despite of you having reached that final form of yours while being in your fused state! Even I started out weak, but look at what I've become now! And to what extents I could further push my powers in the future! It's a shame, really... Nothing, nothing will ever be able to come up against me at this point!!!!
~ Hyper Metallix to Hyper Shadic.


Metallix, originally known as Mecha Sonic, is an incarnation of Turbo Mecha Sonic who appeared in Shadic vs Metallix | Sprite Battle by SpacePea. Though the animation isn't a continuation of the SMBZ story, he is based on that series' Mecha Sonic after getting all seven Chaos Emeralds and becoming Metallix.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 6-C, likely Low 6-B | At least 6-B, possibly 3-A | At least 6-A, possibly 3-A

Name: Turbo Mecha Sonic, Metallix

Origin: Super Mario Bros. Z, Shadic vs Metallix | Sprite Battle

Gender: Ungendered auto, referred to as Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Robot, Dr. Eggman's Minion (formerly)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1), Skilled in Hand-to-Hand Combat, Energy Manipulation (Can charge his physical attacks with energy, boosting their power) Energy Projection, Aura, Flight, Very skilled with his Arm Cannons and Rocket Launchers, Extrasensory Perception (Can detect chaos energy), Teleportation, limited Elasticity (His arms can extend to great lengths), Inorganic Physiology (Is a robot), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, & 3, doesn’t require any forms of sustenance), Statistics Amplification with Light-Speed Dash, likely Time Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Time Stop (Said to have all of Shadow’s abilities), Possibly Dimensional Travel | All previous abilities likely enhanced, Danmaku

Attack Potency: At least Large Island level, likely Small Country level (Should be much stronger than his Semi-Super state and could temporarily fight off Super Shadic, though he was on the losing end of the battle) | At least Country level (Matched and surpassed Super Shadic who could harm him, and was able to survive against Hyper Shadic who was tough enough to walk through all of his attacks), possibly Universe level (Stronger than Hyper Shadic who went up against Super Saiyan God/Blue Goku and Vegeta in another SpacePea video) | At least Continent level (Far stronger than before and was beating Hyper Shadic who was overwhelmingly superior to his Super state), possibly Universe level

Speed: At least Relativistic, possibly higher (Shouldn't be that much slower than his Super state, and could somewhat keep up with Super Shadic) | At least FTL (Could dodge some of Hyper Shadic's attacks, some fast enough to send him to the Moon in an instant), possibly Massively FTL+ (Far superior to Hyper Sonic, who in another SpacePea series did this) | At least FTL+ (Far faster than before and should possess this speed, appeared invisible in the eyes of Hyper Shadic), possibly Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown | Unknown

Striking Strength: At least Large Island Class, likely Small Country Class | At least Country Class, possibly Universal | At least Continent Class, possibly Universal

Durability: At least Large Island level, likely Small Country level | At least Country level (Shrugged this off), possibly Universe level | At least Continent level (Should be this tough), possibly Universe level

Stamina: High

Range: Standard Melee Range physically. Tens of meters with guns, elasticity, and rockets. Kilometers with energy attacks

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: None notable

Key: Base | Super Metallix | Hyper Metallix