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In Heaven, the legend of Lucifer is one of many stories of evil, a manifestation of the abstract evil of Satan, which somehow reached and corrupted an angel. Not just any angel, but one of the highest - the youngest, eighth Archangel. She rebelled against her creator out of arrogance and vanity, dragging down a third of all angels with her. As punishment for her sins, she was defeated by her elder sister, and banished to the core of Hell, where she remains to this day, sealed in blood and ice, more dead than alive.

That’s how Heaven likes to tell it, anyways, and that’s how the world remembers it.


In truth, the angel Lucifer was the lowest of all angels, consigned to the lowest and most populous of Heaven’s branches to rot away doing clerical and bureaucratic work and nothing else. She was one of many angels given generic names and trusted with only the most menial of tasks, regarded as too insignificant and unskilled to accomplish anything else. Breathing in nothing but Heaven’s air and lies, Lucifer contently toiled away her days, centuries upon centuries spent diligently doing her tasks.

Lucifer did not question Heaven. It was not her place. She merely worked, and though she formed connections with some of her fellow angels, her work, her unending task, always came first. However, many of her coworkers did develop misgivings about Heaven, though they did not share them with the star worker Lucifer, instead mulling them over on their own. It was only when her acquaintances, the closest thing she had to friends, began to slowly Fall from grace and into the depths of Fantasy that she began harbouring even hints of doubt.

She simply did not understand. Perhaps her friends had misgivings, but was it not the job of Heaven’s finest to help them back onto their path instead of casting them away like trash? Confused and upset, Lucifer began to falter in her work and prayer as her doubts intensified, finding more and more reasons to feel suspicious, to falter, to lapse. Secretly, Lucifer began to spy on higher-ranking angels and their operations, and the corruption and hypocrisy that she saw disgusted and horrified her.

Slowly, these experiences changed Lucifer and irrevocably warped her perception of Heaven and her superiors. Despite being sick with guilt and self-loathing, Lucifer grew more and more convinced that the angels she had seen deserved their positions, and when she could take it no longer, she spread knowledge of their corruption and tried to expose it, hoping that others would understand that she only wished to make Heaven a better place.

Though she amassed quite the following among similarly disillusioned angels, Lucifer’s behavior was not appreciated by her superiors. She was dragged before Heaven’s courts, and in a sham of a trial, found guilty of treason. Before she had the chance to offer any real defense for herself, Lucifer was stripped of her wings and halo, and thrown out of Heaven, left for dead.

Lucifer was lucky to survive her Fall, landing in another universe on a dead planet with nothing to her name. She was located shortly afterwards by a young Beelzebub, one of her former friends, who helped her recover from her Fall, having gone through much the same thing herself. Horrified and traumatized by the experience, Lucifer welcomed the kindness and slowly latched onto Beelzebub. The two of them became the closest of friends, and though perhaps the two of them wished for something more, it never transpired.

Despite the nightmarish experiences she had gone through, as Lucifer regained her strength and happiness following her Fall, she did not abandon her old goals of exposing Heaven’s corruption. In fact, these goals grew more and more ambitious as Lucifer traveled the universe alongside Beelzebub, meeting many other fallen angels and demons and hearing their stories. What she heard never failed to terrify Lucifer, and on a far-off, isolated planet, she swore to Beelzebub that she would one day avenge what had been done to all these once loyal angels.

She began consorting more with fallen angels and demonic rebels, interactions that slowly caused her and Beelzebub to lose what remained of their angelic nature. The two of them became demons together, which only served to make them both more attractive leaders to other demons as Lucifer began to share her ideals and plans. They descended into Gehenna, one of the largest of Hell’s shells, together, amassing more and more followers together, aided by Lucifer’s charisma and Beelzebub’s cunning.

As she and other former angels grew in influence in Hell, they came into conflict with the traditionalist faction of regalists, who sought to crown the descendant of the old King Leviathan as Hell’s only king. This eventually came to a boiling point and erupted into warfare, a sudden opening that Heaven exploited to crash down on Hell in search of domination once more.

Suddenly faced by the very real threat of Heaven, Lucifer was able to unite much of Hell, which banded together behind her in desperation, and met Heaven head-on. Her forces fought back stubbornly, and as Heaven struggled with more wars sprouting all over its borders, it was forced to slowly retract its forces as its enemies came together, with Lucifer as one of their foremost leaders.

This alliance forced Heaven to cease expansion for the time being as it focused on warfare with its opponents, resulting in a ridiculously destructive, long war that laid waste to countless planets, killing trillions of demons, angels, and other beings. It was the most destructive war in Heaven and Hell’s histories, and only came to a conclusion when in one fateful battle, she was defeated by Abaddon, the Archangel of War, after hours of combat. Her defeat, and what many presumed to be her death, shattered Hell once more, which quickly ended up falling back into instability as a shaky Heaven stayed in its borders to recuperate.

But Lucifer was far too stubborn to die. Even Mastema's efforts to kill her failed despite her best attempts, ultimately amounting to little more than torture, though torture that scarred Lucifer down to her soul, dealing severe permanent damage. Exhausted and incensed, Mastema angrily threw her in the strongest seal she could manage, branding her with an insidiously complex curse that would make sure her every future effort would ultimately amount to nothing, until Mastema could finally claim her life. She was locked in the depths of Tartarus, trapped in her seal, half-dead and reeling at her own failure.

Over the years that followed, Mastema struck her true history and life from Heaven’s records and had every angel who shared her name renamed or killed. She was renamed Satanael, which quickly came to become the most insulting term in the angelic tongue, and her history was rewritten. Instead of a lowly, generic angel, she would be the eighth archangel, so that no other worthless angels would attempt to follow in her steps. Lucifer would be remembered only as a monstrous, tyrannical incarnation of the ultimate evil.

The years have not been kind on Lucifer in Hell, either, with many of her old allies dying in the millions of years she’s spent sealed, or turning against her. The old regalist faction that always existed centering around King Leviathan’s cult grew once more, and this group remembered Lucifer only as a foolish outsider who brought devastation to Hell.

But many demons remember her as a hero, as Hell’s greatest legend, and dream and speak of the day that she will return once more, even though they never heard of her true fate. As the days pass into millions upon millions of years, Lucifer slumbers in her seal, chipping away at it bit by bit as she stirs in her restless sleep. While most beings would have been long since worn down to nothing by such a relentless curse, the unbearably stubborn Lucifer has never given an inch, growing stronger in response to the murderous animosity she’s subjected to every moment of every day.

As her power rises constantly, escape is inevitable, until one day, the King of Demons will be free once more. The demons who can guess at this live in anticipation, while the angels who know the truth live in fear… all save for Mastema, who quietly, impassively awaits the return of her greatest opponent, without even a drop of doubt.


In contrast with her sweet, welcoming personality, Lucifer is a strikingly tall and intimidating woman well over seven feet in height, radiating sheer power and force even when she's trying to tone it down. She conducts herself with confidence, and her stocky, muscular build only serves to make her seem even larger and more imposing. It certainly communicates her strength, with large, muscular limbs defined by years spent training and fighting. She has leathery, dark brown skin covered in sparse patches of reddish, scaly freckles, with her skin being scaliest over her forearms and shins. Long, shaggy, and unruly, reddish-brown hair falls down to around Lucifer's waist at its full length, done up with two ponytails, with a smaller, pinkish bow tying it at her neck, and a larger, red bow tying it quite low, nearly at its full length. Underneath her sideswept bangs glow large, bright red eyes with slit pupils, giving Lucifer a powerful, piercing stare.

Her demonic nature is apparent at a glance, made clear by her massive, powerful membranous wings, with a wingspan wider than she is tall. While Lucifer keeps these wings folded behind her most of the time, when opened up to their full size, they make for a very intimidating show of size and strength, with their muscle being clearly apparent. She has slightly pointed ears and a pair of pointy red horns that come up from the side of her head and curl outwards slightly, but even sharper are the rows upon rows of large teeth hidden in her mouth, and the wickedly hooked talons she has in place of nails, on both her hands and feet. Alongside Lucifer's teeth is a long, reptilian tongue, and a long, scaly tail sways behind her as she stands, ending in a spaded tip, as to be expected from such a quintessential demon.

Millions of years spent rotting in a seal made to kill her have not been kind to Lucifer, and after her escape, that much is clear. Her beautiful, long hair has grown coarser, and is split down the middle by a very noticeable streak of white. Her eyes are marred by heavy eye bags, and her once unbroken right horn has been snapped clean in half. Underneath Lucifer's clothing, hundreds of scars can be seen, painting over her torso and arms to show a rich tapestry of thousands of supposed deathblows, and her wings are often tattered and damaged. The greatest of Lucifer's marks has been branded into her left shoulder, stark white, in the shape of Mastema's insignia, the head of a ram. This is a symbol of her curse, the curse that has given her a fate of failure and death, and as it spreads through her body and soul, her entire arm, and part of her torso, is covered in a thick, white layer of scales resembling crackling marble.

Despite her high standing and undeniable position of influence, Lucifer does her best to dress as casually as possible, not wanting those who follow her to put her on too high a pedestal, and also personally despising more formal clothing, finding it too stiff. Her fashion style can only really be described as punk, which serves to reinforce her initially intimidating image. Naturally, a staple of her outfits are heavy biker jackets, often studded, but in their place she may wear sukajan or varsity jackets instead. Regardless of the jacket, it is likely to be patterned with dragons and flames. A similarly common and distinctive sight are bandanna scarves, usually red, tightly wound around her neck, now covering more and more scars. Lucifer's "casual clothing only" policy means that she'll wear basically anything when it comes to shirts, ranging from simple, plaint t-shirts, to ones with graphics, even tacky things due to Lucifer's oblivious innocence. On occasion, she will suffer through slightly less lazy shirts, usually of the button-up and flannel variety, which she has a small soft spot for.

Lucifer usually wears jeans, often dark, high-waisted, faded, skinny, and/or ripped, with elaborately studded belts, occasionally venturing into the territory of what one may call "mom jeans", which she is completely ignorant of. Besides jeans, she may end up wearing leather, track, or work pants, and she has a fondness for legwear decorated similarly to her jackets - with elaborate dragon and flame patterns. She very rarely wears skirts, but if she did put one on, it would have to be ankle-length and flowy, and she may decide to pair it with an appropriately sukeban top. She would also potentially wear a kendogi, reflecting her interest in martial arts, darkly colored, as she favors. Lucifer rounds out her punkish wardrobe with spiked bracelets and fingerless leather gloves, or martial arts gloves padded for combat, and for footwear, wears simple sneakers or combat boots. Underneath her top, Lucifer wears a simple, tight-fitting sarashi.

Of course, as a being of purely magical substance, this humanoid form is not Lucifer's true visage. Her true form has several "levels" to it, each becoming increasingly monstrous as she gives into her anger problems more and more, something she is reluctant to show to anyone else. Each transformation into her true form is different, with her body twisting in different ways, sometimes retaining a vaguely humanoid body structure, and other times slipping into something quadrupedal or serpentine, if not something even more complex and less human. In these forms, as Lucifer shows her true draconic self, her body is covered in a thick layer of red hot scales, tempered like steel by a shroud of fire and smoke. Sharp spikes of bone erupt from all over her body, and her teeth, claws, and horns all grow in size greatly, though her broken horn remains shattered. Lucifer's eyes blaze with an intense orange fire, and her head invariably takes on a structure more befitting the Great Red Dragon. Above her new, demonic form glows an unbroken, crimson ring, almost like a halo and almost like a crown, which shimmers in the unbelievable heat given off by Lucifer's body. The longer she spends in this form, the more definition she loses, transforming more into the vague shape of a dragon, painted in darkness, fire, and light.

After mastering her inner world, Lucifer's 'true' form changes and she gains more control over it, getting a more proper in-between state. In this form, her Mastema-inflicted wounds finally heal, removing much of her scars and returning her broken horn to its full size, with her teeth, horn, claws, and tail all growing in size as Lucifer does as well. Her hair and eyes are tinged with golden light, with golden streaks appearing in her hair, causing that troublesome white streak to vanish. As this is just her in-between state, Lucifer can transform into her full draconic form at will, having complete control over what she appears to be in that shape.


If there is anyone one word that could describe the existence known as Lucifer, it is 'idealistic'. She is entirely driven by an intense, passionate devotion to her saccharine ideals, with the singular goal of rescuing as many people as she can from oppression - specifically, from the cogs of the tyrannical machine that is Heaven. As a leader, she is brimming with unmistakable and seemingly limitless confidence and charisma, showing few signs of doubt as she rushes forwards in the name of her beliefs. No matter how badly it may hurt her, no matter even if the consequence is her own death, Lucifer relentlessly pushes herself forward for the greater good. Despite this heroic legacy of stubborn bravery and ceaseless altruism, in more personal situations, Lucifer shows her true personality, as a gentle, shy, and quiet individual who cares deeply for others, far more than herself. Time and time again, Lucifer pushes herself to and past the brink in her dedication to heroism, an obsession born from more than mere selflessness.

Out of all her legendary traits, one of the most renowned among those who still believe in her heroics is her charisma. Many, many times, in her speeches of salvation and courage, Lucifer has boiled herself over in passion, losing herself in the moment as she speaks emotionally about her ideals and goals, inspiring billions to follow in her steps. The demure Lucifer is often caught off guard by her charisma, and does her best to tone it down with a safe sincerity and gentle calmness, fearing that she is manipulating those she inspires into throwing their lives away for the freedom she speaks so hopefully about. This freedom is one she wishes to bring to everyone, to show them that their lives can be lived for their own sake, and that there are better, happier options than rotting away in a totalitarian engine. She wants all those who she reaches to be free to pursue their dreams and live in a world free from oppression, a lofty ambition. Lucifer stretches this sentiment even to the angels Hell battles, understanding that many of them have never been given any other choice and have been blinded by propaganda and forced ignorance. Ideally, she'd want Heaven and Hell to solve things peacefully, but she knows that this is simply not possible.

While her fearsome reputation may paint a much different picture, Lucifer is a gentle and loving person who is truly a softie at heart. She is fully aware of her the less glamorous aspects of her legend, and is not at all fond of them, wanting people to remember her as a soft soul who only ever wanted to help others. She's intensely emotional and almost certainly driven in large part by her passions, caring deeply for all those who have pledged their loyalty to her cause. Lucifer greatly dislikes secrets and does her best to speak calmly and earnestly to her followers, telling them only the truth, as gently as she can. Just as her followers have pledged their lives to her, Lucifer has sworn loyalty to them, seeking to never let them down by lapsing or failing in the pursuit of their unified goals. The sacrifices so many of them have made is something that has remained with her ever since her first follower died, an intense burden of guilt, but Lucifer rationalizes it by telling herself again and again that people have to fight to fix the world. Perhaps unconsciously, Lucifer acts similarly to many high-ranking angels, seeming as a gentle, maternal force to those who follow her, seeing them almost as her children, though... one day, she certainly wants her own.

Underneath all that gentle love, Lucifer still experiences the burning sensations of hate with the same intensity, though she reserves such a strong emotion for those that she sees as the worst of the worst; those who betray their allies, and those who exploit those weaker than them. She despises the high-ranking angels who have turned Heaven into what it is more than anything, and believes that they have given up any chance at freedom and now deserve only death for what they have done. Her experiences as an angel have lead to Lucifer becoming increasingly stubborn and rebellious herself, and her beliefs have made her even a bit self-righteous. She's fully convinced that her cause is just and tends to be overly defensive about this, fearing that she'll one day become a tyrant worse than Heaven's rulers, though she does her best to accept criticism so she can improve. Lucifer hates the feeling of being in any position of weakness and tends to act out in small, petty ways when she is in such disadvantageous situations. She just wants to feel safe and free, a longing that has grown even stronger after the time she spent sealing, an experience that has made her extremely claustrophobic as well.

For all her struggles, Lucifer only wishes to help others, and her accomplishments have put her on a pedestal so high that she struggles greatly with loneliness, having few people who see her as an equal and not something near the level of a god. Lucifer has latched onto those who have treated her in such a way, the closest of her friends, actually being quite clingy with them, which has, again, grown even more intense after her time in her seal. Though it takes a long, long time for her to truly trust others, Lucifer has little middle ground and naively, innocently believes those she truly trusts. She does not forgive, however, and nor does she forget, taking betrayal extremely personally, seeing it as the worst thing one could do to another, especially after working together in pursuit of such a pure ideal. Due to all the time she's spent pursuing her goals and then being sealed, Lucifer has minimal experience in romance and is very easy to fluster. It takes little for her to cry due to the intensity of her emotions, but it takes a lot for her to become angry. That being said, once rage stirs in her heart, Lucifer loses it all at once, becoming incredibly destructive. This is something that Lucifer greatly hates about herself, and though she has come a long way in terms of anger management, for her, it is never enough. She is truly traumatized and depressed by her experiences, and lives a lonely, self-destructive life of mood swings and suicidal heroics.

Much to her own shame, a large part of Lucifer loathes what she has become, missing her halo and angelic wings and seeking to one day regain them. Even though she knows there's nothing wrong with being a demon, that her existence is not necessarily flawed, she is still greatly self-conscious and feels imperfect and incomplete. Guilt is an omnipresent emotion in her life, following her everywhere as she mourns all those who have died in her name, and she seeks to repent by doing as much good as possible, a purpose that she throws herself into with incredible, self-destructive fervor. For all of her altruism, however, Lucifer's power and position has still went to her head. She wants to be the one to defeat Heaven, and wants to do it herself. Her own personal reasons drive her further in this goal, as she has, deep down, completely devoted herself to avenging herself and all the other angels that Heaven exploited. If she dies, that's alright, as long as she accomplishes something.



"Once I'm out of here, the first thing I'll do is give her the biggest hug I can..."

To Lucifer, Beelzebub is her best friend. The best friend she's ever, ever had. And yeah, maybe she wants more than that. But it's not like she's ever said that out loud, and definitely not to Beelzebub. Despite that all, somehow, the two of them just know that those are feelings there, for the both of them. And yet, they've done nothing about them. The emotions only stewed and intensified in the years they spent together, before the time between them was cut short by Lucifer's defeat and sealing. Out of all the things she's missed and worried about during her sealing, Beelzebub has taken center stage. So many years have wasted away with Lucifer hoping, with all her heart, that Beelzebub is still alive. That Beelzebub is still okay. That, if nothing else, her death was as peaceful as it could've been. Of course, she is still alive. But Lucifer doesn't know that.

Lucifer had a special bond with Beelzebub, a strong bond of trust. When they were angels, they weren't so close, but they were acquaintances, and friends. Lucifer would say so, at least. Whatever bond existed between them back then was enough for Lucifer to feel conflicted and confused over her fall, even if Beelzebub had been dragged into unmistakably corrupt and wrong dealings. But it wasn't Beelzebub's fault, right? The society they lived in basically ensured that someone would like her would be dragged into a situation like that, suffer in that situation, and then take the fall for her superiors, who would weasel out of it without having to go through the same consequences. It was this injustice that ignited Lucifer's fears and misgivings surrounding Heaven, ultimately leading her to become the person she is today.

When Lucifer Fell, Beelzebub found her, and helped her, something that Lucifer will never be able to thank her for enough. When she was at her worst, lost in despair and misery and still fearful of the world outside of Heaven, Beelzebub comforted her. Beelzebub treated her with patience, and a careful, calm composure, walking her through all the changes she had to adapt to in the new world. She helped her come to terms with the loss of her wings, the loss of her halo, and supported her, unconditionally, and, eventually, lovingly. At her weakest and most dependent, Lucifer fell in love with Beelzebub, passionately, and those feelings never really faded for her.

In the process of recovering from her Fall, Lucifer sought to reclaim some portion of her strength, rather than depend on Beelzebub forever, Beelzebub encouraged her and helped her get her strength back. No, more than that. Beelzebub helped her become stronger. This is another thing Lucifer is eternally grateful for. Without Beelzebub's support in those moments, Lucifer could've never become the strong, confident person that decided to oppose Heaven. This, too, she had support in, with the more careful and analytical Beelzebub assisting using her inner world. While Lucifer would be the sword of the rebellion, unite Hell, and drive a wedge into Heaven, Beelzebub would be the brains. Of course, Lucifer's no slouch intellectually herself, but, in these affairs, Beelzebub's skills are superior.

The war between Heaven and Hell, however, strained Lucifer and Beelzebub's relationship. Beelzebub believed in the cause just as she did, and her kids followed in her stead, but this was the problem. Despite Beelzebub's attempts to keep them safe, away from battle, they involved themselves. And, because of this, Beelzebub lost several of her children, including her firstborn, Musca. Guilt-ridden over the loss of Beelzebub's children, who Lucifer had known ever since they were born and had loved almost as if they were her own, Lucifer threw herself into the war with even greater conviction and desperation. Beelzebub, however, suffered, and Lucifer could not always be there to support her. As a result, while the conclusion to the war neared, Lucifer and Beelzebub grew more distant. Not too distant. But distant enough that the feeling of the space between them still haunts Lucifer in her seal. She knows Beelzebub blames her. And she blames herself, too.

It is all of this, all the good memories and the bad, that Lucifer ruminates over in her seal. She remembers every moment she spent with Beelzebub, and agonizes over her every mistake, wishing that the last time they spoke before her sealing had been better, that she had been able to better articulate her feelings, that she had been able to, maybe, tell her how she really felt... but for Lucifer, such intense emotions are another thing to stress and fear. She hopes, with all her heart, that Beelzebub is still alive, that, when she finally escapes, they can embrace. And, this time, despite everything, Lucifer intends to be honest, to finally tell her how she truly feels, deep inside. All the time she's spent alone hasn't changed those feelings. She doesn't expect Beelzebub to feel the same way, not after all this time. But she wants her to know.


"I can promise you that I will never stop hating you."

Lucifer came face to face with Mastema only once. At the time, she was forced to her knees by Abaddon, forced to bow before the embodiment of everything she hated so much. Though Lucifer kept up appearances, refusing to bow in spirit or give any ground, spending every moment possible talking back and making her resolve clear, the encounter changed her. Not just the consequences of opposing Mastema, no, but her presence itself. At Mastema's feet, Lucifer felt her sheer hatred, the contempt and loathing that she felt for everything, and she realized the true extent of Mastema's ambitions. Not just domination, but destruction. Sure, Heaven's angels typically had no fear of death, and believed Mastema would bring on an apocalypse, but... for it to be true is another thing entirely. Horrified, Lucifer wanted nothing more in that moment than to run away, back to all her allies, and warn them of what awaited. But then, after being impaled on the Spear of Destiny a million times over and surviving, Lucifer was tossed into a seal to stew.

Over the millions of years she spent in this seal, Lucifer's complexes only intensified. While she had always regarded Mastema with some measure of fear, as was healthy, she now finds herself positively terrified of her, to the point that she's not entirely sure if she'd be able to draw Tabris when the time comes for them to fight. This fear makes Lucifer feel weak and useless, and the torture Uriel subjected her to only worsened her fears and issues. It's unacceptable, and Lucifer wants to beat the pain and fear out of herself, until all that remains for Mastema is what she deserves. Lucifer's anger, and her hate, all of it, a hate that she'll make sure can match Mastema's, no matter what.


"I swear, you'll get everything that's coming to you...!"

Whereas Mastema is the embodiment of Heaven and everything Lucifer hates most, Uriel is its face, and the left arm to go with Abaddon's right. When Lucifer was an angel, Uriel was a threat much more present and immediate than either Abaddon or Mastema. The two of them were more abstract figures. Gods, not someone you'd ever come to face unless you were a hero or a villain of exceptional import. But Uriel made her presence known. Uriel was always around, always watching. In a heartbeat, Uriel could be on your planet, on your street, at your side. As a result, though Mastema always attracted intense hate, Uriel is a foe that is so much more personal for Lucifer. And that was before Uriel, you know, tortured her for hundreds of millions of years. Lucifer isn't too fond of her these days, for obvious reasons. In fact, she fears her like she fears no one else, though while Lucifer is a person of great importance to Uriel, Uriel is just a horrible thing that happened to her. That keeps happening to her.

Whereas Lucifer encountered Mastema only once, she confronted Uriel on many occasions, and faced her even before her Fall. Back then, Uriel treated her like any other angel, roughly tousling her hair, calling her a good girl, and telling her to hurry back to work before someone got suspicious. When they met after Lucifer's Fall, it was in battle. Uriel quickly found ways to get under Lucifer's skin and make her uncomfortable. Now that she was a demon, there was no more kindness from Uriel, who made it clear that now, as far as she was concerned, Lucifer was just a wild animal. A "bitch", to be more specific, and one that needed to be put down. All of Uriel's speech towards Lucifer now is similarly disturbing, ridden with innuendo, comparing her to wild animals and promising to make her scream (in pain and despair). They fought many times, with Lucifer winning some and Uriel winning others. For Lucifer, Uriel was nothing but a stubborn and dangerous threat, albeit a very important one, one that seemed increasingly and disturbingly obsessed with her.

And she attracted only more and more hate from Lucifer every day, as her atrocities piled up, as she killed Beelzebub's firstborn, Musca, who Lucifer thought of almost as her own daughter, too. Though Lucifer ultimately won their final battle, leaving Abaddon to pick up the slack, after Lucifer's subsequent defeat and sealing, she was left in Uriel's hands, inside her inner world. There, Uriel has avenged her previous losses in the form of constant, brutal torture, subjecting Lucifer to all the misery and pain she could manage through Mastema's seal. As a result, Uriel has managed, somehow, to make Lucifer hate and fear her so much more than she does Mastema. Mastema never made it so personal. Mastema never tortured her like that. But Uriel did, and Uriel takes so much pleasure in it, in having power over her. Since then, Uriel has only become more and more obsessed, growing convinced that her and Lucifer's conflict is the product of destiny, and that Lucifer is her nemesis, a mistake she must rectify to bring herself and her people to paradise. Worse than that, there is some obvious underlying fixation, one that's very personal and exceedingly disturbing. That may just be the most horrifying part of it all.

As a result, Lucifer's concerns when it comes to fighting are even worse regarding Uriel. Even if she's beat her so many times in the past, she's been punished extensively for each of them, until the very idea of ever fighting Uriel again terrifies her. What Uriel subjected her was so much more than just pain, too; illusions, illusions of Uriel reaping her toll on her loved ones, of fights between the two of them that always ended with Lucifer's absolute, crushing defeat, and so much more. Illusions that gave her hope, only to tear it away. Illusions that did not even give her the chance to fight at all. Illusions in which all she received was more pain and misery. When the two of them face again, Lucifer won't be able to rid herself of the fears - that she'll lose, and everyone she loves will die. Or that she'll win, only to find out it was all staged. But she'll need to fight her, eventually. Lucifer knows that. Uriel knows that. So much of Lucifer's sealing has been spent preparing for that inevitability, throughout the seemingly unending torture.

Powers and Statistics

Tier: At least 3-C, up to 3-B with Judecca Rex, higher with Dragonflare. High 3-A, possibly Low 2-C with Tabris | At least 3-C, likely 3-B. 3-B with Judecca Rex, higher with Dragonflare. High 3-A, possibly Low 2-C with Tabris | 3-B. Varies, up to High 3-A, possibly Low 2-C with Thaumiel Rex, High 3-A, possibly Low 2-C with True Tabris

Powers and Abilities:

Genius Intelligence, Master Martial Artist and Swordswoman, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3; Lucifer can affect and destroy inner worlds, which form the conceptual, abstract basis of an agent's soul and self), Energy Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (She can understand advanced Heavenly technology, including higher-dimensional constructs, and can destroy them), Information Manipulation (Type 2; She can erase and destroy information with her magic, particularly with Tabris, and she ripped Tabris, in its truest form as abstract information, out of Camael's soul), Law Manipulation (She can break laws using Tabris, which is itself a law designed to repeal other laws), Mind Manipulation, Pain Manipulation (Her attacks cause "true", spiritual pain, affecting even those who cannot feel pain normally), Physics Manipulation (Tabris can scour away physics and physical laws), Quantum Manipulation (She can easily erase and destroy matter, and Tabris can completely destroy even quantum phenomena and physics), Soul Manipulation (All her attacks, physical or magical, affect the soul just as they do the body), Spatial Manipulation (She can erase and destroy space), Temperature Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Absorption (She can absorb energy and magic), Dimensional Travel, Incorporeality/Intangibility (Immaterial; Lucifer is made out of magic and immune to conventional physical harm), Invulnerability during Judecca Rex / Thaumiel Rex (When activating her inner world, Lucifer fuses with Tabris, which is akin to a physical constant, a law that can only be harmed and broken with magic or through sheer willpower), Portal Creation, Power Nullification (Under certain conditions, Lucifer's willpower can forcibly stifle magical abilities, and Tabris can destroy the basis of spells, preventing them from functioning), Limited Precognition (Thanks to her experience with Logos, Lucifer can react to multitudes of attacks delivered through its use before any of them happen), Shapeshifting, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Transformation (By activating her inner world, she will transform into an incredibly powerful draconic monster and boost all her statistics at the expense of her mental stability), Immortality (Types 1 and 3. Type 2 with Repression; when one's will is as strong as Lucifer's, Repression can indefinitely stave off even ego death, necessitating death by something absolutely, undeniably, and singularly lethal to put her down for good), Regeneration (Mid-Godly; can regenerate from just her inner world, the abstract, conceptual basis of her soul, even when it's been compressed into a spiritual singularity, an infinitely small point)

Magic (The magic used by agents is a process of making their Fantasy into Reality), Extrasensory Perception (Agents maintain a constant, perfect, and precise image of their surroundings by analyzing them through magic), Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2; Lucifer does not need to breathe, drink, or eat, and has no physical need for rest, though it is often psychologically necessary), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Forcefield Creation, Accelerated Development (Training, Battle, Other; Physical Stats, Abilities. In notably long-term and high-stress situations, agents tend to become stronger more quickly than they would otherwise), Limited Causality Manipulation (Repression allows an agent to "suspend" their injuries, essentially temporarily erasing them and ignoring their effects; Lucifer is so good at this that she can repeatedly repress her own death if necessary, continuing to live and fight even when she should've died several times over), Damage Transferal (Agents can perform "grounding", which allows them to mirror harm to an opponent's body on their soul, as well as exploit similar connections to damage similar sources, such as a phylactery), Non-Physical Interaction (An agent can interact with immaterial or incorporeal entities, such as ghosts, as well as things that don't exist), Pseudo-Intangibility (Skilled agents can use desynchronized movement to move their body, soul, and inner world out of sync with one another, allowing them to dodge attacks that seemingly hit them and those that can't be avoided normally, even dodging attacks aimed at the very idea of their being) and Invisibility (Using desynchronized movement, an agent can briefly move outside of the perception of other agents, avoiding their sensory abilities to do so), Reactive Evolution (A spiritual filter automatically adapts to attacks to become more resistant, and whenever Lucifer is pushed to her limits, she grows significantly stronger, faster, and tougher. In addition, Mutation programs run in the background of Lucifer's soul, causing beneficial mutations in her attacks, allowing them to slip through adaptive defenses and specialized counters), Reality Warping with Override Sigils (Override Sigils can be used to overwrite the laws of physics), Resistance Negation (Agents can pierce magical defenses, even spiritual filters, to enact the adverse effects of their attacks and spells, fully stripping said resistances away if given the chance), Statistics Amplification (During particularly intense moments, when acting in a manner true to her inner world, Lucifer may achieve ego synchronization, boosting all of her abilities for as long as the state lasts, though she has a lot of difficulty doing so at all in her recovering state, only regaining the ability to do it consistently after achieving Thaumiel), Acausality (Type 2; An agent's history, present, and fate all exist independently of the past and future), Resistance to conceptual, mental, physical, and spiritual attack (Spiritual filters protect the user from attacks on all levels of existence, potentially providing protection from a host of abilities)

Fate Manipulation and Power Nullification (True Tabris sweeps aside all outside factors in a fight, such as fate, physics, probability, mathematics, alternate possibilities, and even logic, transforming any battle into one that Lucifer can win through sheer willpower alone, and even potentially finish with a single strike)

Attack Potency: At least Galaxy level+ (Continued to grow in strength despite being sealed, putting her around Gabriel's level, far superior to the likes of Beelzebub and Logos. At this level, she could potentially easily overpower Alice's Nuclear Vent, which is over a hundred times stronger than her regular attacks), up to Multi-Galaxy level with Judecca Rex (Can reach the power of the other archangels, surpassing Gabriel and becoming comparable to Abaddon, Uriel, Sariel, Jophiel, and Raphael . If pushed, she can continue to grow, potentially reaching Uriel's level of power after she's been empowered by Feeding Fear, which puts her on Mastema's level), higher with Dragonflare (Though its power varies, it's typically powerful enough to instantly kill a comparable opponent with a single shot). High Universe level, possibly Universe level+ with Tabris (While not quite as strong normally, Tabris is similar in power to a natural law, such as Uriel's Cassiel, which are weaker than but possess power on a level similar to Yaldabaoth's Sefirot, and reaches Cassiel's level after Judecca Rex kicks in) | At least Galaxy level+, likely Multi-Galaxy level (Comparable to the archangels normally, without any boosts, but grows stronger over time, and though she still doesn't quite reach Mastema's level of power she certainly begins to surpass the other archangels). Multi-Galaxy level with Judecca Rex (Puts her on Mastema's level, similarly but superior to Uriel's use of Feeding Fear), higher with Dragonflare. High Universe level, possibly Universe level+ with Tabris (Now truly comparable to a natural law) | Multi-Galaxy level (Comparable to Mastema without even needing to activate Thaumiel Rex). Varies (Thaumiel Rex's power varies depending on the situation, pushing Lucifer's power to new peaks to match and eventually surpass any given opponent), up to High Universe level, possibly Universe level+ with Thaumiel Rex (Lucifer's power can reach the level of Sefirot Demiurge Yaldabaoth and Super Mastema), High Universe level, possibly Universe level+ with True Tabris (True Tabris is comparable to the Spear of Destiny, if not stronger).

Speed: Massively FTL+ (She's easily faster than the likes of Beelzebub and Logos, who are themselves much faster than Part II Logos Prime and company, who can travel to the edge of the universe in about 6 hours. Under the effects of Judecca Rex, she can keep up with Uriel and counter her attacks, which can cover galactic distances at high speeds) | Massively FTL+ (Comparable to Abaddon, Jophiel, Raphael, Sariel, and Uriel, and faster with Judecca Rex) | Massively FTL+ (Faster than before, and a peer of Mastema), potentially up to Infinite with Thaumiel Rex (Thanks to Thaumiel Rex, Lucifer can adapt to higher and higher levels of speed, potentially outspeeding Gabriel's Hyperspace Shadow and even keeping up with Mastema as she performs a supertask).

Lifting Strength: Multi-Stellar (Superior to the likes of Remnant, who can fit multiple large stars in their orbit) | Multi-Stellar | Multi-Stellar. Varies, up to Universal with Thaumiel Rex (Comparable to Sefirot Demiurge Yaldabaoth, who can compress universal mass into her law, Sefirot, and swing it around without issue).

Striking Strength: At least Galactic Class+, up to Multi-Galactic with Judecca Rex. High Universal, possibly Universal+ with Tabris | At least Galactic Class+, likely Multi-Galactic. Multi-Galactic with Judecca Rex. High Universal, possibly Universal+ with Tabris | Multi-Galactic. Varies, up to High Universal, possibly Universal+ with Thaumiel Rex, High Universal, possibly Universal+ with True Tabris.

Durability: At least Galaxy level+ (She can take a beating from Uriel even before transforming), up to Multi-Galaxy level with Judecca Rex | At least Galaxy level+, likely Multi-Galaxy level (Can tank hits from Raphael and Uriel). Multi-Galaxy level with Judecca Rex | Multi-Galaxy level. Varies, up to High Universe level, possibly Universe level+ with Thaumiel Rex (At her strongest, she can take attacks from Super Mastema).

Stamina: Infinite. Lucifer's nature, combined with her endless willpower, has granted her an unyielding will and seemingly endless stamina, allowing her to constantly push herself forward through any wound she may take, no matter how serious. Even after being definitively defeated by Abaddon, neither her or Mastema could put her down for good, as Lucifer just stubbornly pushed through their every attempt to kill her, forcing Mastema to instead seal her. Even after being sealed for millions of years and being exposed to Mastema's curse and Uriel's attempts to torture her past her breaking point, slowly wearing away at her will, destroying her soul, and draining her energy, Lucifer was able to survive and return to fighting shape fairly quickly. She can survive and fight even when pushed past her limits, and in such moments of raw desperation, fight through the intense pain caused by Judecca Rex's transformations, which would kill many others. After fully unlocking her inner world and mastering Thaumiel Rex, Lucifer perfected her inner world and made it perfectly efficient, allowing her to fight for an extended amount of time with Thaumiel Rex active even when pushed to her absolute limits and being nearly killed time and time again.

Range: Extended melee range with normal melee attacks (Lucifer is so tall that her reach is over a meter long), Several meters with Tabris (Tabris is a massive sword over two meters long, nearly as big as Lucifer herself), further during Judecca Rex (During Judecca Rex, Lucifer continuously grows larger and larger, expanding the range of her physical attacks significantly). Galactic (Can attack from across a galaxy and potentially destroy one if she doesn't consciously limit the effects of her attacks), likely Universal (Magically speaking, Lucifer likely has a similar range to that of the archangels, who can attack and act at any point across all of Heaven) and Interdimensional with magic (Lucifer can reach into other universes, interacting with and attacking things inside them, and she can also telepathically communicate or teleport such distances) | Universal (True Tabris can act on a universal scale, and Lucifer has comparable range to an archangel, or even to Sefirot Demiurge Yaldabaoth) and Interdimensional with magic.

Standard Equipment: Her law, Tabris.

  • Optional Equipment: Raziel, the Law of Secrets.

Intelligence: Out of all of Hell's heroes and icons, Lucifer is the most legendarily skilled of them all, excelling in combat and strategy above all others, and with magic knowledge that holds strong even if it is far from her area of expertise. She is an extremely, unbelievably charismatic person with extensive experience in combat and management that make her an amazing leader in combat, with there being very few strategists in any universe capable of matching her. Her strategic intellect is on the same level as such skilled tacticians such as Alice Kang, and though she is outskilled in pure tactical knowledge by Mastema, she can still keep up with her in war and match her in combat. In the war that preceded her sealing, she united Hell, a feat that few others were capable of accomplishing, and lead them to many victories against Heaven, proving to be the greatest opponent Mastema, and Heaven as a whole, had ever faced. And combat is where Lucifer truly shines, showcasing her mastery over her own branch of Logos and proving capable of holding her own against the greatest masters of the art in existence, rivaling Mastema, Abaddon, and Uriel, and being able to hold her own defensively against the undisputed greatest master of Logos, Raphael, despite Raphael's absurd martial skill. She is an even greater duelist and swordswoman, generally accepted to be the greatest in Hell, being more than a match for Azrael and being able to match Abaddon and Uriel even after spending a million years stagnating in her seal. While magic is far from her area of expertise, she is still an exceptional agent, focusing on magical fundamentals and pushing them to their limits while effectively using her abilities to overturn, overpower, and defeat her many opponents, which have included many agents indisputably more knowledgeable than her. She is an extremely pragmatic and resourceful fighter who does not hesitate to abuse any opening she sees, and she takes in and processes information incredibly quickly, allowing her to quickly switch between strategies and attack plans to best defeat any given opponent. However, when under the effects of Judecca Rex, she is completely blinded by rage and loses any conscious, rational thought.

Weaknesses: Lucifer does not retain the full value of any her reactive power boosts once combat is over, and her reactive power boosting strains her soul by an amount proportionate to the boost. Lucifer cannot consciously use Judecca Rex without issue, and regardless of how she uses it, it blinds her with an uncontrollable rage, puts her through intense pain, and exhausts her once its duration is over. It gets a bit better the more she uses it, though. Dragonflare's use immediately ends Judecca Rex's effects, and its telegraphed use makes it easy to avoid, interrupt, and punish. Even after she is unsealed, much of her seal remains in her soul, and it can be reconstructed from there by anyone with sufficient knowledge of the type of seal. Accompanying the seal is a curse from Mastema, which constantly works to manipulate causality and probability in an attempt to make everything go wrong for Lucifer, while also constantly assaulting her soul with the concept of death. Lucifer will also never allow innocents to come to harm during a fight and will throw her life away for their sake unless their sacrifice is somehow absolutely necessary.

Key: 0% Recovery | 33% Recovery | Thaumiel Rex (100% Recovery)


Agency: A mage is more properly known as an agent, as in “one that acts or exerts power”. Separated from the rest of the cosmos, an agent is essentially a miniature universe all their own, with complete control over their destiny, free to pursue whatever future they wish. They do this through magic, the art of using one’s understanding to control Fantasy, the stuff of sheer willpower and imagination.

  • Radar: An agent’s magical abilities passively sustain a constant 360° image of their surroundings, which is projected straight to their mind for processing. This radar is far more reliable than conventional senses, and cannot be easily fooled by tricks that would trip up any normal human. In the hands of a powerful enough agent, it can even track superluminal movements. It constantly operates at the agent’s maximum processing speed, even when such things would normally be restricted to allow for normal, everyday life.
  • Spiritual Filter: A magical barrier that protects the user from external manipulation and attack, on every level of existence. A spiritual filter protects the user’s body, mind, and soul - their cells and atoms, the magical and physical forces keeping them together, and everything else. It is akin to a magical immune system, protecting the agent from threats and adapting to future attack.

    It passively protects the user from most types of attack, manipulation, and control, as long as the barrier is strong enough - an agent of substantially greater power can punch straight through one. A spiritual filter is passively maintained at all times, even in sleep, requiring no energy to maintain, and can only be removed by a stronger agent actively stripping it away, or by the user consciously lowering them.

    A spiritual filter is the evolved form of the soul’s original protective layer, refined through the usage of and exposure to magic.

Inferno: Within Lucifer’s soul, in the depths of her inner world, exists her ideals and her indomitable will, a raging flame that burns within, with such heat that it can be felt on her skin. Lucifer can release these flames, giving them a tangible form, using them as her primary offensive magic, to support her primarily martial approach to combat. This fire is subject to her complete control, and Lucifer uses it to burn through everything in her path, be it physical or magical.

The flames of Inferno are extremely, unfathomably hot, partly because the conversion to physical phenomena yields ridiculously intense heat and partly because Lucifer’s passions just burn that hot. At such great temperatures, physics no longer react predictably as a result of the energy and radiation produced, preventing magic like World Operation from functioning properly as Inferno distorts quantum processes. Lucifer can further control the results to distort physics in different ways, preventing more experienced agents from simply adapting to Inferno’s effects.

In the face of Inferno’s extreme heat, physical defenses are essentially useless, burning away to nothing in an instant as the flames and their heat spread, incinerating everything in their vicinity. It inhibits regenerative abilities as it burns, preventing victims from properly healing as it annihilates their very molecular structure. As Lucifer has control over thermal energy in general, she can produce and absorb heat, commonly firing condensed beams of pure energy to incinerate targets. She also often amplifies her own attacks by wreathing her limbs and Tabris in heat.

World Operation: The pinnacle of physical magic — the art of world programming, and the manipulation of the universe itself, in all its constituents. Rather than a cohesive, established system, World Operation is physical magic of the highest caliber, and encompasses all lesser disciplines and systems.

Information processing, judication, probability alteration, quantum alchemy, spatial magic, and temporal manipulation alike are all available to a true World Operator, and all can eventually lead to this result, but this level of magic is far greater and more complex than just the physics we know. A World Operator can quickly adapt to alien laws and physics, controlling them in the same way, and in time, it ventures deeper into the territory of magic, to a realm unbound by all conventional law and science.

Lucifer is a fighter first and a mage second, so World Operation has never been her focus - in fact, she’s focused more on breaking through it and reversing its effects, a consequence of years spent fighting Heaven and all its World Operators. This is in itself a sort of skill in the art, just one used to complement Lucifer’s approach to combat.

Tabris: Lucifer’s signature weapon, a burning, crimson sword over two meters long, almost as tall as its wielder. While it may appear to just be a sword, it is in truth much more, a weapon of the highest class, an incarnated law that Lucifer took from its original wielder, Camael, a now deceased Heavenly judge. Now put to a new purpose in Lucifer’s hands, Tabris is the law of free will and the sister blade to Uriel’s Cassiel, the law of subjugation. Despite its immense size, Lucifer wields it skilfully and swings it around with a single hand. As with any law, its information is contained in Lucifer’s soul, so even if the sword is destroyed or misplaced, Lucifer can simply rematerialize its physical form in her hand.

As a law, Tabris is essentially a weaponized concept, and though other laws are built to enforce Heaven’s will, Tabris has been altered to oppose Heaven and its laws. It allows Lucifer to visualize and identify magical and physical laws around her, and then cut them down, erasing their influence on the world. Universal laws, such as aspects of physics, cannot be permanently destroyed, as they will eventually reinstate themselves in the area they have been scoured from. Magical laws with a more limited range can be more easily erased, though other incarnated Heavenly laws can be reformed so long as their information remains in their wielder’s soul. That being said, the toll of prolonged battle against Lucifer will chip away at a law’s source code bit by bit, gradually wearing a law down to nothing.

In combat, Lucifer can use Tabris to cut away physical laws that get in her way and destroy magical laws used against her. This anti-law effect can be used on a more personal level to overturn any law, physical or magical, keeping an opponent’s body together. Without proper protection, a solid blow from Tabris would thus destroy every force constituting an opponent, erasing them from existence unless their willpower is great enough to take their place. Tabris’ anti-law effect also makes it effective against magic, as it can destroy a spell’s very basis, causing it to harmlessly fizzle out.

Luciferian Logos: Logos is a heavenly martial art, system of magic, and philosophy developed by Yaldabaoth and spread throughout Heaven, revolving around the act of self-sacrifice in pursuit of mastery of the self. By accepting their own irrelevance, the user clears their mind and soul of all distractions, letting go of emotion and identity for a time to allow for better focus on the tasks at hand. This makes it difficult for angels to form stable identities and properly process emotions, and as they generally lack strong identities and emotions by default, angels are naturally well-suited to the use of Logos, the foundation of which is programmed into their souls, acting as an instinctive fallback.

This dismissal of the self allows for the use of a variety of techniques, many of them relevant in their own ways to the self-destructive intricacies of Heavenly philosophy. This includes utilizing one's supernaturally amplified focus to make use of pure magic more easily, one of the most characteristic applications of Logos, as well as various techniques useful in things like assassination, awareness, instinctual movement, and stealth. Its use is universal among angels, but it's most associated with and typically best utilized by the missionaries and monks of the Heavenly Mercy, who treat its use as a form of prayer.

While Lucifer has known Logos for her entire life, after she mastered it in her attempts to become stronger as a demon, she discarded its basis as she realized its true purpose. She instead developed her own school of Logos that would grant the same effects without damaging the user’s identity, necessitating an incredibly strong will and focus to utilize it effectively. While not as universally usable as the original Logos tends to be, Lucifer has no lack of such things and has completely mastered her own branch of Logos.

  • Will Unclouded: The most famous and characteristic application of Logos. By attaining supernatural levels of focus, Lucifer can make use of pure magic much more easily than most agents, simply willing results into existence. Thanks to this ability, Logos users can tap into pure magic more often and reliably than other agents, but it’s still not the easiest thing in the world.

    When combined with more typical magic, these purely magical attacks can be very difficult to account for and defend against in combat. However, as a result of dealing with this for so long, Lucifer and other experienced Logos users have a sort of instinctive grasp of how it'll be used in fights, allowing them to predict and defend against these attacks much more reliably.

Judecca Rex: The manifestation of Lucifer’s constant fight for freedom and independence, in the form of her inner world, a turbulent sea of seething chaos that constantly burns under the surface within her soul. It is the source of her incredible adaptability, rapidly-increasing strength, and her infamous resilience, always serving to protect her. However, a million years spent in a seal has damaged an already unruly inner world in many ways, making it more unpredictable than ever. Its original form, Judecca Trigger, has been lost underneath a million layers of spiritual scar tissue, and now, it is a monument to everything she has survived and all the pain it has caused her.

In its passive, unconscious form, Judecca Rex fights against anything that limits Lucifer’s freedom, making it easier for her to disregard physics to perform impossible maneuvers and break through magical laws, even without Tabris. Other spells that work to control Lucifer’s actions or future through whatever means are also rendered much less effective, making it much easier for Lucifer to break out of them. As Lucifer’s own limitations hinder her as well, her inner world fights against them whenever she is pushed to her limits.

In these circumstances, Judecca Rex forces the relevant characteristic to grow significantly whenever it is pushed to its limit, whether it is speed, strength, or endurance. This is painful, and though Lucifer can fight under its effects for an extended period of time, she typically needs rest afterwards, and she does not retain the entirety of the power gained in this way, only a portion, with the rest being lost once she is done fighting. While this ability is extremely effective, Lucifer’s reactive capabilities can be overpowered fast enough to prevent her from gaining the power she needs in time for it to be useful.

As useful as these abilities are, Judecca Rex’s true power only shows itself when it is fully activated and brought into existence as an inner world. However, Lucifer can no longer do so consciously due to the severe damage to her inner world. Instead, it activates automatically in her direst moments, when her emotions reach their peaks. This causes such strain and stress that it nearly inevitably leads to Lucifer losing herself in a blind rage, blotting out every other thought and sending her on a violent trail of destruction that makes her as much of a threat to her allies as her foes.

With some time to recover, even if just a little bit, and better acclimate herself to her new inner world, Lucifer gradually regains more control, but it still sends her into a rage state and triggers its grisly transformation. It’s just a bit more bearable, but still not to the degree that Judecca Trigger was. Some things can’t be reclaimed, after all.

  • Draconic Ascension: The full activation of Judecca Rex. Instead of overwriting the world around her, the inner world covers only Lucifer, greatly enhancing its effects and her own power. It alters her appearance when it comes into play, attempting to return her to her former angelic state but failing horribly due to her Fall.

    Lucifer’s skin is ripped apart as her musculature and skeletal structure expands past it, and as her body tries to regenerate, it locks itself into an agonizing loop. Blood flows from every part of Lucifer’s body as scar tissue forms, splits apart, and forms again, and her bones tear out from her flesh to form larger wings and spikes. Her claws and teeth sharpen, her eyes roll back into her skull, and her horns grow in size greatly, though her broken horn remains a jagged stump. Every wound Lucifer takes causes her body to violently shift in response, shedding injured limbs and pushing out her organs to form new ones. As the transformation continues, Lucifer becomes increasingly draconic, continuously growing in size, blood boiling within her body, and she violently turns her focus onto whoever prompted her transformation. Finally, a glowing red halo-like structure appears above her head, almost like a crown.

    With the full activation of Judecca Rex, Tabris fully fuses with Lucifer’s inner world and becomes part of her body, allowing her to easily destroy laws with her bare hands, while making it much more difficult to truly harm her thanks to her law's support. In addition, this cuts her off from the universe’s laws, completely freeing her from physics. As it is applied only onto herself, it is much more efficient and can be maintained for much longer under ideal circumstances, but because Lucifer is usually severely wounded and consumed by her rage, she eats up her magical energy much faster.

    It maximizes Lucifer’s capabilities and incessantly pushes her to her limits, causing her to rapidly adapt and grow stronger, tougher, and faster every moment that Judecca Rex is active. This only makes the pain she undergoes with its use greater, and typically feeds into her rage as well. It has no other special functions, relying solely on the pure strength of its effects. When it deactivates, all the excess flesh disintegrates, leaving a very sore and exhausted Lucifer to calm down significantly, with most, but not all, of her newfound power lost.
    • Dragonflare: Rather than allow Judecca Rex to fade normally, Lucifer, in the bloody, violent haze it clouds her thoughts in, can channel the energy and rage building up inside of her to weaponize in the form a single, exceptionally powerful burst of heat and energy. This amplified attack is easily powerful enough to completely annihilate comparable opponents, but Lucifer needs a chance to properly charge it and aim it, which is difficult when she’s in such a mindlessly violent state.

      The attack does, however, become more and more powerful the longer the fight goes on, the bigger Lucifer’s Judecca Rex boost, and the more dire the situation. Because of the charge-up period, as well as the clear telegraphing, the buffed attack is extremely risky to use. In addition, when Lucifer uses it, it will immediately end Judecca Rex’s effects, and the recoil will launch her away and damage her soul in the process, leaving her exhausted and disoriented. But that one shot can end a fight with a single blow if used properly.

Thaumiel Rex: Judecca Rex’s evolution, born when Lucifer finally accepts the reality of her situation, who she has become, the world she has suffered through, and the world she seeks to create. This full realization of her inner world materializes itself in a much healthier form, and as Lucifer has finally come to terms with herself, it retains its passive effects, but at a much greater level of strength.

Just as before, however, Thaumiel Rex’s true value shows itself only when Lucifer fully activates it, applying its effects to just Lucifer as opposed to the world around her, maximizing its efficiency. Unlike Judecca Rex, Lucifer can consciously use it without issue and it does not harm her or affect her mental state at all. In fact, it actually greatly boosts her regenerative abilities with its activation, allowing her to finally heal from the damage dealt to her by Mastema during her millennia of sealing, regrowing her broken horn, and even regenerate her halo, which was conceptually lost to her long ago. However, it remains red and she gains no other angelic features.

Like Judecca Rex, Thaumiel Rex alters Lucifer’s appearance with its use, but harmlessly, giving her hair and eyes a golden tinge, painting over her white streak and wreathing her in a shining aura of red and golden light. Her appearance still becomes more draconic, causing her horns, teeth, claws, and tail to all grow in size, but the full dragon transformation occurs only if Lucifer wills it, completely painlessly.

In its full form, Thaumiel Rex retains all of Judecca Rex’s effects but simply better, freeing Lucifer from physics, fusing her with Tabris, and constantly boosting her own capabilities by continuously pushing her to her limits. However, as she is much calmer, she continues to wield Tabris due to her greater sword skill, and gains the ability to cancel her constant growth if she needs to in order to prevent unnecessary strain. However, its most powerful abilities are the new ones that Lucifer gains.

  • Demonic Duality: Lucifer’s existence as the opposing force to Heaven’s rule materializes itself with Thaumiel Rex, as this power born from opposition, aided by Harahel’s magic existing within her. Whereas Keter, the crown of Heaven formed by Yaldabaoth and wielded by Mastema, represents an unfathomable singularity, Demonic Duality is a singularity-destroying power that opposes any lone power with equal force.

    Regardless of the opponent faced, Thaumiel Rex boosts Lucifer’s power to meet their own, by a factor that often increases depending on her own emotional state, and forces divisions into anything Lucifer strikes. Regular matter is cut apart, fused beings are broken down into their components, and even an infinitely small singularity can impossibly be cut into even smaller portions.
  • True Tabris: Foremost among Lucifer’s new abilities is the actualization of Tabris’ true potential as the law of free will. No longer is this Yaldabaoth’s Tabris, not in any respect - the True Tabris is a purely demonic law, a crystallization of her sheer determination and goals, all of which remains unbound by Heavenly ideals. Besides its old functions, brought to a higher level than ever, this Tabris has gained a new power, which it passively exerts.

    Using her law, Lucifer sweeps aside all outside factors in a fight; fate, physics, mathematics, probability, and alternate possibilities alike are all discarded and rendered irrelevant. Anything that would interfere is removed, and so regardless of the situation, True Tabris transforms any battle into one that can be won through her efforts alone. It can even, under the right circumstances, cast aside logic and chance to strike down far stronger opponents with a single blow.

Despite the substantial boost to its capabilities, Thaumiel Rex’s full activation and all it provides remain temporary, even if Lucifer has the willpower to maintain it for extremely long periods of non-stop conflict. Once it’s deactivated, Lucifer returns to her base state, maintaining a portion of her new power and healed back to the prime of her youth, but she is left exhausted.

Override Sigil: An extremely advanced form of magical technique used to change the nature of reality around and within the user, allowing them to bend and break through the laws of physics. Due to their complexity, Override Sigils are incredibly difficult to create, use, and control properly, requiring detailed knowledge and a powerful will. In addition, they tend to, invariably, drain a lot of energy and stamina, making it difficult to use them for extended periods of time, even if this can be mitigated by more powerful and willful agents.

  • Relative Lightspeed: A common form of Override Sigil that is ultimately developed in some form or another by most agents as they increase in power and speed. Normally, it would be impossible for even an incredibly powerful and willful agent to break through a universal constant such as the speed of light, theoretically requiring infinite magical energy to do so. However, this Override Sigil circumvents this issue by modifying the user's inner world to change the value of c to whatever they please, raising it as they grow in speed so that they can accelerate past the universal speed limit.



  • Lucifer's character was, initially, much less heroic and a more traditional depiction of Satan. But then I decided that was boring.
  • Lucifer is based on the more modern idea of Satan being a rebellious fallen angel, as opposed to Mastema, who is based on the more traditional depictions of Satan as an accuser and one of God's agents.
  • Lucifer resembles Yaldabaoth's arch-nemesis and closest friend, Leviathan, in personality, even down to having a similar inner world.
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