Name's Lance,nice to meet you.
~ Introducing himself
"Sighs" I afford not to care anymore.
~ Lance's reason of not trying
Thunder echoing across the cathedral,faded twilight floods the halls,silence fills the air, you feel the

sins weighing your heart.

~ Malicious Sorcerer feeling their doom approaching in his pocket dimension

Ha ha ha ha....alright then. If that is what you wanted,better prepare yourself cause i am going to make your life, A LIVING HELL!
~ Getting ready to fight


Lance is one of the supporting characters in Culminverse. He is former assistant of his father secret practice in witchcraft,mysticism and learning about the mechanics of the source dimension.

A lazy and laid back person,he and his brother Parker, along their sister moved to America,Las Vegas city for better life.

He and his brother are currently living in cheap apartment where they are trying to make living while also investigating supernatural disturbances with his brother.

Lance also acts as a researcher for his brother rather than going to fight with him.

He is currently working as librarian and paranormal investigator,were he research and learn about the supernatural disturbances that is causing problems to help his brother out.


Lance is lazy and laid back,often writing poems alone and taking naps as well going outside to take walks.His laziness is the apathy of unable to find any purpose in his life and lack of faith in people.

Though Lance avoids any conflict,he isn't true pacifist as he willingly to kill if he feels his life or the situation is dire.

He is quite agreeable as he tries to understand his opponent's motives before making any judgement or action.

Lance can be quite eerily at serious moments, he is also observant as he have knowledge in the human mind and can certainty tell what type of person they are by reading their body language.

When he is around people, he is usually friendly and likes to crack some jokes.Though, he holds a deep grudge towards humanity,believing that they are the cause of all the suffering in this world.

Lance also enjoys learning about paranormal things and loves to eat pizza. He also deeply cares for his brother Parker and loves to make sarcasm comments to mess with him.

Lance seemed to have incredible awareness around his surroundings as he is able to detect anyone who is sneaking up to him or react any incoming attack behind him.

Lance has a witchery background. As he was raised from his mother to learn the arts of magic,literature and mysticism.


Lance has the appearance of tall young man with a light skin tone. His body is slender and is somewhat skinny due to not eating a lot or exercise in that matter.He has dark hair and grayish mixed with peach and orange in eye color.

Lance wears alloy orange trench coat,black boots and peach pants.Underneath the trench coat, he wears a light peach turtle neck jacket.

When Lance get angered,his pupils disappear and visible veins will appear around his face to give intimidating look.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 10-B | 9-B With Hell storm | 7-C With Behemoth | Unknown In The Pocket Dimension

Powers And Abilities: Magic,Genius Intelligence,Teleportation and Limited Gravity Manipulation (Can instantly teleport and teleport others at will),Dimensional Storage,Sealing And Pocket Reality Manipulation (Has his own inner world where he can instantly teleport and store items there or create things that can be brought out to the physical realm via teleportation as well sending opponents to trap them into his pocket dimension),Portal Creation And Danmaku (Via Hell storm),Limited Telepathy And Summoning (Can only Communicate and command dragoon in telepathy form),Durability Negation,Non-Physical Interaction and Soul Manipulation (Magic ignores conventional durability as it targets the person's very soul and the physical body),Limited Telekinesis (Can control on how fast and where it can go via using Hell storm.),Explosion Manipulation And Energy Projection (Via Behemoth),Willpower Manipulation And Statistics Amplification (All sorcerers and golems are capable of reaching multiversal state from immense willpower and producing willpower increases their parameters.),Stealth Mastery (Is a master of hiding from the use of instant teleportation and utilizing his surroundings),Passive Instinctive Reaction (Will instinctively dodge and be alerted from incoming attacks, from his intuition),Invisibility And Astral Projection (Via leaving his physical body through meditation),Existence Erasure (Via Infinite Grip),Pseudo-flight (Use of successive teleportation),BFR (Can teleport his opponents out of orbit),Limited Creation (Can only create things inside the pocket dimension),Status Effect Inducement and Limited Time Manipulation (Time Prison,Can trap them in time stop to the intended target or group.),Limited Enhanced Senses (Is always in alert around his surroundings.),Resistance to Mind Manipulation and Possession (Can both defend possession and psychic attacks from use of willpower),Resistance to Fear Manipulation and Aura (Wasn't affected by the mere presence of Ruby's demonic nature)

Attack Potency: Human level | Wall level with Hell storm (Ignores conventional durability via attacking the soul)  | Town Level with Dragoon (Energy Projection level varies for Lance's intentions. The limit is Energy Projecting explosion equivalent to a nuclear bomb that have the blast to destroy town)  | Unknown In The Pocket Dimension

Speed: Normal Human (Walking and running) | Supersonic+ reactions and teleportation speed (Can react other source entities that are fast enough to move above the speed of sound and use of teleportation allowed him to catch up with the dodging.) | Speed of Light attack with behemoth (Behemoth's range attack produces a light beam from their mouth that is equivalent of the speed in electromagnetic radiation) | Unknown In The Pocket Dimension

Lifting Strength: Regular Human  | Unknown In The Pocket Dimension

Striking Strength: Regular Human Class  | Unknown In The Pocket Dimension

Durability: Human Level  | Unknown In The Pocket Dimension

Stamina: Above Average (Capable of fighting for a few hours but will then begin to show signs of exhaustion)  | Unknown In The Pocket Dimension

Range: Tens of Meters with the use of danmaku and behemoth | Teleportation And Telekinesis (Universal Level) | Infinite Shatter (Universal Level)  | Unknown In The Pocket Dimension

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Genius (Has studied his whole life in learning about magic and reading literature that include the contents of mathematics,history,witchcraft,psychology and etc)

Weaknesses: Normal Human Weakness.Will rather talk his way out when confronted in a conflict and will instantly leave when fighting occurs. Won't use the full extent of his powers due to his apathy and semi-pacifist nature .Performing his time & dimensional ritual will take at least day to finish. Will only truly fight if his enemy is a threat to the world or the whole existence.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Judgement Day: A endless cathedral hallway in the pocket dimension of Lance. This is the place where he bring very dangerous or world threatening enemies to confront them by transporting them via instant teleportation, if the ritual did not work on those world threatening/dangerous opponents. They also will be vulnerable to the use of reality bending.
Gothic Cathedral by JeSSanchez
  • Teleportation: Lance's main defense against fighting opponents, he is capable of instantly teleporting any distance,whether it's far away place or far away planet as long he knows where the area or coordinates is as well teleporting opponents into space if he so desire. He also have the ability to quickly push opponents from teleporting them in different directions with fast pattern.
  • Hell storm: Produces portals behind him or any spot he desires, in the surroundings of his vicinity. When the portals are opened, any sort of weapon and thing that he imagines, comes out as either projectile or minion/object, notably his preference use of glowing shaped orange ice spikes to throw at his enemies from safe distance.
  • Behmoth: 20 foot (6 meter) long,these frighting beasts is the strongest weapon in his arsenal. A monster that can rip any human to pieces and has the physical strength and durability of man-made tank.Used for shielding and attacking. Has a range attack that produces a laser beam from their mouth and can change the blast radius from their explosion by the will of their creator.
  • Silent Eruption: One of Lance's exploiting attacks. He silently conjure a sigil under his opponent's feet,will then instantly produce glowing orange spikes for impalement.
  • Infinite Grip: Used for dire situations and last resort.By focusing his target or any amount of them, no matter where they are as long they are in the main universe and knows what he/she or they look like,he can erase them from the plane of existence,in a thought or flick of wrist.
Inftinti Grip
  • Time Prison: His last attack if the opponent survived infinite grip,instantly distort time around his target or group,restraining their movement complete until Lance succumbs to exhaustion.
Time Prison
  • Sealing: If Lance have brought the opponent into his pocket dimension and Lance somehow died from his opponent. The opponent is unable to leave his realm if he has some sort of teleportation to leave the place. Although he can transport his opponents into his pocket dimension if he desire so via teleportation.

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