Magic...Power... isn't anything special,really.


Lucy Brooks is the sister of both Parker and Lance,she is also one of the supporting characters in Culminverse. Like her brothers,she is born in England but they later moved to America,Las Vegas city looking for better life.

Lucy and along her siblings are currently living in cheap apartment where they are investigating supernatural disturbances while continuing their normal lives. Unlike Lance,she is willingly to assist Parker missions.

She is currently in school and had joined athletic club to gain physically stronger,but due to her odd appearance and dull personality, many people and peers avoided her.


As a child, Lucy discovered her magic but later learned that she is capable of hurting others with her strong negative emotions. The father of her family helped her, from telling her to suppress any emotion to avoid harming others. In general,she follow her father's advice so she generally tries to keep her emotions in check.

Lucy is considerably socially awkward to those who interact her,usually having dull expression and giving monotone responses,which made her unable to make friends.The likely cause of this is her suppressed emotions and odd appearance that she were born with. However,she is considerably kind to others.

She is understandable,forgiving and helpful to other beings regardless of their origins or beliefs,even showing forgiveness to those who wished harm to her and her family.

However, in the interior, she is supriseily weak willed. She is prone to sweat a lot and become fearful whenever a fight or something similar occurs but she is capable of standing up for herself when people are getting hurt.

She is known to also have strong belief against sorcerers or anything similar because of their power. Her belief is magic or anything similar does not make a person unique,rather anyone who has this type of power are just normal people.


Lucy is ordinary young girl with a grayish skin tone, short height and weight. She has black hair with twin tail hairstyle.

Lucy wears gothic dress and black boots

Combat Statistics

Tier: 10-C7-B with telekinesis and forcefield

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics (With telekinesis),Magic,Telekinesis (She is able to lift multiple buildings as well any type of object regardless how it weighs.),Limited Matter Manipulation (She can easily crush someone in atomic level,with her telekinesis.),Mind Manipulation,Psychometry and Illusion Creation (She has the ability to access someone's mind from just look at him/her as manipulate and access their mind.),Forcefield Creation (With her telekinesis.),Astral Projection and Possession (Can easily leave her body at will and enter people's bodies.),Attack Reflection (Her force field can deflect any throwing physical projectiles,including magic .),Healing (Can heal people from touch and repair any broken bones or organs.),Extrasensory Perception (Can see and sense spirits.),Limited Paralysis Inducement (Can immobilize people through telekinesis),Regeneration (Low-Godly,she can instantly restore herself from her conscious.),BFR (Lucy had once thrown an detonating bomb out of orbit.),Cosmic Awareness and Clairvoyance (With meditation,she can gain insight in her universe.),Telepathy (She can speak with others from their mind.),True Flight (With her telekinesis alone,she can easily fly.)

Attack Potency: Below average | City level with the use of telekinesis

Speed: Below average human | Supersonic+ with telekinesis (Is comparable to other source entities that are able to move above the speed of sound)  

Lifting Strength: Below average human | Class G with telekinesis (Can easily lift any object known to man.)

Striking Strength: Below average class | City class with telekinesis

Durability: Below average level | City level with forcefield

Stamina: Below average (Gets tired from just running less than minute.) | Superhuman (Can fight for very long hours that is almost day before succumbing to exhaustion with the use of telekinesis)

Range: Thousands of kilometers with telekinesis and magic.

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Above average,she is knowledgeable in using her powers as well can be quite convincing with her use of non-violent approach.

Weaknesses: Human Normal Weakness.Pacifist,not willingly to kill though she will fight back.Her psychic abilities can be weakened if her brain repeatability takes damage.Her use of mind manipulation can be only used in one target.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

  • Telekinesis: Lucy is one of the most powerful telekinetic users. She is capable of lifting hundreds of vehicles and buildings that varied from size to size as well giving her superhuman physical characteristics.
  • Forcefield Creation: She can passively conjure barrier that shields her from physical attacks as well instantly reflecting any projectiles thrown at her.

  • Psychic Mind: Can easily access to someone's mind from just looking at them and can produce  realistic hallucination as well speak to them with telepathy.
  • Paralysis Inducement: She can immobilize groups of people with her telekinesis.
  • Teleportation: She is capable of instantly teleporting any distance,whether it's far away place or far away planet as long she knows where the area or coordinates is as well teleporting opponents into space if he so desire.
  • Matter Manipulation: Only used at extreme circumstances,she can easily destroy her target's body in atomic level, with flick of wrist or mind.


  • Prefers to telekinetic use her hands to lift or crush others/objects rather than her mind.
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