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Meggy, listen... I'm not very good at expressing myself. In fact, I'm not very good at pretty much anything. But what I do know is that I'm your friend. I always will be. And whatever comes our way, either now or in the future, know that no matter what, I'll always have your back. And we'll always be there for you too.
~ Mario to Meggy


Mario the Sexy Plumber, also known as Stupid Mario in Mario Hotel, is the central character and one of the two main protagonists (alongside SMG4) of the SMG4 series. He served as the main protagonist of Seasons 1 and 2 before he shared the role with SMG4 in the later seasons. He serves as one of the three main protagonists of The Waluigi Arc (alongside SMG4 and Wario) and as the main protagonist of The YouTube Arc.

He is an Italian plumber originating from Nintendo's Super Mario franchise, the older brother of Luigi, the designated hero (a loose term) of the Mushroom Kingdom, the former archenemy of Bowser, the lover(?) of Princess Peach, and the co-leader of SMG4's Gang. He was also briefly the acting King of the Mushroom Kingdom, before changing the country into the Republic of Mario Land, making himself the Supreme Leader in SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader.

In SMG4's videos, as opposed to his selfless heroic portrayal from the Nintendo canon, Mario is portrayed as an immensely dumb, narcissistic, and troublemaking ass befitting the comedic nature of the series. His annoying and stupid behavior often antagonizes and ruins people's lives. Yet when things are at their absolute worst, he's capable of even an ounce of selflessness and compassion, especially at Desti's funeral at the end of the Anime Arc. He cares very deeply about his friends as he was horrified when they got banished to the Internet Graveyard and was relieved when he realized they were alive.


His appearance is exactly like his Nintendo counterpart, Mario wears a long-sleeved red shirt, blue overalls with yellow buttons, brown shoes, and gloves. He has a red cap, brown hair, a black mustache, and blue eyes. He is shorter than Luigi but taller than Human Meggy who is 5'2".


Mario is lazy, mischievous, foul-mouthed and can be selfish. He cares most for himself and his spaghetti addiction which he refers to it as his girlfriend/love interest. He normally goes insane after someone ruins or steals his spaghetti and even turns into a psychopath sometimes even him committing suicide. He can sometimes hate everyone around him though it isn't common. He mostly refuses to help his friends even his brother Luigi though, in the newer videos he normally helps them. He isn't brave when fighting larger, more threatening enemies. Mario is also disobedient as he constantly does stuff people tell him not to do, he is also short-tempered as he can get angry very easily. Mario is also very retarded and stupid (Read the intelligence section for more information), Underneath his retardedness and stupidness he does truly care about his friends and Luigi. When Luigi was zombified due to Bob in the T-Pose Apocalypse, Mario seemed extremely angry and even wanted to kill Bob. He doesn't like it when Meggy is emotionally down as Meggy is the one who helped Mario care about his friends, he comforts her multiple times as their close friends. When Meggy was kidnapped, Mario was desperate to get Meggy back. In Smart(ass) Mario, he became smart he mistreats everyone in the castle due to forgetting his past identity. He even forgot his spaghetti addiction. In Smart Mario, he helps his friends with his intellect and his spaghetti addiction remained, then he began to hate his friends due to them treating him when he was stupid now he calling them stupid. He then steals all the spaghetti in the world, in the end, he begged to not go back to "That Babbling Idiot," meaning they've different personalities. His Friends did care about him better than Smart Mario. In Mario Alone, he became super depressed when his friends left, his friends then came back, saving him from Wario and Waluigi as they didn't want to leave without him.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Good, but mostly Neutral

Name: Mario the Sexy Plumber, Stupid Mario, Fatass (by SMG4, Toad, and the Narrator), Master Mario (by Toadsworth), Red (by Meggy), Plump Man (by Jeeves), Bafoon (by Jeeves), Mayro (by Desti and Swag), Mayonnaise (by Desti), Mayo (by Desti), Fat Idiot (by Waluigi), Fat Man (Former Superhero Name), Friend of Pickle (by Axol), Red Tomato (by Axol), Tomato Man (by Axol), Dumbass Italian (by Waluigi), Mongrio (In-game username in SMG4: The E G G), The Chosen One (by Rauru), mariofatass69 (in SMG4: Mario VS Youtube), spaghettilover41 (in Mario Plays VRChat)

Origin: SMG4

Creator: Luke Lerdwichagul  

Age: Ambiguous (Though it has been stated Mario's been doing stuff for over 30 years in the older videos, it's never confirmed by WOG of his actual age as when he's stated to be 30 it is taken as a joke)

Classification: Human, Plumber, Co-Leader of SMG4's Gang

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: Inconsistent

Weight: Inconsistent (At least 12,988 pounds)

Eye Color: Blue 

Hair Color: Brown 

Status: Alive 

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least 5-B, possibly 2-Cfar higher with various power-ups | Unknown

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Underwater Breathing (Type 2), Weapon Mastery, Master Hand to Hand Combatant, Toon Force (Capable of coming back after dying in the next scene and is capable of appearing about anywhere like teleportation. He also escaped Gaben dimension in the next episode), Fourth Wall Awarness (Is aware that the world he is in is fake and has spoken to the viewer on multiple occasions), Acrobatics, Can throw his head off, Dimensional Storage (Can summon weapons from out of nowhere), Madness Manipulation (Can drive people mad by showing his nude body. Can also work on robots or footage of Bowser doing this.), Explosion Manipulation (Can explode in extreme anger or fear and various items such as bombs and Rocket Launchers), Regeneration (Mid-High, comparable to Luigi, who can recover from this and this), Chi Manipulation (Can perform the Kamehameha in earlier video's without the use of his Super Saiyan Form), Energy Projection (Seen here), Animal Manipulation (Via his horse), Summoning (Can summon a demon, a giant mecha of spaghetti and his kart), Supernatural Luck with Winger Yoshi, Fire Manipulation via Flamethrower and Fire Flower, Electricity Manipulation (Can throw an electric ball that knocked out Wendy), Poison Manipulation (Managed to eat all the shrooms from a planet, which are drugs), Size Manipulation via various Mushroom, Limited Power Nullification (Can put out fires with a fire extinguisher), Sealing via Pokéballs, BFR with Rock Wizard (Can send someone to another dimension), Mind Control (Can throw Cappy at someone and control them), Duplication via Clone Justu, Resistance to Fear Manipulation (Didn't get scared whatsoever from Boos), Resistance to Mind Control (Completely unaffected by Master Hand's Mind Control), Resistance to Extreme Cold (Unaffected by being naked in the snow and being naked in space which is -454.81), Possible Resistance to Extreme Heat (Didn't notice the sun getting extremely close to earth until he heard the fire, though it's unknown if it's as hot as the sun), Resistance to Pain to an extent (He can at best be completely turned to dust or have his limbs chopped off and not feel any pain), Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Can survived without a soul)

Same as before but all upgraded to a higher extent, Rage Power (When in an angry state he can turn Super Saiyan), Flight (Can fly at super speeds in Super Saiyan Form), Large Size (Type 0-1, with Super Mushroom, he was almost the size of Peach's castle), Energy Projection via Super Saiyan powers, Magic, Chi Manipulation via Kamehameha, Statistics Amplification via Golden Mushroom and Super Mushroom

Attack Potency: At least Planet level, possibly Low Multiverse level (Capable of uppercutting Mario Head into the skieswho destroyed Earth twice and Mario himself destroyed Earth. Mario is capable of casually tearing himself apart, and can casually tear off and throw his headFought and should be somewhat comparable to Master Hand who created corridors of Smash Rooms though it is unknown if they are separate dimensions/timelines, Master Hand is the ruler of these dimensions and can manipulate and change the rules of them at his will which Crazy Hand who has the same powers as Master Hand changed the rules of the Smash dimensions multiple times and Master Hand can create more game modes and more dimensions/maps at his will), far higher with various types of power-ups (He used his Z-Move aiming at a Magikarp and in the process accidentally one-shot Luigi and reduced him to ash though it is unknown what happened to the other characters. His Super Saiyan Form should make him far stronger than before as Super Saiyan Steve who Super Saiyan Mario is likely comparable to, beat Base Mario and reduced him to ash (except his leg). With a mushroom, he should be far stronger than before. In Smart Mario, he was capable of building a robot that sent the main cast flying and should be superior to the main cast in strength. As well as he grew stronger when running backwards and sent people flying back stronger than before) | Unknown (When he broke out of the internet he was comparable to the likes of Luke Lerdwichagul who views the SMG4 verse as a simulation and lives on a different reality from it, he puppets and views the verse as fiction, which the SMG4 verse possibly at least contains 8052011 universes. Master Hand's powers are fiction compared to Luke Lerdwichagul) 

Speed: Likely Massively FTL possibly higher (Should scale roughly around the same speed as Super Saiyan Mario who travelled from The Sun in 4 seconds. In Time Travel Tells, Mario moved casually when the universe was possibly destroyed though it's unknown if it was a timeline or if all matter was gone), far higher  with various types of power-ups (Should scale to Super Saiyan Steve, who was able to blitz Mario it should be noted that characters turn Super Saiyan if they get angry enough, therefore, should scale to Super Saiyan Mario) | Unknown (Comparable to Luke Lerdwichagul who lives outside the SMG4 Verse and transcends it and sees it as a simulation)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 5 (Grappled with Meggy and came out on top, who in turn can throw and spin Mario long distances with moderate ease. Mario's weight is inconsistent as he can weigh 12,988 pounds to a totally different weight) | Unknown (Exists outside the SMG4 verse where the SMG4 laws don't apply and should be somewhat comparable to Luke Lerdwichagul)

Striking Strength: At least Planet Class, possibly Low Multiversal (Can harm SMG4 and knock him down in a single strike, on occasions even knocking him out in one-hit and can knock limbs off SMG4. Capable of harming Sans who in turn can survive hits from Master Hand while Master Hand was holding back), far higher with various types of power-ups | Unknown (Should be comparable to Real Life Toad who knocked out an off-guard Luke Lerdwichagul)

Durability: At least Planet level, possibly Low Multiverse level (He on multiple occasions blew up Earth tanking the blow without noticingTook serious blows from Master Hand before getting knocked down and survived blows from SMG4, Meggy, Joe Boopkins, Luigi, an army of Teletubbies, Bowser and many others), far higher with various types of power-ups (Should be far greater in durability due to sheer size and with his Super Saiyan Form he should easily be above his Base Form and can keep increasing it with the more power-ups at his disposal should become far more durable than Mario Head with Super Mushroom). Toon Force makes him difficult to kill | Unknown (Took 2 hits from Luke Lerdwichagul though was knocked down for an unknown amount of time, and should be somewhat on par with Luke Lerdwichagul but ultimately weaker) 

Stamina: Varies from Low to Very High (Can easily get tired from fighting or just eating though at his strongest he can fight for an extended period of time when Toads that are somewhat on par with Mario piled on Mario and showed no sign of tiring. He can run backwards for 24 hours without stopping and didn't show any signs of tiring) | Unknown

Range: Standard melee range with basic attacks. Hundreds of Meters with various guns, far higher with various power-ups. Universal with a filled up Waluigi launcher (The Waluigi Launcher shot infinite meters)

Standard Equipment: None, with Toon Force which can across Bob-omb, AK-47, Various Weapons, Tank, Wand, Shotgun, Waluigi Launcher, Blue Shell, Hammer, Golden Mushroom, Chainsaw, Cappy, Rock, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, Various Handguns, Super Mushrooms and Mushrooms, Rock Wizard (Note, he can summon more of these at his disposal) 

Intelligence: Below Average (Mario has always been treated as one of if not the dumbest character from the entire series, he didn't know what 1+1 was until Baldi taught him. He lacks common sense thinking toasters are good for a bath, shooting himself and ribbing of his limbs. Though on occasions he shows an intelligent side an example in certain episodes he shows Average intellect and In The Super Mario Stupid Show it shows he isn't fully stupid). At least Genius, possibly Extraordinary Genius when he turned into Smart Mario (Capable of building a giant robot with built-in systems in a quick amount of time, Smart Bob who had the same intellect did the same in another quick time span. Stated by Tari to be smarter than Professor. E. Gadd, who in turn could build time machines though it was just a statement by Tari)

Weaknesses: Lack of Common Sense and Below Average, runs into battle without a plan which led to Mario's downfall/loss multiple times. He is usually cowardly and runs away from larger opponents. When he is no longer angry he will lose his Super Saiyan Form and certain power-ups wear off after time other than that none notable | Same as before excluding his power-up weaknesses.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Superhuman Strength: Mario has proven he's one of, or the physically strongest SMG4 character out of all the people his size. Mario has been strong enough to punch and throw people from several feet away to miles away in the sky. This also includes striking people through doors, concrete walls, or other sorts of barriers or objects. He once, with a single punch, shattered a large window made of wire mesh glass in SM64 Bloopers: Luigi Labyrinth. He is able to casually lift & throw Bowser, who weighs over 1.428 tons. He casually uprooted the tree Meggy was building a treehouse on in SMG4: There's Something Up With Meggy... He also punched a pilot straight through the window and down to the ground in Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island, and is even able to lift King Bob-omb (calculated to weigh 30 tons). He can also rip out a control panel of a train and even throw a weight-lift into the sky, taking out a commercial passenger-jet. After launching Fishy Boopkins in the sky, he ended up making a plane crash into E. Gadd's workshop. He's also supposed to have the same strength as his video game counterpart, who can lift and punt entire castles that weights at least 60 Million Tons, break thousands of bricks with his bare hands, throw a baseball so fast it ignites the air and breaking asteroids easily. In Super Challenge 64, once his path of backward sprinting started, he could not be stopped. He rammed & destroyed oncoming vehicles, went straight through concrete walls, heavily destroying small buildings, and managed to easily trample Son Goku and Shaggy two of whom are presumably very powerful characters. He once defeated the Mario Head with a single jumping upwards fist strike, sending it into the clouds (the Mario Head once destroyed the Earth by crashing into it).
  • Superhuman Speed: Mario is usually very slow, but there are instances where he shows he had capability of superhuman speed. There are many instances throughout the series where Mario manages to run fast enough to keep up with or escape moving vehicles, such as in SMG4: Mario's Big Chungus Hunt, where he was outrunning a Tank before the tank's operator stopped him by firing an armor-piercing shell directly at him. Mario was able to outrun many police cruisers in a high-speed chase running backward in SMG4: Super Challenge 64.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: There were many instances throughout the SMG4 series where he was able to dodge bullets. He once casually dodged shotgun rounds the instant they were inches away from landing on him.
  • Superhuman Endurance: Over the years, Mario has survived nearly everything thrown at him, from falling from great heights, falling from orbit, gunfire, explosions (greatly ranging in magnitude), getting attacked by Bowser, getting crushed, physical blows from SMG4 (about as strong as him), to car & plane crashes, all barely fazed. He even survived being utterly beaten by Super Saiyan 3 Steve and taking a direct hit from his Kamehameha. In SMG4: Mario and the Experiment, Mario was clinging to the face of Godzilla when Joe Boopkins threw a Jotaro-style flurry of punches onto Godzilla; Mario survived the pummeling while Godzilla was sent flying and dissipated from damage. It should be noted that Joe Boopkins is strong enough to obliterate a large pirate ship with one swing of his giant tentacle. In SMG4: Super Challenge 64 Mario is seemingly unhurt, and even unbothered after The Mushroom Kingdom Army/National Guard dropped a nuclear weapon right on top of him from a Stealth Bomber. He didn't seem to take notice that he was hit by a nuke point-blank, neither the destruction of the city around him after it; he was too busy celebrating winning a bet made by Meggy (He was challenged to run backward for a whole day). He has survived shots from miniguns, AK-47s, and .50 caliber sniper rifles with no visible injuries.
  • Pyrokinesis: Much like his own games, he has shown the ability to manipulate fire.
  • Anaerobic Functioning: Mario is often seen in space or underwater without showing signs of needing oxygen. This trait is often shared with the older, retarded SMG4 characters. (While others haven't proven they can.)
  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Although most of the time he is depicted as a coward, there are times he has displayed his true skill has proven himself to be a master at unarmed combat. Over the years he has been in many battles, winning most of them. He has his own unique style, with very fast and powerful punches and kicks and tackles. One of the best examples of this is his final fight with SMG4 at the end of Mario Battle Royale.
  • Enhanced Agility: Despite his weight and shape, he has a great acrobatic capability. He also can greatly apply this to combat, as he can be very skillful when it comes to rapid, high jumps, flips, and tackles. A great example of this was the time he got locked into combat with Sans.
  • Giant-Size and Strength: In Ssenmodnar 10, Mario used a Mega Mushroom to grow into Mega Mario, a power-up form who is bigger, stronger and tougher than the base Mario.
  • Below-Zero Temperature Tolerance: During SnowTrapped, in a few clips, Mario is seen naked in the freezing cold a few times, without any adverse effects. He is also occasionally seen in space, which has a fatal temperature of -454.81, dressed casually in no protective garments, and still is not bothered by it.
  • Bilingualism: Mario is shown to be bilingual, speaking in fluent English and Italian (his mother tongue). His skill is displayed in SMG4: High School Mario, where he and Luigi were given an A+ grade by their Italian teacher.
  • Rapping Skills: In the War of the Fat Italians series since 2015, as well as Supah Star Rap Battles of Epicness, Mario has demonstrated great rapping skills.
  • H4ck1ng Sk1llz: Despite normally being unintelligent, Mario was shown to be perfectly capable of hacking into computers in MarioTube 2. However, he needed to break into YouTube™ Headquarters in order to do so. In Portal M4R10 - If Mario was in... Portal, he managed to hack one of GLaDOS's security cameras, using a nearby computer, so that it would show Teletubbies instead of the camera's live feed.
  • Head Removal: Thanks to the humorous Laws of Cartoon Physics, Mario will sometimes lose his head and be totally fine in the next scene. On rare occasions, his body can function without his head attached. In SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge, Mario can be seen attempting to reattach it after it came off, possibly implying that his head is detachable like a LEGO® Minifigure.
  • Dancing: Mario is known to be skilled at dancing as shown in Stupid Mario Party as he can perform continuously at quickened pace that Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi are unable to memorize his movements and catch up with him.
  • Fat Powers: In SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, Mario could make himself even fatter at will. This made him even stronger, allowing him to break down doors and other furniture.
  • Nude Bomb: In SMG4: Mario Gets Stuck On An Island, Mario was able to gather the nudes from not just himself but from "all the hoes and the bitches" into a Spirit Bomb type ball that was powerful enough to turn a pig to ashes.
  • Capturing: Using Cappy, Mario can take control of other people, enemies or inanimate objects.
  • Master Sword Removal: Despite his negative traits and not proving his power, wisdom, and courage, Mario in If Mario was in... Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time proved worthy of drawing the Master Sword from its pedestal. This impressive feat, however, might be just attributed to his already absurd superhuman strength.
  • Clone Jutsu: In SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge, Mario has shown being capable of copying the Clone technique from the Naruto series.
  • Italian Thunderfat: Mario's signature Z-Move, at which he dances up to the orbit of the planet and then slams his large body onto the target.

  • God-like Strength: While Mario is already on very vast levels of superhuman strength as a normal person, is can be assumed that his physical capability is massively amplified in Super Saiyan form. And in the events of SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2019, during an arm-wrestling challenge with SMG4, he would turn into a Super Saiyan 3, further enhancing his physical strength. Note that Mario's Super Sayan form abilities are scaled much more accurately with Mario's canon powers.
  • God-like Speed: While in the state of Super Saiyan, Mario is able to fly at incomprehensible speeds. In R64: Mario Simulator, he was able to fly from the Earth to the Sun in ~3 seconds. This means he clocked in the speed of around 111,552,000,000 mph (30,986,667 mi/second), approximately 170 times the speed of light (the calculation of exact speed is an observation and should not be considered official by any means).
  • God-Like Endurance: Mario has already survived many things that would be absolutely impossible for a normal person to survive without an invincibility star, so going Super Saiyan would make him even more indestructible than he already is.

Key: Normal | In the Real World


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