"Sighs" Sometimes violence is needed at times like this.
~ Begins to cast his magic after seeing undead creatures rising around the dead forest.
I am traveling sorcerer and adventurer,do you perhaps have any available dungeon that I can go?
~ Asking a adventurer guild for treasure hunting
Right...oh where did my staff go?
~ Seeing his lost staff getting stolen from thief


Lucias Valenwood is one of the supporting characters in the Culmiverse, and friend of both Ban and Rubert.

Lucias Valenwood,born in the ancestral plane, is aspiring sorcerer who wished to learn all the secrets of life and how existence came to play. During his earlier days,he was citizen in the imperium empire and were sent to a magic school for developing sorcerers like him when Lucias's parents discovered their son showing the signs of magic.

His peers were astonished by his development and intelligence during his stay with them. After a year or two,he quit and left as believes he isn't getting any benefits from staying there.

Lucias went home and was told by his parents that they were dying from unknown illness. He immediately were shocked and about to make a potion but were suddenly stopped,Lucia's parents prefer to accept their death and urge their son to keep continuing his goals,hoping Lucias have  goal and meaning in his life to cling to.

After this revelation, Lucias accepted their wishes and began preparing to travel around the world,continuing his main mission to search the secrets of reality and the meaning of our existence.


Lucias is consider to be a well-mannered and gentle person to those who meet him. He is polite and friendly,always giving helpful advice to those who have their life went downhill and healing unfortunate injured travelers.

Whenever a conflict or fighting occurs,he usually intervene and try to reason them into not fighting which always works because of his high diplomacy skills that he learned and mastered during his stay in the magic school.

Lucias hates violence and prefers to talk rather fighting though he is not too naive,fully aware that violence is needed if the situation calls for it.

He respect race and  care little about class,believing that no race or class is superior to one another as we are all living beings. While Lucias is non-violent person,he also have wanderlust in him,enjoying the discoveries and the long walks in his travels.


Lucias wears some sort of green coat that nearly cover his whole body and medieval leather shoes for walking as well light brown, leather gloves that covers his whole hands.

He has green wizard hat and key-star necklace around his neck. He also have white skin tone,mixed orange and red hairstyle,and green eyes.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 10-B | 7-A with energy projection | 3-A with Fulfillment Notebook

Powers and abilities: Magic,Astral Projection,Invisibility and Soul Manipulation (Have been doing this for years,made many deals in the source dimension from meditating and able to pull out other people's souls by  grabbing their spirit.),Dimensional Storage and limited portal creation (He opened a small portal,where he stored or pull out objects/items.),Durability Negation and Non-Physical Interaction (Magic ignores conventional durability as it targets the person's very soul and the physical body),BFR (Via death lock,instantly castes them out of time,sending them to a place where life never existed or another dimension in his choosing.),Social Influencing (He is adept diplomatic,have peacefully convince bandits and other trouble makers to leave him alone),Limited Teleportation and Dimensional Travel (He has list of ingredients in his pockets,to set up ritual in teleporting the place he wants to go),Passive Aura and Attack Reflection (He have always his magical shield on and any type of attack,physically or magically will instantly transfer the damage back to the enemy.),Limited Life Manipulation (He had set of healing potions that can cure any disease as well healing people that is capable of instantly fixing severe fatal injuries such as damage organ. It also can regrow lost limbs.),Holy Manipulation,Danmaku,Fire Manipulation and Energy Projection (His magic is holy at nature and can summon many huge fire balls around him from casting his magic. He can also gather up his magic to release energy beam that is strong enough to obliterate mountain.),Weather Manipulation (By using his magic,he can manipulate the weather in whatever he wish.),Clairvoyance (By meditating,he can ask one of the sources gods to ask about the future or past.),True Flight (He has magically broom stored inside the dimensional storage,it can fly from riding it),Reality Warping (Via Fulfillment Notebook,from getting it in his dimensional storage,he can write things that makes his wildest dreams come true.),Willpower Manipulation and Statistics Amplification (All sorcerers are capable of reaching multiversal state from immense willpower and producing willpower increases their parameters.)

Attack PotencyHuman level (Physically) | Wall level with holy danmaku (Ignores conventional durability via attacking the soul) | Mountain level with energy projection (His energy blast is capable of obliterating a mountain.) | Unknown with Fulfillment Notebook

Speed: Athletic speed (Have been traveling a long time,giving him increased endurance as well speed from this much exercise) | Supersonic+ reactions (Able to see and react other source entities that moves above the speed of sound)  | Speed of light attack with energy projection | Unknown with Fulfillment Notebook

Lifting Strength: Regular Human | Unknown with Fulfillment Notebook

Striking Strength: Human Class | Unknown with Fulfillment Notebook

Durability: Human level,difficult to kill due to his attack reflection. | Unknown with Fulfillment Notebook

Stamina: Peak human (Despite having mundane physical strength,he has incredible endurance,capable of fighting for a couple of hours before succumbing to exhaustion.) | Unknown with Fulfillment Notebook

Range: Standard Melee Range up to tens of meters with magic,weather manipulation and energy projection. |  Universal with Fulfillment Notebook.

Standard Equipment: Magic Staff


130 cm tall,Lucias magic staff

Intelligence: Genius,one of the most smartest people in the ancestral plane. Is master alchemist who created many cures to various plagues that was causing trouble in the land. Have list of documents in several source gods and is treasure hunter,acquired artifacts in his travels.

Weaknesses: Human Normal Weakness.Clairvoyance requires him to meditate and producing a energy projection will cost him to be immobilized for at least minute to cast the projection. Setting up the teleportation/dimensional ritual will take at least day to finish. He is semi-pacifist at nature and prefer to talk when confronted to fight.

Notable Attacks and Techniques

  • Passive Aura and Attack Reflection: His defense and shield. Physically or magically,any attack will instantly transfer the damage back to the enemy when the attack is about to hit him.
  • Life Manipulation: He has set of elixirs inside his green coat,around his waist. This has the ability to cure any type of disease as well regrow arms and damaged organs from just drinking one whole potion. The rest of his potions are stored inside the dimensional storage.
  • Weather Manipulation: By desiring what weather pattern or type he wants. It can also produce lightnings around the environment to keep his enemies from safe distance.
  • Clairvoyance: From meditating,he can connect and transfer his soul to one of the source gods he knows,allowing him to ask about his future.
  • Dimensional Storage And True flight: A flying magic broom from his dimensional storage. He can instantly conjure open a portal to store or pull out his stuff.
  • Death Lock: By drawing out the magically energy  from the source,he can will his target or group to by seeing them and sending them into another dimension or to place that life never existed,whatever dimension or place he wants to send them to.
  • Fulfillment Notebook: A powerful artifact that he carries and stored in his dimensional storage. He can write whatever he wish on the notebook with the intent of what his wishing from writing and will instantly happened.
  • Holy Danmaku: His main offense,he can summon any amount of fire balls around him to overpower his enemy.
  • Dimensional & Teleportation: He has set of ingredients and tools in his pockets,used for setting up ritual to travel and teleport into another or location.

    Astral Projection: He can will himself out of his physical body from meditation.


  • His magic is instant except the energy projection.
  • He doesn't require his staff to cast his magic though the reason for using it is to help him easily maneuver long distances for his travels in the vast geography of the ancestral plane.
  • His energy projection is the size of Geno's incinerate from OPM.
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