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League of Heroes Anthem

Lore Note: This organization only exist in the separate timeline, where all the factions doesn't exist due to the influence of Rupert and his team.
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The team was funded after the defeat of Cthulhu and reconstruction of planet earth. After the formation, earth's strongest protector gained popularity and allies of various growing heroes. Their aim is simple and straightforward, bring justice to the criminals and act as the study guardians against supernatural threats; whether its extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional, the team will beat them all in the name of justice and peace.

Public Agenda

The League of Heroes is superhero team comprised of three influencing individuals such as Rupert whom funded the team and his uneasy but best friend, Harvester. They are supported by various political governments and humanitarian groups of the team's good deeds while some discredit them.  Nonetheless, the team is earth's last and first defense towards any cosmic horrors that tries to harm their world and its peace.


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The VTS Elysium serves as their main headquarters for the league of heroes, located just above the atmosphere of the north pole; its size is equivalent to Mars. The iconic spaceship was constructed by the help of Rupert, Schrodinger and Doctor Green. The base is supplied with highly advanced technology from other alien civilizations that supported their movement or were paid to hand over their tech. The material of the ship is built with a nigh-indestructible material of alien origin that is known to be capable of withstanding a living black hole.

The spaceship itself is star-like ship and functional city inhabited by humans, monsters and other races of alien origin. It is also run by The League of heroes and the inhabitants themselves are living peacefully and happily due to the benevolent heroes that keep order within their home and provide for their needs. The VTS Elysium has an incredible variety of features; one example being the enormous interior marketplace, which spans hundreds of square miles and is shaped like a giant cube floating in space. Other examples include recreational facilities, shops, museums, parks and other places that make it a wonderful place to live. The VTS Elysium was also created as a means of preserving all life and rescuing fugitives or refuges that desire for better lives.

The spaceship's strength lies in its ability to withstand the most extreme conditions. It is equipped with more than just technology; this ship is also capable of growing its own food using advanced biotechnology. This unique combination allows them to feed the ship's population with almost anything they can imagine. It's also capable of generating fresh water from its own air supply, but the ultimate limits of the ship are still unknown due to its ability to create new matter.

Throughout the ship, it is known to completely be resistant in maneuvering through the negative spectrum of the astral world without suffering any mutation or influence from the evil energies that lurks around those realms. It is presumably the force field around the ship that not only protects any from physical and matter or energy but spiritual corruption.

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                             Interior of The city!

The city itself are free from all crime while everyone enjoy life of prosper and harmony without the requirement of voluntary work as the ones in charge of the spaceship rules with justice, freedom of choice and peace. Furthermore the ship itself is built to have artificial intelligence from creation. Doctor Green and the team themselves has full reign over the spaceship while still the artificial intelligence itself are programmed to obey them as it also too, governs over the city. Moreover, it has respect of people's privacy and would not investigate or spy unless it had warrant for wanted criminal. In the event of a dire situation, the ship will decide whether to intervene or let the residents solve the problem on their own. If the ship intervenes, it does so to maintain order and safety, or to preserve life.

It is to the point that all the residents in the ship are living in joyful bliss as they don't even mind not locking their doors due to how nearly everyone know one another and happy in their lives.

The artificial intelligence has full control over the robots and technology within the city. It also has automatic shield that deflects and blocks incoming attacks through manipulation of vectors but lacks any offensive attacks whatsoever. Funny enough, the artificial intelligence's attitude resembles the manner and tone of British butler.

Interesting to note that the spaceship is said to be capable of flying and maneuvering at speeds that isn't bound to gravity itself. It is because the ship is equipped with anti-gravity drives which use the principles of inertia to produce a force inversely proportional to its mass. Also the gravitational pull is considered as the opposite effect of an anti-gravitational drive; in a way the ship can travel around planets faster than light speed.

The ship is known to be capable of teleporting others within or outside the city at will, though the visitors require permission from the League of Heroes before entry. Furthermore, some of the members, especially Harvester, has teleporter remote device that allows him or others with him to enter the spaceship.

As literal moving city and spaceship combined, inside the visible globe around the city itself has artificial day and night cycles while Inside the city, there is 24 hours a day in every moment. The lighting system are self-contained, meaning it can change brightness, color temperature, spectrum, or any combination of them as well as give off light via colored spectra, so that no need for external lighting fixtures but using its own lights on a preset schedule or automatically depending on the resident's activity. An artificial sun generates sunlight from special carbon rods that have been treated with photonic crystals to capture and direct solar energy into electricity.

Industry & Trade

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The humanoid robots are mostly the ones performing labor and doing work while the residents of the utopian city live in peace. Indeed, most of the residents don't even need to contribute in society as they are well-fed and have full health care. They can live their life as if it is in a resort without having to work at all. There are couple of human and monster species that want to contribute in society because of either boredom or the desire to help their communities. Most of them just want to be noticed and get some attention while they live as rich people like everyone else but spend most of their time being lazy and enjoying the finer things in life.

The Bens in the city is one of the biggest industries is the Industry. This is a business that produces goods such as virtual headsets and cool entertainment devices, and also provides service to other businesses in the society. The biggest company that's part of this industry is called "L.B.D." or Last Best Discount. This is an incredible corporation that offers free stuff for residents while outsiders have to pay for reasonable price. Everything they make, they have it under guarantee because they offer a full lifetime warranty on all their products. People who buy L.B.D. products always get something great and never need to worry about not getting what they paid for. Because of the unique business model, L.B.D.'s factory has become famous across the city and outside of the spaceship, being visited by thousands of people every day.

While all stores and shops are free for residents of the spaceship, it is not free for outsiders or visiting tourists as they have to purchase things from L.B.D. They have several stores located all around the ship. It is said that there are over 30,000 types of items available in their store, and it's hard to find anything as the products offered include everything from food to electronic devices, a single trip could be enough to fill one person with all of their needs or desires. While there is no charge for the visitor because of the business model, they have to use their owned money to buy things.

The inhabitants of the utopian city are happy and content living their lives without having to work and are all considered citizens of the spaceship.

Spaceship Replicas

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A purple ball of living plasma with mysterious properties, these moving plasma spheres are replicas of the exterior spaceship and said to be the size of Earth's moon while having the capability of changing size . It is capable of moving at its own accord with no visible signs of being bound by gravity and have the speed to move faster than light at will. They are normally used for gathering resources and are considerably the first ones to interact sentient lifeforms for diplomacy.

These plasma spheres act as scouts for the VTS Elysium; as soon as they meet a sentient species, they speak through holographic telepathy and negotiate a treaty for the mutual both parties. While they may look harmless, they are said to be capable of defending itself when attacked as it turns into living black hole to swallow any entity that gets too close and send them to whatever dimension or place they desire, usually jail within the city or in a temporarily pocket dimension of nothingness until their aggression is gone.

Despite this, they have psychic link with the VTS Elysium and usually obeys the artificial intelligent or the creators of their master.

Spaceship Military

Within the spaceship lies humanoid robots created and produced by the brilliant Doctor Green. These humanoid machines act as soldiers and police of the flying city. In addition to this, there is four units of the humanoid robots with different specialization.

Unit Strike Force are lethal robot soldiers that are geared towards war or combat situations, wielding energy firearms and having various strategies such as guerilla warfare. Furthermore, this unit never misses their targets as they are able to acurratly calculate their enemies next move through observation. They are also sometimes be the police-force of the city, using non-lethal weapons to deal with crime or control riot and sometimes rescue operations.

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The second one, Unit Peacekeeper are non-lethal robots that specialize in diplomacy, human emotions, labor and healthcare. Funny enough, their total height is exactly the same size of dwarf.


Robot-3168152 1920.png

The third are Unit Fighters and specialized in gathering Intel and battling against psionic or thaumturgist as they have automatic aura of cutting their connection towards The Astral World from their mere presence alone. Despite this, they lack knowledge of using firearms and prefer fighting with melee. Their weapons are stated to be capable of cutting atoms apart and have incredible dodging skills due to having inherited modification through calculating the enemy's next move, and sensing danger.


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The last and fourth is Unit Swarm which are small-robotic mosquitos with programmed to sometimes assist in Unit Peacekeeper of controlling riots. They fly in swarms and instantly inject sedatives on the person to knock them out for few hours. They are mostly used for non-lethal situations but is sometimes are employed in combat or war situations, where they are literal moving bombs that when made impacted, they explode. The more members in their swarm, the higher and deadlier the explosion is.

Interesting enough, they are all sentient and strongly obeys the owners of the ship, specifically the artificial intelligence itself. Unit Strike Force are incredible tough due to having automatic force fields that redirects incoming vectors towards them and their lethal energy firearms can disintegrate anyone. Moreover, this lethal Unit are comprised with all knowledge of strategies in warfare, making them incredible deadly.

Furthermore, this man-made robots have sort of hive mind with the spaceship itself, giving them some level of possibly nigh-omniscience. This cause any sort of hacking breaches difficult due to how advanced and organized this hive mind are. There is total of million robots within the spaceship and Doctor Green with Schrodinger have announced that they can produce dozens more if they want to.

Legislative Body


The three main leaders like Rupert who are the responsible for most of the decision making about specific missions, new set of laws within the city, decisions and planning. These three powerful individuals are the top dogs of the team and earth's first and last defense against any sort of threats that tries to harm the peace. Though, when a decision has been made, the trio then turns on the rest of the members in voting for which candidate to pick in their next move of action. The most votes win in the end.

In addition to that, the league of heroes has their own base of operations above the city from prying eyes. It is only accessible to members of the league and is well-hidden to prevent discovery. Furthermore, the base itself resembles a castle building that appeared to came straight out of fairy tale or legend. Its exterior is made up of giant doors and windows that glow in a specific spectrum and look like a galaxy. The interior features a vast underground complex of several levels that house the most advanced technology and weapons available to the league.

Inside the beautiful castle has various, infinite rooms for different purposes. These includes a meeting room, a briefing hall, a conference area, a dining facility, a laboratory, a library, a storage room, a cafeteria and other places to discuss important matters with colleagues or to get information on a subject.

While there is infinite rooms, it has floor and ceiling in the entire base that is a three dimensional surface that are flat but curved. This was to provide a wider scope for events to take place in and reduce the occurrence of air currents in the base.

There is also a grand theater, a movie theater, a stage, and other facilities to invite and entertain guests and to hold talks, lectures and performances to educate and enlighten citizens on history and cultural aspects. On top of all these, the League has a training center where they train and instruct their own recruits, soldiers, police officers, scientists and other individuals who are interested in joining the league.

The Starkness Abyss

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The Starkness Abyss is a inter-dimensional realm that exist outside the space-time continuum. It can only be accessed through created device or portal within the the base of quarters or other places in the city such as police stations while Rupert can easily access it through opening a portal at will due to having an ability of traveling through other discovered dimensions and places. The Starkness Abyss is barren and absent of any physical material as only the sounds of wind, waves and the night sky is present. Moreover, when a person is transported into this realm, there is no way of going back as all of their superhuman powers are disabled and those that sent them there purposely are the only individuals capable of bringing them back.

The inter dimensional realm itself causes all of the occupants to be unable of hurting one another, feeling pain, unable to die, aging is non-existent and even the need to sleep or hunger isn't requirement to survive. It is due the fact that the imprisoned occupants within do not have a natural body but instead takes on the shape of their psychic phantasms of their true selves after entering. Though, when a person successful leaves the realm, all of their powers are back but the amount of staying within The Starkness Abyss caused the number of aging depending on how long they stay there to grow exponentially. So lets take a adult for example, he is only 34 humans years old and were imprisoned in the realm for 10 years, while in the realm he didn't experience any aging but once he got out, his immediately aged to 44 years.

It is commonly used by the globe and The League of heroes to imprison and contain dangerous entities that presents a threat to society or the world itself. The Starkness Void is incredibly effective for various countries as they don't have to waste their tax money on prisoners. Interestingly enough, imprisoned criminals in the realm has noticeable psychology effects on them as it gives them a sense of thinking about their evil actions due to the peaceful environment.

Even though the people who sent them in The Starkness Void are the only ones capable of freeing them, the realm has an automatic set of rule that once the person isn't evil anymore or not danger to society, the said person is automatically freed. However, this is seldomly enforced, as most of the criminal's psychological condition have already been changed due to the length of time spent inside. For instance, if someone is released after being imprisoned for 30 years, chances are that person will be completely not dangerous.

The main reason why most of the prisons use The Starkness Abyss to hold its criminals is due to the fact that it is impossible for any hero or authority, such as The League of Heroes or superheroes in general to contain inmates that is known to continuously let out of jail to commit another evil act while The Starkness Abyss itself is better than the standard jail as prison guards and other authority figures can't break into or beat anyone and any one could easily escape without detection. As well as this, there is no need for food or clothing nor does it need water as it doesn't exist within the realm.

While most prisons used this effective dimension, few superheroes, notable The Harvester refused to use this due to believing that the government should follow the old protocols of physical jails and moreover, Harvester is known to be control-freak over his city of New York.

Nonetheless, this realm is only authorized for criminals that have committed multiple crimes after being released from jail in the third time or containing very dangerous entities altogether.

Powers and Stats

Lore wise, the characters except Rupert only exist in the separate timeline.

Star Guardians are secret group of trio, funded by Rupert himself of individuals who are closed friends with but not desiring to join the league due wanting to be independent. Nonetheless, they will team up when the need arise.

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