Lissie: Life can be cruel rigth?

Tiffany: Yes, she is.

Lissie: That is beatifull baby girl.

Tiffany: Sure it is. She will have strong life ahead her. But hers mother in other hand...

Lissie: Oh..yes. I have do, what i must do.

Lissie walks to woman and implaled hers sword trough her.

Doctor: I am so sorry. She has been passed way.

~ Natures cruel cycle

Universal difference in timelines

This profile covers how Lissie life gone trough timeline 666.


Character created by Lekmos.

Lissie, the fox maid and multiversal grimreaper

Lissie is one of handpicked servant to Atropos to be bringer of death or other word multiversal grimreaper. Lissie mission is be there where someone is dying and take their life away. Lissie is like invisibe being who takes life away, but won`t always decide souls resting place. If person have make deal with hell, they gonna go hell. Second example is if person dies in planet Terra, they are send to underworld where they are punished by their life deeds. In short Lissie won`t decide where poor soul goes, but she makes sure they die even most places local ``death god`` or similar can´t see Lissie do hers work. Even local ``death gods`` can reap mortal life if they want.

Lissie`s twin sister is Tiffany bringer of life, they both make sure that there is balance between life and death ration. They keep both touch how things are going and decides who will be born and die. In each milleniums they go with Metatron to visit Atropos, Lahkesis and Clotho to discuss things concenring about lower multiverse.

Appearance and Persoality

Lissie with hers sword

Where bloody hell she keeps it?

Lissie appears as young woman in hers twenties. She likes to wear basic maid costume, which has white at front and black from behind. She also has two fox like ears and tail with white ending.

Lissie is very cheerfull person being reaper of multiverse and have sometimes bring end person life even it will be sometimes very hard thing to do. Maybe this was reason why Atropos handpicked her for multiversal grimreaper. Lissie was orphan, she never knowed his parents, she didn`t have any relatives. She was all alone against cold world, but she never let go one trait, happines. She was always cheerfull and positive aditude all hardship what she faced in his mortal life. Atropos followed this little kitsune life as Lissie grow up and this taked Atropos intrest towards her. Even Lissie faced hardship like losing hers sister, she accepted his fate and continued happily towards in his life or other hardship what ever came to ahead her.

Lastly when Lissie time comed, even she was only 100 hundred years old with only with one tail, she smiled. This is when Atropos come personally face her and offered place for multiversal grimreaper under Metatron orders. Lissie accepted his duty, but she had one request...


Atropos: (Silence) What it is?

Lissie: My..sister...can...i...see..her..again?

Atropos: Well...

Metatron: I have idea, my lady, if you mind?

Atropos: Yes?

Metatron: Whispers his idea to Atropos.

Atropos: (Looks Lissie) I can arrange that.

~ Lissie`s request at his dying breath, before she accepted grimreaper role

And nowdays Lissie works as multiversal grimreaper as her sister works as multiversal lifebringer...

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Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral, maybe...

Name: Lissie, The fox maid

Origin: Tales of nephilim

Gender: Genderless, they appears female

Age: No one dare to ask

Classification: Grimreaper, other side of harmony in lower multiverse, Abstract being

Date of Birth: Unknow

Birthplace: Planet Terra, in timeline 666

Weight: Still you try and i won`t go to ask

Height: 165 cm

Likes: Fox spirits aka Kitsunes


Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde



Martial Status: Single


Status: Alive

Big Boss: Atropos 

Supervisor: Metatron

Affiliation: Atropos, Metatron, Tiffany


Fox sisters left to darkness/Life and Death, Tiffany and Lissie theme!

Multiversal Grimreaper/Lissie personal theme!

When time is up and reaper comes reap you!

Combat Statistics

Tier: 2-C

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Physiology (Can survive at space and others hars enviroments), Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2 and 3), Enhanced Senses, Cosmic Awareness (Must look where next person on list is), Space-Time Manipulation (Type 2), Energy Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Quantum Level), Immortality (Type 1 and 8), Regeneration (Mid-Godly), One Hit Kill (via sword of death), End of Life (As grimreaper Lissie must compensate hers sister who can create everything), Astral Manipulation and Astral Projection, Invisibility (Normally no one, but only strong supernatural beings can see her), Dimensional Travel (Lissie can teleports anywhere in lower multiverse), Non-Physical Interaction, Soul Manipulation and Immunity (Taker of life, Lissie can manipulate freely souls and have immunity to soul manipulation herself), Power Nullification (via Death manipulation), Death Manipulation (Lissie can know who will die and can use freely necromancy to help hers mission), Acausality (Type 2, Lissie as multiversal grimreaper has no past or future.), Abstract Existence (Type 2, As granted from Atropos being grimreaper)

Attack Potency: Low Multiverse Level, (Lissie can wipe life from hundreds universes in one swipe with hers sword. When violet plague was spreading Lissie can wipe easily one macrocosmos cluster of space-time continuums at each strike. Lower multiverse holds countless amount universes.)

Speed: Infinite Speed, (Lissie can be almost all places at same time to harvest souls in universe which are dying and can also move between universes casually)

Lifting Strength: Unknow

Striking Strength: Low Multiversal, (During Darkness incident Lissie has hurt Darkness by hers punches)

Durability: Low Multiversal Level, (Lissie witstanded hers sisters Tiffany new big bang attack for reseting life many space-time continuums to lower multiverse)

Stamina: Virtually Inexhaustible, (Literally ``death never rest`` sentence is very accurate descriple Lissie)

Range: Low Multiversal, (Lissie can be there to kill person in universe, maybe in hundreds space-time continuums to take life at same time.)

Standard Equipment:

  • Sword of Death: Lissie carries hers sword anywhere she goes. Don`t ask me where she hides it, but she will always have it with hers hands when needed. With this sword Lissie can kill almost anyone  in multiverse by one swing.

Intelligence: Genious, (Knows many things as being working as grimreaper almost whole time as multiverse has existed. Has seen, heard and learned many martial arts, magic spels etc)


  • Nothing notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Mortem: Lissie can easily take life away when wanted to. In most cases even hers having infinite speed, she don`t need be in places in time as she can reap her victim from another universe.
  • Necromantiae: As strong grim reaper she can rise death to serve her.
  • Non est mortis: Lissie can easily decide who dies and also decide that death won`t work anymore in lower multiverse. She has demonstraded that she easily negated other being using their powers in other universes to make her clear.
  • Pauci tantum videre: In normal circumstances Lissie is invisible to other beings and cannot be seen. Howewer some supernatural being like angels and nephilims could see her, but these are few rare instances because she spend under seconds in where she claims soul and then move other place to another mortal to who`s time is up.
  • Omnes In Taberna Quando Sumus: Lissies space-time manipulation is so strong that she can stop everything in macrocosmos in blink of eye. Hers stop is so strong that it prevents even hers sister movement as long she keeps time stopped. This comes handy her if she want tell something important to certain person. Also this means that even great Lucifer the demiurge is not safe when death will claim him. In her sister case it works wise-verse meaning if hers sister stops time she will be frozen in place.

Note: Ready, there may will be changes in future...


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