I'm not a heroine... rather call me an anti heroine... Time to get tha cash.
~ Akazukin
Little red riding hood apetit by turtlechan

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Akazukin aka Lil red riding hood is a character from The Evil Entity Within Me. Onces upon a time Akazukin was granted with a curse from the Big Bad Wolf. She granted the ability to manipulate darkness, Immortality and more. When she was younger she summon the great Big Bad Wolf she made an contract with the Big Bad Wolf for granting superpowers but there was one one condition she needs to agree on. She had to give her soul away to the Big Bad Wolf to grant the cool abilities. She agrees with his term and now she is bound with the Big Band Wolf orders.

The Big Bad Wold first order was to train with her everyday till she understand how to use her abilities. When she got older she joined the WolfGang a group of thugs who sold their soul for abilities. The Wolf Gang mission is to collect as much money as possible and defeat a couple demons. Each Demon they defeat they get an award from The Big Bad wolf like candies or new weapons. The Big Bad Wolf had another order for them the order was to protect the human race from the demons.

She can never truly die since her soul exist in another plane of existence. The plane where The Big Bad Wolf exist right into the fairy tales. As long as the fairy Tales city exist she will exist. This is also the main reason why The Big Band wolf wants to protect the humans. The Imagination of believing into Fairy tales... The Humans have to believe into the fairy tales if they don't the fairy tale city wil get erased and all fairy tales characters too.

Her main mission is to protect the humans. If the humans dies it means less humans will believe in fairy tales and more chances for the erasure of the Fairy Tales City. Which means her soul will get erased which also means she can die.

The Fairy Tales City was almost erased because of the war between imagination and reality. Less people wanted to believe in fairy tales. So The Big bad Wolf gave her god like power and abilities to save them and keep believing into fairy tales. The Power a god or a demon dreams of.


Lil Red riding Hood Normally has black eyes when she is in her normal state and red eyes when she is in her berseker state. She has two celestial blades and 1 gun. She has black eyes that can be used as weapons. She has a long hairy tail.


Lil red loves doing crime, beating up demons, Vandalism and protecting humans from demons. She seems to have a very crazy & wild behaviour, as she likes to do extreme dangerous adventures and missions. She loves doing skills and stunts when she fight with demons. And she loves fruit(mostly apples), candies and chocolat. She seems to be an anti hero type.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: True Neutral

Name: Akazukin

Origin: The Evil Entity Within Me (Used to be), Fairy Tales City

Gender: Female

Age: 16


Date of Birth: Unknown

  • Zodiac/Horoscope: Unknown

Birthplace: Japan


Height: 6'0 FT

Likes: The Big Bad wolf, Humans, Rosa, bad, Money, Bringing chaos, loves fighting

Dislikes: Demons, Monsters, The Evil Entity

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color:Black

Hobbies: Getting money by defeating demons.


Martial Status:

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Wolf Gang

Previous Affiliation:None


Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-B | 5-B | Low 1-C | 1-A

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Psycho Warping, Dual Manipulation, Boundary Manipulation, Reactive Evolution, Unpredictability, Trickster, Immortality (Types 4, 5,8 & 9), Cheating, Meta Luck, Regeneration (Low-Godly), Reality Warping, Shadow Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Overdrive, Weapon Summon, Curse Inducement, Body Control (Including the ability to manipulate her own limbs, such as altering their shape and even removing them, as well as manipulating her own hair.), Mind Manipulation (Including the ability to manipulate the limbs of others.), Enhanced Senses, Biological Manipulation, Non-Corporeal, ShapeshiftingDurability NegationTrue Illusions, Fear Manipulation, Singularity Perception ManipulationPower Nullification, Mentifery, Chaos Manipulation | Same as before, plus Wings Creation, True Flight, Badasserry Embodiment, Causality Manipulation, Acausality. Concept embodiment (Is the concept of faith), Perfection, Badass Adaptation, Conceptual Manipulation, Time Manipulation,, [Immutability | Same as before except she doesn't have that Immortality, Regeneration or concept embodiment plus (but on a far higher scale) Spatial Manipulation, Nothingness Manipulation, Undetermined Existence( She cannot be truly considered to be living or dead and amortal or undead), Dream world manipulation, Nameless existence, Living Anomaly, Oneiricpotence, reality Dreaming(Capable of dreaming the Fairy Tales city), Thoughtless Complete Arsenal ( Can create all abilities that no one thinks of but if they think about that ability then its gone.), Adaptation Manipulation, Regeneration ( High Godly), Duality Transcendence, Fantasy Connecting, Oneiric Immunity, Magic, Magic adaption, Law Manipulation, Divine Presence, Wish Granting, Actuality Manipulation, Possibility Manipulation, Paradox Manipulation, Absolute Will, Life and Death Transcendence, Cycle Transcendence, Impossible Physiology, Metaphysics Manipulation, Society Manipulation, Transcendent Science, Endless Growth, Fantasy World Creation | Same as before except (but on a far higher scale) Cosmic Otherness, Self Origin Manipulation, OmnificenceInderminacy, Conceptual transcendence, meta transcendence, Tetralogy

Attack Potency: Wall Level (Is able to destroy Walls by punching, And is capable of defeating demons.), likely higher | Planet level (Destroyed a couple of planets with her claws.) | Low Complex Multiverse level ( Her True self became the ruler of the Fairy Tales City, a place that contains infinite Fairy tales that each fairy tales contains a multiverse. She completely transcend all of the fairy tales including her previous master The Big Bad Wolf. Most fairy tales gods are 5-D and all of them are nothing more but a dream.) | Outerverse level (Due to her nigh omniscience she is capable of knowing and understanding some concepts like dimension, time and space and understanding of other 1-A entities since she can imagine herself to transcend those concepts & entities but she was incapable to imagine herself stronger then the strongest room entity. She became so powerful she must exist outside of all things or all things will be erased.)

Speed: Supersonic+ (Capable of dodging and escaping bullets.) | Light Speed (Her darkness is able to remove light ranges.) | Immeasurable ( Became an 5th dimensional entity) | Irrelevant (Capable of moving beyond time and space)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown | Immeasurable (Was able to lift the fairy tales city) | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Planet Class | Low Complex Multiversal | Outerversal

Durability: Wall level (Her soul exist on another plane of existence; immortality makes her hard to kill) | Planet level (Survived a planets explosions; immortality makes her hard to kill) | Low Complex Multiverse level (Hard to defeat her since she isn't living or dead and immortal or undead) | Outerverse level (She easily tanked an attack of abominations)

Stamina: High (Doesn't need to eat) | High | Infinite | Irrelevant

Range: Planetary (Her attacks can reach other planets) | Atleast High Multiversal+ | atleast outerversal

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: High | High | Nigh-omniscient | Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: She goes crazy when she is in her overdrive. | She goes crazy when she is in her overdrive. | None notable | She must exist outside of everything, or everything will be erased.

Feats: Becoming god

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Key: Normal | Awaken | Supreme of the fairy tales city | Outer Red

Note: Battle between her and T666


Notable Victories:

Aeliza Faintree (Faintree) Aeliza Faintree's Profile (Note:both tier 5-B)

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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