Well..I'm sorry about what happened to you, I..can't do anything. But I swear if anything you won't die today, won't get anyone else killed. Just trust us, we can't just let you die. Don't you want to get out of here too and live?"
~ Lala to Claire


«Lala» (ララ) is a character in the Sword Art Online: Reincarnation Tabletop game. She is one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in «Sword Art Online», as well as one of the lucky 1,000 players in the Sword Art Online beta test that lasted for a month. She currently acts as a Clearer/Swordswoman inside of the game.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good

Name: Lala. Her real name is unknown.

Origin: Sword Art Online: Reincarnation Tabletop

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Classification: Human, Clearer (In SAO)

Date of Birth: Feburary 22nd, 2007

  • Zodiac/Horoscope: Pisces

Birthplace: Japan

Weight: 55kg

Height: 5'5

Eye Color: Light Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Martial Status: Single

Status: Alive

Affiliation: N/A

Previous Affiliation: N/A

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-C | 9-B

Powers and Abilities:

Peak Human Physical Characteristics, Has some swordsmanship knowledge (Created the Lazy Style before abandoning it, fought in the SAO Beta Test for a month, getting accustomed to three different types of weapons and fighting other players and monsters, but never got into an actual life or death fight until SAO), Regeneration (Low-Mid over time (All VR Avatars can regenerate entire limbs within 2-3 minutes)), Analytical Prediction (via Lazy style), Statistics Amplification (Sword Skills amplify the user's speed and power, with the downside of having a post-motion stun for a brief period of time afterwards. All attacks also have either a low chance of critically hitting the opponent or hitting a weak point to critically hit them, dealing even more damage. The two forms of critical hits can stack), Statistics Reduction (via continuous powerful attacks, such as multi-hit Sword Skills or various critical hits. Slows down the enemy's movement speed), Status Effect Inducement (via Sword Skills. If one can directly land a Sword Skill on an opponent towards a vital point such as the head, the opponent will be stunned for upwards of 10 seconds), Healing (Accelerating recovery via Recovery Potions over a period of 5 minutes), Status Effect Inducement Nullification (via Antidote Potions. Only works against debuffs on Lala's power or below), Immortality (Type 2), Hypermobility (VR Avatars do not have muscles and insides like real people do. Thus, they are able to do impossible motions that people in real life would not be able to do), Limited Reality Warping (via Proto-Incarnation. In times of extreme brain activity reaching to one's Fluctlight, or soul, the user can temporarily enact change on the world to an extent via their willpower or imagination. Usually, it has been displayed to enact improbable feats, such as delaying death, breaking out of system paralysis, bypassing system-enacted rules, and more that can be described as "surpassing the system"), Resistance to Pain (All virtual reality avatars have a pain absorber, which lessens the amount of pain one feels to negligible amounts, even with injuries such as decapitation)

Same as previous but to a greater extent, with the addition of Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled Swordswoman, Poison Manipulation (Via Level 1 Poison Splash Potions), and Statistics Amplification (Via «Ancient Rune of the Alliance: Wave». Shortens Post-Motion and Cooldown time of Sword Skills and increases the amount of damage dealt after every consecutive hit within 5 seconds by +20%)

Attack Potency: Street level (Able to fight evenly with Frenzy Boars and Dire Wolves. Both Frenzy Boars and Dire Wolves should be comparable to real Wild Boars and Gray Wolves/Dire Wolves. Also able to fight Nepents, with Incarnation, she is able to one-shot monsters higher level than Dire Wolves and stun a whole side of Nepents with one Sword Skill) | Wall level (Greatly stronger than before, should be comparable to Gergy, who held up a collapsing mineshaft. Additionally she has an Anneal Blade, with a well-placed Sword Skill she is able to one-shot most monsters with ease)

Speed: Peak Human travel speed (SAO Avatars, even at level 1, are superior to normal humans) | At least Peak Human travel speed (Should be much faster than before) Superhuman travel speed in bursts and combat speed (Has 13 AGI along with a level 37 Sprint)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human (SAO Avatars, even at level 1, are superior to normal humans) | Class 25 (Stronger than before. Lala focuses both on the STR and DEX stats, and should be comparable to Gergy, who held up a collapsing mineshaft)

Striking Strength: Street Class | Wall Class

Durability: Street level (Comparable to Klein, who's able to take a hit to the genitals by a Frenzy Boar charging at full speed) | Wall level (Greatly stronger than before.)

Stamina: Infinite physically (Virtual Reality Avatars can never get physically tired; limited only to the mental power of the person themselves), Superhuman mentally (Able to run across a majority of floor 1 while holding Chisa without rest, Additionally fighting for 7+ hours straight to level up her sword skill)

Range: Standard melee range when unarmed, extended melee range with a sword |Same as before, Several meters with Sonic Leap

Standard Equipment:

  • Anneal Blade (Aneally): A family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. A true adventurer’s sword.
    • Type: One-Handed Straight Sword
  • Spring Steel Light Metal Armor: Armor bought at the shop
    • Type: Light Metal Armor
  • Blue Basic Cloak: A generic cloak that can be bought on floor 1
    • Type: Cloak
  • Level 1 Poison Splash Potions: A health potion that can be found or bought on various beginning floors.
    • Type: Splash Potion
  • Leather Coat: A jacket that’s been sitting in the shop for far too long.
    • Type: Coat
  • «Ancient Rune of the Alliance: Wave»: An ancient rune once created by a Yunier wizard lost to time. Its purpose is unknown. "I give this to you, Alliance of the Nine, for if this war destroys the world, there shall be hope in salvation." Shortens Post-Motion and Cooldown time of Sword Skills and increases the amount of damage dealt after every consecutive hit within 5 seconds by +20%.
    • Type: Misc

Intelligence: Lala is average academically, however when it comes to most things she is able to understand more than others. She spent most of her time on the internet and games, which gives her a rather mature mindset. She was even able to form and modify her own fighting style. She tends to overthink everything, which most of the times fails her but with this thinking she was able to solve dungeon puzzles. While still being a beginner, she is still a competent fighter.


  • Sword Skills have a slight post-motion stun at the end of them in exchange for increased power.
  • Because of Incarnation's passive nature based on the imagination and willpower of the individual, at worst, if the user thinks a situation is hopeless or impossible to succeed, Incarnation will instead have a negative effect and make that situation true.
  • Lala tends to overthink everything, which holds her back most in most situations.
  • She is an extremely lazy and forgetful person

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

All VR Avatars

Incarnation: A secret skill passed down by Integrity Knights since ancient times, and one of the most important concepts in the Sword Art Online franchise. Incarnation refers to the ability to change the state of the world through pure willpower and imagination. For residents of the Underworld, it is a constant passive that dictates whether they succeed or fail in anything. The more confident one is in their abilities and the more of a positive reputation they have, the more the world shall bend in their favor. It is the power which Sacred Arts derive from. Its effects are versatile, as the power has been used to wield invisible blades, create swords from the user's blood, transmute objects, increase the chances of an event happening, and much more. However, the power of an Incarnation ability can be matched by another Incarnation ability, and the use of Incarnation is mentally exhausting, requiring a lot of concentration and energy to perform. If the user is in a state where their will is not strong enough, they become unable to use Incarnation. There are a limited amount of people who can use Incarnation to its full potential, and much practice and experience are needed to be able to use it. This ability is most prominent in the Underworld, as this ability is one of that world's core mechanics. However this ability has also been shown multiple times throughout the series before the Alicization arc.

Outside System Skills

Outside System Skills (OuSS): An ability, usually referred to as a skill, that either involves unconventional use of system-controlled skills, the exploitation of loopholes in the system, or the use of the player's human abilities to enhance their gameplay. Although such abilities are referred to as "skills", none are regulated by the system, though some involve making use of system skills in ways that were not intended by the developers of the game. These skills are developed through a player's capability in game and are acquired through experience and practice put in by the player themselves throughout playing time.

  • Switch - A technique where two players switch positions in-between an enemy's attack to recover Hit Points, chain attacks together without worrying about a post-motion delay, and/or burden the learning abilities of enemies AIs.
  • Sword Skill Boost - By letting the system take control of their body and help it instead of resisting it, the user can put their entire weight into the Sword Skill motion to make it stronger.
  • Lazy Style - Originally a fighting style she learned, modified. and abandoned 2 years ago due to being lazy, which is why it's still in development/practice. The style is one to predict with great precision, read ahead, analyze, and dodge/counterattack to match more skilled or stronger opponents, increasing reaction speed and precision. During training she modified it to fit her taste, a surprise aspect by adding laziness to the style which is why she dubbed it “Lazy is Skill”. It can even be used outside of combat, modifying it to fit her thinking and etc, making it not just a fighting style


Skills: Abilities that a player can use in-game. In Sword Art Online, Skills are essentially passives from any other game. They can be leveled up to increase their effects, as well as unlock mods and new abilities. Skill levels are independent of player levels. A skill's level is increased via usage of the skill.

  • One-Handed Straight Sword:
    • Known Mods:
  • Sprint:
    • Known Mods:
  • Cooking:
    • Known Mods:

Sword Skills

Sword Skills (SS): A series of movements that allows the user to attack much faster than they normally could, but the movements required to perform the Sword Skill are fixed and cannot be canceled by the user after they begin performing it. They are essentially Sword Art Online's actives from any other game. The user will also be left in a short aftercast delay when the Sword Skill is finished. Contrary to their name, Sword Skills do not have to be used with a sword.

  • Horizontal
    • Description: «Horizontal» consists of a single horizontal slash that is carried out by first focusing the weight of the body on the right foot before moving the sword back slightly, then lifting one's left foot due to the inertial weight of the sword and shifting the weight to the left side of the body, thus converting the strength in the swinging motion inside the legs and waist from the hands to the tip of the waist into power for the sword swing
    • Number of Hits: 1
  • Slant
    • Description: «Slant» consists of a single sharp forty-five degree diagonal slash. The only thing that Slant differs from other 1-hit skills like Vertical or Horizontal is that Slant has a slanted trajectory and it can attack in two directions: either from top-right to bottom-left or bottom-left to top-right, the latter being the same stance as drawing a sword from the waist, thus greatly decreasing the time required to activate the skill.
    • Number of Hits: 1
  • Vertical
    • Description: «Vertical» consists of a single slash from top to bottom. Although it is a beginner skill, it is much more powerful than a simple, non-system assisted, vertical swing with a sword
    • Number of Hits: 1
  • Two-Handed Block
    • Description: A defense-type technique that simply redirects an attack’s blows towards the weapon itself rather than the user.
    • Number of Hits: 0
  • Uppercut
    • Description: A slash upwards that consists of a bottom to top vertical slash. On-hit, the enemy will be sent into the air, depending on their heaviness. Uppercut’s pre-motion has the user positioning their blade to their left hip, as if they’re about to unsheathe their sword. Uppercut’s post-motion has the user holding their sword in the air at their right.
    • Number of Hits: 1
  • Sonic Leap
    • Description: A one-handed sword dash-type technique that consists of a single top to bottom vertical slash. Sonic Leap can be aimed towards the sky. Sonic Leap’s pre-motion has the user lowering their stance and raising their sword atop their shoulder. Sonic Leap’s post-motion has the user holding their sword down to their groin region.
    • Number of Hits: 1

Key: Floor 1 (The First Day) | Floor 1 (Post-The First Day)


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