No, i am not evil, you just make assumptions that i am evil because i am son of satan. One of this days i gonna clear this universe from menace of hell and heaven which they laid upon us and prove you all that i not evil guy.
~ Marth to others nephilims


Character created by Lekmos.

Marth in his school grounds

Marth was living quite normal teenager boy life, going school, playing baseball and others stuff to his aged kids. He has been orphan, because his mother was died during his birth and he never know his real father. He has been lived with his adoptive family, since he was birth and never tough his real biologial parents, but this was going to chance.

One day he was walking home for school late evening, because he had been worked school project, his nephilim side awakened. This causes massive burts of light emitted from him and blacked half of large citys lights. This out burts also is noted by heaven, hell and nephilim brigade. Marth was surpised and shocked what happened him, he could hear things, see in dark and pick up strange energy signals. He could figure more because fallen angels had appear to his location. Fallen angels ordered Marth come peacefully or with forcefully with them. But Marth wanted answers now and tell fallen angels he don`t go anywhere. One of fallen angel sighs and speed up towards Marth to strike him angel sword, but Marth with his new power and relfexs quickly dodge and sproud his wings and slide fallen angel with his wing. This causes fallen angel crumple grond and bleed golden blood from his abdomen. Seeing this other fallen angels where shocked how powerfull this nephilim is.

But then comes bright ligth and heavens angels appears to scene and prepare smite nephilim, they saw fallen angels and start arguening with them, this gives some time and Marth uses this to quickly escape. Marth is surpised how fast he can move, but is also inexprerienced, so he soon falls to ground. He then normally, but fastly hides to allley think what just happened, when suddenly he is teleported unknow room and he noticed that he cannot move.

John: Hello there and welcome nephilim brigade!

Marth: What, where i am, what is this place and why i can`t move.

John: Oh yeah. Sorry about sudden transport, but we needed to get out of there fast. To your movement and powers are restrict by angelic magic by my mom and i tell you rest now.

~ John to Marth

John explained everything to Marth, what is nephilim brigade and hell plans and heavens plans to eradication all nephilims. john also proves Marth that they are nephilims too by cutting himself to show his blood is red with blue glow, marth does same himselff and is convised after sawing that angel has golden blood earlier. John also introduce Marth to rest group and his father Azazel and his mom Samatha who was the witch that maked binding spell.

With time Marth learned to use his powers with Azazel as his teacher, even tough he never mastered his power fully, he got the touch how to use them. He, Carl and John became very good friends and where doing many things together missions or just hang out, he also get familiar with Emilia Johns sister. Especially with Carl they grow deep friendship. Due Carl being first nephilim who accept Marth again, when all discovered that Marth is actually son of Satan. He also tries life his normal life and still goes see his adopted parents even others warn him, that he could put them danger.

Someday Kain appears and start wathcing Marth distance and observe him. Kain noted Marth different power level to other nephilims and begin make little duel with him, when he is some mission from nephilim brigade. After many battles Kain is sure Marth is his brother because, he is only who has been survived even his powerfull attacks, Kain informs Samael about this and Samael comes personally seen Marth. When Marth, John, Emilia and Carl where doing mission Samael fires powerfull attack, which is negated by Marth.

Samael: Very impressive kido, you just negated attack, what was so powerfull, that could been erased whole milky way.

Marth: Who are you!

John: Oh Shi**

Emilia: No way it`s him

Carl: Oh hell no!

Marth: Who is he? (looking back his friends)

Samael: I am formelly know as Samael, heavens army leader the first archangel, but now Lord Satan emperor of hell and also your father.

~ Samael to Marth, John, Emilia and Carl.

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Appearance and Personality

Marth appears teenage boy in Nephilim Saga and later series about young man around twenties (later in Clash of five armies Saga) with brow

When you see Marth eyes glow like this, you know he will figth serious and full capacity

n hair and brow eyes. Normally he wears hooded jacket and blue jeans with white sneakers, when he is older he wears a black shirt, a navy blue jacket, and gray pants. Marth also have two black wings which he can sproud out or retact at will being child of fallen angel.

They say because Marth is son of satan his wings are more black than others nephilims. Jane always says that Marth wings are black as like darkest night and that`s why he gained nick name ``Black winged nephilim``

Marth is in his teenage years little naive person, but also free sprited going even bad places willingy to help others. This was many times as Marth would just rush trough his problems and leaded almost to more problems. John and Emilia had many hard times when Marth would just ``i gonna do this! Just watch!`` moments.

Later on after seven years time skip he is grow up and become more calm to think before he act. When he was younger Marth couldn`t even use his powers properly, but after hard learing he has gained control what he is truy capable.

Still sometimes there is times when he just stops at his tracks, when someone says bad thing about him like he is son of satan, he is evil, he will betray us someday. In thruth he is just boy who wanna belong some group. Feel being cared. These all has caused by that Marth has been lonely child his younger times. His mother died at his birth, he never truly gain friends at school until he his power awekend and event leads to his meeting with save the nephilim bridage. Even then there is some nephilims who still mock him, but help of Carl, John, even later with Emilia and especially with Jane, Marth is slowly getting past that even all won`t like him, he should not act like them.

Hey gues who come save your asses! Yes, son of Satan! You can thank me later.
~ Marth comes save few nephilims from Kain

Also fighting against Kain has giving him sinister humory, but he still keeps his head and fights for his nephilims brethen.

Marth: If you are happy, happy, happy flap your wings, if you are happy, happy, happy flap your wings.

Kain: What?

Marth: If you are happy flap your wings (Marth demonstrates this with his own wings)

Suddenly Kain facial expression changes and ground begins shake

Carl: I think you made him angry.

~ Marth mocks Kain

Personal Statitics

Alignment: Neutral good

Date of Birth: 19, september 1986, earth, universe 1 (aka alpha universe)

Birthplace: New York, United States of America

Weight: 65 kg

Height: 175 cm

Likes: Searching and discovering new things

Dislikes: Feeling, being trapped

Eye Color: Brow, in Serious/Full power/berseker state his eyes turns light blue.

Hair Color: Dark brown

Hobbies: Play baseball, fishing with Azazel and John.



Martial Status: Single. Later dating in Prophesy Saga and forward with Jane


  • Future daughter/Other Universe daughter: Annie

Status: Alive (Current timeline), Decendent (Timeline 2)

Affiliation: Nephilim brigade


Battle theme when fighting with Kain

Marths Battle theme

When figthing full power or Nephilim rage

When Marth has enough and decides end the game!

Michael vs Samael/ Marth vs Kain Team battle

Black winged nephilim vs Devil!/Marth vs Samael Theme!

Absolute duo/Marth and Kain join forces theme

Carl fused with Existence/Ligth of Hope theme!/Heroes last stand against Darkness!!!

Unholy alliange Nephilim and Creator versus Rabbit Maid

Posessed Marth/Violet Plague Takeover!

Nephilim showdown!/ Carl, John, Emilia and Marth team battle theme!

This how you fool hell and heist nephilims from there!/Team Nephilim Bridage!

Marth versus Annie/Sparring match beween father and daughter!!!

Powers and abilities

Tier: 2-C

Name: Marth, Devil`s dear son by Samael, few fallen angels and demons, little brother by Kain, devilboy by John and Carl, Black Winged Nephilim

Origin: Tales of nephilim

Gender: Male

Age: 16 (Devils dear son Saga Saga), 23 (After time skip in Clash of five armies Saga)

Classification: Nephilim (angel human hybrid)

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Physiology (Can survive at space and others hars enviroments), Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Enhanced Senses, Martial Arts, Space-Time Manipulation (Type 2), Angelic Energy Manipulation, Astral Manipulation and Astral Projection, Matter Manipulation (Subatomic level), Reality WarpingCausality Manipulation, Shapeshifting (Complete transformation), Light Magic (Type 2), Immortality (Type 1 and 3, as child of archangel Marth lives foever), Regeneration (Low-Godly, nephilims can regenerate from their angel side which is non physical), Wing manifestation and manipulation (can use wings as weapon and block attacs), Photokinesis (Type 3), Holy Fire Manipulation (Like his big brother, Marth can also use holy flames), Holy Manipulation (Exorcism, Healing/Resurrection and Miracles), Berserk Mode (when giving to rage, Marth powers skyrockets), Cosmic Awareness, Telepathy (As child of angel, nephilims can read others mind and talk with each others), Teleportation and Dimensional Travel (Marth can teleport everywhere in macrocosmos), Energy Armor Generation (Invisible shield around body), Omnilingualism (nephilims like Marth can speak any language what they heard, after few seconds), Telekinesis (Type 2), Non-Physical Interaction, Lucifer`s Will (Power, which Marth hereditary from his ``Grandpa`` trough his father to him. This power gives Marth to create almost everything he wants), Wrath of Lucifer (Another power, which Marth hereditary from his ``Grandpa`` trough his father to him. With this Marth could erase almost anything from existence), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Type 2, Marth can create and manipulate reality, like his father), BFR and Sealing (Marth can send and seal his opponet in his own universe), Acausality (Type 1, As child of archangel), Angelic Aura (Explosive, Materialized and Fear inducing, Marth can form dark blue flame like aura), Power Nullification (via energy-, matter-, causality- and reality manipulation), Danmaku (By Energy sword dance), Explosion Manipulation (By Energy sword dance and Guess what your universe sucks), Resistance (to power nullification, Corruption, Soul-, energy-, matter-, causality-, space-time manipulation, Existence Erasure and reality warping), 

Attack Potency: Low Multiverse Level, (Is equal to Kain in power and like Kain he could easily tear universe apart. During seven year timeskip Marth traveled many universes timelines change them and destroy those who where corrupted by his father. When John asked how many timelines you fixed during years, Marth replied maybe few to ten timelines during day, can`t remember.)

Speed: Massively FTL+, (has been flying and reacting about 2,62 septillion faster than light by this feat.)

Lifting Strength: Stellar, (with telekinesis, Marth can extend his force field to crap astronimocal objects, like suns and planets)

Striking Strength: Low Multiversal, (Hitted Kain so hard that Kain fly trough three universes destroying them and ended to fourth),

Durability: Low Multiverse Level, (Marth has survived attack from his brother, which destroyed Marth`s own universe. He also survived their battle and during their battle they both destroyed eigth alpha universes and many timelines which where linked to universes. Nephilim body generates invisible armour around body from it`s own energy. It begins dimish/getting weaker after taking too much damage or many regenerations from zero to complete body. This is always active.)

Range: Melee, (His wings can extend about two meters), Low Multiversal, (With his abilities and teleporting. Marth can jump another place in macrocosmos in second)

Stamina: Godlike, (Has been figthing whith Kain about day, which ended by Kain destroying Marths universe and Kain universe same time in macrocosmos. Also stayed figth for with few breath breaks during multiversal clash.)

Standart equipment:

  • Nothing notable

Intelligence: Gifted, (has been fighting with Kain many times and has learn from him many techniques. Also cosmic awareness gives Marth to ``look around`` almost everything in universe where he currently is.)


  • Angel sword and seraph blade can hurt him and slow him down. Archangel blade can kill him and also negates his regeration.
  • Consentrating whole universe with cosmic awareness about ``things`` too long start give him headache.
  • Because he is nephilim, angelic (like enochian) and demonic magic can bind him some time one place and banish magic can also send him away.
  • Also nephilim heritage has one flaw, rage. If Marth loses to his rage, his angel takes over and turns him berseker who can`t tell friend from foe. Only stop this is very strong emotion or he`s energy runs out.
  • First he was naive and unexprerienced (Before timeskip aka 16 years old), but later he learns control his power properly (after time skip aka 23 years old).
  • Inside alternative universes his abilities are limited, but in his own realm or outside alternative universes his abilites work fully. This due Lucifers reality lock.
  • Uno carmine, can unleash angel all full power and give boost, but downside is that will burn angelic energy and kill user. Marth knows this spell and has decided to save this as last effort. He hopes that, he don`t need use that spell.


  • To prove others that he is good guy, Marth created his own reality, own universal space-time continuum. Then told others that they can use it as new hideout or universal utopia for nephilims. Universe where they all can be free from their fate....


  • Stats ready, but there may be changes in future...

Notable attacks/Techiques

  • Wing baldes: Marth turns his wings extra sharp and extend thems towrds enemy to implade or cut them.
  • Wing shield: Marth uses his wings as shield to block attacks.
  • Nephilim rage: In berseker state nephilims powers skyrockets at least triples if not go higher. In this state Marth have complete insensitivity to pain and act like wild animal. Marth is not exception with this.
  • Angelic Aura: Marth can unleash dark blue colour aura anytime he wants. Because he is son of satan his aura has fear inducing effect to other beings. Also he can make temporal contruct and use aura as explosive way destroy everything around him.
  • Light Magic: With this Marth can easily heal others, like John when he was coma from battle with Samael, Kain and Michael. Marth has also bringed whole universe habitants back to life with this.
  • Angelic energy: With this Marth has killed all demons in hell (own realm). In other hand he used this with his matter manipulation to bring everything back to normal to universe, bringing back planets, solar systems and galaxies etc...
  • Nephilim Smite: With this Marth can roast his enemies by touching them to their head or roast them with ten meters range in second charge up time.
  • Time trick: Freezes time and space, effect time depends how big is area of effect.
  • Time Strom: Marth can create time strom to disturb others time and space altering powers.
  • Your reality is now changed: Marth can like his big brother change, twist and disturb reality if wanted to. He is also few beings who could see trough Kains, Michaels, Samaels, Liliths, Asmodeus, Lilims, Highfathers and Lucifers reality change and is resistand to their reality change.
  • Energy sword dance: Marth uses his energy create sword, which he launches enemy and then telekinecly controls and slices target before plunching all swords to target and then letting swords explode. (He creates round million swords per second for this attack).
  • Unique Soul: Being nephilim, Marth`s soul has fused with angel side. This gives Marth high resistance to soul manipulation. Example Marth`s soul can`t be removed, but it cannot be either healed by soul manipulation. Healing Marth`s soul needs energy from angel or other nephilim.
  • Power negation: Marth uses energy-, matter-, causality- and reality manipulation to negate his opponent powers and abilities.
  • Space-time slicing: Marth can can slice trough space-time, it`s not as powerfull like his father.
  • Your universe sucks: Marth uses his attack by relasing his aura around universe, which is powerfull enough destroy universe with it`s space-time at once.
  • Reality creation: Marth has created his own universe once time. He can also seal his opponent there if wanted to.
  • Resistance: Being one most powerfull being in macrocosmos Marth can resist many abilities which others can`t. Example would be abilities brother, sister, fathers, uncles, Lilith and Asmodeus powers like reality-, space and time-, energy., matter-, etc. Even Samaels corruption powers didn`t work on Marth. Samael try few times and every time Marth rebelled effect. This howewer make Samael happy to know he has another strong willed son.
  • Uno carmine: Spell from the book, very powerfull, but in same time very dangerous spell. In short it actives when user make cut to their rigth hand and spit to their left. Next user slaps hands together and shout spell name uno carmine, which triggers activation. Spell increases user powers by 150 times, but in cost it burn user lifeforce leading to death.


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  • Nephilims like Marth can speak and hear angelic language enochian, even in outer space.
  • Marth is very possesive for Jane safety, this may be because Marth can`t heal her if she get hurt. This is because his angelic side powers would not heal demonic beings or to related to them like cambions.
  • In timeline 2 Marth use Uno carmine spell to purificate Samael from Darkness corruption.
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