About the Verse

Magic World is a verse created by EliminatorVenom, based on roleplays that he was in since he was a child. It is divided in two sections: RP Verse, which is a massive, joke-like crossover with all fiction (Even memes), and fanfiction verse, which is much more serious, with connections to many other verses.

Magic World verse depicts a world of technology and magic, with kingdoms, villages and knights roaming in the same world as professional SWAT teams, modern cities and bullet trains. It is a massive verse on all possible senses.

Power of the Verse

MWVerse, as previously said, is divided by two sections: RP Verse and Fanfiction Verse.

The RP Verse is ridiculously powerful, with a relatively big list of beyond-omnipotent characters, altough the RP verse shouldn't be taken seriously due to its lack of common sense and being created just for fun. However, the Fanfiction verse is much easier to analyse. The strongest ones from the verse are normally omnipotent, with the other top-tier being High Hyperversal+ beings. It should be noted that it has many different characters of different types, with very different power levels. The power levels can range from High Hyperversal+ to Sub-Human. Really diverse.

Fanfiction Verse

God Tiers

The Admin

High Tiers

Treason God

Medium Tiers

Johnathan Chrono

Low Tiers


Relation with other Verses

Magic World RP verse is a massive crossover, and isn't taken in account here.

The fanfiction verse is confirmed to be related to Abyss, Legend of Lords, Warville and some others. It had some crossovers with Warville series, and it is confirmed as well that Kain's Misadventures verse was created from a canon meeting of both verses.