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  • Well i currently i dont have much time to check on this wiki much, not even my profiles, as of now im contributing on another one since the end of 2019

    But i will get one day back and do, as well as checking yours

    Overall how you doing?

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    • Aaaah I see.

      Yeah I'm good. Qurantine was hard to cope with at first, but I find it kinda relaxing now because I don't have to go anywhere or do as much in order to go anywhere. I'm (pretty much) done with college so I can relax and I've gotta crush now. No, he's not on this wiki and you don't know him. xD

      Faintree has now expanded into a series of stories with the same terminologies and lore or connected when it comes to lore in some aspects. :3

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    • congrats and nice to hear

      sounds sweet, hopefully i can one day check them and see

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  • Do you have a discord, by any chance?

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  • Welcome to FC/OC VS Battles Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the a Stat Stealer fights a Stat Copier page.

    Here are some of the pages which will help you get started.

    We ask that you please do not flood the comment sections with large walls of text or images. If you wish to discuss something of great importance, start a Vs Thread between certain Characters, ask a question, etc. You may do so in the Forum section.

    There are some major things you need to know before further doing anything else here:

    • When you plan on making an OC or FC, not only should you try to follow the standard profile formats and rules, but also try to read the standard statistical pages we have provided here.
      • PLEASE DO NOT leave your Tier 1 or 0 page with little to no justifications on them. Leaving them so will not allow anyone to know why are like that and will likely even lead to the deletion of said page. For additional info regarding this matter, please see rule #6 on the front page of the wikia's rules and regulations and, most definitely, here on Tier 1's and of Tier 0's.
      • One you're done with your Tier 2, 1, or 0 (mainly just the latter two of either), please take them forward to here for further evaluation on weather your Tier 1/0 Page is good or not.
    • Please behave in a civil and unbiased manner. And do not spam, troll, threaten, harass (weather in a bullying or sexual manner), or use offensive language to another user or all other users for that matter AT ALL TIMES.
    • Use of correct grammar and spelling to the greatest extent possible is advised and is most appreciated.
    • If you need help with anything, feel free to leave to ask any of the staff here a message on their wall and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

    Finally we hope that you enjoy your stay on FC/OC VS Battles Wiki.

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