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This profile contains spoilers for the RP Reincarnation Wars. Proceed with caution.


Since I... lost Kuro, I'd been trying to follow in his footsteps in the hopes that maybe I could preserve his role, by doing things he would do. No, even before that I hardly made my own decisions, simply following the orders of my master above all else. I've decided that if I want to become stronger, enough to not lose anyone else, I have to follow a path of my own making. I want to take this test alongside you all to prove that I can.
~ Kura to Silas during the trial of Strength


Kura is a major character from Reincarnation Wars, and is part of the maid/butler duo (alongside Kuro) tasked by The Emissary with guiding the party through their quest of collecting their past souls, with the ultimate goal of defeating The Supreme Darkness. When both Kuro and The Emissary were taken by Chaos, Kura was left as the sole remaining guide of the group throughout the difficult times that followed.


This backstory contains some MAJOR plot spoilers that have still yet to be revealed in the RP. Players should proceed with extreme caution.
In order to perpetuate his war against The Supreme Darkness, The Emissary created five unique souls by collapsing and condensing one of five separate multiverses each into the individual beings he would mold into his warriors. These five beings were Kuro, Kura, Shiro, Shira, and Guré. The five siblings grew, fought, and trained together. They were the ultimate soldiers, safeguarding reality from The Supreme Darkness for a countless number of centuries. Despite their eternal war, the indescribable burden they all shared, they were an inseparable family... Or so they all believed.

Kura was always content with her role as a soldier to the Emissary. She followed her orders unquestionably. Performed tasks flawlessly to the letter. Even among all her peers, she was known as the perfect soldier. Even in terms of fighting prowess, she excelled above the rest, being second only to Guré. Her incredible tactical expertise on the field, coupled with her ability to stay perfectly cool under pressure naturally resulted in her often taking the unofficial role of commander during group bouts. While she was seen by many as "the perfect soldier", Kura fell short when it came to things outside of the battlefield, particularly with things like social interactions. Still, she didn't mind this. To her, the only friends she needed were the other four attendants. With this alone, she was more than happy.

Even so, despite all her skill, all of her hard work, talent, and effort, Kura could never stand up to Guré. She was jealous of that fact. She envied his strength, though she couldn't hate him. She admired him just like the rest. Guré was the de facto leader. The strongest. Kura never admitted it out loud, but to her, Guré was the ideal that they should all strive to be. So she pushed herself harder, and became stronger in the hopes of surpassing him. Her envy, along with her admiration for Guré fueled her. She pushed herself even further, closer to the ideal she knew she couldn't grasp. He was the one mountain she knew she'd never climb, and yet, she was thankful.

However, things for the five eventually took a turn for the worse. While purging the Darkness from a pivotal universe, the group was caught by surprise when they were ambushed by an absurdly powerful Major Darkness. They were forcibly pushed back, and needed to escape. Guré suffered a blow while protecting the rest, allowing the others to escape as he was defeated. Unable to sense his presence after the fact, they believed him to be dead. When his signal was discovered several months later, Kura and the others were elated to have their leader back. None of them ever could have imagined that the person they were so blissfully welcoming back was no longer the Guré they once knew and loved.

Guré had changed. His time suffering alone inside of the corrupted and dying universe had warped his views of existence. He no longer saw The Emissary's goal as just. Over the next several millennia, Guré plotted alone and in secret, making preparations so that he could one day shatter The Emissary, and pave the way for the ultimate reign of The Supreme Darkness.

When Guré felt the time was right, he told the others of his scheme. He told them that The Emissary was wrong, that he was siding with The Supreme Darkness, and asked the others to join him. He explained everything. What he'd been plotting for the last few millennia, the steps he'd put in place, and everything that happened to him when they thought he'd died all those centuries ago. How he was amazed by what he saw alone in a desolate corrupted universe as everything died around him; Unity. "In the darkness, every being worked together. There was no crime, no fighting, no corruption! Just. Perfect. Unity." Kura was furious. All this time, everyone looked up to him as their ideal leader. She admired him. Respected him. This was far too ridiculous to be a joke, and everyone could see plainly that it wasn't. Kura's un-climbable mountain crumbled before her that night.

They fought. That night, all of them fought together for the last time. Guré fought for his ideals. The others may have fought to stop him, for duty, or to bring him back, it didn't matter. Kura fought to punish him for destroying her mountain. In the end, what resulted from this was the worst possible outcome. Kuro was unconcious, but Kura saw everything that happened plainly. Guré brutally and mercilessly slaughtered both Shiro and Shira in front of her. He made sure to prolong every little bit of their agony while Kura watched. He wanted to break her. So he did. With no one else left to stop him, Guré finally left to join the side of the Darkness, shattering The Emisarry into shards in the process. Now an agent of both the dark and light, he had taken on the name of Chaos.

What Kura holds for Chaos can't be equated as something as simple as a grudge. Pure. Unbridled. Hatred. That's nothing more than the simplest form of measurement that can be used to describe it.

In the centuries followed. Kura and Kuro followed their master's contingency plan for such a situation where he had been taken out of commission. There was always hope. A final line of defense. Strange beings with the ability to inheret the power and abilities of past souls. They were a mystery whose origins even The Emissary was unaware of. Kura and Kuro began their search that ultimately brought together The Party. A new war was beginning.


Outside of being "a maid", Kura's appearance was left intentionally ambiguous in order for the reader to easily fill in the details for themselves. (The picture above is simply the GM's own interpretation of her appearance and not intended to be the end-all decisive look for the character.) Silas would later go on to refer to her as a "bluenette", implying that she at the very least has blueish hair.


At first glance, Kura has a calm, quiet, and calculating demeanor. While polite and taking every opportunity to help the party, she can also often be callous and blunt at times, showing that in truth, she has quite the vindictive side. On occasion, when she's riled up or in the midst of combat, the facade of a "polite maid" may fall apart to reveal a Kura with violent impulses that relishes in the fight with sadistic zeal- (or possibly she just so happened to get really pissed off).

After being separated from Kuro and The Emissary, Kura went into a deep depression until she eventually learned to open up to the party, even taking a liking to some of them. Still retaining a bit of a tsundere side, Kura fights with the others as equals, continuing to improve herself alongside the party.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Lawful Neutral, later became Neutral Good

Name: Kura

Origin: Reincarnation Wars

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, would have been created by The Emissary early on in his fight against The Supreme Darkness and is thus likely at least billions of years old. Stopped aging around her 20s to early 30s.

Classification: Maid, Emissary's Attendant

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Created from a foreign universe by The Emissary

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Likes: Kuro, Silas, Genesis, Blane, Jake, The Stranger

Dislikes: Chaos, The Supreme Darkness, People who do stupid things or don't listen

Eye Color: Unknown

Hair Color: Blueish

Hobbies: Maid work, Training, Drinking

Martial Status: Single

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Kuro, The Party

Combat Statitics

Tier: 3-A

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Martial Arts, Enhanced Senses, Flawless baton and sword mastery, Vehicular Mastery, Stealth Mastery (The Emissary and his attendants were able to hide their presence as well as the location of their HQ from Chaos and The Supreme Darkness for several millennia), Flight, Self-Sustenance (Type 1 and 3), Immortality (Type 1, 3, and 8; Can only be permanently killed by a being of equal or greater powerful to The Emissary), Regeneration (Mid-Godly; will regenerate so long as her concept is not destroyed), Acausality (Types 2 and 4), Light Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Aura (Is able to manipulate her aura for a variety of purposes, such as in energy attacks, healing, or applying it to others to grant them Resistance to the Darkness' effects), Statistics Amplification, Purification and Healing with aura, Soul Manipulation (Her aura works on a spiritual level. Capable of capturing multiple souls inside of a device for storage), Extrasensory Perception (Can see and sense invisible and even nonexistent beings, souls, as well as the levels of Darkness in a particular multiverse. Can also inherently locate all of the above), Non-Physical Interaction (Capable of harming and affecting souls and nonexistent entities), Dimensional Portal Creation (Can create doors between separate and usually isolated multiverses, allowing the party to travel between them), Telekinesis, Matter Manipulation and Transmutation (Transformed dirt into a flying platform before changing it again into sand. Restructured the layout of Torchlight's guest room into a training area, and reduced an enemy to quarks with one of her attacks), Spatial Manipulation (Created a room that was larger inside than on the outside. Can create infinite spaces as well as reduce the distance between things to zero), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1; Has a fair amount of control over her own concept, and can apply it to other things. Can attack on a conceptual level), Technology Manipulation, Resistance to Causality Manipulation, Durability Negation (Ignored the effects of Gungnir), Explosion Manipulation (Unaffected by Killer Queen's abilities), Existence Erasure, Probability Manipulation, Absolute Zero, Mind Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Corruption, Morality Manipulation, Possession, Madness Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Absorption and Reality Warping (Is virtually immune to The Supreme Darkness's corruption and is capable of surviving inside of it for extended periods of time with no adverse effects), Power Mimicry and Duplication (Is a being of absolute uniqueness and thus unable to be replicated), Space-Time Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Law Manipulation and Fate Manipulation (Is unbound by fate or the laws of any particular multiverse), Likely also resistant to all of the party's abilities prior to unlocking their potential.

Attack Potency: Universe level (Far beyond the party prior to unlocking their potential, and is still at least comparable to the likes of Silas, Ilia or Azencard)

Speed: At least Massively FTL+, possibly Infinite (Faster than anybody in the party prior to their potential being unlocked, and could still keep up with them afterwards. This possibly includes the likes of Titania, who had access to Sun Wukong's Flying Cloud, which neither Kuro nor Kura were phased by)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Universal

Durability: Universe level (Is at least comparable to the stronger members of the party and can trade blows with Kuro)

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Likely at least Multiversal+

Standard Equipment: Her baton. The party's home base turned spaceship.

Intelligence: Supergenius. Carries the combined knowledge of an infinite multiverse of minds. As an experienced master tactician, Kura was capable of leading the group unflinchingly against the Darkness, even immediately after seeing Kuro taken by Chaos right in front of her. She is capable of working with The Emissary's extra-dimensional devices, and can casually reconfigure foreign technology to be incorporated with it. Was immediately familiar with the workings of the tournament world's tech despite seeing it for the first time.

Weaknesses: Is occasionally prone to losing her cool, especially in matters relating to Chaos.


  • Caught Odin's spear, Gungnir, like it was nothing.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Baton Mastery: Kura fights using a one handed baton, which she can channel her aura through. Its shape and weight allow for her to make extremely fast, extremely precise strikes. The baton is a master work far surpassing a sword that can cleanly slice through atoms.

Unknown Sword Style: Kura has knowledge of the unknown sword art used by the training bot and later Blane. When using this style, the user is able to create numerous "phantom slashes", which replicate the movements the user could have made in that moment, and makes them a reality. In doing so, the user is able to attack several times at once, parry, block, or deflect the enemy's attack, cover all of the opponent's exit routes and more, simultaneously. Kura has no known limit on the number of slashes she can produce.

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