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Mega Man 8 Bit Deathmatch (Or MM8BDM for short) is a Fan Made First Person Shooter made by the team at Cutstuff. The story is that Mr. X (Who was someone separate from Dr. Wily that Wily disguised himself as in this continuity) organized the second annual Robot Master Tournament. Dr. Wily publicly announced his robot's participation, and challenged Dr. Light to enter his robots as well. Although Dr. Light didn't wish to initially, he decided it would be good to enter them if only to keep an eye on Wily.

Powers of the Verse

The powers of this verse are limited compared to it's canon counterpart, being only high-end Tier 8 to low-end Tier 7 due to scaling to Gamma creating earthquakes by stepping, with the top tiers standing at City level. However, it does have some noteworthy hax, like the Evil Robot's corruption and Quint's time travel.