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Background Info
Name Mary Dorothea
Alias Mary Dorothea of Nazareth, Daughter of God, The Messiah, The Redeemer, Saint Mary, Angel From Above, Flower Lady, The Fool, Peacemaker.
Origin Spectrum
Occupation The Messiah
Appearance Check image
Personality Some time ago of committing in her act towards saving the very world from the black death, she was considerably to be helpless but virtue person who tried her best of having the best life despite suffering a mysterious illness, her peers labeling her as witch while Mary's parents are fearful and abusive towards her because of what she is. Even then, she held no malice towards them but still has deeper desire of leaving her home for better life.

However, after discovering her destiny from her dream with conversation of Archangel Gabriel, she took it as opportunity to leave her home village and venture to the world outside for her sole mission of stopping the bubonic plague. Though, she later admitted missing her parents and everyone in her home village. Throughout the progress of her journey, her personality drastically for the better.

Currently, Mary is kind, sweet, forgiving, open-minded, caring, brave, soft-spoken, optimistic, pitiful, selfless and crybaby from experiencing many tragedies hence why she is known to cry alot when she sympathize with someone, not because of herself but to the people she saved and helped as Mary witnessed plenty of suffering in the world but had also seen the good side of it. For all that suffering and tragedies she experienced across her journey, Mary is highly determined to save the world from the bubonic plague to prevent any more suffering, showing a heroic selfless of willingness to go through many lengths in preventing anymore misery in plaguing the earth.

She is noted to one of the few humans that doesn't outright hate or fear monsters as Mary had also helped them in their times of need. Considerably rare and dangerous for human to interacting with another species, especially monsters as the human will get executed if caught but to her, she doesn't care as long everyone gets a better life than their current situation.

Another interesting traits of her personality is her devotion to God. To Mary, people's hopes and dreams can be lifted by having faith in benevolent higher being like God himself as people need religion to find some meaning in life or comfort. She commonly likes to preach about God and the hope he brings but also reminding them in not forcing others for their beliefs while telling them to focus on their growth as individual altogether.

The concept of pacifism is unheard of across Europe as humanity forgotten about it. Mary, in the other-hand, is extremist pacifist that will not lay a single harm to person or animal, willingly to endure many psychology or physical attacks from her foes regardless what she experiences. Preferable to pacify and talk than cause harm. Moreover, she treasures life over herself, believing that all life has meaning into it.

However, during extreme times and desperation, Mary is willingly to fight back but even then, her way of fighting back involves non-lethal methods. Her kindness extends to daemons as well, while understanding that daemons are soulless abominations that lack any true positive emotion and has no problem of fighting/exorcising them, she tries to sympathize with them as best she can because of her kind heart.

Whether a person and daemon had died or suffered greatly in front of her, she cries for them as she can sympathize the pain and suffering of their soul departing from this world. Her crying signify both the loss of person and Mary's in saying to God of forgiving them before they go to the afterlife to be judged.

Her forgiving and kind nature, paired up with her desperate desire of seeing good in everyone has been target of cruelty and betrayal by others. But despite this, Mary is determined to see the end of the tunnel and achieve happy ending, where everyone will eventually see the good side of the world and freeing them from the black death that is currently rampaging in her homeland, even if it means dying dozens of times for achieving her dreams.

Alignment Neutral Good
Hobby Enlightening others about spiritual matters, caring the sick and helpless, exorcising possessed hosts, pacifying and repenting sinners or evildoers.
Goals Cure the black death. (Succeed at the cost of her life)
Likes Preaching about God, caring the sick and helpless, pacifying evildoers and sinners.
Dislikes Daemons and sinners/evildoers
Family Unknown
Friends & Allies God
Enemies Daemons and evildoers/sinners
"Don't hurt them." -Most famous quote.

"God give us hope and purpose as every religion before has been given to man, in every age of our history, from the beginning of the world to now. It is how we see and grow as individual beings that determines what our future will be. I believe this because I have seen it with my own eyes. There is a bright and shining new future out there for every person. It may not be the life we envision or even desire for ourselves, but it is an opportunity to study and grow from our mistakes by bringing God into our lives." -Mary's philosophy.

"The rising sun is so pleasing, isn't it? It's almost as if the sun has a voice on its own. It's singing to me, telling me it's time to go. I wish it could sing louder. Gabriel, will they miss me?" -Last words as she sacrifices for the world.


Early Life

Born somewhere in the 13th century, Mary Dorothea was raised by abusive and fearful parents because of what she is. After birth, she grown many flowers around her with animated eyes and colorful butterflies that dances around her. Because of this, many of her home village including Mary's parents disowns her and outcast as witch or monster.

Even after years of abuse and mistreatment by everyone close to her, she still had deep desire of living the best life she can in this world despite what others say. Unbeknownst to her and everyone else, she is related to her grandfather was the first messiah during the years of Caesar's rule.

The Coming Messiah

Church-2658755 1920.jpg

Feared and hated, Mary nonetheless still cared her home village even her abusive parents, not because about herself but her pity because of their perception in what she looks likes. In the end of things, she still loves her parents and will do anything to change their mind about her.

One night, however, she encounters a mysterious entity in her dream that claimed to be the archangel Gabriel and messenger of god. She was chosen to enlighten, help and save the people from the rampaging plague happening across Europe as her reason for Mary's bizarre appearance is God's gift to saving earth.

Rather than rejecting the destiny that was set upon her or feeling anger towards them, she happily accepted it, not choosing another option of reincarnating into better life than she currently has. From there on, she strolled across Europe, enlightening, exorcising and pacifying others while she searches the destined garden for her to end the bubonic plague once and for all.

The Sacrifice


After years and months of searching in her journey, she found the garden that was destined to cure the black plague. When Archangel Gabriel, messenger of God required Mary to sacrifice for stopping the plague or let people perish until they find the cure, Mary immediately accepted it without hesitation. Mary did it out of the love of this world and God. Her journey across the land speak of legends about her as the second messiah, while monster-race of goblins considered her as their patron goddess of nature, forgiveness and caring for the weak.

Her influence stretches across the country as years passed by and eventually, the concepts of peace and pacifism becomes more noticeable. Without her sacrifice, Europe and the world itself will experience a catastrophe of deaths before cure was even made.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 10-C

Powers and Abilities:

Overwhelming Aura, Magic, Order Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Power Nullification, Non-Physical Interaction, Fear Manipulation, Deconstruction, Pain Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Poison Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (She is born with rare mutation of being exclusively of using the positive spectrum of The Astral World, which makes her an psionic. Moreover, as God's favored child and second messiah, Mary presence is overwhelming towards daemons and anything unholy. Daemons and unholy abominations will screech and then run in fear as the sight of her causes immense pain in both their mind and soul altogether; but if they stay any longer than minute, their bodies will burst into holy flames to the point that within seconds of it, their physical bodies drastically turns to ashes as the very soul departs back to their original dimension. Magic and psionic users that wields powers of the negative spectrum from The Astral World, will have their magical powers temporarily disabled in her presence and they would feel an extreme fear of her holy presence. Furthermore, the mere presence of her causes any lingering disease and poison in the atmosphere to be completely erased; though, this has no effect towards individuals whom have the disease and poison within them.), Regeneration and Fragrance Manipulation (Low-High, had her head and stomach blown off but managed to regenerate within seconds due to the flowers on her and even survived a explosion that would have truly killed her if she hadn't had a piece of the flower on her to go underground in surviving the explosion, she would have died because as long there is piece of the flower from her that remains alive is capable of regenerating/reforming her body in that piece of flower. Her mere presences spreads a smell of mix perfume from varied flowers that causes relaxation towards others and any dirtiness such as mud that is on her are slowly cleansed.), Supernatural Willpower and Social Influencing (Suffered psychology and spiritual torture from daemons or other immoral people that wished to seek harm to her. Had died thousands of times in horrific ways for refusing to fight even though she stated that she couldn't feel physical pain due to her anomalous nature as only attacks that only affect the very soul or mind can give her pain. Unable to be swayed by daemons promises of her deep desires and still moved on despite their irresistible charm of manipulating mortals. Mary is strongly charismatic when it comes to persuasion as she always managed to cease fighting with reasoning alone. Moreover, she is noted to be charming towards both peasants and nobles because of her wisdom and compassion.) she had managed to convert a whole village of peasants to change for the better while swaying wealthy people in helping their community.), Plant Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Healing and Animal Manipulation (Her mere presences causes nearby trees and anything plant matter to grow or change rapidly into healthy state. She can manipulate vines from the ground and telekinetic sprout them out to restrain her opponents. By physically touching someone with the intention of curing/healing the person, her hand will glow yellow as the person will be healed by all injuries, diseases and poison but is unable to regenerate any new limbs or missing organs. Animals that isn't unholy are naturally friendly and docile to her as they were like her pets, will also attack anyone that tries to harm her.), Multiple Personalities, Enhanced Senses and Self-Telepathy (The flowers talks in unison with voices that sounds like to be a group of people through only telepathy to Mary's mind. These voices described to be benevolent, strict of her safety and speaks in harmony. Since the flowers are everywhere on her body, they are capable of warning her about incoming people from either side. Moreover, while she is unable to see, she uses touch and hearing to navigate her surroundings while also having the flowers to help her navigate.), Self-Sustenance and Self-Destruction (Type somewhat 2 and 3, she is capable of not needing sleep or eat because of her unnatural body acts as like plant, gaining photosynthesis from the very sun itself but also requires to drink water once in while to survive. She is capable of killing herself entirely at will by allowing it as her parts of her body turns to pieces of flowers to spread across the globe that cures any disease or poison that lingers in people and the atmosphere; though, she can only do it in garden of flowers.), Summoning, Sleep Manipulation, Duplication and Purification (She is constantly swarmed by colorful and glowing butterflies around her that can easily duplicate if one of them gets killed. The butterflies can also perform melody in harmony to make her opponent's asleep. Type 1,2,3, being physically touched or swarmed by these butterflies will cleanse the body and soul from poisons,diseases,radiation,insanity,pollutants and other negative status effects like confusion.), Astral Manipulation, Teleportation and Incorporeality (While she doesn't need to sleep, she is still capable of sleeping but it will result in astral projection as her soul comes out her sleeping body and able to come back by entering her physical body if she had enough; furthermore, she learned to teleport in known places at will during astral projection. Mary also have the ability to quickly exorcise possessed hosts through holding the possessed host's head but if the daemon is incredibly powerful, she has no choice but to also use prayer, by saying "Deus cogat ex relicto hoc terrenum vas.", the possessed host is immediately freed from the spirit that was inhabiting in them.), Light Manipulation and Extrasensory Perception (Mary's appearance is like glowing stick of yellow light that even when a place or area that is shrouded with darkness, her body illuminates the area. While she can't see, Mary has good sense of hearing that even she can detect spirits by feeling their presence. Moreover, she is capable of feeling the presence whenever someone nearby is possessed by evil spirit.), Forcefield Creation, Creation and Music Manipulation (She and the flowers on her, can sprout green vines from the ground and manipulate them to make different shapes such as walls made of vines to protect her or others from incoming blasts such as fire and music while also capable of making functioning musical instrument. Her favorite musical instrument is piano. She plays her favorite song as she play it with her piano. Anyone who hears her playing will feel sense of euphoria and serenity.), Memory Manipulation and Dream Manipulation (The flowers are able to use their eyes to look deeper into the person's soul of their memories; though this is rarely used for last resort and even then, Mary doesn't like doing this as it is considered to be invasive and rude. By mere touch of sleeping person's head with intent of using her powers, the sleeping person will have good dreams.), Mind Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation and Morality Manipulation (An elegant diplomat and speaker, whenever she speaks to specific group or person, they began to be compelled in listening her. One example is pacifying a raging person which resorts the enraged person to calm down from just conversation. Furthermore, there is also encouragement that strongly boost their morale, to reasoning what they did is morally wrong which causes the person to feel awful. All of this is also caused by slight psychic influence whenever she speaks coupled with being elegant diplomat/speaker, allowing her to persuade people more easily.), Clairvoyance and Limited Weather Manipulation (When she prays, she can telepathy ask higher being such as archangel Gabriel about her future or someone's else, including the history of person in which she will her answer from weather patterns on the sky like images or words. After finished praying, she will be rewarded with good weather for the day such as rain for the crops or cool-breeze in hot environment.), Life Manipulation and Resurrection (By touching any surfaces or ground with with intent of using her powers, she can will any selective type of plant, tree or flower to sprout from. She can also resurrect an dead person with touch if the person has no missing organs or skeleton.), Sound Manipulation and Damage Reduction with possibly Density Manipulation (She usually carries unique type of sticks that has special ability as when used by gently shaking them, it produces an beautiful melody as the target weapons to even their fists won't do any damage to physical objects or people as they become soft like pillow as long she keep shaking the stick to produce the melody. The only downside is that allies and anyone fortunate enough to hear this melody will be also be affected by this. Interesting note that she can easily makeshift this magical sticks just by using her plant powers.)

Resistance to Morality Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Pain Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Illusion Creation, Radiation Manipulation, Corruption, Unholy Manipulation and Chaos Manipulation (Couldn't be swayed by charismatic daemons and The Devil himself despite giving her visions of the worst in people. Her mind is shared with different consciousnesses of the flowers on her, working as allies in unison but even then, she has strong willpower of moving forward. She is unaffected by poisonous flowers she encountered and wasn't showing any symptoms of the bubonic plague at all. Furthermore, she didn't went insane after looking a daemon's form. Visited a crashed alien site without suffering any lingering radiation that is coming from the crashed spaceship itself. Suffered an mysterious hallucinogen drink that caused her perception of the world to morph into horrific ways but was still aware of what she is experiencing isn't real. The Devil himself had brought her to the deepest pits of hell just to see her feel the despair of misery and be corrupted by the evil energies of hell itself, but was later surprised to have Mary being unaffected by the presence of the evil energies that was trying to seep her soul as she held her ground of staying true to her beliefs; moreover, hell is described to be chaotic and unholy to mortals that tries to visit the lower/negative realms as it is said to be always changing in chaotic matter while the unholy/evil energies moves into the atmosphere to seep in the mortal's soul to corrupt them further. Managed to spiritual fight back against the devil for trying to forcibly bring out her soul. Several powerful daemons tried to erase her from existence but was unable to due to her existence currently has great importance in the natural function of the universe. Strangely, she is unable to feel pain from physical attacks.)

Attack Potency: Unknown, Below Average Human

Speed: Below Average' (Unable to run due to her condition, could only walk in normal space.), Supersonic+ Reactions (The flowers eyes acts as watcher for her surroundings while able to see incoming sniper bullet that was going mach 2.5-5 speeds)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Below Average Class' (Her punches were felt like being hit by pillow.)

Durability: Below Average' (A single swung of bat on her head will cause it to explode. Her body is incredibly frail to the point that a mere slap on her shoulder could break her arm. Her greatest strength is the mental endurance and supernatural willpower to keep moving forward. Regeneration makes it difficult to kill her.)

Stamina: Below Average' (Despite having the ability of using photosynthesis, she can do 30 minutes of walking before her fatigue takes its toll on her while she's incapable of running due to her condition.)

Range: Standard melee range to likely tens of meters around her presence, planetary when performing self-destruction.

Standard Equipment: Sticks.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. Accurately visualize her surroundings from sounds or touch and knows every type of flower in the world. Studied varies diseases on how they work by reading medical books related to them. Aware of the false promises and lies presented by manipulative people/daemons. Knows some of the basic teachings of God such as kindness to animals and people including nature itself, the concept of mercy or forgiveness and being good one another while also focusing on teaching others to improve or grow as individual. Moreover, Could accurately navigate in going back by using the rising sun and its position as navigation. Able to answer puzzling questions by daemons and had answered them correctly.

At young age, she shown to be self-taught in studying business, politics, trade and economics from finding lost diaries or books related to these subjects as she mastered them for only in few weeks. She had also learned them from talking with merchants and travelers from her outside village. Knows alot about the Astral World such as hell or heaven, including the false god that calls itself the Yaladabaoth.

Has remarkable talent in correctly answering riddles and trick questions by manipulative daemons or people from just hearing their question once. Had been in few abandon dungeons with complex traps and puzzles through studying the structure by touching the walls and its objects while listening nearby sounds to deduce the type of place she is in.

Apparently understood how an alien spaceship function through analyzing in both the interior and exterior of the craft from listening the sounds it makes, smell of the air and touching the surfaces of it to gain better understanding. Somewhat combat smart despite being pacifist as she had sometimes had an piece of flower from her to hide somewhere like underground in case if her body completely gets destroyed by explosion, allowing her to reform and regenerate from that piece of flower she hid somewhere.

Her greatest trait is her charismatic nature but rather how she persuade others to accept her demands. With her supernatural gifts and great understanding of the human mind, Mary is rather extraordinarily involving psychological manipulation. Had turned dimwitted monsters with high bloodlust towards humans into rational and docile beings by talking them down, convinced satanic cult in giving up what their doing and pacifying crazed tyrant king that was responsible for bringing corruption in his kingdom.

Furthermore, she is unparalleled diplomat and strategist as she had one point been involved into war between two kingdoms. Convinced several civilians and corrupt nobles to slowly changed their policies by persuasion alone. Had convinced both sides by being popular figure from the common folk and performed complex strategies through the help of supporters without anyone getting hurt, resulting the war to end without any bloodshed; saving many lives in the process. Managed to pacified a group of bandits without a single shot of arrow because of her charismatic nature and knowing what to say in convincing them.

Weaknesses: Devoted Pacifist. Physically feeble and weak while never had harm or killed an living soul in her life. Prefers to stand and reason with them while her opponents constantly attack her (though, she would use her vines to shield innocents around her and sometimes uses her vines to also shield herself against elemental projectiles. Moreover, she sometimes uses the sticks to prevent others and herself of getting harm or killed as she continuously reason with them.) Vulnerable to fire and other extreme temperatures. Needs water to survive. She is unable to see, relying mostly on sounds and touch to navigate in her surroundings. Lack any true fighting skills. Self-Destruction is one of the ways that can truly kill her. Her aura has no effect towards powerful daemons such as The Devil himself. Resurrection won't work against bodies that have missing organ or is literal skeleton. Attacks that can only harm the soul or mind is capable of giving her pain.


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