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In the name of our king,we charge men!

King Arthur,the founder of the kingdom.

Welcome to our humble abode traveler,it's great to see reasonable person who walks in this what you need newcomer?
~ Traveler interacting the gate city's guard

Kingdom Theme

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Battle Theme


Kingdom of Lustrous is one of the dominating country in the ancestral plane. They have strong military with thriving commerce and leading political force. Previously founded and conquered by King Arthur, they are rather peaceful nation,seeking alliance than invading others. Though they will aggressively defend and make war to achieve everlasting peace.


Due to the diversity in the kingdom, they are a lot of beliefs and religions being that due to the numerous integrated races within it's domain. It has however have their own beliefs as well, notably their king being the symbol patron in their great nation.

Churches of the first king are scattered across each settlements,paying the respect and worshiping the first emperor who establish the kingdom. After his death,the churches are established of the first king and to uphold his ideals as well worship him.

  1. Uphold the laws and be amiable.
  2. Be strong and bold against your enemies.
  3. Be fair and equal to everyone.
  4. Defend the weak and elderly.
  5. Bring justice to the guilty.


The armed force of the kingdom are the Paladin and trooper units. The Paladin and trooper are considered to be one of the most disciplined and effective forces in Amriel. They consist of wide selection of roles they are tasked with, from upholding the law of the Kingdom ,protecting their citizens and aggressively wage wars those who dare attack against their domain.The nation's soldiers are valiant and fearless, willingly to foolhardy charge against the empire's enemies in the battlefield rather than evacuating their critical situation.

Paladin and troopers patrols the roads around controlled Paladin's provinces as well defending travelers and settlements from any threats. Their strongest units are the sorcerers of their empire.

They are considerably to be one of the most dangerous beings to be faced upon in the battlefield. Having diverse powers and abilities from drawing the source,they have a lot of reality abilities that can instantly change the tide of battlefield but their kind is rare and are rigorously trained to defend both their mind and soul, or else they will be possessed by malevolent entity from the source due to lacking willpower to defend their very being.

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least 9-B up to 8-C with Paladin and trooper, 7-B up to High 4-C with vehicles and spaceships as well magic, 3-A magic and reality warping with Seraphim, 2-B potentially with immense willpower of sorcerers | High 1-B Merge between two worlds

Civilization Tier: Interstellar Civilization

Name:  Kingdom of Lustrous

Origin: Culminverse

Classification: Lustrous

Kardashev Level: Type II

Age: Unknown

Population: Around billions

Territory:  Ruling over the northern land,consisting of diverse geographical features.

Technology and Abilities: Magic and Reality Warping (Sorcerers comes with diverse powers that are based upon their personality and traits,some are capable of enchanting equipment to produce varied magical effects from either the use of rituals or their magic.),Danmaku,Summoning,Portal Creation,Dimensional Travel and Limited Creation (Sorcerers who are capable of opening portals,capable of producing portals behind their opponent at them or any spot they desire, in the surroundings of their vicinity. When the portals are opened, any sort of weapon and thing that he imagines, comes out as either projectile or minion/object,some are capable of traveling to other dimensions.),Teleportation and BFR (Sorceres and paladins have either magical equipment or magical powers that allows them to instantly teleport into any distance from either their at will or creation of portals,as well able to send their opponent or groups of people into any location,including transporting their opponents into their pocket dimension.),Pocket Reality Manipulation (Sorcerers who are able to open portals,have an inner world they can modify and change.),Durability Negation and Soul Manipulation (Magic effects both the soul and the physically,some sorceress are able to manipulate souls at will and some even can destroy it with just flick of wrist.),Telekinesis (Varied depending on the sorcerer,few who are skilled at this can move and crush planets with their mind or gesture of hand.),Blessed (Some paladins are equipped with varies magical equipment that can do many things similar to sorcerer use of their magic.),Astral Projection (Skilled spiritual people are able to project out of their souls at will.),Power Nullification (Some sorcerers can completely nullify powers.),Adaptation (With technology,they can invent machines and technology that are able to adapt to any type of environment.),Healing and Regeneration (Low-Godly,their technology can heal and repair any lost limb or organ. Some sorcerers can regenerate from their very soul or mind.),Mind Manipulation (Some sorcerers are able to control the minds of others from just look at them and even completely control their mind as well killing their brain.),Clairvoyance and Precognition (Some sorcerers can gain insight of the upcoming future from accessing the source.),Aura and Empathic Manipulation (Some sorcerers developed aura based upon their karma as well other factors that affects nearby living beings and some have the ability to manipulate people's emotions.),Matter Manipulation (They have weaponry and technology that can control matter as well some sorcerers are able to manipulate matter at any level.),Cyborgization (Some soldiers have some parts of their body replaced with technology to increase physical characteristics.),Probability Manipulation and Law Manipulation (Some sorcerers are capable of changing the laws as well altering probability in their main universe.),Acausality (Type 1,some sorcerers are oddly immune to time paradox.),Causality Manipulation and Space-Time Manipulation (Some sorcerers are able to completely alter the cause and effect in their universe as well modifying space-time at will.),Conceptual Manipulation (Some sorcerers have the ability to destroy and outright change concepts within their universe.),Weapon Mastery (The kingdom's soldiers are trained within array of melee and range weaponry.) | Same as before but all of the listed powers above are able to affect multiversal scale when a sorcerer reach immense levels of willpower plus randomize additional new powers and resistances. When sorcerers reach this level of power,they are able to merge the immaterial realm to engulf the physical realm,resulting the source gods to enter into the physical realm and fully control it.

Attack Potency: Wall level | High star level (Their technology and weaponry varied.)

Speed: Varied due to diverse magic and vehicles, at most Supersonic+ (Is comparable to source entitles that are capable of moving above the speed of sound.),FTL with spaceships.

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: At least street level,higher with diverse magic use and technology

Durability: At least street level,higher with diverse magic use and technology

Power Source: They utilize from getting materials and minerals around the world as well gathering energy from the stars with their use of spaceships.

Industrial Capacity: High, is nearly in par with the Thruakosh Council's technology,has build spaceships that can fly faster than light and is capable of producing wormholes from their spaceships alone to travel in other alternative dimensions or universes.

Military Prowess: Extremely varied but powerful nonetheless. Varied units such as the Paladins are the main fighting force of the kingdom and equipped with diverse magical enchanted gear and weaponry  that produce reality bending affects. The most powerful is their sorcerers,capable of warping reality in universe scale with their magic alone and traveling to other alternative dimensions from producing portals.

Notable Individuals: Flystar The Hero and Ragnark The Wise

Weaknesses: Gadgets and machines rarely malfunction and most members within the kingdom have normal human weakness. Most magic/power type only works in their main universe therefore they have to travel into another universe if they want to put their power in use.

Notable Units

Lustrou's Army: The main militaristic force of their kingdom,numbering thousands and consist of hundreds if not more in spaceships and vehicles within their faction. Each unit have their roles within the military.

Paladin: The main infantry,they are the perhaps most common forces to be approached in the battlefield and in patrols. They are the guards within the settlements in the kingdom and acts as melee combatants.



Trooper: Along side with the paladins,they are also one of the most common forces to be approached during in battlefield and patrolling the roads. They act guards like the paladin but they instead use firearms. Sometimes they carry melee weapon when forced to engaged in close quarters combat, despite having no formal training of it.



Nightstalker: Mastery of stealth and assassination,they are trained soldiers used for scouting,assassinating and gathering information from their targets. These unit are also sometimes act as a cleaner for rogue sorcerers,equipped with anti-magic equipment to disable the sorcerers magic.


Nightstalker,mastery of stealth and wielding anti-magic equipment.

Magus: The most dangerous and rarest to be encountered within the kingdom. They serve as scholars and advisors for the empire as well sometimes being employed in war. These beings wield and draw magic from the source, a extra dimensional realm that is purely made of magic energy that flows across each universes,they are able to manipulate the very fabric of reality with their mind. Though some varied depending on their power set from their personality and traits,they are however still powerful due to their powers capable of affecting reality in different ways.


Sorcerers or normally called Magus, of their class name. They mostly wear blue robes and sometimes wizardry hats as well their staves to signify their role. All sorcerers equip with small firearm or melee weapon around the waist for backup weapon.

Celestial: The strongest and most powerful soldiers to be employed in the battlefield, the kingdom has to offer. These men and women wear the most strongest materials armory and weaponry in the empire. They are veteran paladins, rewarded with blessed equipment to deal with very dangerous threats.


The Celestials,veteran soldiers who are enlisted into this rank are gifted with magical equipment and considerably the most powerful soldiers it has to offer.

Techno: They are one of the supporting roles in the kingdom. They deal with machinery and anything technical. While not really part in the front lines,they are capable of fighting with their gadgets and sometimes are called in the battlefield to assist technical difficulties with their machines.


Techno or tech goons are the engineers in the kingdom.

Aviator: A supporting role,they are used for piloting vehicles as well teaching other units on how to use them.


Aviator act as the pilot for controlling vehicles

Skywalker: The role of these people use flying aircraft to deal with flying targets. The aircraft consist of dangerous weaponry that shoots lasers and explosions.

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Heaven's Judgment: Spaceships,they are used for flying into space and are equipment with powerful weaponry. All of their spaceship have the strength and durability of the largest star type known to man,some of their spaceship can destroy any type of star from their laser cannon,though it takes a least minute to fire. They also can go faster than light.



Seraphim: Servants and minions of king's Arthur from the source, these creatures is 300 in height,these creatures wield giant weaponry that consist of melee or range weapons and magic that are able to blow up cities and planets,freely fly into space and can bend reality to their whims. They are however hard to summon from the source and only can be conjured from sorcerers/magus who has strong religious faith toward King Arthur.




  • Some benevolent source gods and most if not all the sorcerers listed in the kingdom won't perform the merging process as it will completely bring destruction to their world and the very existence of life.
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