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Know that all that you are. All that you will be in this war was because of me. You mere Gods who existed within a mere blink of my eye will live and perish by my will and my will alone
~ Lucifer

Lucifer, also known as Helel or The Devil, is the oldest Archangel and the eldest daughter of God. She is the older sister of Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel. She is the original self of Mastema, the wife of Richard Mariner and mother of Adrian and Natalia Mariner. She is the creator of the Demon Race and the mother of the Seven Prime Demons as well as the major supporting character within the first several arcs of Until The Clock Strikes Twelve. During the Apocalypse Arc, her main body was used by Ayin as a vessel to free her main portion from Tohu until Adrian with Kali's assistance was able to free her from the Ancient God's influence.



Long before Time was a concept, before the groundwork of Creation was laid out, Lucifer, initially called Helel, was born from the swirling infinite power of the Ohr Ein Sof of Yesh. As the firstborn, she was as beautiful as the swirling lights and concepts of existence. Her name was Helel, the Day Star. She was adored and loved by her "parents". Wrapped tenderly in the "embrace" of Shekhinah, while praised by her aunts and uncles. Most of all, Helel was likened to her father in both grace and power. Soon after, her younger siblings would be born. Michael came first, followed by Raphael, then Gabriel, then Uriel. After an unspecified period of eternity had passed, Yesh and Ayin began their final climactic battle. Naturally, the Archangels sided with their father against their aunt. In addition, Maveth and Sephira showed their support for Yesh, following Shekhinah's example. With the combined might of all of them, they were able to buy Yesh enough time to banish and seal her. Turning her own self and concept against her, Yesh sealed Ayin within a prison world known as Tohu, the World of Chaos. Helel volunteered to serve as the key to the sealed gate of Tohu. Remnants of Ayin's power that had been expelled during their battle settled and intermingled with Yesh's expelled energies. This would contract before becoming the background layer from which all layers and stories would emanate from and where all space and time, concepts and notions of duality and plurality is dissolved and nullified into the single unity beyond everything.

With the Ein Sof being laid as the groundwork, Yesh added his own power, crafting the rest of Creation. An infinite amount of universes and realities were crafted by her. Her actions along with the actions of her siblings triggered a spark within the Ein Sof. From that spark, a separate area from the Ein Sof, a lesser realm birthed itself and became the A"K. The birth of the A"K sparked into life concepts such as Void, Time, and Space, giving them being and self-consciousness.

With the passage of Time being set and other cosmic concepts gaining their own will and existence, the young Multiverse slowly came into shape. What would be an innumerable number of years would pass before the Universes were seeded with life. With the Creation of the Soul, life began to appear with Helel watching as mortal beings came into existence for the first time, alongside her father's creations, the Angels. Her father also created something else. A group of beings that would serve as the intermediary between her siblings and mortals. Of course with the passage of time, the beings grew arrogant and rose up. Their ravenous hunger for power drove them to attempt and consume Creation and return it to a state of Chaos. Their leader, Mana-Yood-Sushai, would wage war on the Cosmic Entities. The War tore apart and destroyed 98.7% of the Multiverse, reducing it to nothing. With no choice but to seal them, Yesh sent down Helel and Michael to defeat and seal Mana-Yood-Sushai and his ilk deep within a prison realm which would later be known as the Superbia Terrace of Purgatory. Mana-Yood-Sushai would have a special seal within Purgatory at its heart.

Eons would pass and Yesh descended down to Assiah, where he established a good foothold. They disguised themselves amongst the various powerful beings that were birthed from Sephira known as Gods. Helel watched as her father helped craft a star known as Sol and from the remaining dust, assisted in the creation of a world known as Earth. Following this, Helel descended from Heaven alongside the other Angels and walked the Primordial Earth with the other Pantheons.

Adam and Eve

The story of Adam and Eve alongside the Archangel Helel is a well-known story. The story of the Archangel Helel tells of an Angel who was loved by Heaven. The adoration she was subject to forced her to grow arrogant and conceited. Legends say that when God created Man, Helel grew jealous and hated them. Hated the fact that her Father could love a species so flawed and so weak. Her jealousy, coupled with her immense pride, caused her to rebel against Heaven only to be repelled and defeated by her fellow Angels, who cast her from the Highest of Heaven down to the Earth where she birthed Demonkind. In hatred for her Creator, Helel abandoned her God-given name and took on the name Lucifer to spite God.

Eventually, she would lead her children and their descendants in a war against her Father, starting the Holy War. It was said that she did this out of revenge for casting her from her place in the skies and to claim the throne of Heaven for herself and declare herself as ruler of all Creation. In the end, Lucifer fell and was slain, due to the heroic efforts of the Seraph of Mercy, Zadkiel.

At least, that's what the rest of the world was told.

To those who knew her, Helel was a kind girl who loved mankind dearly. She was close to Kali and Ma'at, who quickly became her best friends, having seen the infantile Universe grow alongside them.

The true circumstances of Helel's fall were completely unknown to the rest of Heaven which led to the development of rumors with the aforementioned one being the most common and most believed rumor. However, the truth was much different from the rumor. From the get-go, Helel fell in love upon the sight of her younger siblings. She devoted her time and effort to becoming the best possible sister for Adam and Eve, having no one left to dote on since Michael and the other Archangels had grown and Sandalphon and Samael no longer wanted anything to do with her affection. When God said "Bow before Man and love them as you loved me", Helel was the first in all of Heaven to kneel before an infant humanity. She spent many days within the Garden, watching Adam and Eve frolic and play. She witnessed them fall in love. So when she heard of a plot from the other angels and some of the Gods to enslave Eve's children and possibly Adam and Eve themselves, Helel would not allow such an atrocity to happen. She descended into the Garden, disguising herself as a serpent to blend in and hide from the other angels. She met with Eve and led her to the Sephirot Tree, a tree that contained the manifestation of a small portion of Shekhinah's power.

Sister, is what you say true?
~ Adam
Yes. Some of the Angels and Deities plan to use you and your wife, as well as your children for their own twisted pleasures. As your guardian and sister, it is my duty to make sure such an event never happens so I implore you, partake of the Fruit, and know power beyond your wildest dreams. The power to protect your family and stand up to the Gods
~ Helel

Angered at her audacity, God recalled Helel back to Heaven and cast Adam and Eve from the Garden. Helel stood before her father in Araboth and argued against him, calling him blind and admonishing all the Angels for their greed and impure thoughts. She stated that she wanted nothing to do with a Heaven that would trample upon a helpless race. She stated that she would kill anyone that would lay a finger on Adam and Eve. Fearing death, several angels stood helplessly as she walked out however, some angels were brave.

Several of the Seraphim attempted to attack the Archangel only to be swiftly defeated. As she was about to kill Zadkiel, one of her assailants, Michael engaged Helel. Helel took the form of a massive dragon with white fur and black scales with a reddish tint on her scales. Their battle shook the entirety of Creation as God was forced to send the two to the Ein Sof so that Heaven would not be destroyed. Eventually, Michael called for the assistance of his siblings and Helel was cast through all the subgradients of Creation and down to the Earth.

On Earth, feeling that her Father and Heaven had betrayed her and humanity, Helel cast her god-given name aside and called herself Lucifer, which meant Light Bringer. She vowed to protect her siblings and their descendants from Heaven and the other Gods. She vowed to become the Shining Light that guided Mankind into a brighter future. To achieve that goal, she needed help and from her power, Lucifer birthed an entire race built to oppose and counteract Heaven and the other Divinities. Demons.

In the event that Lucifer would attempt to attack Heaven, God created Hell for her and at its center, created a prison in the event that Lucifer attempted to attack Heaven. A countermeasure just in case, despite knowing that she never willingly would.

Even with all that, Lucifer still loved her family and never did, devoting all of her time to her younger siblings and her children.

The Great Flood and The Holy War

Centuries after Adam and Eve were banished, they were brutally murdered by their descendants who became jealous of their long lifespan. Lucifer appeared in Heaven, barging through armies of angels effortlessly to beg her father to give them peace. God revealed that Adam and Eve had been granted another chance at life. Lucifer became pleased but had mixed feelings upon learning that they were to rule Purgatory. Adam walked forth and told Lucifer it would be alright and asked if she could watch over Cain and Aclima now that they died. Lucifer accepted, sending her eldest daughter, Lilith, to watch them. Not that she needed to. Lucifer was aware of how close the four were. But she needed to make amends for not being there when their parents and brother were murdered. Lucifer bowed before her niece and nephew and begged them for forgiveness. The two forgave her, not really knowing why she was apologizing in the first place. Lucifer offered both of them the opportunity to become a demon. Aclima declined due to her status as a Prophet, however, Cain accepted and Lilith took him as her personal Knight.

Lucifer was there at the meeting between Divinities where her Father's faction was beaten in a vote to wipe out mankind. Lucifer was the messenger God sent to Noah to build the Ark to save mankind before God eventually sent a deluge to flood the entire planet.

The Holy War would become a trying time for Lucifer. She acknowledged that her children had built a society all on their own so they didn't need their mother to coddle them. She began to act more as their Queen, ruling them with a fair yet iron grip. She granted her Seven Eldest Children the right of rule across all of Hell, with Lucifer maintaining the final say on anything which rarely happened.

She was very well aware of the skirmishes between Angels and Demons across the Multiverse. It all came to a head when news reached Hell of a brutal massacre of demon children. She was naturally angry but she knew that both sides instigated it and preferred not to do anything. Lucifer blessed their corpses and made sure that they got their well-deserved peace. However, her own children subverted her political power in their anger and declared war on Heaven. She had lost her grip on Hell and she soon found herself leading an army against her own Father. However, Lucifer washed herself of the war and stood off to the side, watching. She watched as her children were slaughtered, mutilated, and raped by Gods and Angels alike. Their deaths weighed heavily on her heart as she tried to comfort them, granting them speaking moments with their souls before she had to let them go. There were many times during the Holy War where she considered taking her own life but didn't. She needed to stay strong.

The War escalated to the point where an entire dimension collapsed due to the conflict. Deciding it was enough, her father finally allowed Lucifer and her siblings to end to War after hundreds of millennia of standing on the sidelines. The Archangels immediately ended the War within a few hours with Lucifer banishing all of her Demons back to Hell and Michael sending all the Angels back to Heaven. Lucifer and Gabriel then altered and removed the memories of all non-angelic and non-demonic life in Creation. However, those who participated requested the Archangels to allow them to keep their memories in case the Angels and Demons start another War. Raphael seeing the logic in this agreed to their request and convinced her siblings to allow them to retain their memories.

However, after the Holy War, things were never the same. Lucifer was blamed for instigating the war, despite never participating or playing any hand in the events that led to the war. She was an outcast amongst her own kingdom with some of her children loathing her for not allowing them to wipe the Gods and Heaven from the face of Creation. Lucifer received a message from Heaven to meet to discuss a treaty between leaders. Wishing to meet with them, Lucifer arrived at the undisclosed location where she was ambushed. Zadkiel, using the Sword of Ehud, stabbed her. However, even a weapon as powerful as a Hand of God, was incapable of killing her but the weapon had one more function. Lucifer found herself being sealed, her entire essence being sucked into the center of Hell. She cursed Zadkiel, but in a last-ditch effort to escape, Lucifer cast her consciousness from her body and used whatever power she had to craft a body for herself.

Life as Mastema

Soon, Heaven spread rumors throughout Creation that Lucifer had been slain in the final days of the War. In reality, this story is nothing more than a lie. Lucifer had never died. She had cast herself from her body and summoned forth dregs of her original power to craft a body. She tried summoning her entire self upon awakening months after the end of the Holy War.

However, Lucifer was unable to free her main portion and spent the next thousand years, wandering Creation before arriving on Earth. Almost immediately, she was noticed by every pantheon that originated from there. She was first found by Kali and Ma'at before the others. She enlisted their help in freeing her body and they agreed. Her signature was also recognized by her daughter, Lilith, who immediately went to retrieve her. The two reunited and Lilith demanded to know where she's been. She reveals that Hell has been thrown into anarchy and that she and Satan were barely struggling to keep things afloat. Lucifer pushes aside her concerns for what she reveals is the bigger issue. She reveals that her main self has been cast into the center of Hell and that freeing her was the more important issue. Lilith argues that it can wait and that she should subjugate her creations now, even in this weakened state.

Lucifer reluctantly agreed to this but stated that she would not appear in person but rather have her presence known to them. Lilith argued that it was ineffective but she wouldn't budge. So Lucifer pacified the legions of Hell by letting her presence be known. The anarchy died down and no one questioned it. At least, Lucifer hoped that no one did.

She was found by her siblings shortly after who rejoiced at the fact that she was alive. Lucifer called upon them to help her free her main body which they all agreed to but didn't know where to start. She told them that her body was trapped in a cage at the center of Hell to which Michael revealed that their father created that cage for emergencies. She frowned, knowing what the emergency was for. Before parting ways, Lucifer told them that she would go by another name for the time being to remain safe. Fearing at what Heaven might do if they figured out her true name, Lucifer took on a disguise and adopted the name Mastema. A fitting name for it meant "Hostility".

The Prophecy of John of Patmos

Years would pass with her wandering the land when rumors reach Heaven and the other pantheons of a rogue Angel. A rogue angel that had been taking out powerful monsters. An Angel with hair whiter than snow and wings darker than the pitch-black inkiness of the void itself. Heaven sent assassins after her, fearing that their speculations were correct, which they were. Although, none of the assassins ever came back to report to them. The other pantheons sent demigods and warriors to investigate only to run into the same dilemma as Heaven. No information on her whatsoever due to a lack of survivors. Mastema left no one alive and walked a path of carnage.

Around two thousand years before the beginning of the story, Mastema met with her father's shard, Jesus Christ, during his forty days in the desert. Her father revealed to her that her current path would do no one any good. She responded to that by referring to him in the harshest manner she could. She ranted and raved about how he abandoned her again to her fate and left her distraught father. Following his death, Mastema felt alone once more until she heard of the latest prophet was beginning to utter his latest prophecy from Lilith, her daughter. Disguising herself as Lilith's guard, Mastema listened to the Prophecy. John prophesied that the Cage which imprisoned the Angel of the Bottomless Pit would be opened after the Seven Seals laid on it were undone. However, John suffered from a heart attack which claimed his life before he could finish the Prophecy. Left unsatisfied by the Prophecy, Mastema wondered how she would be able to escape if the Seals themselves had prerequisites.

Hatching a plot that would lead to her freedom, Mastema began to plot the sounding of the Seven Trumpets of Armageddon. Using her son Beelzebub and speaking to him in his mind, she revealed her situation to him and stated that her freedom depended on the breaking of the Seven Seals. Not questioning whether or not this was truly Lucifer, Mastema watched as the centuries passed. None of the events that she nor Beelzebub triggered would sound any of the trumpets. It was around this time that Lilith informed Satan of their mother's, or rather what was a weakened aspect of their mother, actions. The two Demons distanced themselves from their mother's growing desperation as she plunged nation after nation into a war in an attempt to mix hail and fire together to stain the world red to force a prophecy to come to fruition. Her siblings and friends also disagreed, forming a rift between them with Michael suggesting that their father might have been right about her.

Her efforts eventually bore fruit with the American Civil War, more specifically at the Battle of Gettysburg. The hail (cannons) and fire (Guns and various weapons) stained the Earth red. She found herself one step closer to true freedom as she triggered the next three trumpets with World War I, the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the Cold War.

Meeting Richard

In 1985, Mastema was plotting how to sound the Fifth Trumpet when she met Richard Mariner. Richard was an exorcist from the Inquisition, a secret sect of the Christian Church that worked with the higher-ups of both Judaism and Islam. The two met when Richard mistook her for being in danger from a rogue Wendigo. In reality, Mastema wasn't even fazed by such an attack. The two met several more times over the course of two years. Over the next two years, Mastema unveiled herself as a demon and the two clashed several times with it ending in Richard's defeat until the one day. Richard confronted her bearing a weapon that she had heard of. The newest Hand of God. The Spear of Longinus. Her attacks became blocked by the weapon and Mastema, for the first time in millions of years, was forced down to the floor before someone else.

Feeling ashamed of herself for losing to a mere human, Mastema sat there, embarrassed while Richard sat against the wall, panting due to fatigue. He sighed and mentioned how he was finally able to beat her. She scoffed and stated that as a human, he would grow arrogant for being able to defeat a demon who can fight the Elder Gods. To her surprise, he laughed off her accusation and said that her signature, no matter how tainted and twisted it was, was too pure for a demon. She took offense to it and yelled at him, with their interaction devolving into an argument. Since her loss, Mastema began stalking meeting with him. Their random meetings became a routine to where Mastema eventually began to harbor feelings for the human before her. It was a feeling that was completely foreign to her and she didn't understand it. She sought out Gabriel in Las Vegas. Centuries of not speaking made their meeting awkward but Mastema got to the root of her problem. Surprised, Gabriel merely laughed and gave her the same advice she gave Eve so long ago.

Refusing to accept it, she met with Richard with the intent of ending their correspondence when she saw Richard talking to another woman. Jealousy like she had never felt before bubbled inside her as she walked over to the two and grabbed Richard's arm possessively. Richard and the woman looked at her strangely and she introduced herself as his sister, Maria Mariner. Feeling humiliated and embarrassed, Mastema remained silent for the rest of the meeting. After the meeting, Richard took Mastema somewhere private and revealed his feelings to her to which she responded that she felt the same.

Mastema revealed her true identity to Richard and the two began a relationship. Maria was also aware of Mastema's identity but chose to keep it a secret from the Church.


After dating for six years, Mastema married Richard Mariner on November 2, 1992. She became pregnant with his son. On August 8, 1993, she gave birth to their first son, Adrian. She cried for the first time since she was cast from Heaven and the birth of her seven eldest children. Fearing that Heaven might come down and slaughter her son like a lamb due to his Nephilim heritage or worse, Mastema placed suppressive seals all over his body that would wear off on his fifth birthday when she would begin teaching him to control his powers. Richard continued his job as an exorcist for the Inquisition.

Mastema, following the birth of Adrian, abandoned her goal of freeing her main body... somewhat. Beelzebub still reported to her every now and then, however, she never got involved. It got to the point where Beelzebub confronted his mother and she responded that... maybe it was fine for things to remain like this. Speaking as Lucifer, she showed him his younger brother. Beelzebub felt somewhat disgusted by this but opted to listen to her and backed off the seals.

On December 7, 1996, she gave birth to her youngest daughter, Natalia. Her birth was celebrated but in her carelessness and joy, she never erected any seals to hide her power. This would be the beginning of the end of her happy life. When Natalia turned two, the Angels came down from Heaven to attack her and capture Natalia due to her growing power and the breaking of Adrian's seals. Mastema and Richard fought back bravely. She watched in utter horror as her husband was beheaded by Zadkiel in combat. Fearing for the safety of her children, Mastema grabbed Adrian and Natalia and ran. She arrived in the forest a short distance from their house while the angels sifted through the rubble. There, she hid Adrian and Natalia under magic to keep them safe. Glancing at her children one last time, Lucifer ran back towards the house.

Lucifer waited for Zadkiel and his flight to arrive and battled them. She slaughtered a majority of the Angels, showing no mercy as she cackled. Blood and body parts rained from the sky as she sliced apart and mutilated angel after angel. She used the Shevirat Ha-Kelim to erase a large number of angels and the town from existence. Recognizing the power, Zadkiel began to shake but composed himself. Lucifer flew at Zadkiel with the intent of slowly tearing his wings and limbs off but was held off by Kokabiel. As Lucifer knocked Kokabiel away, Lucifer found herself being run through with the same blade used to seal her original body. Zadkiel mocked her, stating that this sword was used to defeat her twice. Lucifer merely grinned as she grabbed the blade and heated it, causing it to melt. Zadkiel gripped the hilt of the broken blade as Lucifer fell to her knee, bleeding. She mocked him, stating that even in the end as she lay dying, she still won. Without warning, Lucifer ripped off Zadkiel's bottom two wings, causing the Seraph to scream in pain before Kokabiel grabbed some of the melted shards of the Sword of Ehud and cooled it, stabbing her in the skull with the shard. Lucifer fell to the ground, dead as her body crumbled to dust.


After her avatar was killed, Lucifer's consciousness returned to her original body within the Cage, where she awakened. Her grief at losing her husband broke her mind as Lucifer immediately became extremely depressed within the depths of Hell. Unbeknownst to her, Lucifer had a small, microscopic portion of Ayin's consciousness attached to her. The Ayin Fragment worked its way, forcing Lucifer to live through her worst fears, memories, and moments. Eventually, Ayin attempted to subjugate and destroy her mind but Lucifer called upon her last dregs of strength and cast her consciousness out, sending her through the spiral of Space and Time. After that, Lucifer found herself on Earth and hid herself inside the soul of her eldest son, slumbering for several years until she awoke shortly before the Apocalypse.


Touted and sought after by many male angels and gods, as well as some goddesses and female angels, Lucifer was known for her extreme beauty that was capable of ensnaring and capturing the attention of others just by being in the room. Kali describes her as a beauty that was as distant and unreal as the very things she is named after. Lucifer has snow-white hair that shines brightly when hit by light. Her eyes are as blue as the sky itself with people finding themselves staring into a bottomless blue pit whenever they look into them. Following her fall, Lucifer's primary eye color shifted from sky-blue to blood-red. However, she can alter her eye color back to her original one but chooses not to. She possesses pale skin, attributed to someone who spends their entire time inside. Her form is a slender and curvaceous figure with a large bust and a shapely rear.

To Lucifer, her wings are her pride and the one feature of her that she feels is the only beautiful part of her. Her wings are massive and powerful, being able to cast a large shadow in front of her. She possesses seven pairs of wings, signifying her status as the former Princess of Heaven and the leader of the Seraphim and Archangels. According to Azrael and Azazel, before she fell, Lucifer's wings were white than snow itself. The lower ends of her primary and secondary feathers would glow with a reddish glow whenever she used her powers. Following her fall, Lucifer's wings bled black and became darker than the night sky itself.

Lucifer's color scheme and choice of clothing are rather simple. She dresses casually most of the time. Most of her clothes are black and red with the odd white thrown in there. While she was in Heaven, Lucifer was known for wearing white and blue suits with skirts as well as a long waist cape that framed her legs. During the Apocalypse, Lucifer wore a black one-piece business suit with a red button-up shirt as well as black dress shoes. She continues to wear this past the Apocalypse but often switches into casual clothing when she isn't conducting official business. Her eyes had black sclera and black writhing marks on her body from Ayin's influence.


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Combat Statistics

Tier: At least 2-C, possibly 2-B | Unknown | 1-A, High 1-A with Origin Key: Da'at

Classification: Archangel, Ayin's Vessel (Formerly)

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4, 5, and 9), Regeneration (High Godly; Archangels are incapable of being claimed by Death himself. Even with the destruction of their entire forms in which they exist as neither 1 or 0 (or in better words, the lack of informational states), Archangels are capable of reforming themselves by maintaining their wills), Transduality (Type 3; Transcends Creation and all of its concepts as well as the Cosmic Deities and Adam Kadmon.), Non-Corporeal, Abstract Existence (Type 1), Intangibility, Acausality (Type 5; Lucifer is an entity who does not know of the concept of Time, seeing it as trivial. To beings who reside in the lower layers, she appears as a linear being simply because she chooses to appear as one.), Precognition (Lucifer is capable of viewing all possible outcomes and futures, however, she cannot determine which one is the most likely to happen.), Social Influencing, True Flight, Causality Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Can easily control the Higher Olams of Adam Kadmon and Atzilituth, viewing them as clay to be molded to her liking as when she turned the highest terrace of Purgatory into a universal playground.), Telepathy, Teleportation, BFR (via Apportation and Reality Warping.), Large Size (Type 11), Chaos Manipulation, Creation (Lucifer gave birth to a race of beings known as demons, following her fall from Heaven. During the Apocalypse, she trapped her son inside a Universe of her own creation which mirrored the Core Universe complete with sentient life. As God's Eldest Creation and the Angel closest to him, she has the power to create on a level nearly as great as her own father.), Existence Erasure (Lucifer can erase beings from all levels and analogs of existence including Conceptual Entities such as the Cosmic Gods and the higher dimensions of Atziluth and Adam Kadmon as well as erase the entirety of Totality from existence.), Life and Death Manipulation (Lucifer was able to kill Dagda with a touch of her hand.), Resurrection (Can resurrect herself post mortem at any time she wishes as well as resurrect those who have died ages ago. She has shown the capability to revive Gods as shown when she revived Yam to join her in her quest to reform all of Creation in her image. Yam was erased and stricken from existence by Hadad. Lucifer can even restore souls that have been conceptually destroyed as she revived Kamadeva.), Quantum Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation (As the Archangel of Darkness, she can create and control shadows with unparalleled skill. The only being who surpasses her is AYIN), Fire Manipulation, Summoning (After her rise, she was able to forcefully pull three of the Four Horsemen towards the Core Universe. She knows a spell capable of summoning her uncle.), Plot Manipulation within her own Universe (Her created universe is a universe similar in which she dictates the events that play out.), Earth Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Electromagnetic Interference, Weather Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 3; True Form can cause insanity upon lesser beings. It was said that attempting to sense the entirety of Lucifer's power was maddening and akin to trying to an ant trying to comprehend its own existence.), Corruption, Energy Manipulation, Telekinesis, Demonization (Lucifer can turn other beings into demons by altering and transforming their souls into a void known as taint.), Power Bestowal (The First and Second Beasts gain their power as she rises from Hell. She can also protect other entities from the Ein Sof which nullifies and erases all beings from every analog and level of existence.), Portal Creation, Magic, Curse Manipulation, Attack Reflection via Counter Cursing, Statistics Amplification via Space-Time Tuning Circle, Temperature Manipulation, Avatar Creation (Before her main self was sealed, Lucifer managed to create an avatar. As Mastema, Lucifer would go onto bear her youngest children), Fear Inducement, Calm Inducement, Soul Manipulation, Power Nullification (Nullified the powers of all the Gods that planned to fight her head-on, leaving them powerless. In addition, Lucifer is capable of stripping away the powers of beings such as Abyss, removing his power completely and only gave it back to him after she grew bored.), Shapeshifting (Lucifer can assume any form she desires.), Size-Shifting, Dream Walking, Nigh-Omniscience, Healing, Supernatural Concealment, Possession, Space-Time Manipulation, Law Manipulation (Lucifer can create laws into being as well as erase laws.), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Master Hand to Hand Combatant, Master Swordswoman, Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3), Non-Physical Interaction, Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 2)

Resistance to Magic (Angels are naturally more resistant to magic than humans, most monsters, and demigods. Upscaled from Metatron.), Immortal Killing (The Spear of Longinus, which can negate Type 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Immortality had no effect on her whatsoever. Not even the Colt Revolver, a MagiTech, capable of killing anything was able to affect her.), Elemental Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Resistance Negation (Avan's Nihilo had no effect on her despite it being able to work on Mana Yood Sushai to dampen his resistance to supernatural venoms), Existence Erasure (Can survive indefinitely within the Ein Sof which nullifies and erases the existence of any being that manages to access it.), Death Manipulation (Death stated that beings such as Lucifer and himself cannot permanently die even if Death was able to kill her. Her form would only be shattered for a period of time and incapable of reforming), Conceptual Manipulation (As she exists in Ein Sof, only beings like her can make her subject to concepts to a certain degree. Mana Yood Sushai, who had absorbed the concept of Senescence after absorbing the Archreaper of Senescence was incapable of imposing the concept on her.), Body Puppetry and Possession (She is Lucifer, even weakened, is still powerful enough to cast out and banish any and all attempts at controlling or possessing her. Even her siblings, who are as powerful as her original body cannot control or possess her and even her own father states that he would have an extremely difficult time possessing her.), Pain Manipulation and Willpower Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Telepathy, and Madness Manipulation (She has perfect control over her inner mindscape, crushing any and all attempts at assaulting her mentally. Michael states that one of the only true legends about her title as the Devil is that she is nigh-unbeatable in a game of wits with only beings like her father and her siblings being able to beat her.)

Immunity to Fate Manipulation (Exists beyond the control of Destiny who has absolute control over Fate in all of Creation), Soul Manipulation as she does not have a soul, Matter Manipulation (Lucifer possesses no corporeal form except that which she makes for herself. Her true self has no physical form of any kind nor does it comprise of matter), Disease Manipulation (Supernatural Beings are immune to conventional diseases), Poison Manipulation (Conventional Poisons), Radiation Manipulation (Supernatural Beings can survive full-on bursts of gamma energy.), Conventional Weaponry

Does not retain a vast portion of her original powers with the exception of Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4, 5, and 9),Regeneration (High-Godly), Incorporeality, Possession, Mind Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Power Bestowal, Sleep Manipulation

Attack Potency: At least Low Multiverse Level, possibly Multiverse Level (During her life as Mastema, Lucifer lost a vast majority of her original power, performing one last ditch effort to prevent from being sealed. She was at least on par with the Elder Gods and rivaled Kali in raw power.) | Unknown (Existed as a consciousness inside her son's body and manifested herself as an immaterial spirit incapable of fully affecting reality.) | Outerverse Level+ (Mastema is an infinitesimally weaker version of Lucifer, that while is a match for the Elder Gods, infinitely pales in comparison to her original self. In her true self and power, Lucifer exists within the Ein Sof, a realm that exists above the Adam Kadmon, a world that serves as the singularity of unity and pure primal potential that actively maintains and sustains the Lower Olams within Creation. She is a pure abstraction that exists and sustains the entirety of the Upper Unity including the Ein Sof, in which Absolute Infinities spiral ad infinitum. Her power is considered to be so vast that even Uriel and Gabriel have openly stated that they would not fight her alone. Even Michael, who is considered to be her equal, is wary of fighting her. Death claims that even if he were freed from his binding, there was no guarantee that he could fight off Lucifer, showign that she rivals him in power.), possibly High Outerverse Level with Origin Key Da'at (During the Eternal War, Lucifer wielded the Origin Key: Da'at which possesses a fragment of her Father and is capable of bringing about the end to even the Ein Sof and can hurt even Ayin)

Speed: Irrelevant. Omnipresent within her own Universe

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Outerversal+

Durability: Outerverse Level+

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Outerversal+

Standard Equipment: Sword of Lucifer

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient. Lucifer is nearly all-knowing, possessing very little gaps within her own memory. Lucifer is aware of the secrets of various beings and events in Creation. She knows the true origins of the Gods as well as the existence of the Dunsanyans. As an Archangel, Lucifer perceives time non-linearly and knows can see everything from the beginning to every possible future that may or may not occur. She describes it as knowing every outcome that will happen inside of a Schrodinger's Box. However, she can not completely determine which of the possible futures will happen and often takes steps to make sure a certain one happens in her favor. Her eyes are capable of seeing into other dimensions and the higher layers of Creation. Unlike the rest of Heaven, she is completely aware of the First Curse, what its purpose is, and how to break it. Within her own Universe, Lucifer is aware of everything that is happening and all that will happen as she dictates all that shall happen. Her knowledge of magic is vast and extensive, stretching back to before time even began. Lucifer is stated to be able to read the text that Metatron inscribed onto the Divine Keys.


  • Weapons of Archangels and Life and Death’s weapons (Can temporarily disperse Lucifer’s physical form. Is able to temporarily delay her Regeneration.)
  • Supreme Beings (God and The Darkness can easily kill Lucifer.)

Key: Shard | As a Consciousness | Helel/Lucifer


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