Law Manipulation is the ability to control Laws, a system of rules imposed by a higher authority.

This power allows the user to control a specific law, while high-level users can rewrite, control, redefine and create almost any law they want, or even enforce their own laws upon reality.

Possible Uses

  • Reality Warping: Users of this ability may be able to control the laws of reality, and high-level users may be able to even negate the current laws and enforce their own upon reality.
  • Physics Manipulation: The user may be able to alter the fundamental laws of the universe.
  • Power Nullification: High-level users may be able to "prohibit" the use of certain power or abilities in a universe, rendering the users of said power powerless.
  • Causality Manipulation: By controlling the laws of cause and effect.


  • The User may be limited to control only a specific form of Law.


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