I don't fight people, I kill them. If you touch me you will die. You've been warned. Do not antagonize me further.
~ Manuelo to Ahriman


Manuelo Vincerò is a character in the VSBW roleplay Reincarnation Wars. Throughout the story, he gets into fights with four of his teammates, them being The, Jackson, Blane and is eventually killed by Ahriman. Despite his powers being able to negate this, he has yet to return.


Manuelo is a 6'2" white man with frizzy black hair and loose curls.


Manuelo is arrogant, believing himself to be infinitely superior to those around him. He constantly swears, as well. He has a special hatred for The, saying that he wanted to kill him and that he would kill team mates that got in his way. Despite this, he seems to want to stop the Supreme Darkness as much as the other characters.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Neuteral

Name: Manuelo Vincerò

Origin: Reincarnation Wars RP

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Classification: Human, Stand user | Same | Vampire, Stand user

Date of Birth: Unknown

  • Zodiac/Horoscope: Unknown

Birthplace: Earth

Weight: Unkown

Height: 6'2"

Likes: Himself

Dislikes: The, people getting in his way.

Eye Color: Unknown

Hair Color: Black

Hobbies: Fight

Values: Himself

Martial Status: Single

Status: Missing

Affiliation: The Party (Reincarnation Wars)

Previous Affiliation: Unknown

Themes: Killer

Combat Statistics

Tier: 10-A. 8-C with Killer Queen. Varies with sheer heart attack | 10-A. 8-C with stands | At least 8-C. At least 8-C with stands

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, can convert anything he touches into a bomb witch effects even the soul, Can summon an indestructible bomb on tank treads, can fire air bullets and attach bombs to them | Weapon Mastery (Should be skilled with a pistol like his past life, though he has yet to actually show this), Portal Creation (Can bring himself and others through parallel dimensions), can force somebody into contact with an alternate universe version of themselves, causing both to instantly die, he himself resists this effect, can transfer his memories and stands to an alternate universe version of himself if he is in grievous condition | Can spy on people with minor Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Time Stop (Can stop time around him for 9 seconds), can think and see in frozen time, Mind Manipulation via flesh buds, Body Control, Immortality (Types 1, 2 and 3), Regeneration (High-Mid), Ice Manipulation (Can freeze others by vaporizing the the liquid in his body), Water Manipulation (can fire beams of water fused with vampiric essence), can turn others into zombies or vampires

Attack Potency: Athlete Level physically, Building Level+ with Killer Queen, Varies with sheer heart attack (has the statistics and abilities of his past life) ignores durability in a variety of ways | Athlete Level physically, Building Level+ with stands, ignores durability in a variety of ways | At least Building Level+ physically, At least Building Level+ with stands, ignores durability in a variety of ways

Speed: Peak Human with Massively FTL reactions. Massively FTL with Killer Queen | Superhuman with Massively FTL reactions. Massively FTL with stands | Hypersonic with Massively FTL reactions. Massively FTL with stands 

Lifting Strength: Average Human | Peak Human | Class 50, Class K with The World

Striking Strength: Athlete Class, Building Class+ with stands | Athlete Class, Building Class+ with stands | At least Building Class+, At least Building Class+ with stands

Durability: Building Level+, Building Level+ with stands. Mind transference and Regeneration from his second and third souls respectively make him hard to kill

Stamina: Superhuman | Same | Vastly Superhuman

Range: Standard Melee Range. Stands can move up to 2 meters away from him. Several meters with projectiles. | Same | Standard Melee Range. The World can move up to 10 meters away from him.

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Above Average. Despite his arrogance, he is able to make plans quickly, and generally knows when he's outclassed. He is willing to put his annoyance with his team mates aside when the party is fighting strong foes.

Weaknesses: As stated before, he is very arrogant, even going so far as to say the rest of the party would be unnecessary when he only had his first soul. Otherwise nothing notable, as he does not share DIO's weakness to sunlight.


  • Fought The to a standstill when both were on their second soul. Possibly would had won had it not been for distractions for both characters.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

  • Killer Queen: The first stand Manuelo gained. It allows him to use two bombs.
  • First Bomb: This allows Manuelo to turn anything he touches into a bomb. The explosion can be delayed. Only one bomb may be maintained at a time.
  • Sheer Heart Attack: A bomb that goes toward the nearest heat source. Can be manually detonated or is detonated when too much heat is given off. The amount of heat determines the explosion's power.
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Manuelo's second stand. Also known as D4C. This stand allows Manuelo to travel through dimensions if he and/or the stand are between two objects. This will even work with energy, as shown when he used one of The's meteors from Astro Crush.
  • The World: Manuelo's third stand. This stand allows Manuelo to stop time for up to nine seconds.

Key: First Soul | Second Soul | Third Soul

Note: Manuelo does NOT have "Bites the Dust" or "Love Train"

Note 2: Though he is never shown to use DIO's powers as he died off-blog shortly after getting them, WoG states that he has Awakened DIO's powers.


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