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Titan of the Seas (Credit goes to Wayne Wu for this image)

Seek the river, and it will lead you to the ocean.
~ Lei


A character made by Sir Ovens. Part of the extended universe within the Ovenverse.

Lei is the Titan of Fortune, Mischief, and the Seas. She, along with her other siblings, were birthed into Regular space by The Nexus of All Realities. She is the 9th sibling of the original 10 Titans.

Lei is the the second youngest Titan, and the most childish. This tends to usually get her into trouble with her older siblings. However, her younger brother, Hemu, helps her get out of it. Lei enjoys toying with her mortal subjects, often causing storms and hurricanes to destroy their ships. However, Lei often rewards those who survive her wrath with treasures, fame, or even the ability to charm anyone they so desire.

After millennia of toying with mortals, Lei grew bored, so she married one of her nephews, Lor, and birthed mortal heroes to go on grand quests for her amusement.

Like all Titans, Lei is under the leadership of her father, Zentu.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-A

Name: Lor, 'Miss Fortune', Poseidon, Loki, Neptune

Origin: Ovenverse

Age: At least billions of years, possibly eons

Gender: Female

Classification: Titan of Fortune, Mischief, and the Seas

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reality Warping, Regeneration (Mid-Godly), Spatial Manipulation, Time Paradox Immunity, Immortality (Type 1, 4), Conceptual Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Animal Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Cosmic Awareness, Illusion Creation, Soul Manipulation

Attack Potency: Multiverse Level+ (While weaker than Vox, she shouldn't be too far behind him)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Comparable to her siblings)

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Immeasurable

Durability: Multiverse Level+ (Comparable to her siblings)

Range: Multiverse Level+

Stamina: Limitless

Intelligence: High.

Weaknesses: None notable


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