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Luigi is a classic major character and a deuteragonist of the SMG4 series, he is Mario's brothers. Luigi is portrayed as paranoid and scared (Mainly to Boos), He normally is abused by Mario a lot while in older bloopers Luigi did the same back. He is treated as a joke and is commonly abused by a lot of people. In Luigi Labyrinth, he is portrayed as a villain and tried to rule the world for payback. Despite that Luigi cares about his friends and in later episodes they don't treat him as inferior and treat him equally though they may make fun of his cowardice.



Luigi is no different from his canon counterpart, Luigi has a long-sleeved green shirt, blue overalls with yellow buttons, brown gloves with white gloves, green cap, brown hair, black mustache and blue eyes. He is taller than Mario who is taller than Human Meggy who is 5'2". 


Luigi is one of the kindest and most charismatic members of the cast, he loves lending a helping hand. He normally isn't violent and tries to use common sense to solve his problems. He can get very nervous and very scared, he is a coward and can get scared by Goombas who are far weaker than him. He is shown to be stupid at times doing the wrong thing when it's clearly obvious what he should've done, he cares about his friends very much as shown in Modern videos. Luigi also can get angry to a point where he can get extremely pissed. Luigi is shown to be gay though straight with Daisy meaning he might be bisexual. Luigi also celebrates too early, he is very close to his friends that he would commit suicide just to save his friends.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Good, but sometimes Neutral

Name: Luigi

Origin: SMG4 (SuperMarioGlitchly4) 

Creator: Luke Lerdwichagul  

Age: Inconsistent (Same age as Mario who is at least 24 years old)

Classified as: Human

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: possibly July 8, 1981

Weight: Unknown

Eye Color: Blue 

Hair Color: Brown 

Status: Alive

Combat Statistics

TierAt least 5-B, possibly 2-C Unknown

Name: Luigi, Dead Weight, Trash Bag, Pickle, Mr. L

Origin: SMG4

Gender: Male

Age: Just as old as Mario(Who is confirmed to be 24 though years have passed by meaning he is older)

Classification: Human, Plumber, Ghost Hunter

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsWeapon Mastery (As shown in Meggy Destiny, Luigi is extremely skilled with a Splat Gun), Master Hand to Hand Combatant (Luigi can fight on par with Mario several times), Fourth Wall Awareness (Is aware in the world he is in is fake), Toon Force (Can be reduced to dust and come completely fine in the next scene, he can also die or appear out of nowhere), AcrobaticsExplosion Manipulation (Can explode in extreme fear or anger), Possible Resistance to Extreme Heat (Didn't notice the sun getting extremely close to earth until he heard the fire, though it's unknown if it's as hot as the sun), Fear Manipulation (Via his Death Stare), Summoning (Can accidentally summon a demon), possible limited Time Manipulation (When dancing he can slow downtime in a minor zone and Mario stated he can do it), BFR via Poltergust (Can suck up Ghosts)

Attack PotencyAt least Planet level, possibly Low Multiverse level (Terrified Bowser and knock him down in one blow though supposedly weaker than Bowser physically. Luigi has harmed Mario on several occasions and Luigi is on par with characters such as Mario who can hurt him. Luigi also has gone on several tasks with Mario and has competed with enemies who can harm Mario) | Unknown (Comparable to Luke Lerdwichagul but ultimately weaker than him)

Speed: Superhuman (In Mario Jackass, Luigi outran a stampede of bulls who go at 20 mph, Luigi should be comparable to Mario), likely Massively FTL possibly higher (Comparable if not faster than Mario, can dodge attacks that even the Main Cast can't even react to) | Unknown (Can move in The Real World which the SMG4 Verse speed is Irrelevant compared to The Real Life World)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, to At least Class 5 (Can lift Mario with ease and should be comparable to Mario and Meggy) | Unknown (Lifting Strength In the SMG4 verse is Irrelevant compared to The Real World)

Striking StrengthAt least Planet level, possibly Low Multiverse level (Luigi is capable of knocking down Bowser, Luigi also on occasions can send Mario flying with a punch without much difficulty and Luigi should be comparable to him) | Unknown (Should scale to Real Life Toad who knocked out an unprepared Luke Lerdwichagul)

DurabilityAt least Planet level, possibly Low Multiverse level (Can commonly take blows from Mario shrugging it off every time, Luigi can also take the same amount of punishment like Mario, he can compete with Bowser as well) | Unknown (Can take a hit from Luke Lerdwichagul and get up straight after that though was sent flying back in the process)

StaminaAverage to Very High (Shown to be more athletic than Mario) | Unknown

RangeStandard Melee Range, 100s of Meters with various Guns, Unknown

Standard EquipmentNone, with Toon Force, can access various Guns and a Poltergust 

IntelligenceAt least Below Average likely Average (Shown to be much smarter than Mario, he can act very dumb at times though commonly shows common sense though is not known as a smarter member of the cast)

Weaknesses: Luigi is very much a coward, sometimes enemies far weaker than him like Goomba's he can be terrified of Ghosts especially scare him though it is shown he can get over it as sometimes Luigi doesn't even flinch from Ghosts or casually crushes Goombas. Luigi is also overconfident leading to losses on occasions, examples when he thinks he wins he can be caught off-guard.

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