There is nothing great about being born and raised in ordinary family. Every universe is just death,nothing more than that. In our world, the life of newborn in some desolate planet is nothing but a minuscule,tiny spark. Dying is unavoidable. So why try to live?

Character Theme


Ken Wilis or commonly called Ken, is one of the antagonist in the Culminverse. His born from ordinary family, of a small town in America. Throughout his years, he was praised for his intelligence and unnatural charisma from his peers and family.

One night his family mysteriously died from fire accident that engulf his whole house. Ken suspiciously survived from this ordeal,he were later sent to orphanage.

Now as adult, he owned a house in ordinarily neighborhood. He spend portions of his life in continuing his normalcy yet he feels empty. Ken traveled and explored the world to make him feel something worth living for.

Months passed, he saw the worst parts of humanity from his travels around the world and became more heinous before,now with his understanding that life has no meaning, he develop his goal.

To cause suffer and destruction around the world to prove his point and become the last one in this planet before he commits suicide.


Ken is portrayed as well-mannered,compassionate and charismatic as well being somewhat aloof person. He possess favorable traits in his personality that allows him to easily overcome individuals with his flawless nature. Due to his flawless nature and inhuman charm, this facade of his, have allowed him to gain favorable allies and manipulate them to do his bidding through the influence of his kind nature and knowing when or what words to win them over.

However his true nature is his desire to deliver destruction and suffering around the world through his use of schemes. Ken exhibits psychopathic tendencies with no care of other beings. Ken's philosophy is his consistent nihilism, as Ken does not see any meaning to life.

Ken also prefers to use his charisma in making the victims sense the worst feelings rather than physically killing them. From his use of social influence leads to his victims in killing themselves or mindless complying what he says.

In spite of everything, he has shown to have great interest in people who considerably have pacifist beliefs. The core reason for this interest is to see how far one breaks their oath,from the use of his schemes in provoking these individuals to make them abandon their beliefs in killing him, with no fear of being killed as result of his nihilism.


Ken appears to wear peach trench coat with white shirt underneath it. He wears white gloves for his hands and white straight slim pants.

He also have black boots. Ken's hair is yellow while his eye color is seemingly bright purple.

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least 10-B9-C with guns | Unknown with prep

Powers and Abilities: Genius Intelligence (Mastermind and Manipulator,skilled language mastery and incredible Knowledgeable of the source dimension.),Weapon Mastery (Is a very skilled marksman with his pistol, have draw his pistol incredibly quick and shot people accurately at their heads.),Durability Negation and Intangibility (His pistol bypass things physically and bullets harms the soul of their being.),Extrasensory Perception (Can sense beings who are close and invisible from his use of intuition.),Dimensional Travel (Ken has item that grants him teleportation to any known place in his universe or another known dimension.),Morality Manipulation and Social Influencing (Is master at psychology and manipulation,has accurately pinpoint people's greatest desires and fears from just looking at them.),Stealth Mastery (Ken Is astonishingly adept at changing disguises and identities.),Indomitable Will (Even though he is born as psychopath with abnormalities in his brain,he has a lot of determination from reaching goal.),Resistance to Mind Manipulation,Possession and Pain Manipulation (Ken is born with abnormal brain that causes him to not feel anything as well able to defend his mind and soul from his use of willpower.),

Attack Potency: Normal human level | Street level with guns,ignores durability via attacking their soul.

Speed: Normal human level | Supersonic+ reactions (Despite being pure human,he can hastily accurate where and how fast his opponent are moving from mental calculations, from first seeing them.)

Lifting Strength: Regular Human

Striking Strength: Human Class

DurabilityHuman Level

Stamina: Average

Range: Standard Melee Range,dozens of meters with gun,at least continental via criminal connections and several unknown number of organizations. Unknown with extrasensory perception

Standard Equipment: Colt M1911 and Coin relic.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (He is one of the worlds smartest human in earth. Had created complex strategies from just looking and hearing about the situation. Able to accurately pinpoint people's hopes and fears from just looking at them. Had used his mental calculations to predict which choices would lead the best scenario for him.)

Weaknesses: Human Normal Weakness.Does not value his life. Prefers to taunt pacifist individuals into killing him.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Morality&Social Manipulation: His demeanor and presence is out of this world. He had brought various organizations,supremacist groups and even entire country down to their knees from just speaking as well blackmailing.

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Durability Negation: His colt m1911 was normal gun after he convinced a fellow sorcerer to magically upgrade his gun. Not able to lose ammo without the need of bullets,able to bypass physical matter as well allowing him to harm and kill their very being.


Extrasensory Perception: Ken senses is incredibly sharp,accurately knowing when someone is there from just sensing them.


Dimensional Travel: His coin relic is the item he has for teleporting to other far away places from physically holding it and desiring  to where he wants to travel.


Stealth mastery: Ken is exceptionally skilled in changing identifies as he had went undercover in many organizations and groups to manipulate them.

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