I should’ve stayed at London, I don’t know how I managed to even drag myself into this, my brain had two choices go or forget, and it chose the left.
~ Liam Matthews


Liam Matthews is the Primary Protagonist of the Central POV of SuperNatural. Liam was a Journalist, a Paranormal investigator, and currently an Agency Associate. Initially in the verse he was aimed at Spiritual Contact, but after conflicts & Discoveries on the Partially-unknown Entities & Anomalies, He was soon apprehended as a rank-1 in the S.C.A., though later after Jennifer finds all the journalistic and Useful records of Liam related on the entities that were not even in the Agency’s Grasp, including the fact Entity-2013 is Bound & Reliant in Liam, he and was later “Drafted” as Researcher Assistants, for a duration of no more than 6 months.


Liam is Fairly Antisocial and sometimes shy, especially in largely Populated locations, the only people he ever talks or approaches normally are his Family and Known Friends. He is greatly interested in the paranormal, Extraterrestrial, and Cryptozoological Entities ever since a young age, he is often teased or criticized by his beliefs and Theories to casual people even currently, to a point of being recluse. He often and often fails at suppressing this Personality in Some assignments. Liam despite being socially awkward sometimes, is still a kind & Affable person. He often ponders about his choices in life.

Pre-Distortion, Whenever 2013 “automatically Retaliates” Liam will be Overtaken by 2013’s nanorobotic capabilities as retaliation after devastating damage, Liam will, at-times, lose himself until the usage’s duration ends. Liam at this time will be driven to severely Harm against his assailer/s, seemingly lost all of his Normal attributes & Morality.


Liam stands at a height of 5’8, He has somewhat Pale Skin, Dark-Green Eyes, and Messy Dark-Brown Hair, He has a Bandage wrapped around his neck. In casual wears a Lightish-Brown Jacket with a Hood, Black Turtleneck Inner-shirt, Greyish-Tan pants, and Dark-grey shoes. In-Verse his eyes were replaced by the S.C.A. to remove his need for contact-glasses or contacts. He has Anisocoria with his left iris being larger than his right, through his vision is mostly better.

  • Agency - His Agency Uniform consists of a Light-grey Junior-Researcher Coat, His previous Black Inner-shirt, Grey Blue-tinted Pants, and Black Shoes. The bandage around his neck is covered over by a Heartbeat Monitor Collar. He initially wore a Rank-2 subject uniform with an informant label. He typically wears this attire on operations alongside an ROF Group, or in several facilities.
  • 2013 (Pre-Distortion) - Whilst usage of Entity-2013’s abilities, his Eyes’ colours invert, Several Vibrating cracking lines appear on his exposed skin & Clothes, and Four Triangular Shards magnetized from his back capable of emitting a faint Gaseous smoke from their forms.

For the time being it is proved very difficult to manually utilize 2013’s Ability to create the weapons needed ever since the Broadcaster’s Distortion, however there are chances wherein the rapid-regeneration capability kicks-in, and only his eyes invert colours for a short-time. After the death of the Broadcaster by Cartoon cat 2013 seems to have recuperated, Regeneration returned to manual.

Personal Stats

Alignment: Good

Name: Liam J. Matthews, R1-111(8) (Rank-1 Designation, Formerly), Rookie (By Jen, Franz, And a number of senior researchers), Mail (by Tyler), Lyle (By Elliot)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Classification: Human, Journalist, S.C.A Personnel


  • Audrey Ackroyd (Friend)
  • Elliot Wood (Friend/Wingman)
  • Tyler King (Best Friend)
  • Lincoln Matthews (Brother)
  • Jennifer Clark (Acquainted)
  • Dr. Enderlin (Superior/Friend)

Themes: Necromancer (2013), Now

Status: Alive

Combat Stats

Tier: 10-B | 10-A to 9-A Equips | High 8-C (Entity-2013)

Powers & Abilities:

Attack Potency: Human Level Physically | Athlete Level to Small Building Level equipment (Firearms to controlled explosives) | Large Building Level (2013-Usage)

Speed: Normal Human Travel Speed, Athletic Human Attack & Reaction speed | Subsonic Flight Speed (Swarm-form), Athletic Human Attack Speed, Subsonic+ Reaction Speed

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Threw a Ford Ranger)

Striking Strength: Human Class Physically | Athlete Class to Small Building Class Equipment | Large Building Class (2013-Usage)

Durability: Athlete Level Physically | Large Building Level to Small Town Level

Stamina: Athletic Human

Range: Standard Melee Range | Standard Melee Range to Hundreds Of Meters via Equipment (Firearms, Throwable Explosives, Rocket-propelled grenade Launcher) | Extended Melee Range to Several Meters or more, (2013-Usage, His arm was capable of extending to around 12 meters using the Nanites)

Intelligence: Above Average+

Standard Equipment: HK P30 Pistol, Silenced SAR 21 Rifle, VSS Vintorez Silenced Sniper Rifle, Explosives

Notable Attacks & Techniques


  • Over-usage of his Nanorobotic abilities, will result in either; Blood Vomiting (Most common), Heavy Dizziness, Slight Cerebral Pain, Feeling of internal burning, or Unconsciousness (Which ranges from minutes to a couple of hours.) (Pre-Distortion)
  • His nanorobotic abilities were distorted by the Broadcaster, resulting in the High-difficulty of manual usage, whilst autonomous activation ranges at random chance or intervals. In essence, he is currently vulnerable (Post-Distortion)
  • 2013’s Nanorobotic abilities seem to negate Viruses, but they don’t seem to negate Exterior problems such as Hives in the skin.


  • 2013-usage > Pre Distortion | Post Distortion | Current Status


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  • Liam is of largely mixed ethnicity, being mostly English, Canadian, and American, But is also of; German, Filipino, and Swedish Descent.
  • Liam is a linguist Capable Of speaking languages such as; Swedish, Spanish, French, German, Tagalog, and a bit of Japanese.
  • Liam appears young for his age, initially Described by a few personnel to look around around 19 Years Old.
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