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Why is it, that i can` t create perfect world
~ Lucifer the demiurge
Now you will see (transforms to godly form) TRUE POWER OF GOD!!!
~ Lucifer the Demiurge those unlucky ones, who don`t worship him and has to face him at his fullpower.
Darkness: Don`t you see why, i needed disharmony and chaos around universe?

Lucifer: For fun...wait....no..you maked chaos because you...

Darkness: Yes?!

Lucifer: You neede for that, for that there would be more timelines as each action creates new timeline.

Darkness: Bingo! But that is only one of third truth. What are other missing pieces?

Lucifer: As there is more timelines you can...oh(begins shake)...you...can..get....

Darkness: Stronger! Yes i get stronger by eating those timelines. But there is more...Ah there he is who i was looking for and hope to come...Metatron.

~ Darkness reveals his plan to Lucifer


Character is created by Lekmos.

Have you my dear child prayed? No? Oh well, then you have to be punished.

In beginning Lucifer was alone in space, only know that he has to create world and so he did. He firstly begin create universe and all it habitants and start observe how they act and behave. Lucifer himself visited almost every place and teach mortal to how to live. As time past Lucifer watched mortals do their things and grow peacifully. He tough this was easy, but unnamed entity begin his own rampage and begin twist universe habitants minds. This caused mortals do what they do, conquering areas, causing havoc and turning evil.

Lucifer The Demiurge in his glorious deity form.

He start search what causes this and founded this dark entity is cause all havoc all around universe. This entity has created new race to universe, demons. These demons also begin turn other habitants to demons to increase their rank. Lucifer panicked first, but decide figth fire with fire. He created his own guardians beings, what he start call angels. He created about 3 trillion angels, which included different class and power set. Most powerfull of his angel was twelve winged archangel Samael, which was impued power enough shape or destroy universe. Then he created another realm, what he started call heaven. Place what Lucifer himself and his angel would be calling home. Lucifer also start spread his own fate around universe, warning about demons and rewarding, those who follow would be rigtheous and get to paratise.

Many years go forth and there no seem be end of battle of his angels and demons. Lucifer thinks what could end this and is shock, when one day his most powerfull and faitfull angel Samael march his throne room and declares war in heaven....

Lucifer: Samael what is this(Looking Michael who is in ground)

Samael: This is begining of new era in heaven and multiverse, era of my rulership.

Lucifer: What?!!

Samael: Yes, i gonna take over and make multiverse my image by getting rid of you.

Lucifer: (silence) I see, this is unfortune, but i don`t have choice then. (rises his hand and room is filled brigth light)

~ Lucifer and Samael talk about what going on

Lucifer has changed and upgraded Michael to new archangel. Lucifer then commaded Michael to kick Samael out of heaven,while he personally cast all fallen angels out of heaven. After war was over he go thinking what he just witnessed, he could be sure that he felted unnamed entitys precence in Samael. Lucifer didn`t get think this much more, when he heard from Michael, that Samael has begun his nephilim plan. Lucifer was outraged about this and commanded his angel to smite every nephilim in universe, and thus begins eradication plan of nephilims.

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Apperance and Personality

Mostly time he appear (when he is heaven in his own personal room or throne room) tall muscular man with white loincloth. He has long blond hair, with green eyes with golden glowing. When he goes somewhere universe he appears still tall, but not muscular, still blond long hair, but this time he has iris colour deep sky blue. Also he wears a white coat, whit red lines and golden boots.

Lucifers avatar which he uses when he visites universes

He is egoist and stubborn personality. He don`t like take tips and help other. This is seeing when many times when Samael (still time loyal to heaven) did try tell his own ideas what could be wrong in universes, Lucifer simply did`t listen and telling hin that he knows best and has done this more longer time. There is still moments when some crisis comes too great, then he is willing to listen others and even work to stop depending crisis.

Also another is even he has created mostly in universe habitants and beings, he doesn`t care all beings. He care only those who follow his ideas and orders. Even then he has times when he closes himself his own personal room and be there unknow times. According archangel Michael he still continues creating and doing something there.

Have you my dear child prayed? No? Oh well, then you have to be punished.
~ Lucifers idealogy in nutshell

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Lawfull Good/Neutral

Date of Birth: At begining of Universe, Universe 1 (aka alpha universe)

Birthplace: Empty space of Universe 1 

Weight: 120 kg (deity form), 80 kg (human form)

Height: 210 cm (deity form), 180 cm (human form)

Likes: Creating worlds and observing living beings in universe, being glorified

Dislikes: Evil beings, those who wont follow his plans or follow his commands

Eye Color: Green with golden glow (deity form), deep sky blue (human form)

Hair Color: Blonde

Hobbies: Creating worlds, punishing those who don`t follow his faith.

Values: Order


Creator: Existence

Status: Alive, temporally ``sealed or halted`` in Armageddon Saga, back in business at Rapture part 2

Affiliation: Himself, heaven


When he finds you that you didn`t do confess and decide punish you

Lucifer the demiurge (personal theme)

When figthing in his glorius deity form

Unholy alliange Nephilim and Creator versus Rabbit Maid

Lucifers precence theme/Whole macrocosmos knows when ``creator has descend from heaven``

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-C

Name: Lucifer the demiurge, farther by angels, god by some habitants of universe, Blind idiot god by others habitants, Lucy by Existence

Origin: Tales of nephilim

Gender: Genderless, appears male.

Classification: Creator deity, Demiurge, 4-Dimensional being

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsEnhanced Physiology (Can survive at space and others hars enviroments), Self-Sustenance (Type 1 and 2), Cosmic Awareness (With this Lucifer looks happening around universe), Space-Time Manipulation (Type 2), Reality Warping, Godly Energy ManipulationAstral Manipulation and Astral Projection, Matter Manipulation (Quantum Level), Telekinesis (Type 2), Holy Fire Manipulation, Immortality (type 4 and 8), Regeneration (Mid-Godly), Soul Manipulation, Ligth Magic (Type 3), Causality Manipulation, Holy Manipulation (Exorcism, Healing/Resurrection, Holy Artifacts or Weaponry and Miracles), Supreme Smite (Physical and range), Shapeshifting (Full conversion), Illusion Manipulation (Type 3), Teleportation and Dimensional Travel (Lucifer can teleport everywhere in macrocosmos), Non-Physical Interaction, Angel Summoning, Creation (With this Lucifer has created universes, mortals, angels and many others to macrocosmos, Mind Manipulation (Lucifer can control others minds easily), Telepathy (Lucifer could read or hear many minds at once around macrocosmos), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Type 2,created heaven and later hell. His own version of paradise, where the ``blessed souls`` and his faithfull angel live and another where he sealed Samael.), BFR and Sealing (Lucifer could send and seal his opponent to own personal pocket reality), Will of Lucifer (With this Lucifer has created whole macrocosmos.), Wrath of Lucifer (There is times when creator must erase things and start over again.), Fusionism (Lucifer can and is fused with all alternative universes), Abstract Existence (Type 2, Lucifer is is same with macrocosmos and to end him means end of macrocosmos) Acausality (Type 3, Lucifer exist same time all his created universes), Probability Manipulation (Lucifer can manipulate probality make interesting result), Demiurgic Aura (Explosive, Materialized and Fear-inducing, Lucifer can unleash flame like golden aura with sparkles to fix, destroy universe or just strike fear to his enemies hearts), Power Nullification (via energy-, matter-, causality- and reality manipulation), Life Link with Mother (Lucifer life and powers are linked to Existence), Law Manipulation (My decision is law in universe), Order Manipulation (Type 3, My order is absolute to you), Resistance (to power nullification, energy-, matter-, causality-, space-time manipulation and reality warping), Incorporeality (Lucifer has been made from divine energy and holy fire, thus don`t have physical form), Avatar Creation (Even Lucifer don`t have physical form, he manifest physical body to interact with lower beings), Resistance (to power nullification, energy-, matter-, causality-, space-time manipulation, Existence Erasure and reality warping),

Attack Potency: Low Multiverse Level, (In the begining Lucifer created whole universe, heaven, first hell and many alternative universes with them own space-time. It was speculated by Samael that their father power is creater than his own, because he countered Lucifers reality lock in realms and could not change or remove them directly with his powers. Lucifer is also same with macrocosmos aka embodiment of creation)

Speed: Massively FTL+ to Immeasurable, (Can react and figth over septillion faster than light in his avatar forms, but his true self 4-dimensional being thus moving over linear time)

Lifting Strength: Universal, (Mass of universe is like little feather in Lucifer`s hand)

Striking Strength: Low Multiversal, (Could hurt Darkness during their first encounter even Darkness had Power of creator stoled from Carl.)

Durability: Low Multiverse Level, (Tanked attack from Darkness like it was nothing. It stated that even combined migth from Michael and Samael could have hard time bring Lucifer down.)

Stamina: Godly, (Michael has stated that he never seen Lucifer take rest, if you don`t count sitting at his throne)

Range: Low Multiversal, (it stated by Michael that his last attack would destroy everything in macrocosmos, like seraph level angels wipe stars from nigh sky, if Lucifer used his macrocosmic big bang attack.)

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genious, (Lucifer knows many things, even beyond his own powers like how universe works and timelines are created. Knows many mystic spells and ancient tactics to use against his foes.)


  • Thinks he is most best perfect being and others wont stand change against him or are in creation because him, so is no surpise he underesmate his opponents, and won`t use full power at start.
  • With creation power, he could create something which can give hard time to even himself.

Note: Ready, but there may be changes in future...

Notable attacks/Techniques

  • Supreme Smite: Lucifer leaps towards enemy and graps them from their face. Then he fuels them with his holy fire burning his enemy literally inside to outside.
  • Bow down before your creator: Lucifer relases massive energy blast from his body, which can destroy anything with certain range (Lucifer normally uses planetary size blast, but it could be wider)
  • Kneel before your creator!: Lucifer uses his energy-, matter-, causality- and reality manipulations to nullificate his opponents power and abilities.
  • Reality Lock/Reality restoration: Lucifer has maded seal or spell, which prevents energy-, matter-, causality-, space-time manipulations and reality warping at universe scale. Example someone try warp reality at universe level --> nothing happens, if someone destroys space-time continuum it will become back in five seconds. This won`t howewer stop manipulations at galaxy level.
  • Divine judgenment: Lucifer concentrates his energy to his hand to small orb few seconds and them trows it.
  • Macrocosmic Big Bang: Lucifer`s final attack and trump card. Lucifer can unleash all his powers in explosive aura which can wipe out all universes in macrocosmos like seraph level angels wipe stars from nigh sky.
  • God`s will: Lucifer uses his manipulating powers to bring enemy under his will.
  • Host of heaven: Lucifer can summon angels from heaven to aid him in his combat. He can summon whole host with snap his fingers if wanted to.
  • All Hail to Creator: In his true self Lucifer is 4-Dimensional entity, meaning he is same with created universes. He could in time start chain reaction which leads to collapse whole macrocosmos to back himself to strart point. Howewer reseting whole current macrocosmos is gradual process.


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  • Even he started his faith plan to help habitants of universe, it quicly gotted his head and Lucifer begins hysterically want more and more believers to follow his faith.
  • Lucifer has created many other realms to continue and test will his faith work if he do something differently.
  • Lucifer`s two colour is mystery, but it may be because in begining Existence maded Lucifer from holy fire and divine energy.
  • Current Faithfull Status: 1/3 of macrocosmos is still faithfull to heaven and Lucifer`s faith.