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Kali, also known as Sati, Parvati and Durga, is the Hindu Goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction, Divine Power, Love, Beauty, War, Devotion, Harmony, and Fertility and the wife of the God of Destruction, Shiva. She is the best friend of the Archangel Lucifer and the Goddess of Order Ma'at, and the godmother of Adrian Mariner. Kali is a member of the Tridevi and the head of Shaktism.

She is one of the first gods to be spawned by Shakti/Para Brahman in the ancient days at the beginning of the Universe.



Kali is one of the oldest Gods of Hindu Mythology and Mythology as a whole. She was born from Sephira in the infantile days of the Universe alongside Yahweh's angels. In fact, she is older than Angels, including the First Seraph Metatron herself. As a God, she and the others populated the young Universe, residing across various planets that formed in the days of yore. At the time, she had no interest in others. During her youth, she encountered the Archangel Helel and the Goddess of Order Ma'at. The three hit it off almost immediately and spent their days gallivanting across Creation. Kali traveled across to other realms due to Helel using her powers to open rifts across the Sea of Beriah.

At some point, Kali began to have feelings for Shiva and married him.

Cosmic War and Parvati

When the Dunsanyans, the other Creations of God who existed in Atziluth and Adam Kadmon, descended to the lower realms, Kali was one of the Gods who rallied their forces and fought back. However, against the power of Mana-Yood-Sushai, Kali was incinerated much to Shiva, Ma'at, and Helel's grief. Following her death, Helel begged Sephira to revive Kali. Her aunt accepted on the condition that if she does not earn Shiva's love once more, Sephira would reclaim her soul.

Thus, Kali was reborn into a new body. The new self took on the name Parvati and lived her life, clueless of her origins. It was then that Helel and Ma'at realized that Kali's memories of her life prior had been wiped. The two enlisted the help of Kama, the God of Love, and asked the God Indra for Shiva's location. The God informed them that Shiva had retreated into the Garbhodaka Ocean (Sea of Beriah). The three then enlisted the help of the God of Love Kama, who made the journey to Beriah.

After that, Parvati began to get her memories back little by little during that journey. As soon as she regained her memories of Shiva, Parvati followed Shiva into Beriah, where she spent her days trying to convince him to look at her, doing all the things Shiva did. Her activities drew the interest of the God of Destruction, who appeared to her in a disguised form. Parvati/Kali senses that it's him immediately and smiles. Shiva, not knowing that she knows, tells her to stop, dissuading her by telling her the effects of the Sea. He rants about how horrible Shiva is, telling her his weaknesses and personality flaws. Yet even in the face of that, Kali, whose memories were almost back, tells Shiva her resolve. Shiva realizes that this woman is Kali and sobs in an ugly fashion. After their marriage, Sephira appears before them, disguised as Shakti and tells Kali that her memories have fully returned and blessed her marriage.

Humanity and The Great Flood

After the formation of the world and the dawn of Humanity, Kali visited the Garden with Helel on multiple occasions. Kali made several remarks regarding Helel's over-protectiveness to which the Archangel replied that it's been a while since she was an older sister. While relaxing in her home on Mount Kailash, Kali was contacted by Eve, who begged for her help. Upon arriving, Kali sees an injured but recovering Helel. While helping Helel recover, Ma'at arrives to assist. Helel tells both of them that she rebelled because of a decision made by the Elder Gods to use Humanity as a chattel race. Kali asks her if she needed assistance. Helel politely refuses and renounces her name in front of them, telling them to refer to her as Lucifer.

Nearly several centuries after Adam and Eve's death and approximately a thousand years since their banishment, Kali attended the meeting between Godheads with her husband. She and Shiva voted against Gaia's insane plan to reset the planet but lost the vote. God told her and her husband alongside the Gods who voted against to save the Humans in their regions as the burden of wiping mankind fell unto him.

The Holy War

The Holy War came from nowhere. The War between Heaven and Hell spilled onto Creation, tearing apart entire worlds. Once more, Kali was drawn into another battle. She rallied her Pantheon and struck back against Heaven and Hell. Overpowering Angels and Demons alike, Kali hesitated when she ran across the daughter of her best friend on the battlefield. Kali and Lilith clashed across, tearing apart stars and planets, grinding them into dust. Kali had the upperhand or so she thought. Her overwhelming power had forced Lilith to fully unleash the Partzufim of the Divine Key: Netzach. The Partzufim allowed Lilith to escape and leave Kali with major injuries that incapacitated her for several days.

As the war raged on, Kali began to feel guilt as she stained her hands in the blood of her best friend's children. Word from Ma'at, who stayed neutral, reached her ears that Lucifer had attempted to take her own life. Upon hearing that, Kali backed out of the war and left everything to her sons, Ganesha and Katrikeya.

At the head of the War, Kali watched everything from the sidelines while her brother and husband fought on the battlefield. Uriel appeared to her and said that her Father had ordered that the War be stopped. An entire universe within Beriah had fallen. Kali nodded and asked what would happen after. Due to the apocalyptic proportions that this war had, Kali learned that God planned to wipe the memories of all participants and erase the War from history. Kali asked that she be one of the few that remembered, if there were any. Uriel informed her that Shiva had asked the same thing and nodded that she would.

After the End of the War, civilization had been destroyed and regressed to its primal stages. Kali, amidst this period of rebuilding, sought out Lucifer. Neither she nor Ma'at had heard from her in months and the Archangels had said that their elder sister had gone into a state of no contact. Upon finding out that Lucifer was on Earth, Kali and Ma'at arrived to see Lucifer's dead body, causing Kali to break down in despair.


Months after Lucifer's "death", a woman by the name of Mastema sought her out and revealed herself to be Lucifer. After several tests by Kali, Kali hugged her tightly, asking her what had happened. Kali soon found herself infuriated at Heaven's actions and planned to march. Lucifer begged her not to and instead asked for her assistance in freeing her main self. Kali readily agreed alongside Ma'at later on. The three spent millions of years, scouring Creation for a way to free Lucifer from the Cage of Judecca.

When Mastema returned to Earth for the first time in millions of years, Kali learned that Heaven and the Gods had sent forces to apprehend/kill her. She urged Vishnu to prevent Brahma and Shiva from sending warriors to capture her. The Trimurti listened to her and opted to watch the carnage ensue. Word from Hell reached everyone's ears that Lucifer was alive but those were rumors. Heaven had ensured that the news would stick, even after all that time. Kali and Ma'at continued to meet with Lucifer.

2,000 years before the beginning of the series, Kali was told by Lucifer of John's prophecy. It was what they had been looking for. A way to free her from the Cage of Judecca. However, as Lucifer went about the process, she and Ma'at began to have doubts. Kali watched as her friend fall to her desperation, plunging nation after nation into war. At this point, Kali and Ma'at distanced themselves but maintained contact with her. Kali once attempted to tell her that there had to be another way to which Lucifer snapped at her, stating that she should've stayed dead. Hurt beyond measure, Kali stopped talking to Lucifer for centuries.


As Kali watched in boredom as the Kumbh Mela occured in the Ganges once more, she had not contacted Lucifer in several centuries, only checking to see if she was still there. Kali felt immense despair at watching her friend spiral into obsession. However, this year, something was different. Kali received a call from Lucifer, asking her if they could meet up. Upon arrival, Kali found herself witnessing a similar scene. Lucifer smiled a bloody smile as she waved. Kali immediately rushed over and began healing her.

Through hysterics, Kali asked what happened and Lucifer said that she had met her match. A human exorcist by the name of Richard Mariner had bested her in one on one combat. Kali sighed and told her that she had to be more careful. As she patched up her friend, Kali was taken aback when Lucifer apologized. The Angel told her that she had never been more lonely after she had driven her and Ma'at away. Kali confessed that she should've done more to help Lucifer free herself to which Lucifer told her not to blame herself. The two began spending more time around each other once more and Ma'at eventually allowed herself back into their lives.

However, she and Ma'at were faced with something completely different. Lucifer had begun to follow Richard around. Amused by her behavior, Kali went with her. It was only when she and Lucifer saw Richard speaking with a woman with white hair that Lucifer snapped and jumped out, possessively stating that this human belonged to her. Kali and Ma'at laughed hysterically when the woman revealed herself as his sister. Kali watched as her friend fell in love and later confessed. She became one of the bridesmaids at Lucifer's wedding, serving as her Maid of Honor.

"Death" onward

Years after Lucifer and Richard's marriage, Kali became the Godmother to her firstborn son, Adrian Mariner. She got along famously with her godson, teaching him things that freaked Lucifer out such as flying and using a sword. When Natalia was born, Kali patted Ma'at on the head as the Goddess cried at being named as Natalia's Godmother.

On her way to Natalia's birthday, Kali arrived to see Angels attacking the household. She flew over and retaliated, destroying several angels in her path. She stood there in shock and horror upon seeing Richard's decapitated head. After searching for several hour, Kali found a huddled up Adrian and Natalia. She hugged them tightly and reassured them that everything would be okay. She took them to Maria's house and dropped them off, helping the Nun raise the two children.

Kali watched over her godson as he grew. She comforted him during Claire's supposed death and gave him her blessing to go on a solo hunting trip within his older brother's pantheon for several years. While Adrian was there, Kali threatened Zeus by peeling an eggplant, causing the Storm God to protect him.


Kali is an extremely beautiful Goddess. She was stated to be one of the most beautiful Goddesses in existence, surpassed only by a few such as Aphrodite and Isthar. Her stature is quite short compared to other deities in Hindu Myth. Her hair is long, reaching down to her mid-back with bangs covering her forehead. Her hair color is a deep blackish purple that appears more black than purple. Her eyes are a dull shade of dark violet.

Quite possibly as a result of Great Britain's occupation of India until 1947, Kali loves clothing with a gothic lolita style. Though other times, she wears a pure black Anarkali dress with extremely wide sleeves that cover her arms.


In contrast to the persona she is worshiped for, Kali is not the ruthless Goddess that everyone fears her for. She is polite and is described to have a composure that is as "indestructible as the Elder Gods themselves." In other words, it would take much incite her wrath. She is kind to her fellow Gods and the various warriors who have prayed to her name. Ganesha refers to her as an extremely loving mother, spoiling him when he was young.

According to Lucifer, Kali has a hidden sadistic side which manifests itself through combat. Kali admits this herself that when in a fight, she is normally savage and ruthless, personifying herself as the Goddess of War. Kali fights all of her battles with a carefree and maniacal grin on her face, often descending into fits of psychotic laughter which serve to unnerve her opponents of the Goddess before them. When Indra declared war on her husband, Kali took this opportunity and begged Shiva to serve as his general. After her husband reluctantly accepted, Kali's imposing presence and thirst for battle began to manifest itself more and more to the point that she began skirmishes with Indra's forces, all the while laughing as she utterly defeated them in combat. During the Holy War, in addition to being a savage warrior, Kali was a brilliant tactician, operating on cold logic. She led many forces to victory against Demonkind after the Gods allied themselves with Heaven.

However, Kali does feel remorse and does exhibit other emotions in private. One of these is love. Following her resurrection at the hands of Sephira, Kali, while she did not remember her friends or Shiva, retained the emotions she had for them. Her strong bonds defined who she truly is. Even during the War, after every battle, Kali felt remorse for causing Lucifer misery by killing her children, backing out after her battle with Lilith. Shiva states that often times, Kali is too soft despite her stoic demeanor and Ma'at states that she can be too affectionate and protective. She has a tendency to baby other Gods, despite their age. To others who see this, this can often be a strange experience as Kali often has a constant poker face whenever she is out in public.

As the destroyer of evil, Kali has a strong sense of justice. She despises all forms of evil and has a sense akin to that of a God of Justice. Despite her battle-hungry tendencies, her stance on justice still remains as she tries not to resort to senseless slaughter if she doesn't need to, openly showing disgust at those who kills other sentient beings for the sake of killing, believing it to be one of the essences of evil. As a result, mass killing done outside of war is one of the things she despises most. A perfect example of this was thousands of years ago when Gaea and Ahriman led a vote to wipe out the young humanity with a flood. She immediately sided with her best friend, advocating for Mankind's survival and expressing her disgust. As a result, she despises Indra and several other Hindu Deities to this day for voting in favor of Humanity's destruction. In addition to her views on killing, Kali is selfless, never thinking for herself and putting the pantheon before herself. She holds the pantheon's safety as one of her top priorities as its Queen.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 2-C, possibly 2-B

Classification: Elder Goddess, Vedic Goddess, Hindu Goddess

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, and 5), Regeneration (Low-Godly; Deities are capable of resurrecting themselves, even if their entire physical form has been completely destroyed so long as a sliver of their essence remains), Acausality (Types 1 and 3; Deities are aware of any changes or irregularities within their timeline and can survive the destruction of any of their past selves), Aura, Cosmic Awareness and Extrasensory Perception, Flight, Matter Manipulation (Quantum Level; Can create and destroy matter from nothingness, allowing her to fashion worlds and objects, even life as she pleases), Elemental Manipulation (Of Fire and Water), Spatial Manipulation (Peeled the fabric of space from Brahmaloka when Brahma suggested that they eliminate Adrian to prevent the Apocalypse), Time Manipulation (As the Goddess of Time, her powers sustain the integrity of the flow of time within her and her husband's realm within Mount Kailash. During Adrian's visit, Kali removed Time and made passing moments last for an eternity), Void Manipulation and Existence Erasure via Maha-Pralaya (Her Domain allows her to control nothingness and lets her summon Pralayas to erase things from existence by imposing dissolution on their entire beings), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2; Her Domain governs Destruction and Creation, allowing her to attack beings at a conceptual level. She should not be inferior to Shiva, who burned Kama with his Domain, and turned Kama reverted Kama back into the concept of Love. Lilith stated that Kali's Domain is directly connected to Beriah similar to Brahma and Chaos), Astral Manipulation (Over Svarloka), Memory Manipulation and Mind Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation (Dispersed Apophis's Black Hole), Energy Manipulation, Astral Projection, Avatar Creation, Dream Manipulation (Gods can appear in dreams), BFR, Dimensional Travel, Statistics Amplification, Statistics Reduction, Power Nullification (Can nullify the powers of beings weaker and younger than she is. Her Domain of Power can render other Domains ineffective for short periods of time), Soul Manipulation, Telekinesis (Kali can move and influence matter with her mind. In addition, she can create telekinetic barriers as well as fire off "telekinetic bullets" that are capable of inflicting massive damage on her foes. Kali can also reflect the attacks of her enemies back at them by raising her hand), Telepathy, Deconstruction, Weather Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Reality Warping (Her Domain of Creation allows her to influence the natural laws of Creation, manipulating them to her will), Physics Manipulation, Non-Physical Interaction, Invulnerability (Immune to conventional weaponry such as explosives and firearms), Magic, Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2; Deities do not require food or water to survive but most eat and drink anyway for personal satisfaction), Immune to Conventional Diseases, Radiation, and Poisons (Deities are immune to all mortal diseases as well as any poisons that can be synthesized via scientific means), Resistance to Gravity Manipulation and Space-Time Manipulation (Kali resisted the effects of Netzach prior to the activation of its Partzufim), Soul Manipulation and Existence Erasure (Survived Lilith's Shevirat-Ha Kelim), Elemental Manipulation, Magic, Madness Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, Fate Manipulation (Can resist Shiva's control over the fates of Hindu Deities), Void Manipulation, Information Manipulation, and Death Manipulation (Can survive within the Sea of Beriah, an ocean of quantum chaos that reverts beings back into binary informational packets that represent their conceptual archetypes that exist prior to their coalescence and formation into the matter that exists)

Attack Potency: Low Multiverse Level, possibly Multiverse Level (Is comparable to Shiva and far superior to Lucifer's Shard Body, Mastema. Ma'at is one of the only Goddesses in existence that can fully rival her in raw power. Kali is capable of destroying the entirety of the Vedic Worlds of which there are 14 Lokas that exist parallel to the Core Universe. Shiva states that she is on his level and Ma'at has stated multiple times that she can wipe out the entirety of Assiah and Yetzirah, destroying all of space and time. Maha Pralaya is capable of dissolving all of Space and Time, reverting them to the quantum informational chaos of the Sea of Beriah)

Speed: FTL (Comparable to other Elder Deities)

Lifting Strength: Stellar

Striking Strength: Low Multiverse Level

Durability: Low Multiversal

Stamina: Virtually Limitless

Range: Melee Range, Extended Melee Range with her Weapons | Several Kilometres to Low Multiversal with Spells and Attacks | Low Multiversal with Teleportation and Maha-Pralaya

Standard Equipment: Trishula

Intelligence: Immensely High with Cosmic Awareness. She is an Elder Goddess with an immense level of knowledge and insight into Creation. Kali is aware of Lucifer's survival. Operating on cold rationalism whenever she is in dire situations, Kali is capable of tactfully and skillfully manipulating the battlefield to outwit tactical geniuses such as Leviathan and Metatron during the Holy War. She is extremely knowledgeable in spells and magic, most of which have been lost to time due to the War.

Weaknesses: None Notable

Key: Kali