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Memento Mori is a web serial written by Crimson and follows the journey of a girl named Embla. Embla is initially on a journey to find her sister. However, circumstances arise and secrets about the world are revealed, dragging Embla and her friends into an age old conflict.


After seven years of searching for her sister, Embla came up with nothing. Absolutely nothing. She thought that was it. However, one day, she encountered a request from a no-name party named Memento Mori. A request that would change her path forever.


Author's Comment

Hahahaha! It took me days to finally put this up but this is what boredom and COVID created. My god... I don't even want to go into this. Originally, this was supposed to be a plot point in an RP but I got so bored that I just sliced it away and made it its own thing. I'm sure you've all seen the Ark page. This is not the same as that. This is its own thing. So please, if you have time, support both verses!

Power of the Verse

This verse is seemingly unimpressive... at first. It is a rather mixed bag in that regard. Most people who join a guild tend to be around building level with more powerful members being able to destroy an entire city block from sheer physical strength alone.

But as we move away from the run of the mill mook, we start to get into the more powerful beings. Creatures who range from being able to destroy large portions of an entire city via brute physical force and the Ancient Dragons and the Sages who are at the seeming top of the world's hierarchy.

The Compendium of Powers

Name Description
Skills Skills go by many names. Spells and Attacks being the most common. All adventurers are capable of using skills. Skills have a wide variety of effects which range from healing, transmutation, self-fortification, and controlling the elements such as shooting beams of ice or creating balls of fire. However, do not be fooled. People who have mastered skills to the highest level are capable of achieving great feats such as slicing an entire castle in half with a single swing to destroying large portions of land instantly. Active skills are primarily powered by Mana or Prana with the expended energy depending on the user.
Bursts Bursts are commonly referred to as higher-order skills or spells. Bursts are far more powerful than Skills, being able to achieve the same effects to a far greater degree. For example, a healing skill with be ultimately weaker than a healing burst. Bursts are generally used by higher-level adventurers. People who use Bursts are capable of achieving the same effect as a skilled Skill user. Bursts are powered by both Mana and Prana.


Protagonists/Members of Memento Mori

Knights of Yggdrasil

  • Kojiro Komatsu

Members of Guild

  • Annalise

Unknown Group

  • Sigrun



Nova (Crimson really archived some of my characters and made them better, I respect that. Now I don't have to worry about yumi, pandora, or plot interference, man got the peaceful mode setting turned on. The name revisions also hit hard, I like that, Memento Mori sounds fresh, Koji into Kojiro sounds like a chad move, shit hit hard.)