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Mai Marthym
Second life

Mai the rabbit.

My thing is books and being smart, we're dead.


Mai is the son of Borealis and Magus. He is a main character in Kitty Pride.

Mai is a very smart blue ram rabbit. He can accelerate up to 128 times.

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least 9-C, likely higher | 8-B in base, at least 8-A with speed x128 | At least 8-B, likely higher in base, at least Low 7-C with speed x128

Name: Mai Coccolo, Magus' son (by Joly)

Origin: Kitty Pride

Gender: Male

Status: Alive

Age: 12

Classification: Rabbit

Powers and Abilities: Accelerated Development (by increasing his stats with Drake's material), Damage Boost (with Relate), Damage Transferal (with Tension), Elasticity (Is able to survive being crushed completely due to his rabbit physiology), Healing (with Guitar), Information Analysis (Was able to analyze and understand the planet he was on in a few days), Magic, Paralysis Inducement (With Inflakick), Reactive Power Level (With Acceleration), Statistics Amplification (in many many ways, such as Focusing, Tension, Acceleration among others), Statistics Reduction (Of his opponents, with Guitar), Superhuman Physical Characteristics

Attack Potency: At least Street level, likely higher (Start at this level, far stronger than Borealis who is comparable to RockLiger, who easily threw a person 3 meters away) | City Block level in base (Get to this level at max stats, weaker than max stats Gatto and Bakura, can one-shot Lune, who jumped 250km high while weighting over 12 tons herself), at least Multi-City Block level with speed x128 (Stronger than base Nermal, who triggered a mini-nuclear explosion of 12 kilotons of tnt) | At least City Block level, likely higher in base (Comparable to max stats Drake, far stronger than his max stats self), at least Small Town level with speed x128 (Comparable to Nessie, stronger than Mia with Weight redirection, who caused a giant quake)

Speed: Subsonic | Massively Hypersonic in base, Sub-Relativistic+ with speed x128 | Massively Hypersonic in base, Relativistic with speed x128

Lifting Strength: Class 5 | Class G, higher with speed x128 | Class G in base, Class T with speed x128

Striking Strength: At least Street Class, likely higher | City Block Class in base, at least Multi-City Block Class with speed x128 | At least City Block Class, likely higher in base, at least Small Town Class with speed x128

Durability: At least Street level, likely higher | City Block level in base, at least Multi-City Block level with speed x128 | At least City Block level, likely higher in base, at least Small Town level with speed x128

Range: Standard Melee Range

Intelligence: Gifted (Learns easily. Knows how to study a planet's setting. Has read all of RockLiger's books on how magic works)

Weaknesses: Very little combat experience. Never dodge an attack.

Standard Euipment: His Guitar.


Key: Early game | Max stats | Best equipment

Notable Attacks and Techniques

His power is to accelerate without suffering the negative effects. He can accelerate 8 times before Magus' death, and 1024 times after.

He attacks with kicks.

  • Focusing: Focusing is a technique mastered by the five playable characters of Kitty Pride, it increases the power of destruction exponentially, making the user infinitely stronger as long as you give him time.
  • Accelerate: Accelerate up to 8 times, and 1024 times post Magus' death. Allow Mai to dodge attacks and counter-attack. Make him far stronger.
  • Tension: Allows Mai to attack while retaining some of his power to follow up, rather than draining it completely, with more control, allows Mai to increase his power after the attack to attack harder and harder and allows Mai to absorb the power of incoming attacks.
  • Guitar: Increases Mai's and his group' power and can heal them, decreases the opponent's power.
  • Inflakick: Inflicts damage that varies according to Mai's stamina and speed rather than strength. Stuns the opponent and makes him miss his next attack.
  • Relate: Attack with the help of Bakura or Magus, becomes more powerful with each use.



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