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Kitty Pride is an RPG that tells the story of Gatto, a cat whose feelings have escaped and who must travel through a world created in her effigy to recover them by fighting them one by one. At the same time we also follow the story of Magus the rabbit, who is looking for the wolf that killed his son.

For more informations about the concepts and the formulas to calculates the joules, the speed and the lifting strength, there is a blog post about it.

Power of the Verse

Most characters Tier 10 ~ 8
Playable characters

at their maximum stats.

Most powerfuls characters.

Tier 7

Nermal being the only character that reach tier 5 with Pluto's power.


Notable fights

Winner Loser Note
Gatto Fighter (9-C)
Drake & Gatto Wolf (9-C) Gatto is optional in this battle.
Living statue (9-C) Gatto
Gatto & Drake Living statue (9-C)
Gatto & Drake Enemies of the nostalgia's part (9-C to 9-B) In any order, without the fighter, the wolf and the living statue
The Nostalgia (8-B) Gatto & Drake This is an optional fight
Gatto & Drake The nostalgia's minor feelings (9-C to 9-B) In any order
Gatto & Drake False nostalgia (9-B)
Nermal (8-A) The Nostalgia (8-B) This is an optional fight





Characters' top power

High 5-A: Dwarf Star level

High 7-A: Large Mountain level

Low 7-C: Small Town level

8-A: Multi-City Block level

8-B: City Block level

High 8-C: Large Building level

9-A: Small Building level

9-B: Wall level

9-C: Street level