Take the L, man!
~ Begins to give him the L on front of his wounded enemy.
Oh fuck! What the hell was that for dude?!
~ Sorcerer castes a lighting spell on him but instead went side ways from him.
Damn... this look so anime.
~ Watching two sorcerers battling out with another.
I don't need any help from you four eyes! I can do this by myself!
~ Refused assistance from Dexter Andrew.


Max Song,nicknamed Maxy, was orphanage child who had no parents nor knows where he came from. One day his life changed when he was adopted and raised by shaolin monk who now considers him his father.

Despite his rigorously training, he has been beginning to slack at his training and being more arrogant on his father and peers due to winning a lot of matches without putting much effort in his fights.

To solve this behavior, Max's father exile him to never come back home until he fixes his behavior and be more serious of becoming actually shaolin monk. Instead of improving however,Max traveled around the world to hone his kung fu skills while flexing the people his facing.


Max is impetuous and hotheaded person. He is quick to violently respond to any slight provocation though he has some self restraint depending on the situation. He have no respect to authority of any kind,only himself. Max is also foul-mouthed person and regularly will taunt at his enemies while enjoying their anger at him as well making lies during a fight just to annoy and trick them.

He is also quite playful and likes to fool around at any type of situation or responsibility. Max is incredibly lazy despite having been religiously trained, it is because of his luck that enabled him to win at every situation with little effort of doing anything, though he is aware that he is sorcerer but doesn't know that his luck is part of his power from the source.

Due to winning a lot and escaping any troubles he caused, he believed that lady luck is at side which is the reason why he have this personality. Max sometimes flirt on attractive women,though the resulting case of this is that he gets punched in the face or be ignored from doing this.

Despite everything,Max truly cares to those he is close with and are willingly to help any person who are having bad day as well saving innocents from dangerous beings.


Max have the appearance of young man with martial artist shirt and blue shaggy pants. He has black hair and brown eyes as well running black shoes.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-C, Unknown with his luck

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,Magic,Supernatural Luck (He is born with extreme levels of luck due to the influence of the source prior to his birth,),Martial Arts (He had took kung fun training during his early years,mastering the art of both fist and his nun-chucks.),Passive Aura (If group or single hostile person that have the intention to attack him,the attackers that are around his vicinity would suffer supernatural bad luck.),Willpower Manipulation and Statistics Amplification (All sorcerers and golems are capable of reaching multiverse state from immense willpower and producing willpower increases their parameters.),Durability Negation (From focusing his opponent's soul, he can hurt both the physical body and the soul),Resistance to Reality Warping (His extreme levels of luck protects him from any sorts of reality bending effects.),Resistance To Mind Manipulation And Possession (Can defend his mind and soul from sheer will.)

Attack Potency: Street level (Have been rigorously training in kung fu.)

Speed: Peak Human | Supersonic+ reactions (Have keep up with source entities and sorcerers that were moving above the speed of sound.)  

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Peak Human Class

Durability: Wall Level (He haven thrown to the wall by his master and is able to endure the pain from doing this.)

Stamina: Peak Human (Due to his rigorously training,he keep on going of fighting long periods of hours before succumbing to either injuries or overwhelming exhaustion from lack of sleep)  

Range: Standard melee range

Standard Equipment: Nun-chucks and his fists

Intelligence: Gifted (Max's greatest weapon is his level of trolling and cunning mind which he used to mislead his opponents. He can quickly analyze his opponents and make plans  from the get go while confusing them with different attacks and spouting ridiculous nonsense to confuse his enemy.)

Weaknesses: Normal human weakness.He is incredibly arrogant,flexing on his enemies while talking shit on them as well not putting much effort in beating them up.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

  • Supernatural Luck: His luck is supernaturally powerful,having survived from being killed by bunch of thugs because of their guns suddenly malfunction before it fired and got exploded,resulting in severely hurting their hands from just attacking Max. Whenever his in combat, it cause random and improbable events to favor Max as well protecting him from any danger. For instance, unknown assailant was intending to stab him while silently following Max resulting instantly slipping and falling down to the hard ground, causing concussion of the unknown assailant. Due to this extreme levels of luck, he was able to survive from his numerous encounters with other dangerous people.
  • Martial artistic: Raised and taught in all forms of kung fu styles,notably his preference of mastering both the fists and his nun-chucks, he is incredibly proficient at fighting despite his laziness.

    His Nunchucks


  • Dexter and Max are consider to be best friends.
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