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I shall atone for my crimes here and now. No matter the outcome, I shall not allow this world to fall at your hands
~ To Garon

Lilith is the First Demon to ever exist, born from Lucifer's power in her image. She is the older sister of Satan, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Belphegor, Mammon, Beelzebub, Adrian, and Natalia. She is the main antagonist of the Pre-Apocalypse Arc and the War of the Seven Seals Arc. She was once known as the Grace Aglaia and is married to the Greco-Roman God of Metallurgy and Fire, Hephaestus, and the mother of the Greco-Roman Goddess of Harmony, Harmonia.


Lilith was created 3 million years ago by her mother, Lucifer, using her blood and her grace. She was the first to be born of a new race of beings known as Demons. Hundreds of thousands of years after the Eden Incident, Lilith assisted her cousins, Cain and Aclima, in escaping their village after their jealous descendants killed Abel, Eve, and Adam in a bid to attain their seeming immortality. She watched as Cain became a demon to protect Aclima.

1.5 million years ago, Creation was plunged into a war that spanned across entire universes. Lilith was pulled by both sides to participate but she declined their offers preferring to stay neutral in the entire war. She merely went around rescuing and helping those caught in the crossfire of the warring factions of Heaven and Hell. After the end of the War, Lilith assisted her mother in the aftermath of the repair of Creation.

In 8,457 BCE, she would come under the service of the goddess, Aphrodite, while she traveled around in Greece under the alias of Aglaia. There, she met her now-husband, Hephaestus. They started off as good friends as she would always be seeing him due to the fact that he was married to her mistress. Over time, the two slowly fell in love with each other. Following the incident with the Golden Net, Lilith confessed her feelings to Hephaestus which he returned to her in kind. The two wedded in secret with Zeus and Michael presiding over their wedding. From their marriage would be born a Cambion named Harmonia.

Twelve years before the start of the series, Lilith was sealed into Hell by the combined efforts of several high ranking angels including Zadkiel and Naomi, leaving Adrian to be cared for by Orion, Cain, and Avan. She would later be released back into the world after Beelzebub's death.


Lilith is said to be the most beautiful of all Demons to ever exist, having inherited her mother's beauty in spades. She has long back length snow-white hair and piercing golden eyes, a trait she shares with her siblings. Her figure is said to be curvy but not overly so like Asmodeus's body which is known for its seductive traits. Her beauty is more akin to that of a doll and is described as graceful and is rarely believed to be real. Like her younger brother Satan, Lilith possesses twelve wings, however, her wings are more akin to that of an angel's rather than the bat-like wings of a demon.

In her human disguise, her hair becomes raven black and she possesses piercing blue eyes. She is seen mostly wearing a white sweater with a red long coat as well as a black skirt and leggings. Even this form fails to hide her unholy beauty as she turns heads even by walking by.


Fondly remembered by Adrian and Natalia (to a degree) as a kind and loving woman, Lilith's personality was mostly viewed through the statements of Adrian and Ruby. Both of them remembered her as a kind woman who was Adrian and Natalia's older sister as well as the woman who would often take care of Ruby while her siblings were busy or her family was away. She served as the mediator between Adrian and Ruby during the period of their life when Adrian was antagonistic to his best friend. She also has a teasing personality as when she teased Adrian for being a good artist. She also has a habit to poke Adrian's forehead whenever he asks her for things, always stating that she'll do it next time.

Following her release from Hell, she was nothing how she was described by the siblings or Ruby. Lilith was cruel and merciless, having lost her smile and her outlook on the world. Having sworn vengeance on Heaven for when she was sealed in the depths of Sheol, incapable of escape due to Zadkiel's curse, Lilith became wrathful and sadistic. She became a symbol for the other demons. A symbol of terror and fear, even for her own siblings as Satan and Leviathan have felt nothing but terror, especially when she smiles. She holds a seething and festering hatred for Heaven, wishing nothing more than the death of the Angel of Mercy, Zadkiel, for destroying her family.

Her hatred for Heaven can be perceived as indiscriminate as Satan has stated that his older sister would gladly kill billions if not trillions of angels in order to get to Zadkiel. She is merciless and ruthless, sparing no one in her path of destruction. Lilith does not hesitate to use any advantage she is afforded whether it be emotional or physical. She isn't above using manipulation and deceit as a means to an end either. She would even manipulate Adrian if it meant achieving her own goals in the end, stating that it would be for his own good anyway.

Her tactics and tendencies are nothing short of cruel, drawing out her opponent's suffering if nothing more than to satiate her own pleasures. She takes special care if her opponent is an angel with any connection to Zadkiel, forcing them to live through their fears to tearing their wings off ever so slowly, relishing in their delicious screams. Such actions instill terror in her subordinates as well as her opponents, making her the most feared being among all demons, far more so than Alastor, who possesses a torture fetish. Her cruelty and sadism makes her renowned among demons as the vilest and cruelest of them all, embodying the very human view of the figure known as The Devil.

Despite her cruel and malicious persona, Lilith, in reality, is broken inside. Having suffered at the hands of Heaven, forced to watch from Hell as her brother and sister were subjected to hardship. The loss of Lucifer/Mastema compounded alongside the sight of her siblings. She detests her brother, Beelzebub, for subjecting Adrian to such trauma as well as Zadkiel for forcing her family in this situation.

No matter how cruel her actions maybe or malicious her motives are, in the end, she always had her family's safety and happiness in mind. Lilith is willing to rip the World and Creation apart for her family as well as sacrifice her own life. She does not take kindly to any perceived betrayals as seen when both Adrian and Hephaestus refused to join her.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 4-A, higher in Qliphoth Form. 2-A with Divine Key Netzach

Classification: Demon, Prime Demon, Princess of Hell, Founder, Greek Goddess

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 3), Regeneration (Low-Godly; Demons are capable of reforming themselves from even the most microscopic trace of their taint alone.), Extrasensory Perception and Enhanced Senses, Non-Corporeal, Intangibility, Invisibility, Flight, Acausality (Type 1; Demons are capable of perceiving changes within the timestream as well as any and all irregularities such as visitors from the future.), Telekinesis (Type 2), Social Influencing, Darkness Manipulation (Lilith can control darkness and shadows for a variety of purposes such as creating weapons to healing the wounds of herself and others, and strengthening herself), Light Manipulation via the Shevirat Ha-Kelim (Lilith can control the power of Light which is originally afforded only to Angels and Ascended Demons. The applications of this power vary as with her power of darkness.), Matter Manipulation (Macro-Quantic Level), Void Manipulation via the Shevirat Ha-Kelim (Lilith can convert the「」of the Ein Sof into -1 of Nonexistence, allowing her to destroy and erase beings so utterly that they no longer exist on any level or analog of existence, forever lost to the echoes of the Ein Sof), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2) via the Shevirat Ha-Kelim, Chaos Manipulation via the Shevirat Ha-Kelim, Magic, Durability Negation via Existence Erasure and Void Manipulation, Soul Manipulation via Shevirat Ha-Kelim, Creation (Lilith can create objects to living beings as well as dimensions and universes capable of containing a planet and several stars.), Supernatural Concealment (Can conceal her presence even from beings capable of seeing into other dimensions as well as higher dimensional beings.), Shapeshifting (Can alter her hair, body, and eyes completely), Possession, Reality Warping, Space-Time Manipulation, Transmutation (Lilith can turn beings of equal power into mundane objects), Curse Manipulation (Knows a wide array of curses that can be used for various purposes), Status Effect Inducement via Cursing and Sigils (Curses can inflict various ailments such as removing one's ability to move to removing one's power.), Illusion Manipulation, Sealing (Can seal away the powers of others), Attack Reflection via Counter-Cursing, Forcefield Creation, Vice Inducement (Lilith can amplify the "sinful" feelings of humans and other beings such as making one feel pleasure to the point where their mind breaks and they worship her fanatically.), Information Analysis, Technique Mimicry (Lilith can copy techniques after seeing them being used once as seen when she was able to instantly learn Nihilo after witnessing it from Avan.), Resistance Negation via Magic, Corruption, Corrosion Inducement (She can use her darkness to eat away at someone's flesh.), Aura, Radiation Manipulation (Her aura produces the same effect as radiation with it being compared to the Elephant's foot in the human world. Her aura is capable of melting the ground underneath her and making weaker beings feel extremely sick from its toxicity or even begin melting.) Fear Manipulation and Calm Inducement (Beings of similar power will feel intense fear around her. Her aura can also be protective, making her allies feel safe.), Biological Manipulation (Should be comparable to Beelzebub, who can generate epidemic level plagues.), Death Manipulation via Blade of Ogiel (The Blade of Ogiel works in a manner similar to reaper's scythe albeit weaker.), Power Nullification (For younger and weaker beings. Can nullify the powers of others via Sigils), Pain Manipulation via Torture, Duplication (Can summon physical clones of herself imbued with a fraction of her power.), Memory Manipulation (Can delete, insert, and alter memories as well as view memories), Mind Manipulation (Lilith can manipulate the minds of others, especially if their will or mental defenses are weak. She is capable of inflicting the most heinous forms of mental torture.), Madness Manipulation (Types 2 and 3; With the power to enter one's mind, Lilith can mentally torture them into insanity with their own horrors. Her aura produces a maddening effect that pushes an amplified version of all of the fears of someone onto them.), Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2; Demons do not require sleep, food, or water only doing so for pleasure and relaxation purposes.), Master Hand to Hand Combatant, Weapon Mastery, Genius Intelligence, Teleportation and Dimensional Travel, Portal Creation

Magic (Demons are naturally resistant to magic), Absorption (Was unaffected by the Apex Drain Spell which can steal the life force and energy of even Gods), Holy Manipulation and Light Manipulation (Zadkiel's attacks merely ruffled her hair), Matter Manipulation (Can survive Kali's Pralaya which breaks down matter at a marco-quantic scale, destroying quarks and bosons alike and turning them into nothing.), Reality Warping, Elemental Manipulation (Was unaffected by Natalia's ice powers), Poison Manipulation (Due to her having been in Hell for nearly a decade, Lilith has become highly resistant to the toxins that would kill even gods.), Radiation Manipulation (Demons are immune to radiation), Power Nullification (Was able to somewhat use her powers for a few seconds after she was outfitted with several Profane Sigils), Illusion Manipulation (Completely saw through Morpheus's illusions), Telekinesis (Was able to withstand the combined telekinetic might of Adrian and Ruby), Death Manipulation (Lilith could not be killed by Mot's killing grasp, however, she was left exhausted afterwards), Resistance Negation (Avan's spell, Nihilo, which is capable of nullifying the resistances of even Gods, was unable to completely affect Lilith, leaving her nearly completely resistant to magic), Transmutation, Deconstruction (Czrenabog's attempts at causing Lilith to corrode into dust proved to be futile), Telepathy, BFR and Purification (Lilith requires several powerful exorcists or mages chanting at the same time in order to banish her. Likewise, a Profane Abolishment Sigil of high degree is required to banish her.), Corruption (Demons are naturally resistant to corruptive effects), Mind Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, and Memory Manipulation (Can resist mind powers of Gods such as Hypnos, who can somewhat affect Zeus, as well as Aphrodite, who can induce lust upon even the Elder Gods.) Explosion Manipulation (Laughed off Crowley's attempts at trying to make her explode), Immunity to Conventional Poisons and Diseases (Attempts at infecting a demon with diseases or even using the strongest synthesized chemical toxin are useless when dealing with demons.), Soul Manipulation (Demons do not possess a soul), Radiation Manipulation (Demons are immune to radiation), Conventional Matter Manipulation (Demons do not possess a body made of physical matter and can only be affected while they're possessing someone.), Human Weaponry

Attack Potency: Multi-Solar System Level, can ignore Durability with various spells and powers (Lilith is the strongest of the Princes of Hell with only Satan rivaling her in power. Her power surpasses that of most of the Ten Seraphim with the exception of Metatron and possibly Samael. She can contend with Chief Gods on even footing and prove powerful enough to defeat Zeus himself in one on one combat albeit with a considerable amount of effort as well as contend with Kali before she was forced to flee due to wounds suffered in a prior battle. She was also able to defeat Hyperion, the Titan of the Sun. During the Holy War, Lilith was capable of erasing the lower arm of a galaxy in another universe within Assiah. Lilith is also capable of erasing an entire dimension that contains several stars and planets.). Multiverse Level+ (With Divine Key Netzach, Lilith is capable of affecting the Sea of Beriah in ways that are far greater than anything that can be achieved by the Gods. Using the Partzufim of her Divine Key, Lilith is capable of throwing all of Beriah into an upheaval, disrupting the chaotic quantum power of the Sea of Creation, causing the birth and death of many singularities)

Speed: FTL, Higher with Taint and Magic (Faster than even Adrian and Taki with enhancements. Was able to react to Taki's movements with very little effort. With Taint, she can increase her speed to ten times that of normal)

Lifting Strength: Class Z (Can move planetary sized objects within her own space-time as well as cause one of the Moons in the Fifth Hell to collide with Alastor's Base World for failing her.)

Striking Strength: Multi-Solar System Class

Durability: Multi-Solar System Level, Higher with Taint and Magic

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless

Range: Standard Melee Range. Extended Melee Range with Ogiel | Several Meters to Interstellar with Spells and Powers | Low Multiversal with Teleportation and Portal Creation

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: Lilith is a demonic prodigy. She is both a Polymath and a Polyglot, having vast knowledge in several subjects and cultures as well as speaking several languages. She does not rely on brute force in order to achieve her goals and uses tactics such as subterfuge and manipulation in order to destroy her opponents' unity from the inside out. Lilith is not above using her looks and beauty to manipulate people into conforming to her ideals. She is also able to get beings like Typhon to comply with her demands through her negotiation skills and immense charisma. A quality Chessmaster who can rival beings such as Metatron and Odin, Lilith can concoct plans that span the entirety of the Mythical Worlds as well as the Human Worlds. Upon Paimon's death, he revealed that the breaking of the Seventh Seal and using Ruby and Claire to do it was Lilith's plan all along. Due to her time spent in the Greco-Roman Pantheon as Aglaia, she is knowledgeable of all its laws as well as security weaknesses as Hephaestus's wife. Lilith is also knowledgeable in several forms of magic and science and was able to instantly deduce the effects of Avan's Nihilo Spell as well as perfectly replicate it. She is also a combat genius but to a lesser degree than Satan. Lilith can copy moves and techniques after seeing it once. She is able to perceive some events that happen in Creation.

Weaknesses: Lilith's family can be a hot-button to press as it tends to send her flying into a rage. She can also be emotionally exploited as seen with Ayin Possessed Lucifer, who used her guilt and love for her siblings and husband into freeing her from her cage to recreate all of Creation. As a Demon, Lilith exhibits the weaknesses of all demons but to a lesser degree. Nevertheless, she can be severely harmed with objects such as Angelic Weapons and Holy Water, which can cause her minor pain. Profane Sigils of sufficient power can also be used to restrain and suppress her power while Profane Abolishment Sigils and High-Level Exorcisms can banish her to Hell.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Key: Lilith